Can I MAKE THE CUT at a TOUR EVENT | Round 1 | RAK Championship

In this video I take the course at Al Hamra to try and make the cut at the RAK Championship in the UAE. This is round one comparing my game as a normal pro against the tour players on the DP World Tour!

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Hey everybody my name is Pete Finch and I am definitely not a tour professional But in the next two videos that is Exactly who I'm going to be taking on at Alhambra golf course in the United Arab Emirates and the idea of today's and Tomorrow's video is very very simple so I'm gonna play two full 18 hole rounds Off the championship tees today and Tomorrow then we're going to contrast Those scores with what the tour Professionals have shopped to see if I Can make the cut at a tall venue let's Get to the First Tee on Championship Thursday and we're going to be doing a Live updated leaderboard to see how I Progress throughout the day against some Of the very best players in the world All right first T now in normal Conditions the nerves will be pumping I Feel pretty relaxing at me play it off The back tease though 7 400 yards pretty Much Wind off the left here good luck gents Play well play well That's an aggressive line Carry it If he's carried that bunker that'll be Unreal all right 60 68 yard caddy has Suggested a lob wedge it's downwind I'm Gonna have to pitch this about 60 to the Front it's going to release from this Rough lie Sit down sit down

Not too bad it was a bit Twitchy out Those lights it just flies flies fast Hold oh wow Because I could already sense That my fellow professionals here DP world they're gonna go low This round so last year's scoring at This event it was really low but they Have decided to put some different T's In to make it slightly more difficult And we'll introduce you to those as we Go around this hole is tricky enough Though dog leg left to right wind is That way a little bit of help now with a Driver I could run out of Fairway if I Pull this Foreign Oh wow weird ball fight Massively winning ball fight that's Drawn about 10 yards as far as simple Chips go this is it just landed on the Green let it roll out Hit the pen Not predicting how the ball is going to Come out this rough well Oh How was that they've left It was right to left going past the hole And it's right till I've come in back Past it One over Through those first two holes is nothing Short of a disgrace got 280 to clear the Water on the right hand side it's a par

Five the green is all the way to the Right it's a huge dog leg It's fine but the wind is left to right As well I'm gonna aim here at the big Dome in the background And then hopefully The wind will shove it a little bit to The right this is a this is a nervy tee Shot this I'm not gonna lie Oh There is a ball down there if that's Mine made the right decision putting This in the back because that is massive Right okay uh literally this morning I was Here This is twice that I've hit the sand In the water hazard and stop before the Rocks big problem with this shot uh is If I was to go for the green I've Probably got a easier swing if I'm going Back to the Fairway I've literally got Like Hood the face of this 58 so I've Got to like swing towards the water and Then hope it goes left Wow Wow Luckiest award Goes to me this whole Don't find the water smack it into the Rocks and it ends up in a perfect layout Position thank you thank you thank you Very much Crowd Goes mad Come down that slope

Oh that is going to be such a fast part I honestly think if we left it long Enough it would eventually work its way Down to the hole just through sheer Tectonic plate movement Oh it was a very very safe lag pop but I don't mind that right after all that Utter chaos five isn't the worst result But I'm gonna knuckle down get some Birdies because boys are good on this Topic Good morning good day and good evening To wherever you are in the world and Welcome down to the Raz alkimer YouTube Championship now my name is Sandy greens And I'm joined here by my co-host chip Mulligans and we are at the beautiful Alhambra golf course today and we're Going to be taking a look at one person In particular Peter Finch what we made Of his first three holes yeah so just Pointing start for Peter Finch Unfortunately is an opening set of holes And a lot of Birdie opportunities if You've got the par 4 first which is Drivable or even the third we just saw There a bogey On a par five is not how You want to start your round Um but hopefully we'll go and join him Now on the fourth and we'll join our Commentators as well which is us yes Chip you're right so now we're on the Fourth hole 163 yards probably just an Eight iron here in hand yeah eight iron

