I take on the course… where NOBODY HAS BROKEN PAR!!!

I take on The Bad Little Nine at Scottsdale National Golf Club, a 9-hole course famous for being impossible to break par. Here’s how I got on…

Many thanks to PXG for the invite, and also Andy for helping with the camera. Make sure to check out his channel: @TheAverageGolfer

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Today we play the hardest course in the World A layout conceived during the Hallucinations of a Mad architect No one even tour Pros has broken par Here their first attempt Today me and average golfer take on this Frustrating but wildly fun challenge Yeah I've just had a look at this first Hole and it's terrifying to help us Around we also have a wonderful caddy Steve photo Stevie okay And this is 88 yards But that sounds simple enough yeah I Think the best thing to do Pete could You just show how small that green is That's a ninth that's the ninth there Which I would estimate what massive six Yards deep four yards wide that's scary It's very very scary and this one 88 Yards I don't think is is much different Look at that so if I got the honor you Have me I I think is this what you think I think score wise I mean if no one else Is broken par obviously that's the Ultimate goal to get power or better I Would say three over six over nine over For me they're my three targets okay or Do you want your target to be seriously I've played this before yeah Yeah yeah I mean seriously that'd be Good love it 12 over right should we go Yeah you go through mate what are you Going to go in with I'm in a 54 wedge a

Little bit and uh a few fingers crossed Good Luck play well That's not a bad start doing left is Gonna move in off there It's a nice bounce That's a great shot tell on the green Trust me last time it was a lot worse Than that around this sort of an average Goal for my big bum maybe if a 58 degree Just aiming at your balls spinning it Back a bit ripping it towards you I love The sound of it is there any pressure Already Peter any pressure first hole no I feel like I've piled it on guys oh God I just thought everyone just calm it Down a bit all right all right okay your Ball 88 yards just a bit back I'll spin right Spin It bounced but it might be a little bit Long say well I struck that really well It was very nice I'm pumped up I'm excited to be out here excited to be Playing with you again it's been Literally yeah too long it's been five Years five years yeah I think so five Years 40 days it's two hours a rematch Wow these greens look a bit quick the Quick buddy yelled on piece is that it's Got to be a good thing you don't want to Be in a bungadier no not really I don't Really know about the green but it's a Little 58 a little quick Okay oh this does look quick these look

Lightning Not that quick though I'll tell you what that has got a lot Close enough thoughts you're terrified Misty Ah nope oh it's a decent roll ah wow you Believe that keeps rolling it's not Gonna stop these greens are A bit fruity Yeah well done well you know what that's A bogey to begin that's a bad four Yeah you can take that away from Oh that could have been a three meter Point 100 yards and that's on the front Portion of this green isn't it that Green looks absolutely crazy that's Insane so what long right You don't know where to do cook on here Either because you'll take out some of The local Wildlife so Blackwing corks Huh what are you going in with I'm in The gap wedge which the gap wedge is 50. It's a little bit left stayed there Really Stay oh Just being a little sense as well a Little collection Point not the end of The world no no I'm gonna go in with a 54 degree okay a hair long and a hair Right it was the call What about a pull Where'd I finish Pete uh it just went Over it but my particular favorite

Reaction it should be okay uh no it's Not as far as a leave goes this actually Isn't the end of the world at least I'm Meeting back up into the into the slope But pin is just on a little nipple don't Go long and don't be sure That's nice Oh my word how's the super shot piece Very well Say that one away Bud why would there be Racks are you gonna give me that one Absolutely you have to tap it or should I I want to hear it hit the bottom of the Cup for one part Thank you thank you very much glad you Didn't miss okay imagine spring back off The flag I mean that's pretty good that's what it Is That's a good up and down piece I think we might shoot the course record Now yeah I think I might actually do it We've done it apart Foreign Can't see the bottom of the pin because It's behind a bunker a cliff face all Sorts but apparently according to Steve This is playing easy today I decided to go left so he said he said Right Steve yeah I should kick off nice And gather yes they definitely said goes To the right I'm almost certain no no You said lesson you think

