My MOST Recommended Driver of 2023 (SUPER FORGIVING!)

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Each year manufacturers bring out three Types of drivers a low spinning model a Standard model and then there are these The super forgiving draw bias smashes oh And stay tuned because I think I found The driver which I'm going to be Recommending more than any other this Year it is an absolute Beast now this Type of arrangement of a standard a low Spinning and then a super forgiving draw Biased driver that's not always been the Case the manufacturers figured out that If they offered more options they could Fit a greater number of golfers into Their products in this video I've Selected three models to show you the Callaway Paradigm X the Ping g430 sft And the Cobra aerojet Max now before you Get down into those comments and start Smashing the keyboard about the drivers That I've not selected for this video I've got very specific reasons for Choosing these three and I will explain That as we go so each of these these Drivers has something in common they are The maximum allowed head size at 460 cc To increase forgiveness they are all Designed with Miss hits in mind and they All have waiting and head shapes Designed to help the golfers who slice The ball you can see here how there are Weights in the head positioned towards The heel or movable weights which Increase the amount of draw bias and all

Manufacturers are trying to do with These designs is get the club face more Close to impacts than it otherwise would Be to help eliminate the slice these Drivers also have more offset than other Big Sticks offset is the amount the club Toe sits in front of the Healer address Again helping to stop slices now if this All sounds like a dream then strap Yourselves in because all these drivers Have something to offer first up we have The Cobra aerojet Max Now during testing of the standard Aerojet and the aerojet ls I didn't Really like the drivers I just found Them pretty hard to hit now the max However just seems to bring everything Together So I knew that the Aero jet series had Some really good potential for distance But on offset into strikes I just Couldn't see that much forgiveness the Aerojet however still has that feeling Of being a cannon whilst offering that Forgiveness so some reviews and some of You guys have been hating on the crown And the core scheme but to be honest it Is growing on me These weights in the heel and the back Of the club are also interchangeable to Allow more forgiveness or more draw bias Depending on where you put the weights I've started to understand this driver a Little bit more and get what it does and

I like what I'm seeing Books behind the ball it's got a big Footprint Um it does inspire confidence and as I Mentioned before compared to the other Aerojet models I've tested this year That is a nice welcome relief Feel wise it's also a lot less harsh so With the standard area and the ls when I'm striking it from the heel and the Toe it It just felt so demanding it it didn't Feel like it wanted to fly straight But with the max version it feels out The heel out the toe and off center just So much more rewarding So I've hit those three strikes so top Center out of the toe and then towards The heel and they all found their way Back to Target and that is what these Drives are about and I'll also say about This driver is the offset isn't that Extreme you can see that there's quite a Lot of Loft behind the ball it looks Inviting it looks easy to hit but it Doesn't feel like you're automatically Smash the ball to the left hand side This looks a little bit more playable a Little bit more workable almost like a Draw bias light is the best way of Describing it Now the center It's good very good and second up we Have the Ping g430 sft

So I like the early testing we've done With the g430 range the standard model Feels great Andy's very forgiving the Sft just seems to add like an extra 15 To everything So ping haven't reinvented the wheel With the sft it just feels very easy to Square up at the point of impact and if You're struggling with a size well that Is absolutely fantastic The sound and feel of this driver are Better than last year's ping driver to Be released to g45 which was an Extremely popular club with golfers but Honestly I think the sft version of the G430 is probably my favorite ping driver Release for a long time so he's got a Very similar design to the g430 drivers This year it's got those turbulators on Top for airflow it's got these nubbins Which frame the ball okay I'm not a huge Fan of how it looks to be honest but you Know looks are subjective it's on the Bottom where things really start to get Interesting for me and really show what This driver is all about you've got a Movable weight this tungsten weight at The back and it has two settings it has Draw and it has draw plus you know this Is a driver that you are going to use if You really want to correct to that shot Which goes off to the right hand side if You are a right-hander or you do want to See more of a right to left ball flight

And it will works that is the key really For me of any driver does it work and This one yes it definitely does so it Feels slightly lazy uh not to pick that Many holes in a driver's feel and Performance but to be honest apart from The way that it looks I think ping have Just absolutely smashed it out of the Ballpark this ball is crushed finally we Have the Callaway Paradigm X I think It's a whole the Paradigm drivers this Year might just be the most complete Package there are some issues for Golfers the price for example of the Callaway Paradigm drivers is very high The X employs much of the same Technology the other Paradigm drivers Have with a huge amount of carbon being Used this driver looks absolutely Massive behind the ball but it's not Ugly it's confidence inspiring I Actually think it looks the best out of All the drivers in this test but also It just feels like butter like falling Onto a pillow after a long day my Getting hooked by a huge fluffy dog like Floating on Yeah it's it's just like like proper Good The reason for me this driver feels so Good is that from across the face where Yeah let's be honest most of us hit it The ball speed and the solidity it's Just great from the heel from the toe

From the center it's brilliant the Cobra It feels strong the Ping it feels easy The callaways both of those rolled into One Now while some players with faster swing Speeds might not get the most out of This driver for well most of the golfing Population is absolutely bang on the Money Foreign It's so good so which of these drivers Would I recommend the most that question Is going to be unlocked when we look at The data so I was hitting all these Drivers at 10.5 degrees but my swing Speed was at a hundred miles an hour and That is around the swing speed that a Lot of people who want these drivers are Going to be swinging now the first thing I want to look at are the carries and The total distances so you can see here That the Cobra has won both those Categories carrying it 250 yards and Then a total of 272 the Callaway came in second carrying It 248.6 yards and running out to 269.7 to be precise now the Ping was Lagging behind in last place at pretty Much 243 yards carry and 260.9 yards total however this does not Tell the whole story because as Mentioned these drives are 10.5 degrees

These aren't tuned in for my swing that Was just the Baseline of figures that I Wanted to take now my backspin with the Ping so that's the amount of revolutions That the ball is spinning back towards You as you hit was the highest now that Will generally cause that drives to go Less distance also I was delivering a Greater amount of lofty impact with the Ping so the ball was flying higher we're Spinning more those two things usually Go hand in hand but here is the kicker So these drivers yes we want ultimate Forgiveness but we also want that ball If you are struggling with a shot that Goes off to the right hand side for a Right-hander to go further left let's Have a little bit of a look at the Offline dispersion with these drivers And you can see that with the Ping I was Consistently hitting the ball off to the Left-hand side my path into the ball so The direction of travel that my club was Taking was pretty neutral and I was Trying that to see how much that face Was going to be closed to where it Usually would be for my swing now this Does have to be taken with a pinch of Salt because if you are going to get These drivers and you want to be Understanding if it's going to help you With your slice the only way of really Knowing this is to get fit and to really Hone into these details for me I would

Say that the Ping is the easiest to keep Left as far as ball fight is concerned And our last little bit of a look at my Ball speed so my club speeds were pretty Consistent around 100 miles an hour and The ball speeds with these three clubs Were also very consistent as you can see Here so as far as the driver that I'm Going to recommend for you guys we're Looking for something which is super Forgiving and which keeps the ball left And for me I would say that that is the Ping out of all the drivers that I've Been testing this year I would say the Hallway is very easy to hit and I will Say overall a fantastic driver but in This particular category as far as ease Of use and anti-slice it has to be the Ping g430 LST the extra settings that You have on the bottom of the club are Great but also the amount of offset it Just really does help keep that ball off To the left so guys thanks for watching And if you want to check out some more Driver reviews check out these videos Here

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