I bought EVERY CLUB from my town’s charity shops…then played a match!

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This is my local High Street and I Absolutely love it it's got pubs it's Got restaurants it's got more pubs and With this video in mind it's also got Several charity shops I'm going to be Visiting all these stores and buying Every golf club that they have to offer Before heading out onto the course for a Nine hole challenge versus a low Handicap golfer who will be using brand New clubs I absolutely love this way It's an incredible place to live and the Charity shops around here they are Usually absolutely flush with Bargains And if you are looking to actually start A golfing career and you've got no Equipment at all charity shops can be a Really fruitful place to have a look When me and Carter took on the original 12-hole layout at Prestwick we got our Old school looking clothes from the Shops down this road I got my frock coat Yes that's an actual thing from the cats Protection just don't tell Murph I was In there Right fingers crossed on this one Wow Um well we've got some That you'll ever have seen but it could Make an interesting match now I'm very Excited about Oxfam last time I was here And I did a charity Shop Challenge they Literally had dozens and dozens and Dozens and dozens of bags off clubs so I

Could be coming out here with about 70 80 if it's anything like All right foreign Research UK no clubs unfortunately but Sue Ryder come on Sue give me a club We bit the jackpot We're back in business Okay so we've spent a grand total of 25 Pounds sterling Um I'm not gonna lie I was hoping I was Hoping for a little bit more choice to Take on Kieran I am slightly worried but We're gonna get back to the office we're Going to go through all the clubs and We're going to pick the best set that I Possibly can to take on a very good Golfer at an excellent golf course it is Now time to build the charity shop bag Um I've got to ask we're going out to Formula ladies golf club tomorrow one of The tightest trickiest courses on planet Earth that I'm playing against Kieran Who is a good low handicapper things are Four at this moment in time and he's Gonna have a full set of beautiful Japanese golf clubs I'm not entirely Sure that I'm going to be able to Compete with him using these clubs but As often is stated in the annals of Great sporting moments it is not so much The arrow that the Archer that matters Unfortunately my bow and arrow it ain't Great they're not great now in all my

Years of reviewing golf clubs I've never Actually come across the niklaus air Drawer before it does however have super Stream Aerodynamic properties which makes me Very excited Um Wow well that is quite something behind The wall Um okay so I've got three potential Drivers in this bag I'll keep the Nick Klaus in I'll take those out I'll stick in this Handmade one wood as well wooden head Just for you know why the hell not shall We keep in The JB Halley metal wood three you Always need a JB Harry metal or three Jacob I'll take out the two Titanium alloy mxg McGregor offsets now Onto the irons well these now these are Actually very shiny but I've had a look At them and they are incredibly upright And Incredibly offset so I'm not going To use any of these irons I think that Is a recipe for disaster I am however Gonna take the Pro Master put around Okay this little blade got a sandwich McGregor mgx oversized it is however Flow weighted so don't worry we're going To be okay we are in a multi-flex shaft That's always a warning sign where it's A multi-flex shaft uh so a thick line There oh Hallie these are made in the

Halley ones though they're made in Scotland the nine iron in there I'll Take the McGregor 99l Then I've got McGregor eight iron and Then I've got the McGregor seven iron Six iron five iron and then admittedly It does then jump to a pin Master Mark II Harley three iron look at the size of That club face that is nothing is it That is absolutely nothing and there you Have it Let's get over to four Okay we're down here at Formby ladies And this is my playing partner today Kieran also co-host of the rough cut Golf podcast if you haven't checked it Out make sure you do now and it is Without doubt the coldest day I have Played golfing in probably about 64 Years we're gonna be playing the seventh Hole match uh though that's why Karen What are you playing on uh playing off Four currently okay now you have a full Bag of new Japanese clubs which we're Also doing the video on so over these Seven holes get your phone off scratch Yep I think that's fair enough these are Very these are these by the way these Are kieran's conditions as well yeah Like his ball flight is like about two Off the ground with like a picture I Have no idea how far any of these Charity shop clubs go at all never hit Anything before it also subscribe to the

Channel because I think it'll make us feel really better After this round and also there's still 50 of you who watch the videos who Aren't subscribed so do is a solid hit That button 12th hole do you want to go First on me 12th hole Bang into it 130 yards Beautiful par three here at Formby Ladies like this is literally one of the Other courses in the area which is still Open oh what are you going with mate I'm Gonna go with a seven iron just try and Keep it low punch it down Karen you've Literally already put one of your clubs In my bag have I we've not even hit a Shop sorry they lose they look the same Almost identical Oh it's a nice throttle wow look at this Wind is just hammering it guys actually Got no way It was going so low and then it just Went up that has quite literally got Absolutely no way in it we'll first try That I'm very happy with that so yeah They're pretty hard didn't you yeah it Did so I'd say the win today is I don't Know that's a good probably 30 miles an Hour but with the extra wind chill it's Probably it feels like it's about a Minus two minus three out here easily I'm gonna hit a little hand crafted ProMaster One play match player yeah Definitely okay

