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What shall I do So we've been taking on PJ professionals Across the UK and now we are in Island Challenging my toughest opponent yet This is Simon Thornton he's a PJ Pro Like me but unlike me he's a TP World Tour winner and has just competed in the PGA cup where the very best PJ Professionals from the UK and Ireland Take on the best PJ professionals from The USA so we are here it with my Opponent today Simon welcome down to Channel mate thanks for having us down As well beautiful day just wanted to Take this time to just introduce you to Everybody so first of all Who are you Simon well I'm Simon Thornton I am professional here I've Been here five years now in total okay Uh came off playing on the European tour Back onto the Irish region and then came Here to this wonderful place Forest Hotel and golf resort and on the European tour I mean what uh what's been Your biggest win of your career well I Managed to win it was coach Langston With the challenge tour but I'm putting It down as a European tour when in 2013 Uh won a couple of Euro Pro Tour events As well so but still haven't 13 winning On the main tour was was something Special where was that when that was in Uh Santa mayor so there's two uh two Events that year in France okay open in

Santa Maria so I won the second one the Week Justin Rose won the uh US Open okay Sort of went underneath I see so guys Boss it was underneath as opposed to on Top you know I actually feel the same as That so I don't want to strike fear into Simon's heart but I actually won the PJ North Region uh Players Tour event six At Marsden Park last year oh great good Very good I didn't see that in the paper But very good one I kept under the radar I didn't want to press you know I didn't Want them camped out on my front yard so I think we're evenly matched as far as Here until Faris I mean what holes are We looking out for what what's the What's the signature holes yeah well There's a few holes in the front now and There's one and then there's six there's Nine there's a lovely par five but the Main area of the golf course is on the The back end of the bag name sort of 15 16 17 18 four holes that would finish Any any golf course in the country Really fantastic so let's all forget That far around but they are stunning They are stunning yes indeed let's hope They can we get that far around no true Word has ever been spoken Good luck enjoy play well I've actually Got one of Simon's old drivers today as Well if you're not watched the rest of The videos from Ireland I've been begged Borrowing stealing I've got a TS3 in the

Bag 9.5 degree head just gonna for Noodle it down there Let's go and the last participants in The match today are amazing crowd now We're gonna have a very quick show of Hands no favoritism raise your hands if You think Simon's gonna win Ah come on Raise your hands if you think I'm gonna Win That is the most foolish thing I've ever Seen in my life fantastic right no Pressure wonderful Take down water left Okay That's right not left Edge Golf Is that okay yeah yeah good shot Set up for it as well Well you know what That is the first fade if I've hit in What How long we've been here a week yeah That is the first phase I've hit in a Week Things are looking off what a driving TS3 all the way which is a piece by the Way my my caddy today name is easy to Remember not saying I don't trust you First of all but Yeah 225s in the middle 100 so if this Doesn't finish next to the pen You'd love to hear those You made an awful shot

Just drifted about the end yeah safer That was safe that water is literally 40 Yards left last thing to go through my Head don't need it left obviously Broken That's it now Yep Just keeping an eye on you I keep Filming easier I like it keeping you Honest To try and get her the whoop jate 260 beats per minute right now It's been Great That was really that was really nice Oh yeah Stay out the Bonkers topped it so Remember these brains being Sloppy very slopy Laughs In any other circumstance Yeah if that was on the second I'll be Giving the year but first I'll this Crowd we won the Verdi we want the baby Foreign There you go look at him The Pied Piper tall Farris leading them Away should I get a shot Advantage if Simon's Carry's already been out of play Today Really on that one Okay try all right Top Okay normally I'll just give it because