Shot here from Peter Fincher beautiful Shot Tracer technology as well in play Here he's heading towards the bunker uh Maybe not it's just just on the Left-hand side yeah it is a sign of Quality ball striking though it is pin High he's probably looking about 25 feet Just off the uh side of the green here And this is going to break harshly to The left oh and he will not be happy With that the only good thing about that Is that hotel in the background how Stunning isn't it absolutely there's a Par here he really needs to make this Fantastic well done got the pass save Now let's move on to the fifth hole Yeah Fifth hole it's a par four water down The left hand side he's opted for three Wood today which I think is probably the Play yeah 100 he's a little bit too long For driver here but it looks like that Is it a good shot there yeah he should Be happy with that one pretty quick to Pick up the teeth what you want to see It is a very difficult shot that a lot Of the players would just be taking four Iron there but it's fantastic now Hopefully with wedge in hand here for Pete he really needs to attack this pin The present let's have a look it looks Like it's tracking Um that's wonderful absolutely fantastic There from Peter Finch now he's got a Great opportunity for birdie here and

These are kind of the times he's got him He's got to be taking these Champions It's absolutely massive for momentum and He has made the part that is fantastic Back to even part and now this hole Literally in the middle of the Fairway There is a bunker the size of whales It's going to be difficult for him to Miss it it's heading that way Unfortunately has he hit it far enough Oh I don't know he has not well he's Found the bunker which actually he's Going to be able to play this shot Fairly similarly to if he's in the Fairway you can see ball in the middle Of the center of his stance 100 strike Is absolutely everything here and it Looks like he struck it quite well just Going to the left-hand side can he just Find a piece oh he has found a piece That's good that is quite good about 35 Foot there now for a birdie putt this is Going to test his Pace control Oh it is tracking chip it is tracking oh He's just not the legs he'll be very Upset about that he had the line and Everything yeah that is a shame but I Think he'll be happy to walk off with a Part 100 . It's got a mine down here is it tricky Hold this because it's measuring 162 but it's downwind and you do not Want to go past the pin on the left

Because that is a horrible up and down It's kind of like ideal line is straight At it Slightly under the hole if possible Sit down Sit Well I picked the right Club so it has Not gone longer the green however It has left me a horrible put we use That flag as a bit of a guide here Just missed it Oh Had like a perfect training aid with This flag and I just went on the low Side however there's another part Oh a lot of it depends on the Wind But you guys will know By the live leaderboard Like just how good these guys are Because some of these holes if you get Your driver away Very getable Oh Get past those If it's past the palm trees it'll be all Right well I say it'd be fine if we go Past the palm trees I was wrong on that gotta swing Underneath the bush nice and shallow but Still pick it off so I'm just going to Put it back in the stand to touch It down Sit Waist area is a waist area I'm gonna

Have to here I've got 150 so I'm gonna Hit a seven iron underneath this first Tree over the second tree Let the wind hold it up Bob's your uncle fannies your ant landed On the green little bit of spin rolling In for a birdie walk off Crowd Goes Absolutely mad Oh that's too much cook gotta Struck it Well as well it wouldn't surprise me if That's found another bunker it has Tea sand sand sand The triple Sands No no sit sit sit sit sit sit That's what I'm struggling with this Week just like that extra bit of release Don't seem to be getting much spin from The sand from an outside birdie chance Off the tee so an outside bogey Shout Massive A massive bogey put that That is a big save considering how crap The rest of the hole was it's a little Par five though another 400 150 Plus It went Do something to it I think that's in the rough it took Quite a nice kick left kind of pitch Just after that bank on the writing Okay left a little bit Get a soft bounce Through the back Just absolutely took off either

If I had the GC quad I'd have been about 1 800 rev backspin Max played this hole Three times now literally had no idea There's bunker how do you miss it Massive let's have put it in just for The tournament over the last hour oh Well there's another Testament bunker Player we're meeting down onto the down Slope here Oh Commit to the Sharpie Oh straightening up straightening up Ah well that is too Rough bogeys on the bounce that Go stay positive though there are some Dirty chances coming up admittedly not In the next three holes So the front line is in the books and he Is too overpowered what'd you make of His performance yeah two over through The front nine is not really the way he Would want to start his tournament uh We've seen the ninth there it's a Difficult Par Four and I think a lot of Players this week will be running off That green with a path yeah 100 now What's the aiming shoot on the back nine Now I think he needs to get to level Power for the tournament uh if he wants To put himself in good stead to head Into the weekend Definitely well let's head down to the Temple where he's going to give his Mid-round interview and have his say

