Can Scratch Golfer Break 80 Around IMPOSSIBLE Golf Course

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Hi Peter Finch and I'm a scratch golfer Can I break 80 at this insanely Tough Golf Course [Music] [Applause] Now I'm in trouble Come on go on go [Music] Just don't quite understand just don't Understand what's Happening Here hey Everybody Welcome down to a beautiful Thinker cortisone here in Spain I'm not Gonna lie we went around yesterday Filming some videos and I think this Might be one of the most imposing Difficult just like Confidence Shatteringly tough looking horses I've Ever seen it is so dramatic it is so Beautiful and to be honest with you If I managed to break 80 around here I Am going to be absolutely delighted as Soon as you go outside the semi-rough Bulgum how many balls do we lose Yesterday and we're not we're not being Over dramatic here I reckon we lost Eight balls yesterday so off the backs Here we are 6802 meters which calculated into yards Is A long way and this is basically what This course is all about we have Ravines We have trees we have so much water so From over here to down to that green

That's going to be the first heat in the Solheim cup that's our fourth hole today That is an absolute Beauty I'm excited But I'm also kind of nervous honestly This this corset it's so hard especially Off these back tees here's what I'm Going to do if I do manage to shoot Under 80 I'm going to add something into The Christmas giveaway so to help unlock That wall up the like button be a Subscriber to the channel the guys here As well we've got Jacob and we've got Kieran Moving around the corner they actually Both think I can break 80. so yeah so to Reward you for your loyalty you've got a Nice Japanese restaurant here pretty Much a Michelin star so I do break 80 We'll take you out to that tonight sound Like a plan perfect got absolutely Nothing to do with the fact that I Really want to go there as well but Right first hole is a 400 meter Par Four Bonkers down the left bunkers down the Right out of bounds left out of bounds Right into wind good luck guys play well I'm just aiming at that Last bunker on the left Just a slight peel there is a bit of Room to the right that you can't see Which is about that I would say that that was so dog in the Bunker I'd say that was an overly Aggressive Club 12 for the fact I towed

The living hell out of it but it's a Start with not lost the ball we lost two Balls a day yesterday two balls one of Them was the second shot oh we got a Rainbow we got a rainbow Oh wow That's probably not a good sign though Is it yeah so the pin is like behind the Left edge of this tree so I'm just gonna Aim It's quite a bit the bailout is Right Massive bunkers left so our thing just Goes straight at in if it does cut a bit That's my bail out hopefully this isn't Too much of a flyer Pulled it caught Oh we're all right Flew it over the bunker and it's just on Like the left edge of the green how many Bunkers are there 120 bunkers first hole Successfully navigated them all green in Regulation it's a bit of background Noise it's got the green Keepers out and The building some more luxury villas up Here these greens are so fast pace Control is gonna be so important We'll put that down so we've been an Early morning yeah Weren't we yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Oh Well That's the uh first three foot of the Day Love it okay

210 yards into wind massive bunker front Left bunker back left bunker back right Again Bale out here is Like a little short right just every Hole you look on it's just like imposing I wouldn't want to play it if I had a Case of the tops that would make this Course a little bit more difficult right Come on straight at it let's go Oh so short that's just like it's Practically a layup look at that look at The strike on that look at that come on Come come cast your eyes On this feet of pure ball striking Struck that about there I need I need your positivity guys get Into those comments tell me what a Wonderful person I am like no matter What happens You know it's just it's not important It's not important Once you've got friends family They're in good health that's all the Mass That's all that matters it's all the Mass it's all that matters uh well we're A good 15-yard short hair chipping back Into the breeze right to left one thing About these greens and these lies are You can get quite a lot of grip on chips But the greens are just so fast if You're not precise they're just running Away from you So I'm going to pitch this about five

Foot right of the pin a bit of check Draw it to a stop I drew it to a stop all right Uh I mean listen guys the Japanese Restaurant it's not like it's not all That like yeah I reckon we could just go Out and get some rice krispies bit of Milk be fine A bit of sugar to spread on top for a Treat you know so we're in November now Almost December and this is what the Greens are like in the summer they must Be I don't know how they could get Better than this though unless they're Just like Perfect all year round I don't Know but these are just absolutely Unreal they're so pure like there's Nothing to actually pick a spot to hit Over is that the most first world golf Problem you've ever heard in your life Ah There's always These are the type of greens that have Like an extra four foot a roll When you think has stopped you can't Look away you've got to like keep your Eye on them But on those short ones the advantage is Because they're so pure if you're a good Whack Like they're not going to break off too Much easier said than done though on Greens running about 44 on the stimp