I see two birdies in a row come on Wow two holes Two down I'm just gonna follow you mate center Of the bunker another bunker yeah you'll Fly that strap with your neck is bad It'll be all right give me dude Equipment I saw him like fiddling with it before We came out Foreign Huge thank you for re-watching this Video I've already said it before but Massive thank you for turning out and if You love this type of video you want to Get more people involved make sure you Wald that like button I think this is Going to be the last in the Series this Year so we're gonna make it bigger and Better so make sure you hit that like Button and we'll do it again Got it Gotcha Fifth Can't flop it there's grass behind but It's gonna have to bound it into that Bank and hopefully Takes a skip One of them one of them I'm gonna I'm Gonna Make This Club makeup for what It's just done Oh Forcing force in the issue Got a new tactic if I take long enough

Over my pause Simon will cool down it'll Get stiff I'm sniffing off okay now the Audacity so you didn't practice before Lovely I love that Foreign Right Where's this please Daryl it's 82 flag It's it's not really doing anything here It's it's clean it up with Murphy Road Charlotte 182 Mid 70s 175 release of the underneath The pin let's go here Each other It's another one straight down it again Well Look he's a bad putter right One Thirty Get it killed now Oh There let's go on mate I am getting Absolutely pounded here at the moment Let me do something useful Ah well you know what it's a beautiful Day With beautiful people more beautiful Golf course with beautiful golf I would Just like to play a bit myself Just a look It hit the French On The Fringe here yeah On the left MP yeah I'll be all right Cheers

Yeah nasty lawyers more room rate than You think right okay so still a driver Out there or Yeah well you see it see the white T-muck on the back tee there yeah yeah I'm gonna be just left of that right Okay I can run out in there but you're coming Up the green it's a little easier okay Or you can hit an aim down the right and Then leave yourself for full iron in Perfect that opens it up that leaves Around 60 yards All right All right Yeah Come on Right new tactic What shall I do I'm welcome suggestions What should I do apart from just trying Dirty every single hole which obviously I'm trying okay let's head start again I Think I need the issue on something I mean Listen four berries in a row he's he's Most likely going to be up in any match But I'm not doing myself any favors Where I'm leaving it like Long short right of the second dead Longer the third was dead longer the Fourth was dead I just need to leave Myself in a few more positions where I Can actually get up and down Because he's had four birdies but

Kind of unpressurized apart from that First hole so Don't actually know well it's probably Better on the pressure Yeah 93 yards you want to be right hand Side of that flag yeah 93 total 93 93 Yards maybe a tree up spin that sandwich Too much 50. right hand side of the flag Foreign Get down Okay it's all right it's okay it's okay 63 to flag it okay is that kind of like Mid just middle of the green now that's Uh 66 if you middle of the ground that's Just slightly decided by twice the front Here It's a good shot I thought I'd actually get a good shot Though just took a bit too much off it We'll see a green and rag yeah that's so Much fun I think it's not brought my Putter over that is a sign of confidence That Sign of confidence Tell some horrific kicks here But get him out of the way earlier you See so I'm walking down the 80s could be More dramatic It's right in it Thank you Can't believe this in a path Not wish I could have done about this First ball roll maybe up and down on First but just like leaving leave

Himself out of position every time Oh then uh like a Bax 13 hole kind of Player yeah that's what I'm known for Actually renowned Hence the reason it's gone Welcome to top virus That's it please stop the video now the Nearest pin winner Give me slavery And I've either I've even left myself Underneath the hole like I meant it I'm Gonna give Simon four to one chip in This in just to kill me just to stick That's it Thank you That way yeah Good t-shirt it's a good pull I didn't See it going that way so However I've got a half A half ladies and gentlemen Calm down Sit back down on your couch this ain't Over Here Oh God how annoying let's go oh Disappointing that one Foreign Foreign Forced into those shots which I am but Again Wrong side of Fairway is a mess Actually camber back to the left at the End just pace

Foreign At the moment mate absolute battery yeah Oh I don't know what to say No The Elmer I'm gonna take it away Yeah yeah okay Try and finish Yeah okay come on Very good Keep coming Come on Back down that's that's it yeah Yeah One four one four one Windows after Right so it has to be hurting let's Slight bit 141 and off the right down Down five is full eight thirties and Back up again 45 shot a little late or a Nine A little heavy It's okay The picture wedge 140. It's nice smooth one nothing crazy I love this Green regulation see that the wild Applause This is it this is the start of the best Comeback In the history of golf well just YouTube Grab the little quid on the first Bouncing Back I was trying to hit it up there now

