Pro Golfer Breaks Down BEST/WORST Golf Gifts (For Christmas!)

Golf pro Peter Finch breaks down the best golf presents you can gift this Christmas!

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Gift buying for golfers is fraught with Difficulty we want you to have all the Info that you need to make the right Decision in this video I'm going to be Ranking potential golf gifts into five Tiers Elite good okay and avoid at all Costs after scouring the internet and Historical archives my team has got Together this list I have not seen it Before so I'm going to be reacting to These for the first time we have saved Some crackers oh really Right Um Vouchers for me I would put this Straight into the elite category Vouchers will allow a golfer to Effectively get what they want yeah it Might be a little bit boring but Remember golfers are incredibly picky at Times about what they want to use Getting a goal for a voucher simply says I trust you to make your own decision I Have at it why is that It's like a blob dryer The golf glove dryer Try In all fairness if you get a golf glove Where it can get pretty minging like if You just put it on the top of a radiator It shrivels up and then it's horrible When you stick it back on so this thing Goes into a golf glove gives it shape And then you can dry it out

Um in reality how often will this get Used I am going to say very rarely I'm gonna mess it I'm gonna it's meh It's mad No no no that's that's crap no They work they don't work They don't work what does that say about You if you go to a golf course with Ozone like come one that's crap no Absolutely 100 golf ball finding glasses Are baloney just no just no no no no no No Right Um yeah I mean yeah if you can get a Launch monitor then it's actually a If you can get a full golf simulator Then yes oh my word that's Elite here in The studio I do use foresight so this is A gc3 like this is the best of the best However there are other simulator Options and if you do have a spare room In your house as long as you've got room To swing a club you can turn it into a Sim like that would be I would say Elite Star Absolute Elite Star level Oh classic putting that right few Caveats to this it does take up room in The house and sometimes golfers when They put a putting mat down what that Actually means is it's just now part of The furniture the amount of time that They'll actually spend on it might not Be as high as you think however it is a

Great thing to have around just in the House with a putter by ear just rolling A few puts every time you walk past it That is a very very good gift but just Be aware of the consequences Let's be pacing with it okay golf balls Ah custom golf balls right so I got These balls through from Vice this has Got a Seahawk logo on my NFL team and This is cool it's a good golf ball and It's customized to me it's obviously got My team on it really good gift this one Just try and get a good ball to go along With the personalization like don't get Some Dunlop ddhs and just whack their Favorite logo on that probably won't go Down well because they won't use it no Offense to anybody using a Dunlop ddh But you need to change only slight issue With these is they will be lost in time And you may have to restock Golf experience oh we've got St Andrews Up here that would be fantastic so for Me I think this is like one of the best Presents you can get somebody if you Know that they're really desperate to Play somewhere then it doesn't have to Be like one of these incredible amazing Historic courses if you're a new golfer You might just want to play the best Course in your area or even just a golf Course in general golf experiences Really bring together why things Important about golf you know you're

Getting out there you're enjoying Yourself and you're trying to make some Memories so I think giving someone a Gift of being able to go to somewhere And play that they really want to that's Foreign Just look at that now all my clothing And Footwear is supplied by FootJoy but I have to say Golf shoes are a good gift absolutely The only slight Pitfall is obvious You've got to make sure you get the Right size and the right style so Obviously these are pretty classic They've also got gold studs but you can Also get the more trainery style I think Here in the UK you're probably better Get in this style just because the Courses are generally quite wet but Training style of shoe is also very very Good I like this one so much I'm not Even worn them I think I might try them On once ah again if the golfer in your Life is into computer games then pj2k 23 That's the best golf game really out There at the moment certainly a lot of People watching this me included I Really enjoyed playing golf games as a Kid and it really did spark an extra Interest for me in the game obviously You've got to have a console or a PC or Whatever to go along with these games But if you do have that ability Absolutely I've absolutely love computer

Games and I love golf computer games Lessons wow okay very very good option One slight thing to be careful about With lessons is you've got to make sure That the golfer actually wants them I Remember when I was coaching a traffic Goal Center used to get a lot of Christmas vouchers and some of the time The people who are in those lessons just Really did not want to be there they Were literally using up the voucher Because they got it as a gift so just Make sure that they actually do want to Improve at golf but if they do Very good news very nice thank you oh I Do like this one so this is a custom Ball marker so this was sent through by Northern golf this is not an ad they Just sent me this through after I won my First pro event and got a hole in one on The same day at a different Golf Course To be honest every time I look at this Eli just brings back that a little bit Of a memory so again some of the custom Ball markers is really really cool Obviously one slight issue with it is It's easy to get lost I was pretty sure I'd lost this after three holes of using It when in fact I just put it at the Bottom of my bag it resurfaced like four Weeks later and I was delighted but yeah Good gift right a golf bag this is a Good gift for a couple of reasons first Of all every golfer needs one every

Golfer likes a new bag and it takes up a Lot of space under the tree right go get Me a new one sorry Mick it's kind of Messing the setup a little bit look at This bad boy so this is an audio bag I Just got through it is an absolute Beast Look at it we've got a Galaxy on there This is nice this is a nice bag right The other thing to be aware of is what Bag a golfer would want so that's a Stand bag so I usually carry my clubs But you can also get a cart bag now That's more designed to be on a trolley You can get a little shoulder bag which You can just Chuck a half set in and Wander around on a summer's evening There are different options so just try And make sure you know your golfer's Preference Right score card holder I'm presuming Now the only people I have seen Consistently use a scorecard holder are Tall Pros because they consistently Carry a card if it's personalized I kind Of get it if not I just I just really Don't see I just maybe it's me and I'm Not organized enough but I don't think I've ever used one of these things Consistently and I've never like had one That's not just like fiddly and like You've got to strap your score card in You got this pencil thing the pencil Always falls out it's too big for your Back pocket nobody has a pocket that big

