She DESTROYED ME…I will have my revenge! (BGoYT #4 vs Hannah Gregg)

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In this series, we take on creators from across the world to see who can claim to be The Best Golfer on Youtube. This episode sees us head over to Arizona and Whirlwind Golf Club to take on Hannah Gregg who last time we played absolutely crushed me….I want my revenge!!

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The quest to find the best golfer on YouTube continues with the amazing Hannah Greg [Music] She's a social media Legend shining a Light on the plight of Minotaur golfers Across the world whilst playing and Creating some awesome content along the Way She also batted me the last time we Played will this be any different Hannah thank you so much again welcome Back to the channel Good And we are on first hole what are we on Talk talk to me yes so this is a Long-ish par four straight away Um it looks like it's about 4 15 for you Guys and we have no win today so Conditions are going to be good for Scoring yeah and also just want to make Sure that everybody knows and I want Everyone to get down into the comments And go on to Hannah on social wish a Very happy birthday because she's Spending part of this very special day With us which is really nice how could I Want to do anything else right so driver There's a little room after that bunker If I remember rightly so it's just Center of the Fairway give it a stripe I Have to take this top off a little bit a Bit toasty now Foreign

I was actually striking the ball really Really well as a surprise to everybody And hopefully that carries over to today Well no pressure how about I'm actually Feeling it's really good good sun's out No wind company again is excellent so There's no excuses Yeah nice being off go go go go go Yeah easy okay a few times I've seen how To play and play with it should always Be very straight and now you've added Speed and you don't seem to have lost Any direction it really didn't yeah I Think it clubs are like forgiving enough Now that it doesn't you know change too Much Just Hater Hater for doing that In that annoying she is Ahead of me 40 yards ahead of us Chronically right 103 yards pennies at The front this is just crying out for Her just get it behind a little bit of Spin lob wedge oh is this the right Choice though I'm gonna do it a slightly Sure to 54 degree wedge a 54 this is More gonna be here just a little stop Behind it pretty cool Foreign Just gonna say goodbye to my beautiful Wedge now because it's about to get Absolutely chewed up we did wonder what You were doing over there we're getting A little bit of Patrick reading but you Just no this is fully regulation I

Didn't even move the rocks that I want To move but yeah this wedge is not gonna Look very good I'm happy to give you a Courtesy drop out of that if you don't Want to no no no no this is a match Pete Okay this is a serious match respect This is one thing if you guys come to Arizona and play golf you have to be Prepared to ruin your clubs because you Miss the Fairway and it's usually Desert Oh That's sweet Now that's nice I feel a little bit more Confident I'll be like oh just let's get That lob wedge out slide it under nip it But I'm thinking well they're all Classic chip and run not the kind of Show I'm used to playing in Arizona Oh wow Took a horrible kick yeah that was that Was a little bit of a bad break I think I might literally pitched it into that Dividly Pictures The little stock chip hit it just on and It should roll out a little bit That's what I wanted to play Nice job One thing about Arizona golf is you're Gonna have tight lies around the creek Yeah it's a little weird to get used to For sure oh I don't normally miss the Green so yeah I'm not used to having the

Chip I've just had no look I think that's What it is I'm just a very unlucky Golfer than this trip right left to Right up the hills try not to smash it Past as I have been doing Uh yeah I want to see if I actually Feels good it's a bit straighter than I Thought Oh wow oh That hurts Oh I thought that was a good One starting the match out the same as Yesterday right yeah two books you know What I would say that I got unlucky with My chip you gotta look at where you put Yeah all right I took a little bit of a Diesel oh Square you know what the end Of the day tell them to score the mass And we are all square Half five little slight dog leg to the Left I remember rightly the line is the Tree yeah there's like three trees you Can see the middle one is a good the Middle one's a good one okay Yeah nice one Yeah that was good yeah That was big good good good good yeah Get a bit more confident with it get a Bit more comfortable with it I've had a Lot of hate in the comments About my stealth 2 driver it's here to Stay put some respect on its name yeah Yeah very good Swinging it great thanks

