Are Japan’s Golf Clubs REALLY The Best In the World?

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I love Japan I love the food I love the People and of course I absolutely love The golf clubs so we're going to be Looking at some of the best drivers in Irons the Land of the Rising Sun has to Offer but also you will be feasting your Eyes on some of the best looking golf Clubs ever made ever In eternity in the universe Ever so Japan has always had a Fascination for me and I was really Lucky enough to visit for the first time A few years ago I came back about two Stone heavier but I did have some Incredible experience the only regret I Do have is not being able to play golf Whilst I was there some of the courses Just look unbelievable imagine being Able to play golf under a watchful eye Of Mount Fuji the for me ladies will do Just fine to talk you through this Amazing bag and what also would be fine If you subscribe to the YouTube channel So many of you though that Mizuno for Forever have been making amazing irons But the last few years they've also been Firing out some very very good drivers And these are the latest incarnations The St230s and last year was a real Landmark Moment for Mizuno because a lot of their Tour Pros actually put this driver into Play now that hadn't been the case in The past you see even players stalwarts

In Mizuno say a Luke Donald for example Keith Mitchell you know these kind of Guys they were playing Mizuno irons but The driver they reserved for other more Well-known manufacturers that is not the Case anymore so for me these are some of The best drivers that Mizuno have Produced I'll throw up the data now As I stunk on down the Fairway please Hold on thank you So the overall distance with these new Mizuno drivers is good but the overall Ball speed is right up there with a lot Of the other drivers I've tested during Tech month Let's see if I was in a row as well oh It's an early New Year's Miracle the sdz And the STX they look quite similar to Be fair earlier this month I reviewed The Ping drivers which had a carbon wrap At the back and the Mizuno drivers do Have something similar in looks however Behind the ball visually it's just so Much better it's a lot more subtle and It looks a lot more inviting to hit on Both these models the Mizuno drivers Have something called a core Tech Chamber which sounds like something you Don't want to be stuck in but the feel Of these drivers is really really nice There's not like loads of crazy Technology here it's just a really good Driver I'm talking about Good drivers we Have the shrixon ZX7 and the zx5 Mark II

Foreign [Music] [Music] So both these drivers are quite subtle Especially when you compare them to some Of the drivers coming out this year like The Paradigm and the stealth too and They definitely compete with those big Boys on field if you're looking for a Driver which sits outside those big Companies a club which you might not Have tested before these two drivers are A good place to start [Music] For the irons [Music] So this is where Japanese clubs really Come alive for me there's something About Japan and forging that kind of Really go hand in hand now there's no Reason to say that you can't get good Forged lines elsewhere but it's just Something very special about this So I've got some incredible sets to show You in person before we dive into a World of elite irons that is going to Leave you breathless speechless Unable to comprehend the meaning of life So first up we have these irons from Vega so these are the classic line and The Star Line and they're going to cater For people looking for more of a bladed Shape but also for golfers looking for a Little bit more forgiveness so Vega are

One of those Brands who are looking to Get a little bit more involved in the Western markets So Vegas say that they can trace their Club making skills all the way back Through the centuries to the samurai Sword makers of ancient Japan and I have To say they do feel absolutely fantastic So one of the issues that Vega have is It's difficult to break down that East-West divide unless you've got a lot Of funding getting into a market isn't Cheap especially when there are other More established Brands one such company To do this restriction but they managed It by getting the golf ball in the Market and they use that as a Springboard to introduce clubs like the Zedforge 2 the zx4 the zx5 and the ZX7 Hello [Music] So for me the zx7s last year they were a Real standout performer and I absolutely Love this version of the zx7i and I Think it's even slightly better they've Re-jigged the structure of this iron a Little bit so they've got this pure Frame in the back basically means They've put a bit more mass behind the Hitting area and it just feels super Solid Like the turf interaction is absolutely Brilliant I know that sounds a little Bit nerdy but they also take just

