MOST FORGIVING Irons 2022! #golfshorts #shorts #golfequipment

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So we're having a look at some of the Best clubs that you can buy in 2022 and If you're looking for a set of forgiving Irons you cannot go wrong with the Cleveland launcher HP turbos now I use These when I did my backing and they Were fantastic around the golf course I Was hitting them from the heel I was Hitting it from the toe off the bottom Off the top it's basically like swinging A big duvet at the ball Maybe duvet is not the right word I was Just trying to explain size more like a Big trampoline to look down on they are Not good looking this is not a beautiful Club but that is not what this is about This is all about just swinging at it Like not even thinking about it and it's Just flowing down the Fairway I don't Understand why I'm not actually using These to be honest

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