Putting Drill at Home

The other club pros and I used to enjoy playing this game on rainy days at the Golf Shop at the country club. Miss one putt, and you have to start all over. I even won some money playing this game. #hustle Yes, I realize I need to get a new putter at about 2 degrees flat and that’s because of the putting changes I made this past season to my set up. #adjustments Now I’m seeing the line better and making more consistent strokes. Try this simple drill at home and you’ll be making more putts on the course before you know it. #alwaysgetbetter Games against others and even by yourself put some pressure on yourself when you practice and that’s important to carry your practice out onto the course. #playunderpressure See your local PGA professional for more putting tips or contact me for Zoom lessons. #golflessons
Web: mcintosh.golf

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