Groove Mirror Impact Gate – the 4 inches that matter

Regardless of your stroke method, there are 4” in your stroke that determine your success.

The Impact Gate will get your putter face square, and your path on the target line … period.

Your short putt conversion rate just hit warp speed!

So this week let’s let’s Continue our focus on those shorter Putts making every three foot or making Almost all of our five foot or seventy Five percent making almost Uh making our eight half or eight Footers we’ve set up the Impact gate it’s that it’s those six Tees that create a channel right through Impact The putter has to be on path through Impact with that channel At the same time without thinking about It it’s gonna square the face i’m Telling you it’s going to square the Face Here here’s my suggestion get set up at Whatever eight feet Seven six feet give yourself Plenty of space as you begin this drill Make it as wide as you need to Because there’s a lot of distraction With this and then begin to tighten it To where It forces you to really make a precision Stroke If you do that it’s going to roll top or Bottom right down the track you’re Knocking these putters Putts in [Music] You

A golf putter is an essential part of your golf equipment. Golfing is a demanding sport that requires precision. There are many types of putters available on the market. However, there are some things that you should keep in mind when looking for the right one. First, make sure that you read a review from an experienced golfer who has used the product in the past.

The design of a putter is important. It should be comfortable to hold but rigid enough for long-term use. A putter with an offset hosel and a short head will help you maintain a good alignment. Its balance is also important, as it should fit your height. Many golfers recommend this putter for its high performance and low price.

For a beginner, a putter from TaylorMade is a great choice. It features TaylorMade’s tour proven technology, and is lightweight, making it easy to use. It also features a Pure Roll insert and Tungsten weighting, which makes it easy to control.

A putter with a two-faced design is another popular option. These putters help you strike the ball from the left and right sides. Though they are not legal for tournament play, they are great for training or fun games. Kids can also use them when they are still learning to hit a golf ball.

While it’s possible to buy a putter based on its design, it’s always best to check out reviews of several different putters to find the one that suits you the best. Make sure to consider the length and weight of the putter you’re going to buy. You don’t want to be disappointed with a poor fit. If it’s too long or too short, it can ruin your short game and your perfect posture.

Lastly, you should consider whether you prefer a face balanced or a toe balanced putter. A face balanced putter is easier to control and provides more forgiveness. This style of putter is more forgiving, but isn’t as forgiving as a mallet. Face balanced putters are the best choice for beginners because they help you achieve a straighter stroke.

Some putter reviews focus on the design, weight, and feel of a putter. A putter with a heavier head will be harder to launch into the air than a putter with a lighter head. The weight of a putter can also impact the way it feels in your hand. The more comfortable it is to hold, the less likely you’ll miss a putt.

The LA Golf Putter’s unique design features include a larger sweet spot, Descending Loft Face Technology, and a stiff shaft. Its head is made of carbon for better weight distribution, while the Descending Loft Face Technology borrowed from SIK putters creates a more consistent launch angle. It also features a special shaft designed to minimize movement.

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