My Favorite Indoor Putting Game

What I want to hit today is a game it's My favorite game that I play at home to Get your competitive juices flowing but It's got a few twists now here's the Idea from the maximum distance of your Of your putting mat uh for me it's about 15 feet I put down three balls and That's that's a single hole if I make All three it's a birdie if I make two It's a par if I make one it's a bogey if I don't make any it's a double Bogey and I'm gonna play 18 holes like that when I Get finished it's 54 really quality Putts that I've hit but here's the twist That I want to work with us today on I Want you to play six holes with no help No no training aid no help then I want You to play six holes with the my roll Ball that black and white ball where you Get to line it up watch if you're Hitting it solid and then the final six Holes play with the putting mirror and I Even want to I even want to add a Twist To the putting mirror one because I if You have one use your spot on laser to Make sure that that mirror is is aimed At the right target here's what happens I get in I get a little bit of the road Going I can see what my numbers are uh With no help and I can see what my Numbers are with that mirror there's Probably going to be a disparity what You're hoping for in the future is that Your no help begins to equate to what

Happens with the mirror if that's the Case then you've been able to transfer a Lot of those habits that you built with The mirror to when you don't have the Mirror in place it's a tremendous help It's going to get you ready for the year It's going to be a great season Congratulations on working hard this Winter it's going to pay off and it's Going to pay off soon Foreign [Music]

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