ARE THE NEW 2023 PING PUTTERS THE BEST ON THE MARKET?! (Ping Anser 2D & Ping Prime Tyne 4)

The all new 2022-2023 Ping Putters have landed. I picked my favourite two heads from the extensive line up and put them to the test!

Oh….. and I almost made a hole in one too!!


So I’m always in the market for a new Putter it is the part of my game which I Have probably not struggle with the most But I tinker with the most that I’m Trying to improve the most But this part of line isn’t one That I’ve always necessarily considered And when I say I haven’t considered it It’s probably for good reason because a Lot of the other manufacturers in this Space have definitely sort of pushed on In the market whereas this brand hasn’t So in the back of my bag I have been Sent out from the good guys over at Clubhouse golf Ping’s new 2022 putter range and I picked my two Favorites from the lineup and those are The Ping answer 2D which is similar to My even roll I’ll show you the Comparisons in a second and the Ping Prime Time four again similar to the Toulon that I already use so what we’re Going to do on this freezing cold Morning in England is we are going to Hit some shots into the full Tink pole At our home course crondon Park then I’m Going to get down there and put these Putters through the test I’m excited to Use them like I said in previous years Ping have been the Forgotten brand for Putters it had its Glory Days when Tiger Woods was using their putter when the Ants are burst onto the scene but I’m Excited to use these ones because the

Last Year’s model was abysmal the looks Of it was absolutely disgusting and I’ll Touch on that in a minute but they’ve Improved them with these looks wise Anyway let’s hit a few shots into the 14 Go for the specs of these clubs see if We can hold some putts Right then what have we got into the old Magic stick 141 Yards What I’m going to do is I’m going to hit Four shots picture wedge that is for me For anyone who cares I’m gonna hit four Shots into that flag That I’m going to putt out with two of The balls with the answer 2D and two of The balls with the prime time Familiarize myself a little bit on the Green with the putters go through the Specs etc etc And then tell you all you need to know About these Putters right It’s not shank yet I’ll tell you what That’s all over it go Oh my God I just hit the flag Oh my God I just hit the flag [Laughter] [Music] Oh well [Laughter] Okay Oh Right two more shots

All right that’s going to give me a long Part that one Okay Two more Ain’t a bad shot either A little bit short Last one and then I’ll drive down there Talk you through both of those Putters I’ve got in my bag and then give them a Roll Okay that was the worst one of the bunch So we’ve got a close one three longer Ones let’s give the old Prime Time an Answer to the a spin shall we Right As if I just clattered the flag where Did that pitch right let me show you Where these four balls are so so we’ve Got shot number two here which we’re Going to roll with the prime time this Is the bad boy that just cluttered the Flag it didn’t even pitch by the looks Of it Straight into the flag we’ll roll that With the answer one at the back of the Green over here which again will roll With the answer and then one over in the Corner we will roll with the prime time Then we’ll get into the tech specs what These clubs are doing I’ll quickly touch On what I meant by I’m happy that pinga Brought this Ranger it’s a bit of a Funny time to bring out another part of Range but it was needed because their

Last year’s model was disgustingly ugly So let’s grab the putters roll these and Then go in a little bit more detail About what you’re getting if you buy a Ping so like I said let’s start with the Ping Prime time okay I’ll give you a quick Look before we get into it so this here Is Ping’s New Ping prime time if you Remember the old models I’m going to put Them up on the screen now they had a Disgusting little bit of red plastic on The back which was just vial where is This Looks like a proper premium putter this Has the milled face on it again we’ll go Into that but what we really care about Is how it rolls so kind of up the hill I Think it’s breaking left to right at the End towards the flag weight of it feels Really nice Stability of it feels really nice see if I can can it for birdie Simmer Nice felt really soft off the face I Think it was a middle strike all good so Far so let’s move on to ball number two With the prime time this one needs a Little bit more attention it’s up the Hill breaking from left to right quite Severely going to take the high line Here See if we can just lag one up there Happy with that

