My BEST GOLF of the year! Peter Finch vs Fred Lindblom | Best Golfer On YouTube | Match 3

In this match, Liv Cooke faced off against Peter Finch in this Best Golfer On YouTube Match.
Watch as the two play Al Hamra Golf Course and see who comes out on top.

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Foreign The best golfer on YouTube continues With the amazing Frederick lindblum He's a sweet swinging Swede who short Game knowledge he's deep and his reach Across social is wild strap yourself in For a birdie barrage in the Arizona Desert hey guys here we are Fred welcome Back to the channel thank you very much Lovely to be back here at whirlwind Foreign Match play 424 yards off the back I have never Played this course before I get all the Excuses classic love the look of this Course it's just like Mounds in the Background the roof's kind of dying off So it's like really light and then the Fairway's really green yeah there's no Rope there is Desert though all right Let's send it That's a start that's a start you guys Might want to look at this wow yeah I Don't think you're supposed to take a Divot with the driver yeah but I mean This this is why you're such a renowned Short game coach yeah I there's yeah There you go my gosh that hurt I didn't Even get my excuses in before the shot No I mean yeah it also Fred has Literally just come from a tournament Sat down for a few hours no warm-up I've Been grinding on the road really I just Get in those fields so the job on this

Hole is now just hit it where I can see It I suppose Foreign That's pretty good that is pretty darn Good Okay I say so myself that was that was Very very good but I think the reason is Is because For the first time in the Year I caught my tall tease me so harder And Afraid kindly gave me about a dozen Of these last year they lasted until Surprisingly this man got older One round Well I hit another one a provisional and Maybe don't hit the ground before the Ball Foreign Yeah that's beautiful the stereotypical Provisional ball I think you might have 60 yards left Into this hole and I don't know what we Got left but yeah you can see here the You have the much more interesting shot Yeah exactly you've got to hit like a Low 220 yard cup out of the desert under A tree yep past the coyotes this is Obviously just for the content yeah yeah What are we doing here golly it's Oh I do have a good short game for Obviously At this the most annoying thing about This could literally hit every single Tee shot like that the two three of them

It's Great to watch but it's a bit annoyed I've got warno 106. I've changed my swinging my grips I Don't really have any understanding of How far I hit the ball anymore Um it's a thing that's about three Quarter sandwich it's just over that Little Ridge though in it there's a Massive Bank behind the pen so long as It gets over Okay Is it enough Yeah yeah Good shot honestly it's just animal Repeat I cannot overemphasize how weird It is this time of year to hit a wedge Like that and not have the club Disappear like six foot on the ground It's an absolute Joy Not not too bad actually used to get to Air Bud yeah no I'm quite have to wait In bunk is so deep I'm not just saying That to try and put you off and decide This is a genuinely deep Bunker Lane Sorry It's a little bit uphill I have to hit It pretty hard here I was almost almost really really good That was almost filthy you could see Yeah the lines on your ball and yeah That'll look like he's gonna rip back All right I had to come back another Three four four by the way come look at

This uh ball marker now I historically Never ever remember to get a ball marker These are new these guys limited edition Made for Peter Finch right there flaming Putter yeah Did a new thing this year I'm really Like concentrating Oh these greens This is not what I'm used to guys this Would be something here Pete if I make This one yeah yeah God that'd be fantastic you're so happy For you yeah Nice Straight right take it away thank you Slip dry straight away actually come on Don't start your eyes on the trip with a Three-point I think it was those practice strokes You know Oh Wow's gone left That's going left Well I mean it's just a bad first oh Well many good rounds that started with A bogey yeah well that's what we're Going to tell ourselves at least there Is an absolute fact known by every Golfer in the world if you start around With a baby it never ends well with it Nope literally never ends well The bunkers are not in play right so This is literally straight to the sea in The casino oh so left edge of the casino There's perfect line it's pretty much