Okay very nice shop Thank you easy game a couple big drives Couple sends to Hannah's ball from from Her t-bot box is 270. nice and from your Tee boxes 318 and you're an additional 25 yards that's three feet in big Drive I mean two upwards of 280 that must be Above lpj average as well Um the RPG average is 250 yeah yeah so Yeah just I mean but you know baked out Fairways whatever duh Foreign [Music] No the tree got me I shop straight down Yeah all right not a bad place to miss That though is it really no it's fine Over there that's okay there's no rough In Arizona 150 and 190 to the pin so it must be Right at the back seven iron This is 79 yesterday 200 but that was a Little bit down ball over the feet so if I take aim at the pin if it pulls a Little bit that's fine oh okay serious Now and I'm talking shots through and Everything The only problem though like everyone Knows if I've Got it off I've got lucky now we can Edit it though can't we So are we both over there No yeah Yeah it might just be over I think good Yeah the tree's not really a problem but

I'm gonna divot so I'm gonna try to do a Little lower one a little mid traj Connection is good Very good shot Okay we'll take it I'll tricky that Picture onto a down slope yeah it's a Little funky had to think that one Through a little bit oh no not not Thinking oh That's the worst all right Let's get the putter on this big right To left down the slope for an eagle I did say I'd get an eagle Easy I need to laugh down there A little bit of a slope Let's see it could picture it you could Paint it in my mind A bit too much break yeah only thing Wrong though is the pace in the line Everything else was Perfect love the positivity are you Seeing it So this one is always a little tricky Putt because it can kind of go either Way so I'm gonna play it basically Straight hit it probably a little firmer Than I normally would and fingers Crossed Yeah very good thanks Very good nice birdie yeah thank you so I'm overreading everything so I'm gonna Go inside the hole in fact I was going To take Hannah's advice I'm just going To wave straight and hit it

Yes nice yeah just like you drew it up Just vibing yeah just that we drew it Yeah we just think we're sticking to the Script yeah well at the moment this is The drama the good shots we had a very Intensive planning meeting before we Came out it's extraordinary actually the Detail that we went into on this next One I'm gonna have a birdie almost a whole New one it's a part three next isn't it Sometimes on this green they'll take a Trail that takes them right up next to You so you can be putting in a horse Will just walk by yeah I do love Arizona I'm moving boys A time uh 162 yards I think it was I could probably muscle a nine but it's Not really the type of hole where you Want to be short So I'm gonna hit an eight I'm just after The pin stop it on that slope and let it Just trickle back right this looks very Inviting Looks good hang on Hey Stay stay down the slope Stop Yeah nice almost called it Almost let me see about that as far as Distance control goes for me that is a Star Pinay

131.31 yeah Get down it Spin sit spin no all right oh no fine Oh that could have been so good it just Didn't want to do it for me if I wanted Zip I probably should have hit the full P but who knows oh well we live in London yeah all right so I've got a bit Of a swing the ringer here around the Slope and far away I'm literally gonna Have to hit this probably at my Mark I Don't have to hit this so it dies our Pace pretty much on your line I think This even might have to go outside and Come back around this way [Music] That's a putt man I just love it here Honestly no good round starts with the Par or a birdie it's just the fact I Don't make the rules that's up to the Golf clubs okay We can do Oh just paste it I had to give it a go Let's paste it all right all right wow [Music] 462 yards here it's a very sharp dog leg Around the corner to the left-hand side Now there's actually quite a lot of room Up there to the right so I'm going to Take it on the corner of the Fairway if It draws a bit that's fine but if I push It still it's still okay I want three Birdies on the bounce though that's a Nice ring too isn't it

