Have you ever played a golf course that is not 18 or 9 holes? #golfshorts #shorts #golfer

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Have you ever wondered why most golf Courses are 18 holes well I'm about to Tell you so I'm going to take you back To 1764 and the home of gold at St Andrews where the course was played over 22 holes after some redesigning some of The holes were shortened combined the Number of holes went down to 18. almost A full Century later in 1858 the RNA Published an updated set of rules titled Rules for the game of golf as it is Played by the Royal and ancient Golf Club at St Andrews and in this set of Rules it was stated that one round of Links or 18 holes is reckoned a match Unless otherwise stipulated now it took A little bit of time but most courses Fell into line and made their own venues 18 holes comment what you want to know Next

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