Meal of fat you can get closer here if You're gonna give us a little stealth Bomb here oh yeah yeah we'll try and Leave it back yeah yeah because if you Do you can get pretty close it's an Amazing beautiful look at that Moon as Well All right I love the desert I think I Love the desert To the Moon Honestly through it literally That's a Target Literally through the moon nice drive Mate thanks mate I had that one chance That one all that's it I'm screwed now There was a bad thing apart from Peter Loving to death but that was pretty bad You know I was actually quiet I mean you Can't laugh because I duffed my drivers So like I feel like we we start off from Here Foreign Stay there though You might be right the desert does love An English guy No it's about it yeah it might be right Yeah it's amazing like it's just fly so Far through the air it's amazing to see Yeah it is a little elevated yeah yeah So you probably have at least 10 more Than you do back home I would say oh Yeah I just want to play I'm talking About like the Desert Air I'm not just Not talking about my drive

That wasn't me trying to be a humble Right I won't do that Now this this could be tasty ah yeah so What's just nearest point in it it was Resting like right on the edge of the Path so I just took nearest Point Dropped it back onto the waist it's uh That's an interesting one really because It's obviously very compacted sand so if You you play it like a normal shot but If you strike it you just get so much Spin so I'm thinking if I managed to get This nice and nice and nippy just behind The pin get some spin drop it in the bin But this is going to spin like crazy do It Pete do it Pete Yes sir From the old man that doesn't need to Know that that was actually pretty Impressive from Pete there I'm going to Give that to him uh 44 meters so it's Just a little stock pitch we've got a Little backboard so I can be a little Bit aggressive try to kind of hit a Little lower spinning shot in there Be pretty good there if it's enough Oh nice yeah pretty good proper play is This good you see Protect the four whack it Press yourself to lag it up please He's not wrong though this will be Dropping in Oh yes absolute Center oh okay all right Oh yes that was actually pretty darn

Good there that was a pushed I was like I'm struggling to like pick a Line and read these greens already it's Not that many like spots on it right no No like I like to hit a like focus on The spot is going to go over and there's Not really much going off well this is The easier putt of the two but yours is Already in so it made this one a little Longer As they could just be Mr Hill as they Say in the trade was that a classic Match play moment Should just be straight up the hill Maybe go low left Yeah very good hey it is oh it would Have been a classic match play moment if This man didn't have ice he's flowing Through his veins look at that you have Those three lines and then you add these Right you better be really yippy if you Don't start to putt online yeah but you Used to have one didn't you I know People are unfamiliar to my channel if I Just in that portal just like fell off The chair well that's a turn around Pete It only takes me what I'll make now See the right building of these two is Brand new it's a brand new tower here Okay at the casino so they put that There so we get a better aim Point Obviously love it yeah so that's where We're heading okay so like kind of right Center that is perfect the bunker to the

Right is not really in play okay and Give this a good repair and you can uh Easily reach it into okay 500 600 yards Yeah but look at your arms mate and look At my ass Yeah I've got them at the moment they're Doing that big so I've been lifted Very nice thanks mate Well apart for that first t-shirt mate Swing's looking really good yeah no it's It's been all right it's actually been Hitting you pretty good getting back to Playing more this year so Beautiful beautiful pea they hit you hit It over the moon that's what I was going For yeah there was absolutely no need For me to go that far left but I thought You know what Is that I might as well use it well how About that turn around guys we start out With a 85 yard drive to the left I just wanted to hit the second Shot Through the Trees I guess and then a Three stabbed from Eight meters Yeah yeah Look at that short knocker well mine You're up mate mine actually pitched on The great and hit back oh okay yeah yeah Look at it 345 yeah well yours is three Ah yeah 43 yeah yeah 220 220. and that's Uh like a front of the middle after the Pin is kind of a drop off or a little Runoff to the back Edge so all right