Pretty good I think that's good Yeah right across corner all good All right Oh it's not quite it So am I doing it yeah it's okay it's Just making the hole a little longer Yeah nice shot that's okay Hannah is 150. it's actually not too bad A bit of a flyer lie but the tree's not Really kind of in the way what do you Got I got 140 the world's biggest flyer that's a Tie pin that as well yeah I think fun Times behind the pin there's a pretty Big Bank though so yeah it's so this um Weirdly is like one of the firmest Greens on the course I don't really know Why but this one always tends to roll Out a little bit so I'm going to try to Hit this one high I almost stay right Oh wow I'll be sure okay I didn't that Didn't take off at all no it didn't fly At all no flyer not bad position to miss Though kind of opens up as such A putt now we drive 60 yards up to Pete's drive Um spring line five which is decent but I mean if you have a look back you see It is a slope it's obviously dry yeah Well it says 92 92. so I think probably Had the lob wedge on this try and get it Beyond and spin it a bit three birdies In a row does sound good

Foreign I can see your tea which is nice because That's kind of where I'm trying to land It pretty straightforward I'm just gonna Try to kind of a stock trajectory chip And then let it run out of touch Yeah that's yep that's right just what I Wanted Yuck okay is that not what you envisaged No it's about three yards short of what I wanted pretty straight down the slope I'm gonna go a little right to the left Nothing crazy Oh it didn't did move I thought it nope Kind of a little bit down here as well I Don't I think I just put I just hit it a Little too firm just give it a smile now Normally I go into full-on lag mode but But not today we won that three in a row Game So yeah I think it's just outside the Right Look at the pace Come on Wow no big deal I thought it was Happening you Pete and Whirlwind go Together like PB and J you know I'm Never happy on peanut butter and jelly Really What you mean between jam or jelly yeah Jam yeah right So peanut on a sandwich Ready just don't make any sense you know What also it does make no sense

Beans and toasts out [Music] I'm gonna smash this like a peanut and Jelly sandwich I'm not sure about that you know that Don't sound very appetizing to me I Suppose at the moment I'll give it I'm Here for another week and a half and After that's on the salad salad in soup So it's 3 30 I think this one was water All the way down the left and there's Quite a bit of bailout right isn't there But that's not what I'm thinking I'm Thinking of just knocking this on the Green do it you hit the last one what 3.95 so maybe take a little off yeah It's gonna be fine Oh there we go oh yeah oh do you See that down yep that is literally in The middle of the Fairway yeah you've Got to use your course management Sometimes you just gotta lay back okay It's all about smacking as far as you Can Swinging it great to be honest like Thank you season doesn't start for a bit So probably uh swing is looking good but I haven't had much on course time Honestly I have done a bunch of work Since I last saw you I mean I got to Second stage of lpjq school and stuff Amazing fingers crossed yeah should be a Fun year well make sure you go follow Hannah on Twitter that's mostly what you

Use to kind of keep everyone up today Yeah Twitter and Instagram yeah I think That's where we first socially met Just give some stick to some old fogies I think Strike stay out there going towards the Bunker Sit Right in it yeah it's not a bad mess no No no that's definitely the spot to miss It and that other bunker on the left is Not All right so we're on a down slope so It's kind of one of those it's probably Going to pitch once Skip and then stop Go go go go go Well that was disappointing Did it roll on for you I would have Thought so yeah I think so That's it Oh very nice Very nice yikes I've changed my grip and I've changed my swing and I don't know How far anything goes I'm gonna Literally the only difference today is Like I've hold some puts so downhill Right to left after that last hole I can See the line is pretty clear like tiger Vision yeah just kind of see it just Gotta believe it aren't you Go Great pots Nice just need a bit of paste in it are We good damn he's rolling The Rock

