23 ways to IMPROVE YOUR GOLF right now!

My list of 23 ways you can improve your golf right now! These are my top golf tips to improve your golf swing and lower your scores. A huge thanks to partners of the channel Shot Scope for supporting us and making this video happen. For more info on Shot Scope, check them out here: https://shotscope.com/

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We all know that golf is an Exceptionally hard game but don't worry Because in this video I've got 23 ways In which you can improve now I've split This into four categories we're going to Be looking at equipment we're going to Look at the technical side of golf so How you can improve your swing but we're Also going to be looking at the health And the mental aspects which are often Overlooked I've absolutely no doubt that One of these tips is going to help you But get down into those comments below And let us know what your advice would Be Golf is a target orientated Sport and Yet I can probably say safely that most People watching this will not have Actually worked on their alignment in Ages I'm not just talking about throwing Some alignment sticks down at a driving Range I'm actually talking about on the Course checking where you're aiming the Quickest guide I can give to simple Parallel alignment you want the club to Be aiming down at the Target and you Want your feet to be in a parallel Alignment to that line think about a set Of train tracks you want to be on the Inside track and you want the club face Aiming along the outside track now very Quick and effective way to help you with The driver is to alter your t-hipe what We want to see is half of the ball to be

Sitting above the top line of the driver Now what this allows the golfer to do is To get the driver traveling more Underneath the golf ball team the ball Up like this allows a golfer to hit up On the ball a little bit more and this Can help achieve better launch Characteristics higher launch lower spin Leading to nice long drives very very Simple to do but also very effective Now when I was an assistant Pro it used To make me weep how many people came in With grips that hadn't been changed in 5 10 15 years think about it this way the Grip is your only point of contact with The golf club if it's slippy shiny and Disgusting like this example which Belongs to Mick who's holding the camera Your ability to grip and control this Club is going to be compromised so if You have money to spend and you're Thinking about what to get if you've not Changed your grips in a while get new Grips honestly it can make such a Massive difference to feel and perform It cannot be overestimated exactly how Much exaggeration it takes to change a Golf swing it's amazing how many lessons I've given where a golfer feels like They've changed their swing by Miles and They've managed to move it only in Master Adventures the only way to tell What you've actually done is through Feedback and one very powerful tool that

Pretty much everyone has access to now Is a camera Nvidia now I've got one of These gorilla pods off Amazon I think This one was about 15 quid and I've got A little phone attachment for it that's About tenor so all in I've got a 25 Pound mobile filming unit and it's Pretty simple I've got my bag here which Is about hit pie now that is pretty much Perfect for filming your swing so using This I'm going to wrap it around the Edge of my bag and generally what you Want to be seeing is the ball if you're A right-hander to be more towards the Right of the screen and this will mean That your hands are a lot more Central Now there are two main angles that you Can use down the line and Face Off Face On is very simple it's just facing Directly at you you just want to make Sure you've got enough room either side So you can see your swing again try and Get it about waist height as with Everything video can be a fantastic tool It can also be a dangerous tool try and Use it in conjunction with lessons so You know exactly what you are looking Out for I've got a really cool mental Trick that you can use if if you get Angry if you get frustrated on the golf Course I'm going to leave a link to a Video here this is how Tiger Woods gets Over bad shots and it's a fantastic Method to use all I'm going to say here

Is that if you hit a bad shot if you're Still angry about it by the time you Reach your ball you need to work on the Ability to leave bad shots behind you Can't go back and change anything so There's no point in being angry about it All that's going to do is interfere with Your next shot now if you've had your Golf clubs for a number of years I can Almost guarantee that on some of them at Least the Loft and the LIE will not be The same as when you bought them this is Especially prevalent if you have a Softer forged iron think about it this Way you will have spent so much time Hitting a iron into the ground clipping Trees hitting Stones all kinds of chaos And if you have a soft iron the chances Are that at least on some of these Impacts The Loft and the lie angle would Have changed now if you've been custom Fit for your golf clubs this means that What you bought and what you got fitted For might not actually be what you're Playing with so if you've had your clubs For a while get your local PGA Pro get Them to check the Loft and the lights This might be very important if you're a Type of golfer who sees clubs growing Similar distances so if you're a tire And they suddenly going the same length As your six iron things might have Changed If you're someone who goes to the