Anything your short is definitely better Than long Oh five iron yeah I think this is right I think aim left left edge of the green If it cuts a bit yep and it kicks to the Right if you miss a little left perfect Oh I have sliced it as well hold last Bunker bound easier That's good because that bunker is deep Talking about deep bunkers that one you Probably won't even see the flag wow That's annoying all right that's an open Door that was a good that's a good Stride as well right shows I was still Mate yep Beautiful strike That's good though that's very good Don't sit don't okay good very good Very good that thank you right so I'm I'm aiming at a patch of ground About a foot wide Oh really close very good Pete very good What don't make that was that was pretty Good that was very close to being very Good and very close to disaster I think At the same time if your grip was a Little bit thicker it could have worked Yeah really mean it's a perfectly normal Sized grips And debatable yeah it's a bit of a funky Breathe actually it's a little tricky One here not even let Pete hit this Birdie pot so Can't be too aggressive though but you

Talk yourself up a 44 Eagle Point over There yeah if I was I was hanging out With Scott Fosters he would have said Don't even try to make it which Statistically wise this is like a one Percent putt but I'm feeling it I'd say Four four five percent who believes math Right Turning it's good speed though yeah a Nice build take it away thank you easy Birdie oh some some actual decent Golfing play there My Pete wow he's bowling this is slow You're gonna give it to him played a bit Of golf there smash that white button Thanks very much thank you very much I don't know what to it a little bit Down 200 desert the 200 is like Literally a five item I just did my five Iron on the last like 2 15. so six on a Little bit too much to go seven I have Seventy seven yeah yeah Mass Save Me Strong point anyway he's asking a lot a Lot a lot of calculations It's a pretty hole now with like the T-box is staggering all the way down say Thanks to Sean at Whirlwind for getting Us down as well I love I love it here It's just I love the desert I love the Nature love the company 200 yards both Of us hitting a seven iron straight at It yeah yeah that day Catching Fire Foreign He likes it

Oh okay came to play oh a little swag There too trying to find the best player On YouTube It might be me Dude Peter Finch this is the best I've Ever seen him play Pretty impressive from Pete there I'm Not gonna lie he said he was going to Make me look good and now he's playing Like this um my influencer career might Be over yeah oh gosh well if there's Anything I can say with absolute Confidence Fred as it won't last so You're all right All right well I gotta give this a go I Don't think it does much fairly straight Oh There we go about a wee bit of a bubble On you that's why I did yeah okay oh That was kind he's feeling good giving Two Footers now yeah you're not going to Miss from there without water no that's True I think I've got the Reed just a Little bit left to ride down the hill Not outside the hole inside the left a Little trickler just into there okay Oh that's horrible That's horrible I was gonna say good Putt from right there all right that was A good role man it was okay I mean Listen it was it was downhills I did it Just yeah yeah oh man good for the match Good for the match oh yeah great I'm Delighted

Three in a row I don't think I've had Three birdies in a row for about two Years oh I'm bringing the best out of it That's why I'm here Headed over to Bunker here on the left Hand side you're gonna have like a flip Wedge in okay so you can kind of bail Out a little bit to the right but if you Dare to hit it over that bunker it's Kind of a down slope and if you hit it You're gonna hit a 350 or drive again Standard yeah so that's the plan can I Ride it over use the right side of the Left bunker yeah Foreign That's going to be all while I still Running is it That was one of those Classics like Slightly towed a bit towie no spin nope And then he just carried and he's around 400 yards right great strategic it's Definitely one of those where I could Literally probably hit like my best Drive my life and be like okay Sorry Pete Just nearly too well yeah Yeah it's nothing there it's just a Little rough isn't it Rough is just as tall as the Fairway so It'd be fine my kind of calls 150 yards pins on top level I've just Got a place to buy there's a little bit Of room to the right of the pin as well So I'm gonna just try and carry it up to