Oh Pinay yeah slightly quality ball Striking Right oh just ended up a little bit Short unfortunately Yeah nice shot Oh the touch on that Oh I just stabbed at that how are we Doing Golf so early for this oh my god oh I'm Pinay as you can see I have a rather Tricky shot to contend with Um I'm over the bunker the pin is tight I have like a literally a terrible Terrible terrible looking sandwich in my Hands but I trust in the McGregor mgx stainless Oversized flow weighted irons I've got me dude I've got video irons I'm not giving you that that is still a Good four foot that no way he's not Giving me that well look at your pattern For a start I'm not gonna give it to you I'll join it in or out out please lovely Um about 35 footer for par it's got to Make it really Actually not giving me that first doll Unless it's in unless it's in Yeah good effort kieran's got the best Club the best clubs that Japan has to Offer oh is that oh don't put pressure On you and I'm just you know me did we Charity shop boy over here it's all cool So it's not the it's not the arrow it's

The Archer yeah that's what Nice put hold on Oh My God Oh Okay well so far oh this is what I mean That putter is I thought we get a crazy Golf in it it's crazy it is a crazy golf Foot I have a feeling that I was Probably less positive or me oh dude I Just You know this YouTube game it's all About retention just gotta keep It's Gonna Keep the match going right so I'm Gonna go uh with hey uh with a free wood Try and get like a 240 number down there Rain is coming in which is one wonderful Are you doing oh what are we doing That's a very good charge hey Just down the right side I'm gonna be All right Yeah yeah just very right edge of the Fairway Nice Shot very good I don't Think I'm gonna go for my three wood Yeah it's a bit if this head does not Fly off at the end of this round Oh Wonderful I'm straight That is wonderful it's went behind That's gone a long way as well it could Be the driver for you the Nick Klaus air Draw what a club what's a club I did Make a bit of an error today without not

Bringing there I just thought like you just don't plan Ahead of your biggest weakness but I Wanted I wanted to swing freely and take The risk less layers well you know the Saying yeah you can't swing freely with Hypothermia yeah you're right Straight at It Go On It Go on it Sit down just write the film pretty Decent yeah sure I'll make very good Thank you very much straight down the Middle of the Fairway Just saying you know me and my McGregor Driver there's absolutely there's Literally no point he's happening Because I know there are farmer clubs Guys Go a bit Go a bit Oh wow oh it dug on you I mean I should Have thought a little bit it seems It's Been smashing it down but I actually Landed that not a Million Miles Away Rainbow shoes Right uh just the port up the hill just Judging really how much the the wind's Gonna affect it Might break a little bit at the end but Ah just breaking now Oh wow it's warm up pull you know what I Mean it's just just easing into it Obviously didn't want to beat him but You know It's all a bit of fun

These aren't going to give me that as Well That is wonderful that is wonderful Thank you should have said next hold put Winds or something they're gonna I Thought you're gonna say something else Then come on This for the half Very good two pars A couple of absolute players Oh this is this is my my conditions this Is this is the best quality golf we've Seen all year so far okay uh how long is This hub It's it's 300 something it's 300 Something down there It's got a free hybrid Oh oh that slipped in my hand that might Be in a bit of bother that sit down Oh it did it did sit down just in the Middle of the Heather Another bit of bearer of bad news but Like this time of year with this Conditions in that rough good with a Coach of the care and that's the kind of Shot you hit when you get 10 degrees Down on a hybrid we'll get you there Yeah we will that hurt my hand you can See you can see the club like twist in Your hands now fortunately I've got the Best driver ever made so I'm practically going on tour with these People it's wonderful That's it

I'll be all right just got around to the Right of that bunker but you know what It actually doesn't feel that bad for This driver Looks it it kind of looks like whoever Designed it like dropped some LSD Beforehand but Fair play I don't think you see that Yeah yeah that's his Michael basically Yeah so quick top tip you ever want to Keep your glove warm put it over your Nose and mouth Give it a breath And keep it Toasty It's not awful what I mean you know if we really dig in on It I reckon it'd be all right well we Got about hundred that's actually no That's that could be way worse We just set Mickle to the green that was Worth it so that's from Heather to Heather oh wow this is uh I mean this is The the beauty of formulas Golf Club if You do come play I highly recommend it You just gotta hit Fairways yeah if you Yeah if you don't hit Fairways it's You're going to rack up a big score Go on go Go I'm gonna get my Miracle working McGregor sandwich out again Oh that's fantastic get in the hole Oh

