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So I’m talking about potting here today And how to improve your potting Technique and potting is really the most In individual part of golf there’s Really hundreds of different ways that You can do it Uh whether you’re putting with a Conventional putter like this one or an Arm lock putter which is what I use I Just like the arm lock putter simply Because I think it takes a lot of Variables out of the equation because You keep it against the leading arm here Throughout the stroke I really can’t Mess it up with the wrists too much you Still can hit it with the face closed or Open and that’s why I tell people it’s Not an instant cure but it is something That I feel is worth exploring if you’ve Struggled with potting but at the same Time whether you’re using you can become Really good obviously most of the best Putters in the game pot with a Conventional Potter like this one this Is a bentonardi this is a sick armloc Version of the Potter I think sick makes Great Putters whether it’s conventional Or arm lock simply because they’re Descending Loft techno analogy which Means the upper part of the face has More Loft and the lower part less and so It has four different Lofts across the Face and that means if you happen to get Too much this way you impact the ball

Higher on the face instead of being Delofted it has the proper Loft for you You can get fit for these at Club Champion that’s probably your best Option And as far as conventional Potters are Concerned I think length of the Putter And lie angle are really two of the most Critical elements I also like to have a Line on the putter myself then it comes Down to finding the technique that’s Going to work best for you and that Means if I put the putter here on this Perfect potting mat and this is really What I recommend for potting and I know There’s other mats out there with lines On them like this if you can find a Perfectly flat surface and I’m not sure This is perfect but it’s it’s okay for Now tip quickly I’ll do this in the Living room but then we should be able To make every pot roll straight down the Line a lot of times I’ll use this Thicker middle line I just like the Visual of seeing the ball roll up that Line and you know it just really helps Me when I get on the golf course to Trust that I can start the ball online So what I see a lot with people is and I’ll start with a conventional Potter is First of all the Potter’s not staying Anywhere near on the target line for Very long and so we really want to see In whether you practice at home you can

Do it over the edge of a carpet or tile Floor is we really need to see that that Putter is moving at least for short Putts really straight back and straight Through there should not be a lot of Rotation or as little rotation as Possible would be ideal so Then what we want to do is see that the Powder is square and then hit some pots And if you notice that you tend to miss One way or another for me it would be Missing to the left and so what I Learned to do is find the adjustment of My hands on the grip that allows me to Keep the face square and that means Taking my lead in hand and rotating it All the way this way to the side and Then I take the trailing hand and I put It to the other side and so this is how I would pot and that’s how I pot with an Arm lock Potter that’s how I would pot With a conventional Potter so there’s no Difference there As far as that’s concerned and then I Will practice here first trying to make Every pot so with the sick pot or here I’m putting my thumb all the way on this Side I have the round side of the grip Towards the target the flat side away From it and that allows me then to get The putter in my hands and the trailing Thumb against the flat side of the Bottom then once I’m set up and then I’ll practice hitting pots and see that

I can keep it the stroke straight but The perfect body mat also shows me if The face is closed or open at all the Ball is going to go right or left and That’s why it’s so important to practice At home you put get a mat in your garage Put it in the living room in your office Wherever you can just make sure it’s Flat it doesn’t work so well on thicker Carpeting so that’s one thing to look Out for you can get these I have links On the website And here I’ll put it under the video uh For getting a discount on these you Really don’t need such a long one I Think this one’s 15 feet you see I have It rolled up at the end anyway because It’s too long for here sometimes I’ll Pot from 10 12 feet but mostly I’m Working on on three to six feet I just Want to get the feel here of going Through my routine getting the ball in The right position I’m looking at the Line on the putter to see that it’s Square and then I’ll get a feel from Swinging that it’s straight And staying square and then I’ll get up And hit it I see it was dead square and I’ve also checked the position of the Putter here in the finished position so Whether you like to have the leading Hand low and the trailing hand above or Some other variation what I want you to Do is to make your Strokes over the line

And to see that the face is square at The finish so if you can if you can hit A pot like I did and hold the Finish Then you can check to see if the club Face is square so you may actually be Making pots with a lot of rotation I see People finishing way over here like this And they’re not even aware of it so Potting is really the great equalizer if We have become good at the technique and Are able to keep the face Square through Impact we have the ability to pot as Good as anybody else so the first step Is to be able to to hit a straight in Pot consistently and make it every time From three to five feet and then you can Go out on the green and try breaking Pots most people can’t be consistent on A straight Puck consistently so what do You expect on a breaking putt so we Really need to get good at that so Typically one of my drills that I’ll Have you do I’ll have people doing the Green a lot is to put the gets go ahead And get set up And then take the leading hand off and Then make some Strokes with just the Trailing arm this will be really Difficult but it’s really going to help You learn to control the Potter a lot And then the goal is to make 10 in a row And so if you can make 10 in a row uh Doing that then we’ll do the same with The trailing hand so with the trailing

Hand it’s kind of a little bit Uncomfortable here with my claw like Grip but I can still do it in fact I did It today when I was practicing is I line Up And I’ll do that I’m also checking here At the Finish if you can see it on the Camera I have a camera here on the back If you can see that it’s still square And then I’ll have to make 10 in a row With normal And then I’ll move back another foot and Then back another foot and back another Foot once you get really good at the Straight putts then you go out on the Green and you practice alternating right To left left to right but also short Putts first and then you have the factor Of learning the right speed because There’s a lot of different breaks that Equate to the speed so if you hit really Slow a really slow putt it’s going to Break a lot if you take the brake out And hit it hard it’s going to be very Little break so you really need to get a Feel make a decision before each putt How you’re going to hit it and then pick A Target and hit a straight putt if it’s Right to left you can hit a straight Putt to the right side of the hole and Let it gravity do its thing and have it Break into the hole so I’m going to have Future videos more in depth on what I do As far as speed control but first work

On this if you don’t have a putting mat The perfect potting mat is the best mat I’ve found for potting and it’s just a Great tool to have just find the Discount code either on the website or Here below this video thanks for Watching I hope you all have a great day And practice hog [Music]

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