I FORGED MY OWN GOLF CLUB (…does it work?)

I forged my very own golf club and tested it out! Visiting Swifts Forge near Belfast, I tried my hand as a blacksmith and build my own golf club. This is a video I’ve been trying to do for YEARS, so thank you to Aaron for agreeing to let me loose in his workshop and being an amazing teacher. Make sure to show Swifts some love on Instagram (@swiftsforge) and check out their website: https://www.swiftsforge.com/

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We're here at Swiss Forge in Northern Ireland and we're going to be following The process taking a single block of Metal and transforming it into a piece Of art well I'm going to be making it so This is something I've always dreamed of Doing and I have a absolute Master Blacksmith taking me through the whole Process I don't want to let him down I Want this to be special hopefully we can Make something fantastic today after This putter is forged we're going to be Taking it out onto a putting green and Giving it a test out to see if I have Created something usable to guide us Through this is Aaron Leach he's an Expert blacksmith who can literally and I'm not joking here Tracy's family tree Back to 500 A.D Norway where his Ancestors were you guessed it Blacksmiths Viking blacksmiths he Handles hot metal every day and is now Transitioned into the world of Specialized custom Putters so Aaron talk To me what's the what's the process talk Me through what all the steps First Step We're going to square up this piece of Wrought iron here okay so this is from 17 1800s from an old cart axle and we Want to make sure there's no inclusions In there so we get it nice and hot Squared up so we know what we're working With and then we're going to put a nice Little filler in the back so we're going

To step down usually that would be like A little step or a bumper and that would Be milled out we're going to forge this So we're going to move that material in Place so that's gonna be the first steps Okay okay so In there is a piece of a car from the 17th century which will become a Potter Of course that's just like a it's just Like a regular Friday that's it the good Thing is we're the only ones in the World doing this you know so you've got One of 11. You know to date anyway no one else Using wrought iron in the industry is no Longer made so right now on planet Earth Yep in this Workshop yep we are going to Be the only ones making one of these Photos on the planet right now Is that is that the pose yep I don't Really know any blacksmith no dirtier Face you'd be sorted We'll get you there straight while the Iron's hot literally so we don't have Long so go for it I want you to hit the Top of this nice and hard one or two Hands yep perfect I don't know if you can see these little Lines In the material here how hard you can See this sort of wavy pattern yeah yeah Um just a green structure so the Direction the the fibers is linear right

Okay so you'll be able to see that the More we work it and eventually when we Etch it you're going to see the contrast In them as well which is pretty nice as Soon as that is done that's the first Step one Out of many so back in more time in the Forge less time on the Anvil gets you a Lot more work done because you're always Working at that right heat 10 to 20 Hammer blows and right back in means You're not going to be waiting 20 Minutes for it to heat up every time Love it so you want like a rough design The better literally whatever you want On there how about we go A big triangle shape there if we have Two carbon weight ports Coming off here I prefer to use kind of Tungsten weights in here if we could Aaron to be honest with you and then if We could put another tungsten weight Here I'm thinking gold or maybe Platinum For the sight line and I really like Like an odyssey white hot face so if That could go like all across there we Want a nice forgiving area maybe a Little bit more Kind of tungsten at the back there just To give it a little bit more help and Then kind of a slant necked puzzle Just in the corner that's That's what I was thinking I think we Could do that okay easy so after a Stern

Telling off from Aaron about being so Stupid we decided to pick a design which Was similar to my current Adele putter a Thickish blade with a bit scooped out The back and two Wings to frame the ball It's a design I like and it's also Something we could accomplish within the Day move to the fly press in a minute as Well I'm going to set up an anvil block On the bottom here Um and it's going to apply four tons of Pressure every time you swing that arm I Was going to say so like a difference Between let's say forging here and then Forging like a Mizuno or something They've basically just got massive wants Of those yeah and what they have yeah Though that's basically it so they'll Pre-form roughly they'll maybe bend the Hostel initially in one action and then They'll have a series of dies by bending A coat hanger to a certain point and Then it breaks but just before that Point it's a lot harder than it was Right before you started bending it You'll have to let me know what I can Touch what I can't touch no worries as Long as it's not hot you can touch it As long as it's not hard yeah that's it With your fingers so this is our Anvil This is not our hammer or a fuller okay And this when we swing up here You want Snappy Blues so boom Boom so you're gonna stand here and do

That Foreign Any more forging in that is going to be Detrimental because if we Forge your Cavity out that material has to go Somewhere and it's not all going to come Out in this direction it's going to Spread in every direction right so this Metal is going to curve around like that And it's going to curve up like that so There's certain areas where you use a Milling machine or your grinder to Remove that material fabrication has Always been a part of blacksmith I think It's known as bench work forging being That first step in not wasting material Putting material where you need it to be To remove the material to its final Shape that's spot on for an eye yeah so Let that cool down It's hard to see like the grains and Stuff like you can really see oh yeah You can see those lines coming down four And a half inches let's go there and There we're going for the high that's The Middle High 300 grams we were saying Oh yeah I think so yeah so the most most Sport is used in about 340 yeah three I Think 320 to 360 sort of standard isn't It roughly Let's call it up it's the first bit of The blacksmith dust on me is about So proud We'll find our high spots and low spots