Crazy shot I mean I'll just have a quick punch if It goes in then I'll let you put it if Not We'll move on yeah Yeah You can have the whole that is you wanna Leave one up using charity shop cups Which I paid 25 pounds for and your bag Is worth about 4 000 pounds Uh right what have I got so 15th hole Here I wish I could do the Bear Grylls Voice this this feels by one of his Episodes it feels like a survival Episode Oh it's gone left Not sure why am I trying to fade the Biggest the biggest offset driver I've Ever seen in my life why did you give me The thick grip sorry why did you give me The fit grips was that tactical yeah Everything about this is tactical Because I definitely have the advantage Here though That is Steve that is the worst strike That is the worst strike on a golf ball I have ever seen look what this is how It is We're learning to finish you almost Missed the heel on that and that is Finished right side of the face yeah you Know what he didn't even apologize that Is shocking that is awful you're being Serious it's a it's a try attract

This is g-u-r this is green Keepers Workings absolutely no doubt about that So that's where it ends in GUI a couple Of club links we're out there thanks for Coming your ball by the way is 20 yards Behind me which is an absolute disgrace Number Oh Sure this short did that look good I Used to walk to school in this he shorts And a t-shirt and that was after a night Down the pit Oh dude You plan for that it just came out a bit Lower than I thought you know yeah I Think it did Oh wow these groups are slippy yeah That's the same of mine I've got my Sandwich again and this is this is by Far my best slender bag Folks have used it on every hole so far Oh B the number Sit down Oh it's not come off that bank That's not a very good shot Gonna apply the pressure Break Very much The only thing that was going to break Is the poor face because she did so hard I should have done that Uh by the way uh on a serious note Like the video not for what we've done Here but for literally all the

Hard-working green Keepers that are out There at this time of the year toiling Away to make these courses Pleasant and Beautiful for when you fail where the Golfers get out there in the spring of The summer all right Yeah it's just pushed it Just pushed it away we can have that Thanks why am I holding it right then so This with a half or It's me two up with A set of clubs which even the scrap man Will turn down always moving Very good Remains at one absolutely dead center That was good it's kind of like down Whenever you're ready to go thank you It's kind of like downwind is it off the Left when was the last time you did a Course song like this I thought you've Heard of the course look like this no no Tambry was wet but it wasn't windy it Was It was pretty windy it was pretty it Wasn't like this it wasn't this cold Though Just imagine a hole oh my God oh so it's absolutely fantastic I do Like like the wind I actually quite like Playing in it I just don't like playing It when it's also raining and it is Minus six That's good as well cool Knock it knock it knock it sit sit oh oh

That's gonna be a disgusting up and down From there as well that's a good nine so It's often the problem with these modern Clubs compared to my uh custom charity Shop set the Lofts just too strong like They can't can't control yeah too far Wind might hold it a touch but Pin that one I was terrible there wasn't much Concentration in that one I'm afraid Good luck all right so is this for two Up two two Open Door me You know what that actually wasn't that Bad of it that well it kind of went Where I started to wave it it just Didn't move at all oh dear oh what up Hanging on Wow Oh wow I'll tell you what I was officer shot Making So I'll give that a goes up I think you would you just got to try And find the face of that driver but That Is literally gonna miss the Fairway Right on the 18th Thursday Do you know how people sometimes Exaggerate from where you were aiming That is 160 yards right Of where you're aiming then can you see The golf ball Well there's a great shot Peter I must Say sure online on The Fairway it was an

All-around like quality Golf Shop yeah Sit down Yeah it's just by the right here tonight Good shot If it's got enough legs It doesn't it's short ladies and Gentlemen oh I don't want him to win do You know what though If he doesn't if he wins That's over charity in it you know I Mean the end of the day it's actually Charity charity wins Sit sit yeah that's what it's all right For a birdie for the win yeah prepared Him for the win I'll be a big boy wait To finish it off on it yeah I don't know What I'm rooting for you no you know if I were you I won't be rooting for me Famous Dave Dr chop lost to me a little Bit right to left to begin with Foreign To keep your hopes alive And at that The hopes were dashed Against the Rocks lining the coast here That formed me You think you're making a photo yeah Let's see this in come on no Okay Well done Well done well done thanks for watching If you want to see more videos of me Being Kieran check them out here make Sure you subscribe and follow us on the

Rooftop podcast I I think personally we Should go get like a coffee or a hot Chocolate and just reminisce reminisce About that Friday when I beat you using Those clubs That is extraordinary that is that is Quite something they think yeah

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