That point 50 degree wedge Go on that travel go on that Stay oh Ah I I called me to this point because I Knew I had to hit it after that and I Just didn't quite strike it it was okay Ah damn it Freddie's like God 10 yards left 72. there is a little a little slope Behind it behind so yeah we could hit a Cool shot here if we get it just past it And then rip it back a little bit That's the plan give the people what They want give the people what they want Exactly Foreign Pete give it to the people give it to The people Spit went oh didn't spend enough but It's a good job that you were almost Right in between two good shots there Weren't you like make sure all two would Have been good A bit further this does True yeah exactly yeah but it's on top Yeah right no you're definitely right Two more pots for birdie this is Hidden greens man two feet and greens Just playing that golf game up the slow A little bit right to left as it rises Big slope though oh I pitched 10 foot Away from the pin and now I'm 44. It's golf it's just life that's why it's Such a great game

Teaches you a little bit every day Doesn't it Right It looks good Yeah Beauty Pete that's good well done I'll give you that Really good there I'm gonna maintain my Honesty yeah I thought I'd under hit That so much I thought that was coming back to my Feet these greens for me they've just Got another dude yeah another three four Foot in them okay this should go a Little bit to the right here How nice is this so if I get another Bird Got it oh no it's gone oh I think that was a little early cold Sorry I'm sorry did I get did I do sorry My bad oh my gosh you English Matt fryer Did it to me too I was obviously it's a Well man it's a well-known tactic yeah It is yeah I guess just like getting the Golfers curse in there four four way go In go it's in oh no oh that's a shame That's a sham I'm sorry So this is a parfilo dog leg right kind Of going uphill up to the right you see The pin all the way up there but oh wow The key here is not to hit take try to Like cut the corner because the right Side kind of rolls down into the desert Okay so like literally you just try to Hit it dead straight down the middle and

Don't try to be too brave here so okay If you hit a good one here again we're Gonna be able to reach it yeah because It does it does look like you should Just yeah yeah I know what you mean Don't don't mistake way too many times Just don't do that just don't Foreign Very nice All right so oh there it is Beautiful beautiful I'm gonna I'm gonna tell you the Difference between last year to now Maybe you play more golf before you came This time or no no okay well keep doing What you're doing then That's going to be position a I think You might just have a four ironing from There awesome that's what I like to wear All right so 225 meters was that 250 Yards a little bit of a jumper I'm gonna Hit a two and I don't think you have to Hit it very hard but um I think I can't Reach it with a four so this is the club Oh straight into the Sun a little bit Off the left hand side All right it's good pretty good yeah Just left of the green sorry yeah very Good yeah Okay so 185 It's wow it's not really Um so 220 oh that's a tricky one I know Because I could pump a four iron or is It just like a little floaty seven

Where's that pin at the front I kind of Feeling a little soft seven you know Seven wood there you go Right right uh yeah sandwich straight Out don't have to smash it just nice Easy one Go on there Yeah yes okay Just right at your degree nice again it Wasn't it wasn't anything what I Pictured but that's that's the joy of a Seven would like yeah you can just Literally Chuck it at the ball it Impacts in it it flies away Yeah Pete has found the only imperfection of This whole freaking facility And there it is a little divot I'm on The other side Fantastic news fantastic that's right This course there's not a blemish on it And I have found the one like who's Taking a divot that deep for me I got a Good lie here just kind of the fairies Are good so good here it's almost like a Green so he's gonna treat it like a long Putt Oh it's it's a turn A little bit firm Nice half of that a little bit Okay is it the three wood bump uh seven Wood seven foot seven wood is good for Everything seven all got me into this Mess it's gonna get me out of it