I’ll tell you what that actually feels Really really nice Let’s give the old answer to Dear go on This ball And that ball and let’s get into some Tech spec shall we so this was the worst Shot of the bunch coming up quite a bit Short but let’s move on to the answer 2D Probably best known Tony Fino’s putter This is what Mr Tony Fino has in the bag And it’s got a really really funny face Insert this little bit here Which I’ll talk through on the tech Specs but it’s not milled it’s almost Like a pad on the front of the face and What Ping is saying is it’s the ultimate Soft feel Putter and I don’t really know If I’m a fan of soft feel or if I’m a Fan of them or Sort of clicky Traditional putter feel I know a lot of people like the Odyssey White hot range because it’s got the Soft insert tailor-made spider has a Softer insert as well again this feels Really really stable Let’s give it a roll That felt absolutely lovely that felt so So nice let’s give this one a little Line up see how she fares First initial faults I prefer the feel of the answer 2D felt Really really really nice all right These are the bread and butters these

Are the ones you have to be making Oh Not today Jefe But that is a cleanup And that is a cleanup right Let me talk you through the specs of Both of these putters Okay so let’s start off with the Ping Answer 2D some close-ups are coming up On the screen for you now so what is the Ping answer 2D it’s a free time tour Winner by Tony finau the answer 2D has That pebx insert which I said was that Almost like sticky plate on the front With shallow milled surround for a Softer feel consistent ball speed and a Satisfying sound tungsten Towing heel Weight provides stability and Forgiveness color blocking contrasts With a white alignment line and a matte Black head the ball width cavity floor Helps frame the ball and focus the eye Specifications is a blade putter pair Backs insert weight is 360 grams and it Favors a stroke type with a slight Arc The shaft is also graphite and being Pedantic maybe but what I really like About this one like really really like Is the Black Shaft now I don’t know if You can get the black shaft on all of The other models as well and for anyone Wondering why the answer 2DS you have The traditional answer style putter Which is going to be a little bit more

Of a blade the extra bit you see on the Back there is the 2D so it’s very Similar to my even roll putter So I would say that even roll’s just Slightly thicker it’s got a little bit More at the back than what the Ping Answer has but you can see from the back Of the pair of them they are almost Identical in looks so next the old Primetime four what is this putter Giving you looks really really good to Start off with so prime time for Visually distinct the customary twin Forks help make the head highly stable To ensure forgiveness and accuracy the Shallow milled face delivers a firmer Response with a pleasant sound and a Consistent roll color blocking utilizes A platinum Top Line contrasted against The black cavity to help with focused And aim specifications is a mallet Putter 365 grams in weight so 5 grams Heavier than the ants of 2D and its Stroke type is a strong Arc so again you Can probably see why I picked the prime Time I have the Odyssey tool on Las Vegas and it is a very very similar Putter as you can see from the front a Little bit more million on the Odyssey But a very similar shape and then on the Back then if we take a look at the back Of the putters again very very similar So these type of shapes suit my eye so As I just line up a few little 10

Footers up the hill to try and roll in With both Putters what I meant by when Ping brought out last year’s range the 2021 range which has got all the same so There’s about 10 11 heads in this model I believe but the previous model the Looks were just absolutely shocking That red that was all over the back of It was just grotesque it looked like a Putty was getting out of a package set Did not do it for me whatsoever So I honestly think ping may have felt Like they had to make a change because Surely surely get that in the comments And let me know not many people were Buying That putter now this off of the face Feels absolutely incredible what I’m Going to do is hit one more run some B-roll get a bit more familiarized with These Putters and then give you my Closing thoughts on pings 2022 [Music] [Applause] [Music] Thank you Foreign Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] All right so I’ve hit quite a lot of Putts there and as you can probably see I didn’t hole them all so is this a

Cheat code that you’re going to hold Absolutely every single part no so the Answer 2D the more blade style putter The insert of the face is very very Oddity white hot-esque okay so it’s Super face off of the bit you can see at The front stability wise is pretty good I like the the slightly bigger design of My even roll more than I do this but for A lot of people who are potentially put Off a little bit by traditional blade Putters this is going to be a really Really really good option for you to try In the shops that is the one I’ve had Quite a lot with this open face so I’ve Struggled to square the face up Quite a bit on this putter See if I can get three or four So like I said when you hit it out of The middle it feels super super solid It is a good putter Is it going in my bag no does it look Fantastic with the Black Shaft the black Head yes does it feel good yes stability Wise pretty stable but for me I Struggled trying to get the toe closing Over a little bit so won’t be going in My bag but a good Which then leads us on to the old Prime Time four okay this would have been my Preference out of the two if I’m being Honest even though I’ve recently put my Even roll back in the bag I feel like The shape of this is really really nice