Look at it The head size for me I just don't get These so yeah I'm internet Routines oh this is Plumbing the depths In it I mean these are these are Something I've never kind of Particularly understood like why you'd Want to balance your ball on the end of Um well in in these particular examples A young lady a headless young lady just Yeah don't don't I don't it's childish And it's not funny oh this is a absolute Beauty yes so books in general golf Books in general now this is adventures In golf this is by a photographer called Kevin Murray very talented guy really Nice chap as well and he basically just Goes around the world taking photos of Golf courses not a bad Gig if you can Get it Suppose I can't really talk too much That kind of was that dumb Barney You might have lost me the rest of this Video So if you're considering getting someone A golf ball for Christmas it's in the Okay tier but if you aren't sure maybe Just send it to me I'll read it No no no it's just this is just a waste Of plastic this is the kind of gift that Would kill a dolphin kill a dolphin kill A dolphin all right I just I don't I'd Look at just look at these no this is The type of gift that would get used

After being opened on Christmas and then Completely and utterly disregarded and Forgotten about one of the most Pointless annoying things that I could Lay my eyes on today do not get one of These things wonderful well I don't have To have a look at my laptop to know What's in here So a GPS or a Laser Rangefinder I've got The GPS kind of plugged onto the back of This Pro LX model from shot scope I'm Sponsored by shot scope but I do love These lasers because they're obviously Accurate and they come in at a good Price again it depends on what the Golfer would prefer so the GPS device That basically gives you an overview of The whole tells you different distances To water to bunkers to the middle the Front the back of the greens whereas the Laser you can just zap a Target I mean This one is the best of both worlds but Very good gift just make sure you know What your golfer needs mango Okay Now right These are just the worst thing ever so These are novelty golf balls this one Has the paints of the baseball on the Soccer ball eight ball an American Football and a tennis ball and a Basketball listen these are easy to get But the golfer in your life will not Appreciate them they will not use them

And they are awful routinely Consistently Awful their heart or they don't spin but They should go far and they don't and if You pulled one out in any seriousness You would of course be laughed at maybe That's the point but honestly just just Don't just don't do it And frankly PGA Tour official license Product you should know better Um The really bendy shaft golf clubs what We talk about it right training AIDS Training AIDS okay if golfers are Struggling with something in their game There are so many training AIDS Available this one is a GeForce swing Trainer one of the problems with getting A training aid is to be honest I've hit This maybe twice twice and I've not used It since and this was maybe like two Three years ago if you are going to get A trading age just make sure they really Need it they can also be maybe slightly Insulting Um if you get someone the wrong one so That's an okay gift it's okay ah yes the Scourge of the modern golf course so Bluetooth speaker this is again like a Cultural thing so in the states when you Go play you expect music to be played I've been to courses where they've Literally got speakers built into the Buggies to pump out the tunes here in

The UK it's not really a Thing If you Hear somebody playing music on the golf Course it's still be seeing this a Little bit rude I personally don't have Too much of a problem with it but I know A lot of people do so I'm going to put This into the okay gift section Golf Course refurbished golf balls right okay If you go into a shop and you see the Word refurbished on a golf ball just Don't bother just don't get it what this Means is a company has found a golf ball Let's say it's Pro V1 for example they Found the Pro V1 and they've refurbished It so they've cleaned it and they've Repainted it that refurbished Pro V Could be from six seven years ago or I've also seen pictures where it could Be not even a Pro V at all it could be a Pinnacle which has been repainted so if You you see refurbished goal Falls no However they do come a lot cheaper so You know if there is a golfer in your Life who loses a lot of golf balls I Would understand you getting this yes Mick uh Uh I ain't got this uh this is Definitely a golfer thing uh if you see Somebody with iron covers on it is Perceived that that golfer is a little Bit of a chopper however I've received Golf clubs through this year that for The first time I'm thinking you know What they could actually do with some

Iron covers on I do not want them Getting up so from a golfery Standpoint this has to go in the net Column and if a golfer receives iron Covers they will probably think they're Mad unless they specifically ask for Them but Right so somebody got me one of these Ones now this is a game that you can Play on the toilet you smudge the green Around the base of the toilet you get a Little handheld Putter and you try and Hold the put while you're In the middle of your morning routine I I I uh again I just I hate I hate these Things I always think that if somebody Else goes in that toilet like if they Pick up the Putter and start using it That means that I you've had You know what I'm getting it plus it all Gets messed up because feet are always On it and it's just it's no it's Horrible horrible spend your money on an Air freshener in there instead get more Use out of it oh God what's this Oh my God It comes up with this crap I I don't even know what to say This is just this is a This is a golf club you take a Woods Into I would hope I would hope that you would know already Which column I'm going to place this in Elite

I think this is over the column of his Own really Why is One Step Beyond awful oh Um it's just the towel like the towel as Well like doesn't cover everything at All Hahaha Girl Oh Look at these number two guys are you an Absolutely massive thank you for Watching hopefully I caught you before You've got any terrible gifts get Downstairs comments as well let us know The best golf presence that you've Received and also some of the stinkers What have I missed off this list so with This Elite here and if you are looking For golf experiences take a look at this Video here so these are some of the best Golf courses that I've played subscribe To the channel if you haven't already And we will see you next time

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