Driving range and just hits ball like The ball after ball stop the chances are That's not actually going to be doing You much good a driving range Bears very Little resemblance to what happens on a Golf course the quickest way to improve And to get meaningful practice done is To start practicing Under Pressure now That means playing games with yourself Holding yourself accountable and keeping Score having targets not just getting to A driving range and working on your Swing technique all the time yes you Need to do technical practice but once You've got a feeling of a swing actually Just repeating that over and over and Over again it's not going to deem much Good when you get on the golf course I'm Going to leave a link here and explain How you can practice a little bit more Under Pressure so Channel partner shot Scope have teamed up with me to make This video and I absolutely love what They're doing from a tech standpoint but Also from a stats standpoint as well so I kept my stats throughout this season By using a GPS watch and also tags in The end of my clubs and this means that All my stats are are automatically Uploaded to the shot scope software and I can track my performance but that's Not all but what this also means is that Every single shot scope user who tracks Their data their statistics are also

Available to mine for information so for Example the amount of approaches that Golfers leave short of the green is Truly amazing these are the stats from Shotgun like I said collected over Millions of rounds and they show a Consistent issue with golfers leaving Approaches short of the green now this Is a general impression of golfers the Idea is to understand your own stats Because you could see that you're Missing more to the right of agreeing to The left of the green to the right to The left of the Fairway whatever it may Be if you use stats correctly you can Get to the root of issues within your Golf and then apply the correct remedies Without understanding that it's really Hard to Target Improvement Ah water H2O this has been a slow Realization for me about how much of an Advantage you will gain by being Hydrated on the golf course now drinking Water helps prevent dehydration but do Not think of this as being stranded in a Lonely desert somewhere with vultures Circling overhead if you're on the golf Course and you feel thirsty the chances Are you're already dehydrated now this Means bad moods it means unclear Thinking it also apparently means Constipation none of these things you Especially want on a golf course so yes Make sure you drink

The aqua now guys if you can I would Always always recommend you getting Lessons there are thousands of golf pros Out there all able to give you really Really good advice but guys if you can't Afford lessons fortunately this is the Internet and there is so much free Advice out there for example the swing Quest Channel loads of coaching videos Which you can check out as you can see Here David has not been watching any of Them I've done a little bit of Experimentation this year between Playing slowly or should I say Methodically and playing fast so I'm Talking about no practice swings no Pre-shot routines just getting up to the Ball picking the club you think and Hitting it and I've got to be honest I Was surprised about how little Difference there is between the scores So as an experiment the next time you Guys go out to play check the conditions Get your yardage figure out what club You're gonna hit and then just get on With it with it yes get over there walk Quickly to your next shot and repeat and Repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat And actually just see if there's any Difference in your scores I've got a Feeling that you'll be able to play Faster and actually not see too much of A drop off in performance there will

Come a time in your golfing career when You start to strike the ball relatively Consistently and at that point you are Going to have to know your numbers so For example what I'm going to do here is Zap this flag And that is a hundred and twenty three Yards away now here I'm going to throw Up what I class is my stock distances But also using shot scope I can overlay What my average distances are with each Club as well now studying that Information Get out of the comments below what do You think I would hit from here Putting putting putting putting putting One of the biggest separating factors Between really low handicapped golfers And really high handicap golfers is Their ability on the green shot scope Stats show they're from long distance Actually High handicap golfers and low Handicap golfers there's not a huge Amount of difference but as you start to Get closer to the hole there is a Separating factor and over the course of The Season these percentages if you Think about how many shots this will Cost a higher handicap golfer it's huge So if you want to lower your scores Focus on zero to six feet even if you Can't hit the ball well there's no Reason over that distance you can't be As good as a scratch golfer now I've got

Two equipment suggestions for you at the Same time this is the process that I go Through when I'm in competitions and the Shot scope gear that I'm using here it's All legal in pretty much every Competition that you guys are going to Play so I've got a pro LX Laser Rangefinder and what I will do with this Is that my Target in getting exact Number so this flag is towards the back Of the green on the first here at Reddish and it's 163 yards away now Because I already know my numbers that We've already spoken about I can go into My bag and pick the correct club and I've got an A Time I could also zap the Bunkers and some other things but this Leads on to my next equipment Recommendation so I've got the H4 which Is a magnetic GPS device which clicks Onto the bottom of this Rangefinder but For a lot of the year I've been using The shot scope watch and what I do in Competition is combine the two but what I also want to know is the artist the Front the middle and the back of the Screen it's a blue flag now that means The pin is towards the back so I want to Make sure that I don't hit a club which Is going to overshoot this green I'm 150 Yards to the middle and I'm 165 yards to The back of the green now 165 yards is My a time I don't want to go over the Back so I'm going to put that away it's