It’s a smaller head size than usual sort Of toe to heel width on the face but I Actually think it frames the ball quite Nicely it sits really really Square Good start it sits really really Square And it feels like you can just make an Easy stroke back and forward But they felt like better putts than the Ones I’ve just hit With the answer too There you go really like the contrast of The silver against the black I think That goes really well would have been Better if it had a black shaft in it but I suppose beggars be true but that is The new 2022 ping line ladies and Gentlemen if you are in the market for a New old 100 suggest going to try these Out at your local Pro Shop they are on Sale right now for 269 pound on your One-Stop shop Clubhouse golf if you’ve Liked this review hit the like button Hit the Subscribe button ring the bell You’ll be notified every time we upload A new golf video if anything you’ve got To hit the like button for me nearly Holding out with my first shot of the Day prime time for Ping answer two good Putters will they be going in my bag no As always hope you enjoyed the video and We’ll see you in the next one nearly Nearly

Golf putter reviews are an excellent resource to learn more about the types of putters on the market. They can be found online or in a golfing magazine and are very helpful to golfers of all levels. They can help you choose the right putter for your needs and polish your game. It is important to read the review source to make sure that the information is legitimate. The quality of the content should be good and there should be minimal jargon.

For example, the PXG 0211 putter line is designed to help you keep the putter head in the correct position on the green. It features a reticle that helps the putterhead stay balanced and in alignment. This putter is available in five models. All of them offer good performance but some have additional benefits.

One of the most important factors when choosing a putter is the loft. A proper loft angle should be 3 to 4 degrees. This is because too much loft can prevent the ball from rolling after impact, while too little can cause it to sink into the ground upon impact. For this reason, most professionals use more angled putters.

The TaylorMade AT-90 putter has a stealth black finish that eliminates glare. This putter also features a red striking plate that delivers a smooth impact with the golf ball and more distance control. The putter is also available in a right-handed and left-handed version.

Choosing a putter is an essential part of playing golf, and is one of the most important clubs in the bag. Choosing the right putter will help you improve your putting game. If you are a beginner or an advanced player, you should get a putter that will fit your needs. You should also take into account the weight of the putter disc. A heavier putter disc will have a longer distance than a light-weight disc, but it is best for driving and approach shots.

Those who are new to golf will want to start with a lightweight model. The TaylorMade Tour Pro is a great option for beginners and is made with TaylorMade’s tour-proven technology. This putter also features a Pure Roll insert and tungsten weighting. It is a great choice for beginners and those who want a putter that’s easy to control. This model offers many benefits and is designed for long and short putts.

Golf putter reviews will help you find the best putter for your needs. They can also help you determine what price range is right for your needs. Remember that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get the best putter, so consider getting a cheap putter if you’re just starting out.

If you’re a low to mid handicapper, the PGX Putter is a great choice. It is designed for golfers who want consistency and forgiveness, but it isn’t the best putter on the market. However, you may be pleasantly surprised by the PGX Putter. The famous Bobby Locke once said that “you drive for show, but putt for dough” rings true for golfers.

Some people are not satisfied with the design and feel of the putter. However, it is easy to adjust the length of the shaft according to the level of swinging. The grip is also over-sized, which will make it easier to keep the putter face straight. Some people have complained that the shaft is not very durable and may cause their putter to jump while playing golf. It is also important to consider the weight of the putter.

In addition to face balance, there are toe balance putters. These putters are more suited to the straight-back and through strokes. These putters are also more expensive and are not suitable for beginners. You must choose the type of putter that best suits your swing style and body type. You should also keep in mind your distance and swing speed.

Some of the most popular putters on the market are the Spider putters and the Spider X putters. These putters have changed the way people thought about mallet putters. With their True Path Alignment System, they improve alignment and stability. These putters are also made of a heavier head, which promotes a steady stroke and ensures the ball lands in the sweet spot.

Face-milled putters have been gaining in popularity in recent years. This unique face design gives the golf ball more forgiveness on off-center strikes. This feature is also helpful for keeping mishit drives online. Pyramid putters also come with angled grooves on the face, which help well-struck putts roll right away.

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