Tuesday , July 7th 2020
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5 Tips to Improve Your Putting Skills

5 Tips to Improve Your Putting Skills

I’ve put together some of my favorite tips to improve your putting skills because I know I’m not the only guy that goes home after a round of golf totally frustrated by my putting. Besides, we’ve all heard the saying “Drive for show, putt for dough” so many times. There is a lot of truth in that saying. How many times have you hit a beautiful tee shot, put your approach shot on the green and then three-putted? If you’re like me you’ve done that way too many times.

That’s what led me to go looking for putting help. In the interest of helping others that struggle with their putting, I am sharing this list because I found things in here that helped me improve my game.

The ABCs of Great Putting

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Putting can be as simple as A-B-C using this method. Instead of changing putters because you are struggling on the greens, consider working on the three core requirements of putting – start line control, speed control and reading the green so that you have the proper line.

Learning to get your eyes in the proper position can help get the putt started rolling on the correct line to the hole. If you understand the way that you can vary the speed of your stroke to fit the green then you can master the distance that your ball will roll. Getting a handle on reading the contour of the green and understanding the effect that water and grass types can have on the ball can improve your ability to leave yourself short tap-in putts for par instead of 10-15 footers.

If you’re tired of throwing money at new putters and not seeing any improvement then read this article to help you understand the putting stroke better.



This collection of simple, easy to implement tips can help you improve your putting skills quickly and without a lot of frustration. How many times have you heard someone say “keep your head still” while putting? The first drill in this series will show you a very simple method to do just that. It’s drop-dead simple but absolutely brilliant at the same time.

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It’s the three to ten-foot putts for par that typically drive golfers crazy. The pressure is on because you know if you miss it you’re going to lose a stroke or worse, two strokes. That pressure causes you to leave it well short of the hole or to hit the putt too hard and blow right past the cup. Spend some time practicing your putting using the clock drill and you won’t be intimidated by those putts anymore.

There are also drills to help with long distance putting and reading the right path to the hole.

Learn the clock putting drill and more here.


Eliminate the dreaded 3-putt

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Think an LPGA pro can teach you anything about putting? Could you learn tips from her that will help you avoid three-putting so much? I know that I learned from her and that you can too. She can show you how to get your stance right, use the proper grip, systematically reproduce a balanced swing and use body control to help you eliminate the awful feeling that three-putting produces.

For putting tips from a pro, click here.


How to Practice Your Golf Game At Home

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This approach requires using something that a lot of people don’t have anymore – common sense!

It recommends watching golf on TV to see how the pro players approach each putt, watch how they line the putt up, pay attention to how they pace off the distance and add some of those elements to your game.

They also recommend stretching exercises that will help you when you play and using a practice putting mat at home or in your office so that you can practice your putting stroke in your free time.

There are many other tips available here.

Read each of these articles and I’m sure you will find some tips that can help you shave strokes off of your score so you can go home after a round of golf and feel like you kicked butt on the greens!