Last Golfer To Miss The Green Wins £1000! (Ft Mia Baker, Hannah Davies, ClubFaceUk, Seb On Golf)

The last golfer to miss the green wins a £1000 prize!!! I’m joined by Mia Baker, Hannah Davies, ClubFaceUk and Seb On Golf at the dramatic Finca Cortesin for this epic challenge.

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I've got four of the biggest golf Creators in the world on this amazing Hole playing for 1 000 pounds we have Stations from the green all the way back To 250 yards the rules are simple if you Miss the green you are eliminated and The last person standing wins all the Money [Music] Thank you [Music] So the first station we are only 10 Yards away from the green and then we're Slowly gonna progress backwards [Music] Kind of bringing the drama Oh my God never live that down I would Have never let her forget that ever Difficulty level has been ramped up we Are now 75 yards away a big hit for Seb but I Think he's gonna be okay You're flying it or running in Luke what Are you doing I've got 54 I'm just gonna Try and Pitch it on don't run it I feel Like a logic Oh very sold very very solid that's very Good thank you it shouldn't be that hard Oh That is not what I needed as my practice Swing wow okay Oh no Wait wait wait wait oh my God no problem Guys

The green can you can you hear my heart Right through that mic if you get listen Closely That is absolutely rampy that's what Happens when you chunk or practicing Before in the next one everyone knows That's how it works I just I just want To apologize to everybody watching oh You didn't you didn't need to see that That was he's not even apologized to any Of his opponents The thing going last I see everyone else In shop Yes where I'm here Nicely done steak oh that's fine it's Fine Oh my gosh please stop rolling oh we're Good Take care and shake it don't I can't Even speak No no Oh my God that is spin that is not what I need I'm not sure It's only going to get worse A hundred yards on the nose I think We're seeing some early cracks in the Competitors Seb is presenting the front Of that wedge Hannah is barely getting To the green but are they the dark Horses A bit nervous now with more back Yeah Yeah great Invincible man Wait

Stay there sit Very good very very good that was a Fuels right thank you I don't know if It'll actually come through the camera How intimidating this is because on Paper it really shouldn't be but it is Okay Here we go here we go maybe the most Professional shot I've seen Nice right so wait a minute she played It for like literally 50 000 feet but It's different there's more people Watching this video undoubtedly I just Get nervous because my swing's a bit Random That'll be fine Yes yes I guess all right oh what is Going on here It's disgusting it's absolutely how did It draw this Don't spin don't spin beautiful Memories I I just want to say this is super solid There's a lot of pressure on here if You're not check these guys out social Make sure you do so now pretty solid so Far but now we're going to ratchet it up A little bit we are going to that Tee There which is the Drop Zone many tears Have been shed on this hole who's gonna Be the next to join them If I'm doing this you know For free then Like this is legit as much like the

Vibration adrenaline just like you could Feel that the tension in the air is Palpable iron yeah everyone on the 10 Yard chip like good chip good shipping In on that one everyone's up Staying in there Wing Stay there stay there though stay there No stay it's gonna stay yes well play That man You're just anybody just good shots Thank you where are these names Just don't feel great I'm not gonna lie 79 for me not quite as strong as Louis That's great I'm nervous do I take it Down That's great Professional crazy The most commented thing is oh my God Your backswing makes me feel violently Sick Is horrific what do you want me to do Guys my anatomy okay She's biological Sam I just want to Apologize stop commenting on your videos Oh Miss Baker just got a smidge just go Smidge yes easy easy guys thank you for Coming back in my bag thank you thank You thank you we're still claiming to be A new golfer I'm surprised later I'm Surprised he's not teen up in the LEC Event this week we just picked up so I Definitely do normally two clubs Wise Guy huh

Shop delightful and there's that famous Heel kick we all know and love That's when you know right Next is the final station 250 yards over The water from one of the teas they may Be using in the solheim cup these guys Just absolutely balling I'd have missed On the second shot I think yeah I think I'd have missed on the second shot here They come the Intrepid quartet marching Up onto this tick and here it is I mean Just look at this hole is unreal so We've got tea here which is about 240 250 then we go all the way back here so In the solheim cup Can stretch all the way back there I Mean what an incredible haul incredible Hole and you look absolutely built for Spain right now yeah Yeah baby I've got a few Purebred I've got a hair three wood and I'm not very good with the three wood Straight for a drive I might just rip it See what happens I'm gonna rip a hybrid at the bunker I Think right Yeah powerful yeah yeah yeah you can Obviously yeah yeah So for life Thank you Oh wow It's pretty impressed by that [Laughter]

[Music] There we go That is just awesome I'm not flying Everything mate that was fantastic well Yeah unfortunately crazy I don't think I can get there with this Club but the next Club up I'm really not Very good with it's now into I'm gonna Have to hit the three wood I'm gonna Have to hit it Louise hit a three wood I've got to hit three wood and some and I'm not kicking anything off it that's For sure The only thing standing in the way of Louis is a thousand pounds Mia and Hannah I actually haven't hit many Drivers today Wow Fairway we're not late enough Can I reload that is That's a shame it was a good layup Though it's 100 yards right of Target but we're Gonna hit too hard that always lies but When I just chill out chill out if it Always goes straight just watch it don't Really understand [Music] [Music] All right That's crazy How many times how many attempts would It take us to get without the dream That's the question yeah this video

Isn't over So Louis has a thousand pounds in the Bank but I'm gonna offer him a chance to Double his money Closest to the pin wins if I win I get The thousand pounds back if Louis wins He doubles his cash But it depends obviously what you want To do because this is yours now so Always Not like not even the hesitation like Not even the hesitation it's probably Gonna call me afterwards and be you Idiot but just comment on the fact you Are wearing exactly Right here we go I think what was it three with the Review yeah but I teed off like after This I got myself another like 10 yards Oh he's kind of trying to here I'm Thinking I'm gonna try and fade it back Into this win to begin with Oh distance wise money Come on Louie that's the same oh look my Teeth still there please [Music] [Music] This out Let's see if they've done that on the Last go this man is made of steel So this is unbelievably close I'm Letting these guys measure out with the Feet even though I've got the measure Wrap open on my phone we'll just we'll

Just let them Okay we gotta lose so Here we go I'm gonna have to you have to get you Guys remembering this Okay so Louis is 14 14.25 meters Okay Nobody's talking why is there anybody Talking My measurement Is 14. Points Three [Applause] I can't believe it I can't believe it Yeah On YouTube you'll ever see I'm honest That's unreal isn't it guys Matthew Thank you for watching make sure you Check everybody out Louis Hughes Congratulations thank you right really Really well done I'll see you next time and if you love This video don't forget to subscribe Subscribe because you'll see more of This type of content very soon

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