By the way look at that absolute Elite Flag game I do love a standalone tree Oh finger Wonderful Third hole here 550 yards But a little bit downwind new shaft in The driver I hit this driver 380 in the 70 the other day I don't mean anything Out here is it but don't want to hit This left water there so aiming at the Back right bunker And just Just steamrolling it two out of two over After two we need to get a birdie That's hammered Absolutely hammered there's more room Off to the right there but I might just be bringing that bunker Into play Be okay I think it'll be okay so we're Actually on the edge of the Fairway here You can't see the T you see how it's all Blocked out by the bushes look at that Mountain backdrop by the way That is dramatic and I've only got 200 left in It's just a 350r drive 8 o'clock in the Morning two over well done but we're Downwind here look at seven iron 200 yards downwind nice and warm the Bale out here there's a bunker to the Right there's water to the left so we

Obviously don't want to go there I'm just going to aim at that bunker If it comes around a bit that's fine Balls above my feet so That's absolutely Struck it but A very safe play I didn't want anything to do uh with the Water on the on the left hand side Look at this okay so with these just Gonna start off with a wee bit of a Shake so you've got to activate the sand And then you just gotta do it this way So don't pour it in directly base I'll give you a perfectly filled dinner The most important thing that I think on Like course strategy is that you leave Yourself in the right places so I have a Flop shot From a tight light over a bunker with Water behind and the pin tied to the Right hand side Ah golfing it great oh my gosh this is Gonna have to be so precise I mean the advantages over the first two Holes though we're not off study balls Have we Like seven iron into like a green I feel Like you might put a little tug it but Like but but here you think I'm all Right right Let me dissuade you don't know Oh yeah so hi Come on Commit Don't be soft on it

Because you'll get spin open up the face Slightly grip level with the Bell Buckle Slide it underneath Sit Sit All right He said why do they say anything Why don't you say anything No I've always gone in the water Well I'm getting angry at caring for my Best shot yeah sorry Karen it looked Like he went in the war somewhere right Oh I didn't know that you could see it No no I couldn't know like you couldn't See it oh 24 for birdie I need to Settled down a little bit yeah yeah I Need to settle down need to remember I'm An okay golfer massive left to right Swing on this one it's gonna be downhill At the end as well so pace Pace is key Jump Turn in it's okay Got it to the hole have a put for a par Ah Right so on these short ones just be Confident not outside the hole right Inside right So it's all done it really Mr duck says It all seven into a path I you're Walking away with the bow Three over after three Right We'll have a regroup on the next take

Let's have a chat it's 200 and it's Quite a long way off here actually Basically shot scoped it and it's 280 Yards adjusted carrying over water loads Of danger winds kind of into off the Right Uh Honestly I don't know 280 my line is Those back bunkers and if it comes Around a bit then cool come on I've pulled it Fly Oh Back left to the green you got it Come on I think this is going to be such an Amazing hole like the first hole this Whole home cup because it's such a risk Reward hole like it's the epitome of a Risk reward hole my new low spin driver Kieran yeah get a bit of stop on it you Know oh right we did have a bit of a Mess around on this screen Yesterday and we know it's fast down Here so I know it's fast huge left to Right Basically gonna have to get it around This pitch mark dripping down the hill So for once I don't want to get off the Bogey train with the power we don't want To par this off we definitely don't want To Bogey it crikey All right so down this slope can't just Trust your touch

You're a good putter Just couldn't commit to getting it that Far left the very best thing about Greens like this is you know Five six foot out if it's going in Worst thing is you know about a foot After it's left you putter if it's Missing or not And that was missing all the way But dramatic music We have a chance for a birdie it's up The hill It's pretty straight Come on get in Off we are up not be mocking me scorcher Uh right so we've gone Five Four six Three right let's go back on the right Track what's the actual power 72 So seven over is the max I can be Going pop five Come on see Well we have a near-on 600 yard par five into wind but the Second shot is downhill the line is that Bunker on the left with like a tiny fade And if it gets a shoot you can actually Get a bit of a downslope but Might be a little bit out of range today We'll see it's a beautiful temperature By the way Top's gonna have to come off In a sec all right that bunker And it fade