Right here so you can literally hear That Passover from one high spot that's It so on the way you can come down a Little bit more here so you can see all Those little marks there little swirls So if you go by RNA rules you're allowed A light milled face on your Putter and That would be the texture of a light Milled face right okay so it's just the Milling marks rather than physically Milling a Groove in the putter in Circular motions so let's just get sort Of an eight mil strip across there as Parallel as you can okay so once you get To here you know you're going to want to Be moving that block along and keep this Blocked pressure within the width of the Belt and you'll be fine okay that Usually helps to stand up to the side a Little bit ear Defenders if you want Them because of that squeal so this is Aaron's wife's great granddad's Angle thingy but This was used to build the Titanic not Obviously all of it but Anything small that they wanted to get All the angles this was being used on it Little piece of History holding in my Hands and we're about to use this To get the angle on my putter face which Is kind of cool I think personally I Think that's really cool so as far as I Put this guy are these is this a is this A complex thing to make for you or

What's the most complex thing you've Tried to make had to make did make Complicated in that you have Restrictions in place to meet certain Rules and regulations right Um I'm used to like blacksmithing you've Got like a two or three mil tolerance if You're making something decorative There's not as much talent unless you're Making something repetitive like Gates And railings and you have a very small Tolerance but in general there's much Finer tones people look at it and they See it's just a shape he's made of shape But when you have to meet wait and you Have to have that weight distributed in A certain place I say these are pretty Complicated as far as Brain bar yeah you know Um and still being able to be creative With it so making that work with the Forging process yeah yeah and also your Design process and you don't want to Limit Yourself by those rules too much Anyway you still need to work within Them but it's good to forget them Sometimes and experiment so plenty of Sharp edges on there we'll get this on The grinder retire data make sure that It's nice and flat and level within this Section we'll grind the back here taper It back basically of angles on there Whatever you want make it look a little Bit thicker so we also have here a swift

Forge ball marker which is very very Cool we get a stamp made out so we can Other hot or cold stamp the club's logo Into the ball marker these these ones Yeah you can uh So if you can figure out obviously it's The wrong way around So you can figure out which club that's Going to call Rush by the way just in Case just in case you were wondering you Know the really cool guys out there Really supportive of what we're doing Offering something different something That isn't just bashed out or Stamped Out No it's like a cinnamon in the middle of It it's like a cinnamon folded Donut Delight So to think this was part of a 17th Century horse car is baffling to me Maybe it's because we made it ourselves But I just love absolutely every detail Dipping it in acid has really brought Out that wood-like grain within the Metal leaving These Wings on the putter Untouched gives it like a really ancient Feel probably the only thing I didn't Really think about is when we were Milling it it had that really shiny Metal look and dipping it in the acid Making it more medieval it maybe takes Away some of that contrast but I still Think it's brilliant but the fact that You can still see some of the Milling on

The club is just really cool but the Biggest question is can it put so we Kept all the sight lines off the putter Just to give it a really simple look so It actually sits quite abruptly behind The ball that Leading Edge is quite a Raw looking Edge but it is still easy to Line up I'm not having any difficulty There but what does it feel like I know This might sound a little bit silly but It feels just like a really nice milled Putter When I'm using a TP no oh nice using the Tp5 ball here just for Well the first one to grab that the Office but it does feel soft feels nice It actually feels okay on pretty much All distances of put off the toe and off The heel that was my biggest concern Really that as soon as I started to hit It from off the center it would feel Like it would twist dramatically but Actually it feels okay so one huge Contrast between the Swiss Forge Putter And the Adele putter I use is this is a Heavy tow hang so you can see how the Toe of the club really points down at The ground now the Adele from the shaft Placement and the head that actually Sits toe up so it feels very different To the Adele but like I said the actual Results so far they've been pretty good It also sits slightly more upright than The putter I'm currently using as well

So I feel a bit more kind of Steve Stricker-esque you know a bit taller I've never used a corker grip before to Be honest all the bottles of wine that I Get they all have screw tops so for the Next few weeks probably the next few Months I mean this Potter has to go in The bag really doesn't it just to see What it's like and it is quite a Conversation starter making your own Golf club and then putting it into play It feels Like you're connected to the Old Pros of The game you know these guys used to Make their golf clubs go out and play With them they used to make their own Golf balls as well I'm probably not Going to go that far just really cool Like a really cool thing that we managed To do now this wouldn't be possible Without Aaron from Swiss Forge so I just Want to say a massive thank you pal Thank you for welcoming us into your Home as well I can't wait to see what It's like over the next few weeks if you Enjoyed this video make sure you Subscribe to the channel if you haven't Already it really helps us out wall up That like button and also check out These other videos that we filmed on our Trip to Ireland

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