150 yards to the center and I hit this Club 155. so theoretically this should Put me in the center of the green maybe Just a bit further on no pressure Foreign Works out absolutely perfect pin High a Little bit low on the face made it shoot But hey that's the thing I calculated All this data if I did that with my Eight iron I'll be over the back and out About as the golf club moves through Impact it collects all kinds of rubbish Water mood grass and what clean grooves Do is they channel that away from the Impact area helping to ensure a nice Clean strike so David who works with us I have got his five iron here now on the Face of this club all seems okay you Actually if you look into the grooves They are jam-packed full of golf course You're welcome by the way David he's Going to be shocked and he when he gets Out on the course of his fire behind Flying miles so give your clubs a good Clean whenever you can if you really Want to strip a cool down as well if It's like covered in Rust and you don't Like that but you just want to go to Work sticky clubs in a bucket of coke For an hour it contains phosphoric acid Which will help really strip anything Away I can some course management up very Simply don't try and play a shot that

You haven't first of all practiced so in This example I've rolled just off the Green here and I'm looking at this There's not a lot of surface to work With the pin is tight to The Fringe I've Got this slope to come up and I'm Thinking flop shot let's get into space And let's get it dropping around this Pin but I haven't practiced a flop shot what Will generally happen is that a golfer Will get over the ball thinking oh yeah Oh I see you do this on telly I reckon I Could get a really good flop shot here Bad things whereas the chances are You've probably played a chip and run Before so I'm just going to get my 99 And I'm just going to try and bump it up This bank and get it onto the green It might not be quite as spectacular but It's probably going to be more effective Than a big fancy flop shot that you Might not have tried before but this Goes for all over the course you're in The trees and you think oh I'm going to Hit a nice 80 yard hook chances are you Might just have to chip it out it might Be a bit boring at times but the chances Are your scores are going to improve and You'll lose less balls if winter is Drawing in you can't get to a driving Range the course is closed whatever it May be and you fancy having a little bit Of a practice at home it's a great place

To change things as far as movement Patterns are concerned we've already Spoken about practicing on the pressure But actually at home this is a great Spot to change things technically and The best thing you can do is slow motion Swings let's say you wanted to change Something so you wanted to try and open Up that left hip a little bit more with Impact so rather than just swinging and Practicing and try and get that feeling Take it back And then move super super super duper Blooper Amari Cooper Storm Trooper Electric scooter slow what slow-mo Swings allow you to do is feel things a Lot more acutely when you swing a Driving range or when you hit balls You're moving very fast and it's often Hard to get the feelings that you want So using slow motion swings is a great Way to embed movement pattern changes There are a few things that can help you Improve as a golfer faster than playing With better players it's been Consistently shown in sports but also The wider world that if you do an Activity with people who were better at It than you you'll learn things you'll Pick up new ways of thinking New Tricks New tips now this is very easy for me to Say but if you are going to get new

Clubs and you can switch maybe try and Get something which is a little bit more Forgiving we've got two clubs here at Extreme ends of the market we've got a Bladed a tine and then a super forgiving Eye in here as well so you can see here A massive difference in the soul and a Quite ludicrous difference as you look From Top now now I'm not gonna lie this Hayward eye this a tine looks so much Better than this will Wilson Launch Pad But generally this is going to be more Used to you than this helps it get up in The air easier it's more forgiving and Will probably be more fun to actually Play with one of the easiest and best Ways to improve by changing equipment is Focusing on the golf ball what I'm going To do here is I'm going to throw up some Examples of golf balls that you need to Be looking at you've got your premium Golf ball you've got your mid-range golf Ball and then you've got a cheap golf Ball unless you are a low handicapper There's no point going for this premium Golf ball the chances are you're not Going to see that much of a difference In scoring if you go for the mid-range Or the cheaper golf ball also focus on Your needs what are you after you have To summon distance you have to spin use That to help guide your choice when Getting a golf ball so if at all Possible you should try and walk a golf

Course there are obvious health benefits To this but there's a little bit more to It than that you know it puts you in Touch with the golf course a little bit More than you otherwise would would be To take your feet away from a golf Course is to not play this game how it Was intended now I know a lot of people Watching this certainly in the United States with a course that was built After 1970 will almost be forced into Using the golf cart because of paths Like this you know there's massive gaps In between holes and it's almost Impossible to walk but if you do have The opportunity make sure use both feet Get back in contact with the course and It will make you healthier it's as Simple as that so Training it Yeah not really although I swear I have Seen somebody do that they were Struggling fatting the golf ball and They thought the best way to cure this Was to put a ball on their phone screen And try and clip it off I will leave you To predict how that turned out and the Thing with training AIDS is there's just So many for literally any ailment a Golfer might have there is a training Age which can help but here's what I Would suggest not all training AIDS are Created equal and not all training age Will help you with your specific problem

Even if they say they should if you can Get a lesson do and then ask the pro What training aid they would recommend To help you with your swing issue guys Just want to say a massive thank you for Watching and a huge thank you to shot Scope as well for being partners of the Channel if you do want to check out more Shots go content you can watch here and If you do want more help with your game Check out the swing Quest channel here

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