A couple of tough bogeys there Pete how Are you gonna bounce back I mean when You reach the elite level uh performance That we have here on the DP World Tour It's it's not really about thinking About bouncing back or getting the shots Back or anything like that just one hole At a time I can't change what's happened In the past I've just got to look Forward to the future and the rest of This round with renewed hope and Optimism how hitting the ball so far Today I'm hitting the ball okay you know You've always been a great interviewer With the players here on the DP World Talk here and so I'm not going to lie to You my preparation for this event has Been abysmal uh I've been striking the Ball as well as a drunken octopus on the 14th of October so to get around in two Over whilst not ideal is actually okay Considering how I've been playing the Rest of this week Thanks very much I'm gonna need it Yes he's gonna need all the help he can Get literally the hardest on the golf Course the tent for water left desert Right it's a Tuffy yeah that water's Just staring you in the face isn't it But is it a great shot there now he's Probably literally only got a wedge in Hand Yeah he needs to uh find the putting

Surface here there's that big bunker at The front that was going to be difficult To get up and down from water long oh And it spun that and it is absolutely Brilliant that is a glorious shot he Must be happy with that Here we go He's got to make these oh and it's just Missed on the right hand side oh that's Unfortunate but he's got a short par Putt here yeah and he's not done cleaned Up nicely now moving on to the lymphoma This is a beautiful home at Raz alkimer Yeah 189 yards playing today he's Probably got a maybe a six seven iron in Hand yeah tough green to hit just Looking at the middle of the middle of The green here I reckon um just exactly What he's done the only thing is he just Needs to get the ball closer to the hole Yeah he's been a bit tentative today Peter Finch and this putt is very Tentative as well that is not a good Patch chip This is a big one that's a good pass Save though that's he's had a couple of Those today I must have Pats that keep The round going yeah this is a new tea For the tournament and it brings the Water slightly more into play so you've Got palm tree the first one across That's 280 290 to the next one 300 to the next one 310 to the one after that so the line is

Basically where those boogies are And just absolutely like Hammer the crap Out of it That is how we do course management on Tour you're welcome well that is sound Course management there from Peter Finch Let's see what he does He seems to have opted from the shortest Tree uh for the fly carryover but let's Have a look and see if this gets passed Oh it's plenty bigger fancy big enough But it looks like it's just going into That rough which is a very deep deep Rough over there yeah he's a big strong Boy I think he'll be okay yeah just Looking to hit the green Is actually done very well there chip Yeah you should be pretty happy with That I think yeah getting closer to the Hole just needs to get oh that's a Glorious shot how cinematic is that can He follow it up with the pup holy yes he Can unbelievable there from Peter Finch Uh 145 yards for the pin which is bottom Right of the green I'm going to aim this Just to the left basically between the Two TV stanchions the wind's going to Shove it just to touch the right hand Side only by a few yards it's going to Pitch have a little bit of Spin and go Down towards the hole Leave myself about Four foot for a birdie Didn't spend God I taught that through Well Talk's a great game an excellent

Game man down the hill it's hoping to Get a bit of spin down here Oh that was a good chance that there's a Good chance knew the line I'm just happy That My Pace control is better on that It's not been the best right they've Brought this Fairway in it's a bit Tighter my 330 bomb it Ah You're lucky you get a lie There's Mr Buns I've got a chance to Just Faded right come on dying it well I'm Not going for the screen unfortunately Just it'd be better if it had hit Back Into the Bunker just a pitch you know It's a little wrist hinge pop it through Get on The Fairway make a birdie the Old-fashioned way Let's pick your Alice used to say One seven three Ah got an eight iron I'll also get the Divot repair in a second straight down It winds kind of died but it's a touch Behind if anything sort of just push it Forwards straight at it Disappointed on the par five but it's Okay Travel travel travel travel travel Yeah On the green a little bit thin but it's Clambered up there it's not the Prettiest par five I've ever played in