Beautiful crisp divots like fat five Pound notes or like a stack of five Pound notes like 35 pound notes just Stacked on top of each other If I was to recommend any iron out this Video I think it probably would be the Srixons because I think we all know that Mizunos are an incredibly high level and They they have been for some time But these shrixons are They are right up there as well by the Way I need some of these zedforge 2 Irons through just absolutely look at Them I mean the ZX forged are very nice But Those just look absolutely unreal Foreign Ted some Mizuno blades for you to look At and one of the reasons I love them so Much especially these two two ones is That they've hardly changed anything for Years all they did with these irons Almost literally I'm not joking here is Put this text on And that's it that's all that's really Changed in the last few years and you Know what I'm here for it and as a kid Like I always wanted the zuno blades Like they were the club to have Foreign [Music] On a beautiful evening with the two two Ones just Just loving life

But you know what the scary thing is These aren't even the best looking iron That you're gonna see in this video [Music] So I sent my team onto the internet to Search out some Niche Japanese brands That might be a little bit harder to get Hold of but just produce some incredible Golf clubs sometimes it's worth going to That extra little bit of effort to find These clubs now I think some of these Brands I'll probably know but hopefully There'll be a few that I don't [Music] So we found 11 Brands okay but hold on For the last one because it is going to Blow your mind okay okay uh tested out Homocols for the first time uh last year Year before it was actually really Impressed it was just after they signed Justin Rose they're more famous for Producing their Berez range which is Like gold and they cost like 15 million Pounds of Club not quite actual price Here but they do produce other clubs at Different price levels they're well Worth checking out I was very pleasantly Surprised when we tested them Nora listen what more do I need to say If you are a golfer and you don't know The name Miura then you have not delved Deeply enough into this wonderful game That we play You're a incredibly famous Forging house in Japan reportedly they

Made Tiger Woods's clubs when he was With Nike xxio this is pronounced zexia Now this is a branch of strixom and I've Not tested these clubs out for quite Some time they're very pricey they're Very premium but they're very much based On slower swing speed golfers they feel Fantastic the ones I tested out a few Years ago but they are pricey Ryoma Um No idea Literally not Look great So next up Fujimoto and these look Really nice Forge blades cavity back Irons ah right okay yes yes yes I know These ones I have seen these ones so They offer an engraving service and Honestly just look at some of these how Pretty if they oh that's just beautiful You won't even want to hit them would You Seven golf I have heard of seven golf Now these irons are ridiculously Expensive so the putters they're a Hundred percent CNC milled so whereas a Lot of companies would Forge ahead cast The head and then CNC Miller into shape What seven do is just take the block of Steel and then CNC it to the shape that They want so that that's it and that's Why they're so expensive I I would give A kidney to get a set of these

Probably would actually cost that as Well It's so boring What are these What what Oh my absolute lordy lordy Lord they Look unbelievable God look at that Looks like it's just been chiseled by a Stone age Master how do how how do I get This how do I get one of these I'll be Right back I'm gonna have to get some of These Epon I have actually heard of epon Before and I've seen some of their stuff Although I've never hit it by the way if You want me to test any of these uh Japanese clubs in particular go down to Those comments and let me know the one That gets the most comments out of these I'm gonna try and get some Yonex God I Remember Onyx Johnny's Used to sponsor Colin mcgovernry back in the day but Elongate The Hitting Zone and they were Wildly expensive as well Yonex is one of Those companies that actually makes a Whole host of sporting equipment kind of Like Mizuno in in some respects but I've Never ever hit any of their clubs they Look okay like they're not the kind of Clubs to get me mega excited I know they Do tend to sponsor quite a few LPGA Players something to investigate 14 golf Yes I have seen and heard of these I Know they're about 200 quid a club if

Not more and they've got like a feather Embossed onto their irons they do look Like super duper clean that's the thing That's what kind of gets me excited About Japanese clubs is just that the Artistry in it and how just nice they Look they look like golf clubs but they Look like something extra you know they They'll make you feel so happy having One in the back right last stop so this Is the one that I've apparently got to Be excited for okay [Music] Thank you [Music] So this is the kind of position you want Me to take [Music]

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