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Okay this is what we picked up Line them up Pro Positioning system now this was Eight pounds for this You can see it comes with this marker And uh the Cage device that goes over the ball to Actually Mark the ball And it’s even got Sharpie with it and When you have a look at the back You can see that basically you can draw A series of lines on your ball and it’s Quite clever because you can have a Solid line in the middle uh one with a Sort of broken line on either side or Two little dots a combination of the Both Or this one here Which then you use that marker Um to sort of uh position the ball as You can see to if it’s a straight Puck Helps you line that up if it’s got a Break Then it helps you line that up because You can work out the As it shows you there You work out the straight line and then When you’re standing behind it you work Out the brick and then you can align the Ball So it’s helping you to align the world Uh for putting obviously you need to get The speed rate for pots that break On the slope but obviously the theory

Here is a whole more putts does it work Well We’ll take it to the course And we’ll try it but I’m gonna Um unbox it right now and try try it out On the ball Um and see how easy it is Okay so oh by the way I have a short Cash for clubs and they happen to have These for sale 15 off so eight pounds For this Um Made in the USA I think I’ve seen these or something Similar to this And it was a lot more money than what This was even the full price of this was Nine pounds And you get older than it so let’s have A look see opening this up pretty Pocketable for your golf bag Great Easy to open Volo Oh that’s good that’s it Oh that’s interesting Hmm I don’t know if you can see that It’s kinda Two-piece material obviously the lines On it And it’s got dimples So I guess you don’t want to lose this Part

Pity it’s not magnetic because you could Like Although you could get a little bit of a Magnetic metal and I guess you could Just stick it on there Pretty simple we’ll do Because you don’t want to lose an eye Spray Kitty the whole thing You also get this plastic piece here Which you then Fit the ball in there let’s see what It’s like oh it’s tight oh that’s good I Like that So it Clips on So you can hold the ball and that bit of Plastic ain’t coming off And it’s not wobbling about either Which means that you can like what I did There Square up on there Distance line Takes away about fiddling but Like that And also you get Sharpie Fine point Right let’s try this so I think what I Want to do is Have a look at the lineup options that We’ve got Quite late Became the broken line with a Lines on either side right so I will Only want it like I’ll show you so I’m Going to do

I’m gonna do this I’m going to do this here Fairly simple use Before I go over it Three or four times I uh no Are we Give it a try Philosopher looks like once I’ve drawn It on see Well obviously you could you could fill In all these lines I think that’s I Think even like this line here I’m not One for like as big a line as that you Can see there I’ve only gone I could have gone all the way down there But I’ve only gone from the Middle Point To the middle and I’ve left all that so I’ll try it like this first because no Big fan of like huge lines and stuff so Let’s uncut this and see what it looks Like Oh yeah Okay now that is clear Not overpowering and obviously if you’re Looking at that you can clearly see that If it’s straight it’s straight and if It’s at an angle you can see it’s an Angle so what they’re recommending is That you line that up online With a straight pot and then you relate That ball to that line makes sense so You can move it off Should help with the alignment on the

Pots So Let’s get to the golf course Batman Yeah I’m going anyway but catch it on The pattern green see what it’s like So let’s give us a try So you’re laying this up straight En this up So in general what do you think of it I Think it’s pretty solid um the lines on The ball the way I put them on Definitely help With the Lining up impressive even if you don’t Use the marker it’s easier to line the Ball up On the correct path And get it rolling Because it gives you Three different checkpoints And it because I didn’t put them fully On that I didn’t find it too distracting So It’s certainly Value for money even if you were paying 9.99 for it I could see it saving shots The thing Clips around the ball really Well The lines didn’t come off or Smudge or anything And You know Also you can see the ball rolling you

Know with a line So yeah oh I know we’d give a look and Try Thanks for watching

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