Odyssey Stroke Lab Triple Track Putter Review

Odyssey Stroke Lab Triple Track PuttersThe Odyssey Stroke Lab Triple Track Putter is a very flexible putter – it is available in right handed and left handed versions. It is also available with 33″, 34″ and 35″  multi-material shaft which allows for better weight distribution. This allows the golfer to maintain better speed control and accuracy when putting.

The Triple Track Putter uses Vernier Hyper Acuity for better and more consistent alignment, from a design that’s incredibly intuitive and easy to use. The club design provides the golfer with a firmer feel at impact to help with distance and accuracy control. It also has an oversized grip to help with grip stability.

The weight and balance of this putter make it a top performer right out of the box.

This putter comes with a head cover.

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