A long little left beat don't forget Yeah I was gonna say I could always Change what Steve says in the edit Anyway so Yeah should be good a little long little Right As far as I'm concerned that should be Holding one I'm not too sure where I'm Zooming in because it can't zoom into Anything there's nothing to be seen it's Gonna be a lovely surprise when we get Up there this green is absolutely crazy How high I want like a little bit of a Down yeah but then really bunker not Hardies come in Upper along that slope And then what about the weight what are We looking at Yeah yeah is it not to the top of the Hill and then that's it the dead weight Brings it down or I'll come up for I'll Come up here onto the hill towards you Zombie oh Well you get to try it again yeah I know Why are you running Why are you running It's pretty good Very nice The other thing is there's like a fine There's a yard between the two pots Very good yeah can I swing it in from That side again it just touch isn't it Gonna be quick Nowhere near enough Come back to the right left that's good

For me it's just pause isn't it like Pause if I have a little more parser Than one more dirty then the names again The 58 degree just to the right of it Yeah back right I agree I'm trying to Work this zoom and I have no idea where The ball's going so uh forgive me for That when the camera works it's fine It's fine look at the views here I don't Know what that mountain is in the Background but I'm sure it has a very Interesting knife On the Mountain uh 54 gone with 54. Left again pulled it left again the Poles but Oh oh yeah left and long you're in in The rattlesnakes there mate you can get That one for me please First birdie look at one is that what You're thinking first birdie yeah this Is on me Yeah go on go Good effort can't believe I'm under it Plonk Oh Straight forward up and down and the Rattlers wow that's a lot of pop it's All down to Steve to be fair just tells You where to hit it and you're Responsible Describe this is one of the funkiest Holes I've ever seen so we've announced That got rocks bunkers all sorts in the Green that pin is on an absolutely

Precipice there isn't it you can just See right open the amount of sand on That green how many times people have Been in the bunker oh 100 yards you just got to believe p Thank you Be good Is that coming back or not Probably what more do you want in life Gigantic I was so far Pastor the Resounding noise is a sigh before you Hit every shot honestly I thought that Was so good as I was really confident 54 To say with the last stole just don't Sort of don't pull along I've done the other quality heavy Shores Oh my God missed that yeah it's missed That oh it's on the Green Piece that's Fine look at this green though fairly Difficult uh in my head I was like you Know verbally I was saying miss it but In my head I was like oh my God hit it Please hit the rock please hit the rock Yeah yeah I know I could sense that so This might be singularly the wildest Hole I've ever seen in my life and look At this that Andy's got a face here good Luck mate at the moment bunker left his Favorite 44 massive uphill huge right to Left Oh no oh my word oh no Wait You missed the bunky right that's Ridiculous isn't it I fancy this one you

Know Come on Oh that was so bad oh that was so bad a Little bit more and that could have been The bunker a little bit more it could Have been down where you were making Sure we keep it on this side again bang In the middle of the green green goes to The left of it green goes to the right Of it Oh my word I'm gonna be hidden behind the uh Mound If that swings to the right It does as well I've seen it on the other holes but That's the first one I've been like Right wow yeah it goes a bit wrong like Can crucify you Come on Go Super three from back there what a three There we go because I struck it so badly By the time he got to the hole it was Breaking back to the left house All right Pin is back left look at that like how Are you meant to access that so I'll Just do it again peace one 105 was it to The flag yeah so playing 105. you can't Just don't be sure I think it's the key Here this is a massive crevice so just Don't be sure but that's not a problem For me you only because we're going to Go straight at it absolutely there's a

Way of balls Foreign Just to the left of the green is it held On it's just held on it's done very well To stay there very well That's pretty good go go Oh my word That's okay though it's okay but I mean It's literally again a couple of yards And it's just so far it's so different To what the end result could be and is Pete why have you left your wedge there Oh my word whip it through there Come on get up there just stay there Stay there stay don't stay there come Back I was gonna swear that's Pete you've got A bleep on me yeah oh my word you've got To receive a little Cliff as well I think this might be the only course Where you've just hit a pitching wedge a Putter 50 wedge a wedge putter probably Going back to putter well come join come Join me down here if you want you've got A similar sort of shot that um I don't Know how it's actually stopped here Let's be honest if that doesn't stop It's uh it's down there oh brilliant and It's like on such a massive uphill here Could it this over my everything Oh no Oh no No No my word he's got to move fast just to

Follow that Well at least you can show us how to Play that shot from there now am I Literally got the same point as you Pretty much I think it's a little bit More severe there you Goblin thanks I don't feel so bad now Peter to be fair It's best to keep at least two or three Clubs to hand at all times we're having A good time that's how severe that slope Is Oh oh my word that was close that was Close Pushed it and underest it wow thanks for Coming Ah wow There you go yeah 104 yards beautifully Pictures part three I imagine that the Green's nice and easy on this one Because it's a bit longer he's been Laughing at us all day it's a huge Amount of uh confidence have to be on The left side of the green you say that Like I've got a choice Steve oh you got Anywhere I'm in the 999 Very good swing mate Be good Oh oh listen to that oh no stay great Shots Steve's saying run great shot there we Go it's a proper golf balls corn Pete You're on now what's that seven four Five over okay doing really well it was Yeah right we're gonna go wedge Center

