Does the performance outweigh the price tag? | Wilson Staff Model MT22 putter

Is the new MT22 Staff Model worth the price tag?

The new premium Staff Model range is here and we tested the MT22 to see if the performance justifies the price tag.

The MT22 is the one of four models of the new range. It is a half-round mallet with a short slant neck design, medium toe hang with a 304 stainless steel head. It also features heel-to-toe weighting for the ultimate feel and roll on the greens.
All four models are 100% precision milled with exceptionally tight tolerances to provide the perfect combination of stability and forgiveness.

But just how good is it? Our Gear Editor James Tait took it for a spin at The Duke’s in St Andrews to find out…

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Video shot on location at The Duke’s. Find out more at

Foreign Hi guys welcome back thanks again for Tuning in this is James from bunker 2 And today we have one of the brand new Models from Wilson Staff now the putter Range comes in four different models now We’ve got our hands on the Mallet model Right here which is the mt22 which is a 304 stainless steel precisioned Potter I’m going to tell you exactly what type Of putter stroke this putter is designed For [Music] In this Potter range there are four Models we’ve obviously got the Mala Version there is a Fang you’ve got the Classic 8802 which is quite an iconic Putter you also have another blade style As well with a lot of Putters they have Different tool weights this one’s got Quite a severe tool hang to it so if you Have a face balance putter that’s face Balance you’re gonna have a slight tool Hang and then you’re gonna have more of A severe toe hang so it’s just going to Be more suitable for someone who has a Stroke which kind of looks like more of An arc like that that’s an exaggeration What I’d really like straight away is How clean it looks behind the bulb with Your kind of slight slanted neck it Comes out a little bit as well which Allows you to kind of frame that ball Really nicely

This one is from a 304 stainless steel But the feel of it is brilliant it’s got More of a solid feel when you’re hitting The ball you’ve got the 215 gram Weighted ports on the bottom obviously In the neck and then in the toe as well It really just helps kind of keep that Potter head nice and stable all the way Through Okay the sound of it is it’s quite it’s Quite a firm sound but it feels great it Comes off the putter really nice and I Feel it rolls really nicely too I know We’re only from what about eight eight Feet here there we go And that one didn’t turn so it’s low That was a better part but I loved the Sound of it it’s actually makes it Really really really nice kind of like Ping when it comes off the middle [Music] Now we’re here at 25 feet So I think it’s quite quite good Distance control guarantee I can’t do That twice in a row Tell you what I’m actually quite Dangerous for this this is pretty good No percentage-wise anything pretty much Outside of that that eight to ten foot Range is the the probability of you Actually holding them is is quite slim Pretty impressive but love love the Sound on the Acoustics off it 50 feet Now in theory I think that will be

Better And it’s a Harrier wee bit Probably about three feet this one and The other one’s about the same as well But These normally Are usually just quite quite routine Like so this one So we tapping so from From 50 feet distance control wise Really really nice really easy to get Used to the feel of it and it rolls Brilliantly it’s only five feet Go go go No I pulled that ever so slightly I had a little bit more spring in the In the face come on come on come on This this brand new range from Wilson Staff is absolutely fantastic I really Enjoyed hitting the the mt-22 it’s got So much stability and obviously Forgiveness with your two weights on the Bottom of the club and the two on the Heel it just feels so solid hit hitting Your putts really really good from Distance as well it is going to be more Suited for someone who’s got more of a Stronger Arc you know I I play with a Putter which is designed for a slight Arc this actually did work work for me As well so just a great great option all Around definitely worth worth trying but As one of four options it’s definitely a Range you should look into and consider

If you’re looking obviously for a new a New Patek but I just want to say a big Thank you again to everyone if you Enjoyed the YouTube video hit that like Button and if you haven’t already Subscribe to the channel and we’ll see You next time

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