PING Putter Review 2022

Golfshake equipment expert Ryan Rastall talks through 3 of the new models in the PING 2022 putter lineup. Ryan provides an overview of the Anser 2D, Tyne G and Anser and provides product info and test feedback from his custom fit studio at Howley Hall in Leeds.

01:30 0 Anser 2D
03:00 – Tyne G Model
04:05 – Anser Model

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Hello and welcome once again to the Indoor performance center here at Howley Hall Golf Club in Leeds I’m Ryan rastel Equipment expert for and Today we’ve got three brand new Putters That are part of the new 2022 putter Line from ping We’re going to take a look at these Putters in a second but before we do That make sure you hit that subscribe Button to see loads more content from All of us here at golf shake to help you Play more and play better let’s have a Look at this new product range from ping Now there’s some very different looking Designs in here as well and some of the Technology that’s present in some of These isn’t in all the models and that Sounds confusing but I’m going to talk You through that in a second so we have Some of the models here with the milled Face we’ve got tungsten weight in the Heel and toe and it’s kind of a high Moi Version of a blade so trying to make it As stable as possible this really nice Milling effect on the face and the Contrast that we have between the kind Of silver looking face and the black on The back of the putter is really going To help you with alignment as well now We see that in the tine model that I’ve Got here as well but we don’t see it in This Anza 2D so this is like a double Width if you like Anza model still has

The tungsten in the heel and oh but you Can see there this new p-backs face that We have in there which makes this putter Feel extremely soft first model I’m Going to try now is the Anza 2D so this All black stealthy looking finish to it With the new softer insert in there like I say this is an Anza book sort of much Deeper in the head this is very similar To the putter I use myself as well Already really like the the shape of it And the footprint of it on the ground we Can see this one here is that kind of Slight Arc Um preference and we have this on the Back of the shafts with all the Ping Putters to tell you what type of putting Stroke each of these Putters is aimed at My putting stroke is a is a slight Arc Generally whenever we test it on the Ping software that we have I’m going to Hit a few puts here and just give you a Bit of feedback as to the feel now Really like the grip really nice kind of Traditional pink grip but this is more Of a mid-size version of it so sits in The hands quite nicely again really like The look of the head and that contrast Of that white sight line against the Black of the head really helps with Alignment Yeah it feels lovely and soft when you Hit it as well so yeah it really does Feel softer than a milled putter

Generally would but rolls really nicely And feels really really good so let’s Try one of the other models so when we Move on to these two so we’ve got the Anza and the tine four we can see Straight away very different in terms of The way they are sort of weighted in the Way they’re heel and the toe are going To react through the putting stroke here So you can see this one the answer is Your slight arcs sort of putting stroke Whereas we’ve got a strong Arc it’s Recommended for in the tine and we can See that’s because the tying the toe Hangs down more due to this sort of s Neck that it’s got in there making that Putter sit like that a little bit more So I would expect the Anza one to suit Me a bit better than this but we’re Going to give them both a go so we’ll Start with the tine really popular shape The fangs on the back of it obviously Help to keep the the head a bit more Stable but in terms of its looks I Really like the contrast between the Silver Top Line the black on the back of It and we’ve got that nice alignment Line on the back there too so this Should sound and feel slightly different Yeah it’s much higher and clickier kind Of sound that we’re getting from this Than we were with the Anza 2D we were Just using a second ago Much more clicky isn’t it off the face

And I’m finding it a little bit more Difficult to keep the face square or Certainly Square it up throughout the Stroke it looks quite long from Heel To Toe because of how the shaft is going Into the head there but Again really I do like the feel of it But not quite as much if I’m honest as The 2D that we tried right let’s move on To the traditional Anza shape again Looking down on it we can see the Contrast between the top line and the Back smaller footprint but again we’ve Got the tungsten weights heel and toe to Really help keep this head as stable as Possible throughout the stroke this time We’ve got this kind of stepped neck in There which stops the toe hanging down As much and makes it more of a slight Arc biased putter but again same grip I Really like the Black Shaft as well it Kind of makes it look a bit more premium But let’s have a look at stroke so yeah Straight away feel much much nicer I can Feel like I can square the face better With this too All in all all three of them feel really Nice are really probably prefer that Softer feel that we were getting with The new insert in the and the 2D but Really like the looks of these with the Contrast the alignment was easier with These two models and really like that Single alignment line on the back there

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