Um I think the one advantage of this is I know that when I hit it it's gonna Like pop up and have quite a bit of Topspin so I know what he's going to do I need to like pop it up land it about Four foot in front of me it's gonna Trundle on right to left And we go for an eagle club goes up Oh it's just absolutely flown There was the right plan it's a little Hot yeah I just I just kind of almost Felt myself like accelerating and such Through impact but it's okay it did what He told and what you thought is yeah Well I definitely know it's left to Right down the slope here Gets it harder jeez Yeah I'm gonna give you that one I don't Want to see that one that one is good Take it up there you go Absolutely pumped it Almost has saw this your seven wood There Smashbox smash factor is high this Should not do much a little bit to the Left to grab a one shot lead before Whirlwind's aim and Corner tornado Corner tornado Corner yeah maybe we need To call it that Very good very good Lovely birdie happy for you One up Damn okay So these are legit the next three holes Some of the prettiest and like kind of

Like uh risk and reward holes so this is A beautiful part three here 154 yards Obviously we got a little waterfall to The right uh pin is all the way to the Right so it's a tough one next hole is a Drivable Par Four and number nine has Two Fairways to choose from and I got a One shot lead so it's a good day I'm Hitting nine here Pete and uh I'm going For it right we ain't gonna gotta got it Got to Foreign Well that was I was not shot Fair to the rest of this match that's Quite a surprise I was talking a big game before it too All right so I'm gonna go 99 as well I'm Gonna try and hit a slightly different Shot Straight at it yeah I'm not I'm not Bowing out left though it's too nice of A hole to do anything yeah yeah We gotta go for it right same shot as That par three Be good oh that looks good Pete good is It all the way Oh That looks Oh I was almost giving it one of them oh Someone's giving you one of them Okay 82 meters 60. This has to be close obviously coffee

And he's going to do something Disgusting there I tugged it just a bit pulley we'll pull It set set You're having a hole off Just relax on this okay relax you should Rival Par Four next yeah yeah yeah okay Look into the future here don't look Back they landed in the water I think Yeah yeah yeah I know it's just what it Is man open the door again all right Pete I'm gonna make this so you have to Work a little harder at least Oh that's bouncy yeah bouncy bouncy Bouncy bouncy It's a beautiful place Oh gosh whoa Let's make it interesting turn turn oh Stop talking Good roll good roll all right all right Square back's all square back to all Square this is a hell of a game yeah Yeah yeah oh my gosh up and down thank You for giving me that one though yeah Yeah you got it feels like proper match Like I was a little bit afraid that Fred Was gonna like beat me like five and Four but you came to play yeah I'm Trying yeah You see the tree Behind the Green yeah Anything right of that to about like Almost 35 yards right of that is green Right okay so like I'll just write to Right on the tree and if you miss it a

Little right it will bounce back to the Left so so before the pin like the most Difficult position yeah they did put the Pin in the most difficult position yeah How far is it three three fifteen I Think to middle you got that oh God I Carrier all right center Peak tree take It at the tree All right it's an absolute stripe Pete That's as good as you can hit it there Yeah get up go I think it's on the green mate beautiful Yeah not too bad yeah yeah what a game Listen everyone watching this is as Surprised as we are I blacked out what Happened That was dead straight 315 carry no it Can't be done straight it can't have it I don't do that yeah it's on the green I Think okay well that puts a little Pressure on Fred it's a good RIP just Refer to yourself the third person Though yeah I did yeah It's another Hammer a little right give It the key and a touch give us the Kicking Yeah it's got a kick nice Yeah let's try that's two good shots Yeah Look at this Pinay You know what that is that's right We're both on there this is this is some Goal fight it's a proper golf yeah the Only thing like the green keeper just

Put it this side today yeah I'll just Wear those two are they that's the Meanest pin you'll find on this hole for Sure It was it was a good point that kind of Ran on a lot more than I thought yeah Let's just forget about this Yes we'll say I'll drive soon Mister Yeah I've got to be honest like it was Such a such like a British mentality to Have that like I was over it and I was Looking it up and just before I hit it I Was like hit it yeah you gotta stroke it On these greens you know it just makes This Burning more because yeah let's go Yeah that's good sorry everybody well Well fantastic Drive what terrible God I Would not want to still be putting on The screen yeah It's pathetic come on mate all right Come on let's box it I want to see one Birdie on this yeah Yeah Yeah There it is there's another birdie you Need to switch back to the lab yeah so I Came back without this but I also aim on That length of put I'd have been like Three foot right of where am I was Aiming yeah and I just pull everything Back yeah kind of like tiger then you And tiger yeah yeah I mean listen I Don't like the comparisons to be honest With you it makes me uncomfortable but