For the birdie Whoa jeez [Music] E Easy live absolutely stayed alive Very good [Music] Shout out to me as well she ditched us For an lpj event in Asia How rude whatever whatever like yeah We're just obviously not as big as Opposal multi-million dollar purse That's kind of weird isn't it shocking Really right 79 180 yards I'm just gonna Start it dead center to Green where I Can see it just let it peel Filthy you coming Yeah yep Coming right back down just smashing it That was a good shot that was a good Strike did you see did you see the Little uh highlight reel of your how is It going Oh where'd it go stop Did I go left Just got off the green no What the heck just disappeared off I've Never seen that before Jacob did you Kick it Okay I'll avoid Jacob that's Disrespectful What are you going in with it is 127 I Got a wedge in my hand and I'm gonna Probably go just split Jacob in the flag

Try to be a little right of it I like it Does the green kind of fall in from There so much you know this screen has All when we get up there you'll see it's Like a little bit crazy and I think the Pin is on sort of like a little spine so If I can get it right of the pin I think It should bounce left No Stay right Sit oh I think oh my gosh I'm going Right next to you This is a swinger yeah so this is all About speed see if I can just start it Online with the right pace and then see What happens Go come on come on man almost very good Uh that is a tricky part but I'm coming a little bit more like Directly the slope is still going to Move from left to right but don't have Quite as much to contend with I don't Want to say it but I can see it you're Feeling it you can see it do it Go Good roll Pick it up That's two holes in a row now where I'm Literally just Seen it yeah just seeing it seen it Seeing it just feeling it and this I Don't know what I don't know how to deal With it because I've never this never Happens you just roll with it there's

Literally no Ruffins I am I would say Maximum when I'm over a port 50 sure About where it's going to go yeah I Think these last few I'm like I've got it like I've literally got it I Just need to twist it Very good again look really solid with Them thank you I just want to remind you Pete um it's my birthday so three Birdies in a row is not exactly the way To treat a birthday girl I'm just saying I mean let me put it this way I don't Think I've ever had this many birdies This is my birthday oh okay This is this is the special day for me As well [Music] In this particular desert like you can't Find it Why don't you just send it with the Driver I think that's a great idea a 350 Run out and I know I've hit one 400 Today I mentioned too many times I Remember because it's downhill as well From there isn't it yeah past the bunker It goes down a little bit it's a bar Five though trying to help you Pete yeah I know and it's kind of welcome but at The same time it's a bit annoying it's a Right edge of the Fairway touch a draw Now this will show if I'm in tune if I'm Calling drawers Where are you going stop stop Miss the pass hit a tree and come back

Yeah bounded down the path okay [Music] There's a bit of space over there I Should have let you hit driver it was The point where he overstepped I'm Trying to draw Come on So you think I got a little bit lucky There dude if you don't see like a Massive bounce off the cart path you're Definitely lucky because you can hit it Over there and it can just say bye Yeah That's what I was trying to do that yeah Can't get over it oh that's perfect Now Isn't it should roll down oh that's Annoying Should be yeah so you say I got lucky Come on let's go It's actually lying not awful it's got Like a big grass behind it but I think That's that'll take spin off it I have Just noticed that tree and that brush I Can either lay this up 70 yards or I can Try anything about 160. I mean I've got A my hand is like perfect position there So I'm just gonna have to have to go With an eight iron I should be able to Get I should be able to get it steep Enough oh well I think the worst thing I Could do is think about this too much Right eight iron back in the States Quick wrist hinge Foreign

Touch I don't think covering that bunker does Anything for me because it's 200 to Cover it and it's not going to roll up To the flag so no point in going for it So Fred has told me that I have to be Smart I'm gonna get a hybrid outside Yes I'm just gonna I'm just gonna keep Plodding along and hope that Pete is in A hole right now and just wait it out Oh Yeah Very good Boring boring God I'm helped a little bit but I can only Actually play kind of one type of shot Here like he's got her back in my stance Should have a bit of a fly yeah gotta Get a steep back swing so if I do that With a seven iron and try and like hook It a touch Yeah go on there run run run oh Where are you sure where are you He's in the hole Now this is a hole I remember where Hannah played I definitely do a replay Here this was the filthiest pitch so Good definitely replaced give me some Love now give it some more yeah It's a tricky one can't see the bottom Of the pin but It's a great strike Oh Jacob tell me something oh you gotta

