I Hit A Shot In Front Of 15,000 People… AND NAILED IT!!!

I tee it up at the 16th hole at the Waste Management Phoenix Open, in front of a stadium of 15,000 fans to see if I can hit the green and win money for charity. A huge thank you to partners of the channel, WHOOP, for helping make this video a reality and for hosting such a cool event. For more info on WHOOP, make sure to check them out here:

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Welcome to the team Peter [Music] [Music] Oh come on hey Foreign [Music] I'm here in Arizona the weather is Beautiful the courses are spectacular But it's less than 24 hours I'm gonna be Hitting a shot in front of 15 000 people And possibly the most intimidating Atmosphere golf has ever seen All right And to be honest I am so far away from being ready it's Actually making me physically sick and I'm here on a beautiful evening at Gorilla golf club just trying to get Some practice in my heart rate is Currently 81 which is absolutely exceptional Considering I've been smashing so many Balls away I know that is my heart rate Because I'm wearing my whoop and it is With whoop tomorrow that I am going to Be hitting a shot on the 16th at TPC Scottsdale Like I am so nervous I've got a chance a Shot at immortality here shot of Glory As we would say I've also got a chance To win quite a bit of money for charity But I'm not gonna do that if I'm slicing My pitching wedge Could I have how big's that suit this

Soup Okay could I get the soup and could we Also get some chicken wings as well Thank you very much so let me break the Hole down it's the 16th TVC Scottsdale And it's one of the most imposing tea Shots in golf because of the Coliseum Because of the crowd that surrounds the Green it's a tricky approach why the Green rolls off at pretty much every Angle however it's in nearest the pin Com so I can't even be worried about That I've just got to be picking my club And going for the pin now to give myself The best chance to give myself the best Headspace I need a good night's sleep And I need a good recovery last night I Managed a 96 recovery which is Absolutely unheard of for me so tonight I'm gonna eat relatively healthily Not have anything to drink and get some Good shut eyes so in the morning I am Well rested I think a good recovery Score tomorrow would be 70 and above That gets me primed for activity Morning how are we wonderful thank you Okay Um yeah I feel great to be honest I Absolutely feel top of the world top of The tree no worries in my sky it's as Clear as the Arizona Blueness you see before you how'd you Sleep Um yeah awesome actually I think what

Was my goal eighty percent sixty percent Uh 80. that's like that well I can't Even remember so I got 96 recovery which Is pretty unheard off of me especially Like two days in a row Hopefully I've not just looked at Yesterday's recovery score pretty sure It's today yeah 96 so I'm I'm primed I'm Good I'm ready I'm Feeling fine Um well I mean I've eaten some sausages Some bacon and some eggs and half of Your waffle that you made but I mean listen the nutritions the the Next thing on my list by the way this This walkway to the room it's like Impossible to navigate like I'm sure it Looked good on an architectural drawing We're trying to drag your suitcases Around this thing absolutely nightmare Okay Can you already strategy well if you Feel good Yeah I mean like I said at the end of The day it's 140 yards it's a flick with A wedge last year it was slightly Downwind It's it's an easy shot it's only the the Situation that makes it difficult but it Is a A very different situation So what is the plan now Plan uh we're going to be getting into The car got the pass

Got the past we're gonna be driving over To the waste management uh we're gonna Spend an hour or two just acclimatizing You know getting used to the the noise And everyone poodling about and then It's to the shot I think the shot is Actually at 3 30 at the start of the Event and there's about 30 players that Are going to be hitting I have no idea where on the list I am so I could be off first I could be off last I just need to be mentally pliable Enough to cope with every situation Oh I gotta gotta keep on the most Important things [Applause] [Music] We need you to hit it close It's just a smooth 140. all we need is a Little chippy knife [Music] I'm back for a week then I'm back here Again That are back then I'm Amsterdam Then I'm back and then a Barbados [Applause] [Music] [Applause] We might be closer [Applause] [Music] And that is it the whoop shot at glory Is over I am at the same time Absolutely ecstatic that I made contact

And I was leading this event for a very Short space of time I am so annoyed That Michael Phelps like literally one Of the greatest athletes of all time Doesn't already have enough success I Was like you know what I'm going to do I'm going to hit it closer than Pete and Rub it in his face okay it's time for a Heart rate comparison let's have a look And see what I was as I struck the shot Our 99 off State in 99 stay at 99 Oh it goes to 100 in my backswing oh That's so annoying oh and then he drops Down to 99 as I finish my follow through Yeah I've had a character below 100 that Would have been Mega I was actually Surprised how calm I felt if I'm being Honest with you this is like probably One of those pinch me won't might never Happen again kind of moment so really Happy I hit a shot and if there is Someone to lose to I mean it's not a bad Person to get beat by is it right guys If you enjoyed this video make sure you Vote that like button be a subscriber to The channel if you haven't already but Also continue your golf experience here On this channel And I'm gonna go practice my 140 wedge Oscars

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