Yeah Foreign To the right with what is it blessington Like yeah blessington Lake on the left Which makes an appearance a few times Just just not there like really not There at the moment Like control not not for this to volume That driver is just to space as well I don't know what to do don't know what To do Fairies all so far God came and walking Wonderful crowd here yeah So that's the I think this has made one Of the biggest crowds we've had this Year for these like really just good Just really really cool look we've got a Nice day as well so very uh You know European tour 1980s in it it's Just Click around It's the best shot of it today's been in Here Well it is going that way bro we still Have a tainted article moves Today Just try and Again not the place to miss well that Divot flashed what are we think here What odds would you give me right now From here on in to get a half what's the Odds 30 or 34 odds 34 34-1 would that Take it though

Yeah I'll put a five one all right Who knows Wow Oh look at this Jacob Gonna have one more go Try not to break my wrists though Thank you thank you One went hit it hit it Okay It's like a driver on that line yeah No driver I'm not sure Peters no knows What's going on I knew I left the Trap Yeah yeah now that I've done that a Little bit Foreign What's the dog license eight and seven So we've got I've got to try and avoid The dog license that's little mini goals With the back nine here avoid the dog License birdie a hole that'd be nice That'd be really good actually love that And then what's the what's the last over I mean getting back to a time yeah get Back to somebody Just imagine that imagine hear it Imagine if we got it back yeah I've I've obviously shown nothing That would warrant that kind of Enthusiasm but it's a different nine by Far this is my favorite nine as well one Good shot sorry one Yeah longer You're welcome

You're joking huh Oh my God All right Keep coming Out with the breeze the wind is holding It up For that anyway I'll tell you again Thank you honestly it was next I'll win A result this out on season Hospital S Win Great job Oh if nothing else I'm about shots Made me trip Move over There So my green reading has been pants so Far so I'm going to trust in what Peter Says here anything he tells me to do I'm Gonna do it I'm not even gonna look Like there's so many like just little Kind of breaks that you need to kind of Keep on top of that was up the hill the Hill Probably Simon knows the break now so if He holds this Is that seven or seven to play Same evening Yeah a little tricky one that's not it's Not what you want at six down if I'm Being honest with you It'll be okay

Sorry Awful Matt you're back enough to get Shot Leave it alone Does anybody want a 19 degree hybrid A low hook I'll tell you Tough job Oh it's not Sports in the back of top Winds dry heavy just after right stop The right Yeah 155 wins into and after right All right Shut the cross yeah wind just stopped on That Second but I'll tell you about it's been To that bank and release it up Oh Come on Not bad Ground just shanked it for me Got some stinkers though do you see that It's like around the greens of Some whoppingly bad lies obviously I've Been missing the green to get them but It's just someone there You know me Um Yeah it just didn't shift at all okay It was on the line I wanted just For that one All right he's uh Six or six Adore Me it'll be a hell of a

Comeback from there though won't it Wind's gonna hold it back best form Today just what I needed Oh God Yeah cool kicking all right I kicked in Kicked down to the right It was coming up there now Such A strike keep coming Yeah This is where he's been good he's missed On the right side is it in uphill right To left If I'd have missed there would have been Somewhere bad Ger Pots in a prayer And then downhill from yeah the top Come on one Miracle wanna left in Yeah on this this ain't gonna be sure Him he still might be sure Touch of a rhino Ah garlic roll around finish it finish It with it buddy Hard okay hard too hard Oh just want to say massive thank you Everyone for watching a huge thank you For 12 hours and everyone for turning Out I'm sure to give Simon a bit of a Better game but there's not much I could Have done around that front line thank You everybody for watching the series I Suppose is tied 2-2 at the end of the Year so I have to wait another few

Months before we start it up again guys Thank you so much for watching subscribe Live video see you next time

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