Tell us what Oh [Music] Did I did I mention they got a Shortcake Training company as well For that what a shot wow take it I'll just I'll just tap it in thanks Thanks thank you Amazing well played I can't wait to break here out when this Goes in Right so 58 it's got to go in Um horrible high it's like half sand Half grass just gonna try just nip it With the toe land it on the green let it Release out Like that go go go get in to be honest I didn't I didn't want to hold it and After that yeah you didn't really even Try that was Unreal yeah to be honest I Completely forgotten about school we're Just amazing yeah guys if you're having A nice time as well make sure you Wald That light on [Music] About 400 yards it's 300 to carry There's a bunker in the center of the Fairway I'm obviously not gonna wait With that but hopefully if I strike it Well enough I say Central to power left Said through the Fairway I am aiming to The center of the Fairway words never my Strong point Hit it

No no No no that is off the planet right no Oh That was not a good sound oh hi so far Right I told him he wouldn't listen to Me he get it foreign Yeah Oh damn I mean that's not as bad oh Fred why do You sell me to a driver where were you When he needed you and I tried to reach Out and help and I And I was so confident as well Oh gold let's get you every time the Kicks you right in the face I think there might be a magnet over There I can't do that Oh you're fine yeah even your bad shots Are on The Fairway [Music] And uh seeing where Peter's now my aim Has now gone officially to the middle of The green Whoa go I think I've actually got it I mean I can't play it but so it's in Here right so it was a roughly like There Oh there we go this is the most random Match ever Wow Does anybody know where I'm going does Anyone have a yardage roughly one three

Three there's literally a lot of Wildlife in here so we're just gonna hit And then run Four go up Oh filthy Nice one Wow okay to leave it firm here that is Dumb Yeah thank you All right Keep a one yeah I believe with one to go Peter Finch golf to use my full name All right pretty straight Yeah One one to go Pete [Music] Bay Lightroom right which is good He's a relief after it last though I can Carry those trees I'm literally just Just giving it a good old wing Okay be good Sorry I destroyed the tea that's yours Now You took his head off such a nice guy Hard to see but I think it's good it's Good looks good thanks good Yeah that's good yep yep yep uh 55 yeah Is that tree in your way it's in my way Uh that's all you got 89 A little sandwich 89. Let's see what we can do Be good thank you good Oh he's going in close what do we think

Thanks thanks Jacob good job he really Has the suspense this makes you wait Right so it's just like a three-quarter Over the tree I'm not old the wedge shot In ages Thank you What a beautiful yeah what abuse yeah Nice Shot yeah literally no reaction how is It [Laughter] Good shot Pete thank you oh yours we Were both good shots though yeah yeah Yeah it's getting quiet can't quite Telling the cameras yeah little dark is This gonna be a classic Match Point Gotta be So then ah No you've hammered your pots all day Anything that's missing a little Aggressive Take it away all right all right do it Pete still still my birthday Just giving you a last shot and no one Can ever take that away from you Yes nice way to do it way to do it thank You so much It's great to see you again thanks for The beat down on my birthday You and Whirlwind you got some good Vibes out here we have a connection yeah We have a connection guys just to say a Huge thank you for watching huge thank You too well with having us down it's an

Amazing few days here big thank you Hannah for coming out on your birthday I Really appreciate that Fred as well who Played yesterday we'll link all the Matches uh in a playlist here and here Are the standings so far as well if you Are enjoying this series make sure you Subscribe to the channel get down to Those comments I'll see you next time See ya [Music] Peter Finch you are an absolute you let Andy Carter play and you've let Andy Carter beat you shambolic the best YouTube golfer is not you I suggest that We have a match and we get beat again

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