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I’m Alex Etches, a golf professional and golf YouTuber. If you don’t know me, I started playing golf at 10 years old, turned professional at 22 in the UK, and have been creating entertaining and informative golf content on different platforms for the last 10 years. My home is now AUSTRALIA and I hope to take you around some of the best golf courses from down under.

On this channel, you can expect many fun golf reviews, golf vlogs and many other videos. From testing out some crazy golf clubs to the latest product releases which includes TaylorMade, Callaway, Cobra, Mizuno, Titleist, and many more…

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Oh Pins on the front Good chance good chance Enough to make him a grown man cry Look at that Tommy [Music] Come on [Music] [Applause] [Music] We’re going low p7b Style Yeah just top Stone Cold top Hello slow with it you didn’t say what Card delay we didn’t say scoring loud This is attackable this is a pin that Gets me very excited it filters in this Could even be a hole in one I’m gonna call it We buy me a pack if I do it if we go Hold him on Pitching wedge to start par three Filters in pins at the front This is going close Foreign Oh That’s I mean it’s very nice Naturally this different now this is Like a mat and this is a chrome When you focus on that yeah like this is All Chrome and this is like a mat but From a distance you can think it’s the Same sort of stuff but it’s it’s not If you’ve just joined this video this is Part three so this is p7mb we’ve done

P77 first three holes p7mc the next Three holes and then the final three Holes here we are p7mb so we’re trying To see what we score with each iron so Spoilers about to arrive you’ve got Three seconds to leave if you’ve ever Seen the other ones off you go Everyone’s gone okay so p772 with a Level P7mc we’re actually one under with the Three holes very very good I’ve gotten really well with that Actually Really well I think the 770 there could Still be in the bag potential and and I Do need that forgiveness 100 let’s go I’m here oh yeah Weird in it I must have slept on my arm Or something Must have slept on my arm so I know Without looking at the notes what’s Different here Would you say before it was more of an Asymmetrical wasn’t it it read the Little Raised part in the towel Yeah if a member says me right it was There and then it comes in now it’s like Symmetric we’ve got the two in the Center yeah that’s pretty cool I do like That it’s a bit more polished because of That yeah the blade length of this makes Me laugh because it’s like Honey I

Shrunk the Kids Um you go from the MC to this is a six Iron and from toe to heel Then it was just me but that looks a lot Shorter It’s a bit scary a bit more a bit bit More on the scariest side but again the Top line is not tiny we’ve definitely Seen thinner than that It’s quite refreshing So I’ve gone for a bit of a tactical Play this is the one that we try and go For especially today it would be all Over it if we were allowed it driver But Tommy said Thomas fault she said we Could only eat iron so here we are Um we’re gonna hit six iron over this First bunker it’s so easy to just want To smash his three iron up there but I Think the play here with the wind is Just over this first bunker relatively Full pitching birdie three under Yeah huh That’s what I mean this is this is the Iron tell ya Right I I I’ll tell you it’s wrapping There He showed them because I chunked it But it’s okay That’s why I wanted to be around this Vicinity because it is then a full shot Um full shot in You can’t see the flag because it’s White and it matches the Beautiful the

Beautiful sky Clouds I love for this to get close but I’ll take the par because I’ve got the Par five next but that’s gonna be a big Day big hole today Oh be good baby Could be short but it’s dancing Lovely flight It’s fast tell me this mate Foreign Tommy made a really good point actually What this reminds you of Daft Punk Tommy Oh yeah I I put the picture up the visor It looks just like it very around the World around It’s gonna be a big hole this Through irons only Um last holes par five you’ll know this One well if you’ve watched the channel Due to a resort night hole on June 300 days That’s so easy to hit Look at that You sound amazing they sound amazing 100 oh yeah it’s asking for it didn’t it I ticked up no so for me from a tech Sheet um obviously I don’t know that Much about these just yet just the Basics Um it’s very similar to the MC again Designed very similar uh same uh Principles in terms of engineering same Process with the 2000 ton Hammer but We’ll go into a lot more detail more

Structured detail with The in-net reviews of the numbers Because it’ll be interesting to see and Also again the Toyota Tao Um I can’t imagine seeing much of a Difference performance wise between this And the previous like I say it’s just Pure It’s pure muscle you know getting warmer Over now in wa The moves will be out soon Again he’s gone from like cold cold Weirdly cold for this time of year to Like die Heat From like one week it was 15 degrees In the day yeah and then the week later It was 24 degrees at night Was ending foreign Higher A bit of a steeper from toe to heel from The Top Line Uh very very similar in terms of Offsetting Heel shaping Top Line I think is thicker For the MB but maybe that’s due to the Finish Your sting a cup Oh Please tell me you got that Did it go high enough for you to see it That’s just yeah that’s what we live for Moments like those let’s look towards The end again if you played badly You hit one good shot you’re like goals

Terrible when you hit that good shot Like golf’s amazing I can’t wait to play Tomorrow so we are too under hopefully To go through under we’re trying par Five problem is I’ve just realized we’ve Got too many clubs in the bags you only Had 14 we’ve got 47. That’s a problem right Quite sad actually I’ve just realized We’re not going to hit another P series iron Unless I thin this into Narnia needed to I need a three iron Coming back No no Stay Stay Stay Stay run Got lucky there you’ve got all this Space to hit Or ends up running down there Daft shot So I apologize if I’ve sounded a lot Worse than normal In these videos I have not been well You probably tell my voice still But we’ve we’ve done it we’ve played Really well That’s so high pitched Such a bad putt mate Ah Oh dear Two under two nine Three sets of irons seven seven Seventies P7mc p7mb it’s been an absolute pleasure Guys thank you for joining us if you’re Not part of Team mouth and you love the

Content please hit the Subscribe button Because we’re going to be taking these Beauties in the net see what numbers we Get a bit more in depth review and of Course follow us on social media Facebook Instagram Twitter live Streaming on Twitch Bye bye tender Oh [Music]

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