Yeah Foreign Number nine and this is what I'm talking About here you got two Fairways you can Be a little bit aggressive here and have A shorter second shot you can see 128 There if you're kind of at the end of That Fairway or you're a little wider Fairway to the right but you can see It's 30 yards longer going to the right So I'm going to the right See you better go to the left Yeah but I think that's doable it's only 317 meters meters Meters all right Peter go ahead straight Into the sun They're good I didn't see anything but I Think it's good yeah I normally I would I follow you but yeah a future event you Know I gotta You gotta see all the course Successfully talked him into a bad Decision here so I know what I'm doing Okay it's not difficult People have been doing that all my life Okay Cut it's an absolute stripe you have to Carry that I think I'll be in the bunker I think Yeah Oh damn just pulled it did exactly what I thought it would Oh she just told me Wait if you want to go right and be

Perfect yeah it was high and nice though It's just time to hit a fantastic shot That's as simple as that why it doesn't Look too bad I can't see the pin that's Useful this is one of those career shots Here mate if you pull it off it's a big Opportunity here for Pete he needs to Pull through here it's a he's got about 165 a little bit into the breeze low Draw what are we doing here I'm gonna Weigh him at the pin yeah and then if he Talks about that's all right I don't Think you're wearing the green from There My my smack talk needs a lot of work Fasted it Pee Oh God One or three meters this should be a Perfect nine anything over that bunker Should be good yeah I think so yeah are You going through that yeah yeah of Course yeah cool yeah last night I was In the water so see if I can get a Little Redemption At least you're not thinking about it Yeah I don't think about that Oh no oh no he's leaked it oh leaked it The center of the green nice bailout Yeah That's all right this on the top Toyota Yeah well that was not very pretty but There it is where it is it's good enough The only hope I've got there is a chance

Of a frisky first Port yeah You know I can still hold oh you know What let's go hold my picture yeah let's Go come on Pete you can do it So it's got a 58 degree I'm going to Pitch you quite a long way up there Should have a little release out of this Lie tiny bit right to left just make it Happen Oh yeah it wasn't actually too Disappointed with that Miscalculation I don't think I did that I thought I was all right I was a Beautiful shot just it checked very Quick yeah he did all right Pete a Little lag it up here yeah it's gonna Hurt every roll the ball you know every Roll of the ball is going to hurt you a Little bit All right Oh that's not a game repeat Roll it in now no it's not a giving Nothing would have been a give me oh God All right so you're so so pale he's Going to move a little bit left to right I think but got a whole patch on the Green there I'm gonna have to Go just to the side of it Isaac I thought he had it there's your Stuff mate mate enjoy that thank you That was amazing that was really really Good So the tally in the series is what you See here Fred that was good that mate

That was good it was just a good quality Match I'm sorry I stuffed it up a little Bit at the end everybody it could have Been a super dramatic finish but I'll Let everybody down it's fine I think you Did pretty well I'm a little bit upset I Don't know but you get another chance Tomorrow this is true it's sitting right There she's ready for it too you know What I could I could tell she was a Little bit scared until those last few Holes yeah so might be a seven hole Match tomorrow guys as I say massive Thank you for watching make sure you Give Fred a follower and sure game gains As well huge huge thank you to Whirlwind As well hammers down what a beautiful Course absolutely wonderful and I can't Wait to be back here the next few days Subscribe if you haven't already See you next time thanks guys Hannah thank you so much again welcome Back to the channel I'm gonna smash this like a peanut and Jelly sandwich Oh It's very strike oh

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