My life let's put it that way as in my Game not as in the Let's go airport uh Hill pill oh hello Right to left Only subtlety but it's still there Pace Too hard again oh every every pot that Shaved the hole Has been like going this far past it's Just not had Enough of a chance to like catch the Edges and drop Just too aggressive I'm just too Aggressive It's a par but That's a downwind par five and not a Long one at 5 30. not ideal so what was This now am I one one over yeah it's you Know what again I spoke to a journalist Halfway around and I and I told him you Know my game has not been great so to be One over at this stage is good but I see Just my fellow competitors streaking Away my gut feeling is uh to be believed Obviously I don't look at the Scoreboards going around just nothing no Fireworks at the moment it's just like Steady which you know once you've spent Any number of years here on tour you Know you need that level of consistency But you also need a level of birdies and That is not quite there at the moment Just parking powering away 190 down the hill though so I'm gonna

Hit a seven iron straight at it Hopefully this is going to pitch short And roll on a bit it's going to be Pushed downwind nice lovely setting here To this one Should be on the Green I didn't rip it light is falling here We've got basically two more holes to Play before we get to the flood lights a Little raise here now it's got a fall Gradually to the right Not firm again come on P Oh he's just so frustrating punch myself In the face It's just too damn pretty Sloppy Sloppy Everyone hates a three port but that Stings especially this laying around When I need birdies Foreign Your big takeaways from Pete today I Think he's been a little bit of timid When he's been attacking pins today I Think he could have been a little bit More aggressive and he's given himself Some birdy opportunities which he'll Take some confidence from but I think His Pace control around the greens has Been really disappointing 100 and what Do you think about this performance of a Tee as well he's been good off the tee Uh I think it's the first time he's got The stealth 2 plus in the bag but he's

He's given himself some opportunities And hopefully he'll continue that going Into these last couple of holes 100 now Let's get down to these last three holes And see if he can get level par Now towards the end around he is chasing That UAE son yeah he's probably gonna Get the round in just about but he's Struggling for light I'll tell you what Look at that that how cinematic is that Yeah it's looking glorious isn't it this Whole Hammer Golf Course It's a good shot into the approach it's A birdie pack which is he's going to be Happy with it Firm the edges It's not what he wants in these final Few holes no it is not but let's move on To the 17th phone now this is a Tuffy This one 453 yards He's got the shot to go with it as well He's he's hit the driver well today but He just keeps finding this sort of Thickish rough yeah let's see what Happens oh look at that shot Tracer as Well oh night golf is just the best Isn't it it really is A bit of an outside chance but oh it's Online that is online story of the day He struggle with his Pace control Doesn't he a little bit short he needs To get on that putting green tonight I'll tell you that sort of tap in for Par and he has done

A bit of Life all right Just line up with an a time because I've Left myself the fluffiest heaviest lie Potentially in the entire world of golf Foreign Gets out there sunshine all tour playset After they hit the ball by the way 110 Yards but I've got a gap wedge I need to Fly this literally precisely 118 yards Grab a slope spin it back like this is a Moment under the floodlights titanium Blasting out the background another one Of my many nicknames It's been left I got I got a round of applause I think He's completely undeserved but I'll take It thank you thank you very much Thank you So end of the round Pizza how did you Feel finishing under the floodlights Yeah it was great I mean this is Something that you don't always Experience playing on the floodlight Seeing the ball fly the greens here Normally when I play night golf before It gets a little bit dewy a little bit Damp a little bit wet but these greens Remained firm and fasted it was just a Pleasure to finish up under the Fluorescence and how do you feel going Into tomorrow's round I mean obviously I've not seen the scoreboard yet I don't Know the results I'm not a scoreboard Watcher I like to stay in my own Zone

Concentrate on my own game but I would Estimate that a lot of players have gone On the par I think I'm gonna have to Probably shoot four on the par tomorrow To even stand the chance and as we've Already mentioned within this video I'm Not very good at the moment Foreign

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