How To Improve Your Putting Stance

The game of golf was put into practice in mid-fifteenth century Scotland. Since that time, golf has evolved into the modern game we have today and playing your best is key to your enjoyment.

Golf is a game with many rules. Pride, decorum, and etiquette take precedence above anything else. Average games are played on 18-hole courses. The goal of the game is to hit the ball into each hole in as few strokes as possible. Lesser strokes equal a lesser score. Players aim to score under 120. 

There are many elements to improve one’s golf game. The main factor that will affect your success is the putting stance. Your putting stance determines your body’s alignment, the ball’s position, weight distribution, and body stability. 

Body Alignment 

As a rule of thumb, golfers should aim to align their bodies parallel to the hole on the course and the direction of the put. To get your body into proper alignment, you should:

  • Relax your body 
  • Let your body set into a natural alignment. Do not force your body into a perceived position.

You can check your body’s alignment in your shoulders, arms, hips, and feet. Checking your body’s alignment can be difficult, especially for a beginning golfer. Consider using a trusted golfing partner to observe your alignment. They may be able to offer insight that otherwise you may not realize on your own. Here are tips and drills you can practice. 

  1. Use an alignment rod.
  2. Align the club to the hole
  3. Swing with your knees, hips, and shoulders in alignment as one
  4. Swing Video Drills

Ball Position

One rule of golf is to play where the ball lands. Just because you can not change where the ball lays does not mean you can not adjust your body to where the ball is. There are three stances every golfer should know:

  • Neutral Putting Stance: The ball’s position is centered between your legs in a neutral putting stance. Executing a proper neutral putting stance requires the body’s center alignment.
  • Forward Putting Stance: Balls are positioned close to the inner left leg in the forward putting stance. Execution requires alignment between the left shoulder, upper arms, and torso. 
  • Rearward Putting Stance: The exact opposite of the forward putting stance is the rearward putting stance. 

Weight Distribution

Weight distribution begins with your feet. Your balance should rest equally between your two feet. Even though putting stances and ball positions may change, your weight distribution should remain in balance. 

Common tips for maintaining balance are:

  • Relaxing your arms and avoid bends 
  • Keeping your knees bent over your toes
  • Keeping your shoulders over your knees
  • Keeping your feet parallel to your shoulders 

Another essential fact about weight distribution is that it should change with the golf club. Different golf clubs carry different weights. Therefore your body should adjust accordingly. 

Body Stability 

The last key factor in improving golfers putting stance is body stability. The difference between stability and balance is movement. Stability controls your body while it is moving. Balance controls your body without body movement. 

Proper stability can maintain the golfer’s posture for an enhanced game. Your golf swing is increased or decreased by your body’s stability. Similar to body alignment, there are exercises you can practice to improve your stability and golf game. 

  • Shoulder Taps
  • Split Squats
  • Deadbugs
  • Single-leg Side Reach
  • Push-ups
  • Pelvic Rotation
  • Full Body Turn
  • Palloff Lunge

Improve Your Putting Stance Today

putting stanceEnhancing your golf game relies on four separate steps. Those steps are body alignment, ball position, weight distribution, and body stability. Each step is crucial and works in tandem with the others. The key is to work on each of these separate factors to improve your overall succes as a golfer.

The first step is body alignment. Body alignment levels and balances your body relative to the ball and the hole on the golf course. You must relax and your body into a natural putting stance. The body’s arms, shoulder, hips, and feet are vital in maintaining alignment. There are even a few tips you can master, including utilizing alignment rods and swing video drills.

Do not hesitate to seek advice from trusted friends who may be avid golfers. Time spent watching video techniques can result in significant improvements in a relatively short time frame.

The second is the position of your ball. Your putting stance should adjust to the ball’s position without jeopardizing your body’s natural alignment. Every golfer should know the three main putting stances to achieve the highest success regardless of the ball’s position. The stances are neutral, forward, and rearward. 

Weight distribution is third on the list for improving your putting stance. Your body’s equal and level weight distribution is central to optimizing your balance. Balance begins with your feet. To maintain balance during a game, you can relax your arms, maintain body alignment, and keep your knees bent.

Body stability is the last step to improving a putting golfing stance. Unlike balance, body stability requires controlling movement. Falling to stabilize your body as you transition from putting to swinging can significantly influence the game’s outcome. Golfers can practice several different exercises to modify and increase their body’s stability. These include shoulder taps, squats, push-ups, and lunges. 

Improving your putting stance as a golfer will take hard work. Everyone is different, so each putting stance will be unique. You will soon find your ideal stance as you practice and learn the critical components. However, the four techniques are critical to improving your putting stance and your game as well. With practice, you can master the perfect alignment, position, weight distribution, and body stability. 


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