How To Practice Golf At A Driving Range (FOR ALL GOLFERS)

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In this video you are going to be seeing Filthy Stingers massive drives and some Fantastic golf shots but more Importantly you're going to be finding Out what you can do at the driving range To improve at golf and what's better It's all within a 60 Minute session Foreign Driving range which I think has pretty Much all the essentials that you need For a good practice session it's got Really good balls the mats are nice and It's a beautiful floodly evening here Slightly chilly in the northwest of the UK but it also has some features which If you can find are absolutely fantastic So it's got ball tracking software you Can have all the feedback and the data That you need also it has fantastic Coffee which is probably an essential as Well now the first top tip of this video Is that practice is nothing without Feedback that is something you have to Remember don't judge a practice session By how long you spend their driving Range I've got 100 Balls here that's Going to last me 60 minutes I might not Even get through them all remember the Amount of time that you spend at a range Does not guarantee you're going to be a Better golfer it's the quality of the Practice that you do Tessa That is a robot ballpicker ladies and

Gentlemen about to Come in here and take home by the looks Of it It's hungry first thing we want to be Doing is the warm up now if I'm going to Be honest it will be fantastic if you Have the ability to do some Dynamic Stretching before you even got to the Driving range even use a massage gun Something like that it'll make you more Supple and more able to try and make the Swing changes and moves that you want But I am very well aware that a lot of You won't do that so what we're going to Have is a warm-up that everybody can do But it's going to take 30 of your Practice balls Oh God this thing so the first 20 balls Just pick your wedges and we're going to Be focusing on targets between 50 and 100 yards now you can see here at the Beaches we've got a lot of different Options at those distances all I'm going To be doing is switching between the Wedges and just hitting shots to each of Those targets So I'm not over exerting myself with These shots but here's the key and Here's something which won't draw the Stairs of any of your fellow practices Once you've hit a shot super super Simple pop the club across your chest Turn away Turn towards the target

Just feel those joints creaking and then Just add A little bit of a toe tap if you can't Reach it's absolutely fine but what this Does it gives you a dynamic stretch you Can do it in between shots and no one's Going to laugh at you those Brits Sarah For a weird Bunch aren't we we'll do Anything just not to draw attention to Ourselves Foreign So the last 10 balls of the warm up Really easy I'm just going to move up The irons so we're gonna go for the 99 To the driver and probably hit the Driver twice I'm not really aiming at a Particular Target I'm just aiming with The matte here but all I want to try and Establish Foreign Is a nice Rhythm for the rest of the Range session I'm not trying to hit it Too hard I'm just extending the swing Just trying to feel that looseness then Work all the way up to the driver Remember we are very much still in Warm-up mode Obviously I am sponsored by FootJoy but They've done an unreal job with this top It's like a fleecy lined one absolutely Roasting I am warmed up It is time for the main practice now at The driving range I will try and combine

Two types of Praxis fixed and varied Fixed practice is the repetition the Practice you're probably most familiar With very practice is going to different Targets and it means it's more like an Actual game situation because if you Just do fixed practice and you just hit Ball after ball off the ball that's not What it's going to be like once you get To the golf course I'm just going to the Loo that's okay Now very practice we'll get on to this a Little bit more but if you can get to a Range which has data driven technology So this is a trackman range you can have A foresight range you can have a top Tracer range all these different ranges Give you the ability to track your Scores to play games it makes your Practice so much better trust me rather Than just hitting ball after ball after Ball Such a good coffee Honestly I recommend the cappuccino and Yes if there are any Italians watching It is at night and I did have a Cappuccino I apologize but I don't I Don't apologize because it's great a Very important question you want to be Asking yourself is why are you here Seriously why are you here if you're Going to be here just to clip a few Balls away that's fine but if not you've Got to have a purpose what are you

Trying to change in your swing what Differences do you want to see in your Ball fight if you can have a lesson Amazing it gives you something really Concrete to work on if not check out the Swing Quest Channel you've got all the Information you need on pretty much Every part of the sweat now I never go Anywhere without this probably because It's kind of part of my job but also Because it's very useful to be filming Your swing remember feedback you want Feedback the golf swing is incredibly Difficult to actually feel if you are Making the change you want to the Difference between feel and real within The goal swing is very well documented So the only way to be able to tell is to Actually use a camera use video and see Because what you feel you're doing you Might not be doing in reality now when You're undertaking fixed practice I like To use a training game something Specific to what you are working on this Is a swing plate not sponsored video I Picked this up off the guy who actually Made it you just stick an alignment Stick in the ground obviously at a range Like this I can't stick it in the carpet Check this out by the way We go fishing with that now what I'm Trying to do within my swing is not get So steep so I'm using this is a bit of a Guide to what I want my swing plane to