Oh my god I've munched that fly ball go On that's down the hill Uh Now I've not tried to hit a driver off The deck with this shaft in this club It's 270 like into wind off the left Listen driver's not letting me down so Far today And Even though we are trying to break 80 Even though we're trying to play Properly this is still YouTube Never forget where you're from Never forget your roots aiming left of The green If it cuts it cuts See all this drive is like off the deck Oh my God Jace Chase be good go on go on Stay Never ever doubt driver off the deck Never doubt it I say it again it's like It's literally the best shot in the bag The most consistent trauma baggage Driver of the deck How can I hit the most how can I hit Consistently the most difficult shot in Golf And then do that crap that we saw the First two holes Oh Oh that muscle pretty good on camera as Well uh What does it look like with the hills in The background or a little

One this is what actually is all about Yeah I'll leave it in you I'll just Showed the green I think it's a put There's no point chipping it for me Really yeah I'm just I'm still a bit Like so so this morning so I'm just gonna hit this Just outside the right Come on let's walk off with an eagle Shall we My green reading is awful I truly Truly smelly absolute stinky right Inside right Oh Bogey bogey bogey birdie birdie this is Going to be the no power Vlog this Breaking 80 with no pass I said If you're watching this And that's the title You know I don't think really there's a Hole on this course it doesn't have some Kind of like dramatic setting some Dramatic backdrop I mean that's just Like unreal hey just every Vista is just Incredible so I'm gonna hit a little Seven wood here because I'm into winds About 2 10 to the pin I just don't want To be short here so there's bunker short Right as long as I'm after them that's Fine big greenness so I'm going to aim This uh pretty much at the pin and then If it cuts then that's fine grip down on This seven wood

The wind's quite strong isn't it Be good I'll get off it wind Well I'll do I don't want to brag well I do but I was Like exactly what I said I was trying to Do then should do this more often talk Through like say this all the time like Just talk through the shots Oh What A Dream If anybody's got About 4.2 million euros they can give us That'd be great You'd be if somebody wants to give me 4.2 million euros you can come around And use my pool whatever you want that's A promise this is so nice It's tough But I think it's fair it's also got all The ingredients and the setup to be like Really dramatic but it's got drivable Holes like par fives really tough par Threes beautiful views Right right to left Go down the slope I think I'm just getting the grip of Some of these Some of these slopes touch more Three birdies on the bounce how good Would that be It's got a chance you know Three in a row We are having no pass today we are Having no pass

We're going big or we're going now three In a row Come on the Wind here is hard into we Have an oh look I'm that guy seventh hole almost 500 Yards straight back into the wind it's Fairly wide Fairway though Lines At that bunker on the left just like Fade no pause No pass we want another birdie Oh Down That is a lost ball ladies and gentlemen He's a lost boy oh it was just starting To go so well Just starting to go so well Oh I'm so far offline Oh Mr bunker And we're in it I can almost guarantee we're not going To get a par So far the title holds true Oh Just had a shout ball has been found Um It was just a massive I pull off that Tee it must have been a bush and stopped It because it's like it's on the carpet Just to the right hand side of it which Is a little unusual but it is a long way Back from that tee shot so I don't know If it's landed on here and then got all The way back down it's not quite slow

The thing is I can't really can't really Drop it anywhere Well my two my two Thirds here so it now comes down to Which of these clubs do I like the least I mean if I top it or I thin it then Um am I really dead because then I'll Have to drop it here again um do you all Know the good things about things good Thing is like the direction you see that Tree there like the tallest one The green is basically just to the right Of that so it's there with a fade Even the sound of that is horrendous Very ready Let's go for it It's just a shock it's just a shot It's just a normal shot Now I'm in trouble we're in here It flew straight in here I'll tell you what I definitely win Tower though there's not really many Marks on the ball last seven so That's a place Right See if I can balance it on top of the Stone somewhere Right I'm gonna sacrifice a 99 just down There the fairway's just there really Isn't it come on Pick it clean don't be a wimp come on I'll do Wow wind yeah look at that so that Should just be on like the left rough Right uh left Fairway wow right well