Of that green Just Let it bleed a touch Foreign Stay stay there stay there oh no oh no Oh don't just stop moving That's not gonna stop that's going off The right side of the degree wow that's Oh my God Seriously I just love the opportunity to laugh for Once behind the camera because I I Actually saw that I didn't think that I Thought that was all right yeah it was All right the trouble is there's no Place for all right on this cause Pete This is mad this is so cool guys make Sure if you enjoying this video to wall Up that like button because this is this Is great this is so good you know Andy We're going for it we're going for it I Actually thought this was War as it's Not it's just desert which makes it far Easy to be fair oh yeah 100 yeah At least it was going so well it's gonna Move some rocks though I make That's a great shot well played thank You but we've got a chance for a bird Yeah yeah I never thought I'd say this But uh don't miss the spot on the wrong Side Come on ball I went through the break a bit didn't it I thought that was a good put you know If you smash it that hard That was a good Pace what I'm really

Happy about though is you went for it no Messing around I quite like that but to Be honest with you I disappointed with That Jesus Andy oh dear hey do you know what I'd Say there were two good puts good bogey Though yeah good bogey they're rather Unbelievably this is for the same score Come on ball Come on ball Come on ball What a great fall that was well I Thought like literally best four thing I Might have ever had that's the same Score as me which is a bit it's a bit Rude though piece I'm sorry I'm sorry What a good shot you it's just this is Fantastic not about how but how many of These things absolutely and by the way Guys if you haven't subscribed to the Channel Make sure you do so now and I've Also left Andy's Channel Link in the Description make sure you go subscribe Over there some really cool content Being done Please Well this is now this is one to get it Behind isn't it I'd say a bit of a uh a Bit of a slope on that green yeah I'd Say the least just got to get this Behind the pin so what's playing long Then Pete what are you going with 100 100 yards is just a three-quarter 54

Back of the green not even looking at The pin I'm looking at that back Edge Now it's going to spin off that come Down hold me one Bob's your uncle Fannies your amp free bar so we're gonna Go get a few drinks Just be good Spent Oh no stop no stop No stop that's coming off the front No stop come back to the team Came back a good 50 yards you must see The spin to be fast oh my God uh I'd Take some spin off this if I were you Around yeah that's what I plan to do me Just be uh I can't believe I can't Believe what I've Just Seen there Oh this looks good as well Oh no It's done the same Sit ball Oh my Lord Come on we'll go over chat mate I don't Mind getting punished when I get bad Shots but that was actually that was Wrong that was all right I can't tell You how much those balls Gotta zap it we're that far away Pitched about five yards past the flag And how how short are we now Steve How much 40 yards to the flag Or to the right Go go That was almost

Very good oh it's a fantastic shot Pete What you're in the mouth Good shot mate Look at this now this could this could Lit this this is going off the green This is going off the green again I Think I'm either with Phil Mickelson Here I mean that's what I always wanted to Hitting them on their own it's still Going off it's not stopped yet not gonna Lie Steve I'm kind of losing my hair a Bit I literally Just like the triple dog I'll give you That thanks We are good mate I have no idea what we Are score wise but around a good time And that's what counts well I think um Handicap's taking into account I think We're level the smallest green that We've played it's like an upturned Saucer So yeah anyway that is crazy that's my Commentary 99 yards Oh was he saved the best to last No oh Hey look who's in the air it was right Up the stick 99. come on let's finish With the flourish Red Balloons Oh yes hold Yeah it's beautiful you know what that Might be the best way shopping quite Fantastic well that landing area with

That surround you feel good about that Though you know what it's gonna be the Birdie out of yeah if I might finish you With a bird It's gotta be come on let's Do it let's do it come on It's a great strike the What a great shot that is Go in Oh that would have been a finish what a Finish that would have been but the Delight is just being on the green still Right that was fantastic come on Pete All right guys if this goes in you got To subscribe to the channel you gotta Like the video Just again a big break it's my I mean Look how far left Subscribe anyway thanks Andrew Loveless Play with you again and you too bud Steve thanks mate appreciate that

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