Actually be and then I can use the video On my phone to check what I'm actually Doing in relation to the shaft angle but This is me and my game I'm not saying You should be using this on the driving Range I'm using this because I want to See the correlation between my shaft Angle and what's happening in my swing So this is the fixed part of the Praxis So I'm going to take an aim down here We've got a bit of a Fairway in between These flags on the left and the yardage Markers on the right and as long as my Ball is finishing in between them I'm Gonna be okay remember this is about Swing feelings about swing changes I Want to associate it to the Target but We are not on the very part of practice Just yet so I've set aside 40 balls I'm Going to go up and down my clubs Adjusting the training gauge when I need To let's grab Foreign Foreign Practice can come in many forms a Popular one let's say down here at the Range I would play through the first at Reddish veil in my head so like a long Guy and off the tee and iron into the Green obviously couldn't put here but I'd move on to the second hole and carry On I could also vary my target so could It a wedge there a seven iron to that One over there or five iron just to keep

It mixed up what you don't want to be Getting into the habit of after your Fixed practice is just to stay in the Same routine hitting ball after ball After ball one of the keys to varied Practice is a changing environment now Obviously we're not going to be able to Move off this map to get different lies However what we can do is vary your tee Shots so what I'm going to use here I'm Going to use the software I'm going to Go on course practice and I am going to Be really focused on the tee shots so I've got my driver my three wood my Driving iron and my four iron four clubs Which I will use off a t where shall Where should we go No shall we let's go back to a dare I'd Say we'll go to the 18th over there Here's an actual t-shirt of the 18th Over there and let's go I tell you she's Good in it no freaking way so what I'm Going to do here is I'm going to change My club on every shot but I'm also going To change up the ball flight I'm trying To play so a driver I'll hit a high fade Four iron a low draw no two shots will Be the same I've got 30 balls to get Through so lots of different types of Shot but the best thing with the Software is I can actually track where They're all going if this was a range Without the data I could just mark them Down on my phone on a pad as long as I

Have that feedback because what I want To be able to see is if my fixed Practice has had any effect on my very Practice because this is the step in Between your swing changes and the Course I mean what I've been trying to Work on is a bit more of a high draw so That's what we'll do first I'll let you Decide first Kieran what club I'll be driving Change the record yeah I draw That feeling of being a bit more rounded I mean it's very very straight Well I can officially say that is the Best Drive I've ever hit on the 18th Damn manner 336 yards ball speed 175. It's quite impressive tonight I'm pretty Straight did it not a lot of drawer on There okay so let's say my next club Would be four iron off the T and let's Try and play a high cup it's really good If you have someone with you as well Because like the call out the shot so It's not you deciding keeps you honest So high cut I'm gonna have to start this Over the river Liffey you see just Imagine out there the river down the Left the manor house in the background Bunker off the door I could see it So high fade with a four Pretty good Come on cut He got in keep cutting

What's in with the fishes mate so a high Cut four to a stinger Stinger too high pretty straight I did button that it maybe Rose a touch More than I wanted but that was pure so Again that'll be three wood and then I'd Recycle everything and do different Shots and I'm still trying to get the Feeling that I was having within my Fixed practice but now there's something On it now there's something tangible to Actually judge it by all the seventh That's horrible well I wore the ass Girls so yeah yeah oh this is going to Be right over the corner Pretty good I draw all right I'll remember that for a long time added Into this with one tea could go through Like the whole pre-shot routine and Really get that nailed down depends what You're working on but let's get through The last of these 30 balls go into Different targets different flights Different shots So my very practice there was actually Pretty good 20 out of 30 Fairways with The variation of clubs on any day I Would be absolutely delighted with that It depends how organized and structured You are with your practice because Ideally you would repeat this game you Would play it again and again and again And see if you could make any

Improvements but if you're not that Structured it's okay don't worry too Much it's a very practice and it's the Competitive side of practice putting Pressure on yourself that's what really Matters guys if you're not already Subscribed to the channel also check out Swingquest here and how about this video On how to improve your driving that Little bit more

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