Golf's a tough game It's worth the sacrifice it's worth the Sacrifice Four one three five little control GPA I Just saw all my other clubs I put an arm Around the 99 When it went back into the bag all right You'll be okay this game's just taking Another another turn here on it right Uh kind of electric pole just to the Left of the green there low just let it Drift it's finishing ten foot left of The flag roll it in for a double Happy Days I'll get off it wind Stay day stop moving Like this actually feels like it'd be a Nice little chip and run shot but as Soon as you chip it into this it's just Gonna like Bobble up so I'm gonna have To use the lob wedge Flow tip it's gonna stop quite quick Into the wind up the hill might be quite Aggressive with this a fancy hole in This Oh I stopped so fast Oh I didn't land that a million miles Away from I wanted to Say I could finally give it a clean now Oh boy Oh wow oh wow well no wonder they start Quite flying now we wanted to check this Out Look at that

You can literally see The inner core of the golf ball I think By the rules can actually change this But we're Gonna play the rest of the hole through What the hell Just inside the left Wow I'm literally going to need both Andy one two drop three four five six Seven how have I just got back to three Over how does that just happened Three over to level to three over Fantastic [Music] Right 560 yards here par five there's no Shorties but I'm only using the seven Wall because it's a massive dog leg Around to the right hand side there's a Ravine to the left big dog leg to the Right so I'm only gonna need a seven Wood just to reach the corner and then Probably maybe another seven into Degrees it's gonna be downwind so that Lone Tree in the background Just to the right of that I'll do Bang on yeah that was decent that one I'm 300 yards away still to the pin and It's uphill but See they're good 30 mile an hour wind Down I would say my line is those two Light colored trees on the right it's Going to pitch short and it's all going

To fall in To the left-hand side you just don't Want to miss left There's dragons over there so yeah that Side three wood Come on it's barely another par five Here Don't need to draw it just it is Straight right there Get Lucky Foreign Together Come on send me some positivity send me Some love and you yeah what's up I have Some positive stuff for you guys as well I was backing you you've kept so quiet Today even if even if you're chirping at Me even if it's giving me some grief Just something you know what I mean just Something to spare me on Now this has only happened to me I think Once before and I was playing a Link's Course and it was like a big gorse bush But the ball is suspended About well like 18 inches above the Ground and it's like cool it's like the The bush has caught it like perfectly Um I don't know I have no idea I'm Literally gonna have to try and just I've got a bit of wedge I'm gonna wit it I'm gonna try and move it my only hope Is that this is no there's no hope Just know

There's no hope I've got nothing Um All right Oh no sit down sit sit And he wandered Through the undergrowth Aware that everywhere red Spanish adders Were in mating season Just gotta get this to the front of the Grain Get it rolling on a little bit right to Left Oh be good So that's the kind of lie which is it's Simultaneously sat down and settled so I Think it's almost like Splash it out so into win so it should Stop it as such oh man This is not a shot I'm used to playing Um Really And it I knew that slope was there Though Right yeah yeah we were just talking About using that slope like that it's a Bit of a slope but yeah but she shows How quick they are Clean more Gunk off my golf ball It's another massive hole in this one Right to left again gotta be Can't be too aggressive with this one Though Wow best bogey ever four over

What TL what around so far some of them Still not apart I've been closed side of The park Thanks guys I appreciate that yeah no no I do I do yeah I need a bit more um Yeah you can't be bad cop imagine Imagine trying to be a bad cop hopefully That You oh oh you bad shot right 332 meters I got closely screened yesterday off the Yellows It's gotta launch it there's That middle bunker in the Fairway I can Clear that so I'm just going at that and Just trying to absolutely annihilate one Foreign If I've cleared that bunker then fair Play is the biggest push of my life but That's a it's pushed it and it is a bit Downwind but Let's talk about a 370 yard driver That's that combination shaft and driver Just getting it launching is unreal but Hey listen I'm not I'm not arguing I'll Take it however Paul is on a downslope I've got a flop a fly Gotta Wait a flop Shot over an olive tree downwind onto a Downslope love it these are the shots I'll live for I relish Foreign I swear I got it just sped up again I literally couldn't play that anymore Wow I promise you like from where that's Pitched to where it's finished up That's the length of the Flop shot I

Just did Did break So fast It's just so fast So that's a five Well Four over par that gives me Two shots to play with three shots to Play with on the back now I might be Five over yeah a five over I suppose the Last two three four five two shots to Play with on back nine but everybody Knows the back now is where I come alive That's where the birdies happen Yeah So I think I'm thinking there's six iron here Basically starting it at that rock on The left Because this wind is going to be really Strong when it gets up there we're Already elevated this ball is probably Gonna be about 200 foot in there at his Peak oh man I said how good would a hole Well I'm okay by the way This is the place to get it um I'm Changing my ball this back now by the Way play the Chrome socks I can get the Lines on the on the green a bit better It's obviously the Yeah you know everyone knows Ball's Fault right at that rock and it will Come in it will come in sick sign come On nice solid one nothing crazy

Come on come on wind What a really good layup it's just Of course it's just so hard I could hit like a chip short the green And let it run on but the grains into Again this way so do I just try and clip It with soft hands land it on the front Of that green Let's say release yeah Yeah oh yeah yeah Made my mind it's happening Foreign Such a bad push I was looking at the old before it even Hit that then got a bit of a bit of hip Turn on that I can line up my ball now So that's the most important thing Thanks everybody right well got one A single shot to play with now for the Rest of the back nine I would absolutely Love to say again it's easier it really Really does it it gets harder like we Are now going into what I class these Last eight holes is The Valleys of death And you think it might be dramatic but I'm really not 600 wow yeah 600 yards Um into wind out of bounds left out of Bounds right well water left water right Hazards dog leg to the left and a dog Leg to the right someone would call it a Double dog leg I'm not I'm not careful This could be a massive number this he Couldn't believe you gotta believe me Right left side of that Fairway it'll

Cut back Cut Hard It's in just on the edge of him He's got it's kind of on the edge of him But I didn't Welcome back thanks thanks guys Um good news bad news oh Fair a little Fairway finder goodness uh bad news is I've no more trouble tracks left I was a One and out situation it's not the worst Thing in the world but you know oh man Three berries in row to get back to Level and then that so this is like a Massive dog leg to the right hand side It's got over three we're just over These rocks just leave myself a wedge in I'm still about 620 yards away Oh we knit it that way Yeah that's fine Left side but it's all right Open it up right we need to talk guys Come in this is reminiscent of uh the Wentworth Experience that we had The product yeah I made it very similar Yeah yeah pretty pretty crap Well if I double this I'm gonna need one Birdies let's break 80 or you guys Aren't eating tonight yeah yeah yeah so This is why I need a positive Reinforcement like your bellies are Basically riding on this now

Well all 80 left in is this for my par Well Three four five this will pass this will Be a great par in all fairness Four iron left of the green let it cut Back with that wind price time to just Hit some golf shots Let's go Prepare yourself this is going to be the Best bow gear today I'm not saying Something that's all I've had some good Bogeys today but this will be the best Wow Right that's it we got it now guys just Gonna relax Play A game of natural golf Okay very natural golf eh very natural Golfer so 220 downhill but he's playing Like 210 and I've got a seven nine he's There's not a part three on the 600 Yards yeah I know they're literally all About 310. Oh big powerful seven iron okay Oh my God how big that'll do Oh great shot Go Hey Everyone everyone Calm down the crowd Falls silent [Applause] [Music] Absolute display oh Come on it's like my life's basically

Complete got a feeling in my swing you Know feeling good [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Oh well go on go on go [Music] Oh yeah It's fine it's fine it's all good It's got a lot of signatures surely look At this it's absolutely Bonkers so 285 To cover the kind of middle bunker you Can see that's 350 to the back wall It's just like that and like smack it Don't top it and don't hook it yeah you Just you just don't want to have a case Of the tops on here like that that's That's what you don't want don't know Ricky Shields three would on here do you Come on get that body moving got done Move it move it got done move it move it Got don't move it move it got done Should be fine just a bit Cutty yeah now Like downwind 180 Like a launch daytime what do you think Eight Y play why not I mean I've got an amazing short game so I'll be able to get up and down I think I can land it just on to the Right and Let It Go Karen seems to think

I need to land the short agree we'll see Who's right in this next episode of do We trust Kieran Foreign I ain't gonna lie That is so far away from the shot that I Was trying to do Yeah but the ball like hit the like Button if uh you can relate to this the Ball today Seems to have a mind of its own it's not Doing what I wanted to Huge breaker left to right up the slope Turn turn turn Boom there we go Half happiness half just like you're Pure relief I'm just like unrelief right Now Thank you you ate chicken soup Caddy Mass has just dropped off some Spanish chicken soup Is it this is a review super review oh It's really lovely that Bloody lovely Nice that lemon chicken herbs everything Beautiful That's an 8.2 on the soup rating Get another nine in there couldn't you Right there You can see it flood lip 370. meters and I'm over the hill the Line is basically over that right bunker There it's like a dog leg to the right Just got a bash it it's a dirty chance If you get the driveway loads of room to

The right as well to bail out my kind of Hole Travel travel trap trap trap trap travel Before that's basically going to be on The like side of the 17th it's not ideal Well I want to be in the Fairway but It'll be fine The Yards which I think is just a nice It's just a nice lob wedge for me yeah Nice flight I'm thinking under here Then through there that's that's that's What I'm thinking Um so 80 odd yards got to get under that Little Branch a little bit of draw just Aim for the right side of the green I'm Literally thinking I go in here so it Doesn't really matter too much but just A touch of draw just try and get it Racing mind you that is sat I don't even Know how that's one of those which is Buried down but saddle Oh yeah that's all right it's just quite Hard to on this grass it's quite hard to Get it like shooting and running like These courses are designed to be It's not Breaking news coming in from Spain this Is not a lynx course Time for chipping you think Move it Oh it's just broken wow Sit down Sit absolutely baffling This is a left to right area this is Similar to the last green but we have

Two amazing saves in a row Way too hard And to your left I will take The near Eagle and I will give it Back to the golf course Now the last two holes we've got a Shortish par three which is very Dependent on where the pin is it doesn't Look overly friendly and then the last Again is like a 600 yard par five up the Hill into the wind right to left outer Bounds left outer bounds right Holes are fared well with today so we'll See guys I don't want to I don't want to Make you go hungry I'm going to dig in We want some Ramen 175 we've got a six item it's a win here A little low one like you said okay Just let me fall to the right precious On now Be the number Biggest Go [Music] I never wanted a nice solid to put more In my entire life just an easy one just Up the hill and it's just gonna Slide to the right to the right Crisscross there we go Do it for me go go go go it's just got Look at it no look at the Art Attack was Called That woman oh this almost went in I just went there here

See ya No pressure What just happened then They say it's all I said it's all down The last it's all down the last it's Birdie or his bust just don't quite Understand I just don't understand What's happened here Right last little birdie needed simple As that and I mean that's good it means I just just did it just attack just go For it how you mean at the Cloudy mountain of mist And then just letting it drift around to The right it's so much room there Just gotta smack it It's probably my best driver today Did exactly what I wanted it to yeah Yeah just again it's just like stop just Hit it Just Hits it thinking so much About it Set the seam it's 2023 Grandstands up around Final hole of the solheim cup Emily Patterson's coming down here anchor Group just like Come on uh 250 250. yeah it's kind of in To win that was a that was a really good Drive actually just hooked like the Ground got out of the wind but this is Now Off the left and into It's either an unbelievably struck three Wood or a mini driver oh a faded driver

Two four eight into Gotta go birdie nothing else matters Just a nice one I don't need to smash This So I'm starting to the At the left left bunker and just letting It drift Can't Let's go get some sushi Be good be good Be good Oh Oh Oh it's not bad again driver off the Deck Why is that my best shot I thought why Is that my best shot I call it a chip Sorry more I get it deserve that You didn't deserve that how are we Looking That's not too bad is it This is not the easiest of shots I it I Can't really if I try to chip it into The bank and it's quite um the grass is Quite grainy again so I'd have to like Ram it in there I mean literally it Flops like probably the only option Really Um So so good Wow Here we go it all comes down to this as They say that's probably I think I've just strung together my

Three best shots of the round so That is something to be happy about This is downhill Inside It's that right center basically Come on This For some sashimi And to break 80 around this course my God right [Music] Field well done well done like an Absolute ordeal wow unbelievable I mean What a golf course for a start I don't Think I've ever played anywhere Quite like that with all the hills and The valleys It's just stunning it's going to be it's So tough man that is just going to be uh If you play here don't move It's gonna be One hell of a small home court that's For sure We go get some sushi let's go get some Sushi [Music]

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