Take a look at Peter Finch’s ENTIRE GOLF CLUB COLLECTION!

n this video, I take you on a tour of my personal golf club collection. From drivers to putters, you’ll see the different brands and models that I use on the course. I’ll also share my thoughts on each club and why I chose to add it to my collection. Whether you’re a golfer yourself or just curious about the equipment I use, this video will give you a behind-the-scenes look at my golf club collection. Thanks for watching!

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I've been making golf YouTube videos for Quite a few years now And over those years I've managed to Build quite an extensive Club collection And today I am going to show you them All but also make sure you keep a calm Because I'm going to be doing a giveaway Based on how many clubs are in this room So stay tuned to the end of the video so The hardest part of this is really where To begin so we've got Putters wedges Irons Fairway Woods hybrids drivers Literally everything however there are Things I can't show you yet so in these Four bags these are clubs which have not Yet been released now in Tech month We're going to be reviewing all of them So make sure you subscribe to the Channel because I do not want you Missing out on seeing what is in these Bags there are some unbelievable clubs Coming out next year uh right um where Shall we actually begin Uh yeah okay Um again what to begin These bad boys launcher HB turbos from Cleveland these clubs actually used up In Scotland and the round that right Into my back and this was my first Proper experience of like super game Improvement clubs I was surprised Actually I'm not gonna say blown away But I was severely surprised Haywood Eyes we've just done a review on those

Don't know oh wow look at these now look At these bad boys remember when we did These sub 70 reviews got all the rust on Them now these have been in the back The back back room it's a little bit Damped in there oh yes Jumbo Maxes so these are the forge Tech Ones from Cobra one length times and These were the first videos where tested Out the jumbo Maxes so these are the Grips that Bryson uses I'm almost well I Am sure when I was re-gripping these These were I sprayed white spirit in my Eye I was really gripping them down the Back of the milk that was a fun day oh The worst clubs in the world when I've Done box set reviews before I've always Been really pleasantly surprised about The clubs that I've got not the Wilson Ultra HDs Unfortunately they are Literally as bad as they look At these bad boys Dynamic gold X100 tour Issue Chef mp20 blades nine eight and Wedge of course and then the mmc's from Seven to four Mizuno mp20s wow I really Put them through the paces don't I they Are dinked to hell Today is my hole-in-one clubs is there Any excuse needed till I show that hole In one again I personally don't think so So let's go back and take a walk down Memory lane it was a cold day at Roslindale I just won an event at Marsden Park and I stood facing

186 yards I couldn't see the bottom of The pin but I struck a sweet seven iron Straight down the flag I didn't even Think about it going in because I never Had a holding one before it seemed like A distant improbable dream but as I Approached the green and I saw the pitch Mark an indentation of Glory just a few Feet short of the pin I began to believe The ball was nowhere in sight the Sheep Were neighing What the Sheep do bleating telling me That the ball had gone in the hole and There it was nestled against the little Covid inner tube just visible above the Top of the cup the rest as they say is History and I specifically remember Fatting my next 12 iron shots because I Couldn't see the ground through my tears Foreign I've got a couple but I don't know where They are give us give us a minute and I'll I'll find them It's the most expensive Club S more mod one irons these are a hundred Percent milled adjustable gold finds That are very very expensive I mean when I tested them I was surprised at how Well they performed considering how Strange the construction was and like All the adjustability that is within Them I stop him Talking about super forgiving irons These three sets so the elevens the

Wilson launch pads and the sub 7699s we've just done a video on these As well you can check them out here Similar to the um Cleveland's over here Just really super forgiving irons I Can't over emphasize how much I Recommend these types of clubs for most Golfers yeah it's favorites so most of These are unadjustable drivers or Unadjustable Club heads lots of hybrids Lots of Fairway Woods I think Fairway Woods next year I'm going to take a Little bit more of a Keener interest in I almost passed them by in my mind a Little bit but actually for your average Golfer Fairway Woods three Woods five Wood seven Woods especially as well they Can make such a huge impact to improving Their games so I'm definitely going to Spend a lot more time figuring out how To show those in the best light I don't Think I've done a very good job of that Recently look at this bad boy this is When drivers used to be called like just Really cool individual names the fire Saw the What a great name for a driver oh I Remember when this came out and there Was such like a massive clamor so this Was like when I was pretty much first Starting golf I am not that old and this Was so unbelievably far out of the Potential of me buying it it made me Yeah and it made me hope that I could

One day afford a club like this and now Look at this life comes at your quick Kids some more irons here some really Actually beautiful King i-59s there We've got driving irons so I don't know if any of those under Embargo I need to do a driving iron Video very soon actually Um about that Gap in between like your Fairway woods and your Long Island Getting a driving iron in there It's a really good way to go look at This bad boy I actually saw some mixed Memories about this so this is a Scotty Cameron Newport it's got the Quest for The open a little engraving here on the Back got a little initials and the Scotty Cameron Mr Sunshine on there look At those tea weights on the bottom if You're a gear Head you know so I've got This putter pretty much just as we were Going into like lockdown for Kobe on the First one so me and this putter spent Many an hour together locked in the House on the mat at home Here's the pressure all that practice on The mat Straight back 33 inches slightly shorter Than usual arcing that stroke Just don't mess it it's the thing with Like Scotty cameras so you think of all These Putters I've got here like these Are all good like any one of these can You can hop ups with obviously there's

Just something about Scotties and like The name and the Artistry and you just Feel special like when you're using this Guy I don't know how he does it but Definitely got that reputation talking About craftsmanship how about an actual Ship Said from outer space lab Putters so I Got I got this putter through and Honestly I was I was taken aback about How horrific it was and then I used it It golfed at Carlisle Golf Club and went On an absolute tear I think it was I Think I was like six seven under on the Back nine just hold absolutely Everything with this putter I'll kind of Throw up the actual review I did of them Here because I've got a couple very Unusual very interesting technology but Performed like really really did perform Maybe that should go back in the back oh No I can't I gotta build My Bag series Coming next year when I'm putting new Things in so Oh these were dark days I put this in the bag once but this is a Cure putter Um 99 sure cure have gone out of Business now but this these the weights Were detachable is the highest Moi Putter ever made so this is the most Forgiving putter you can use and yes it Looks like a brick you could literally Build a house out of a few of these but

It did what it said it just looks Gigantic behind the golf ball I've never Seen a bigger putter behind the ball Than this Oh what was I think there we go my sm7s The typhoon so I've got a set of the sm7 Wedgies through murdered out of course And I got stamping on the back of Different fighter planes the first Version of these that came through had Typhon on so it was just a misspelling But I'm pretty sure Typhon like in Ancient Greece was like this mythical Giant snake monster there was like the Daughter or son of Zeus and like a goat Or something random what Bro what are you talking about man Greek Mythology is a dark place to be but it Turned out quite well and then those Clubs got stolen how to do my car which Was a little bit annoying I lost the Golf bag do you remember that uh Great Britain golf bag that I got the British Masters that's the bag doing nickton I Was devastated when I went I have not Tested these sub 70 wages out yet but if Any manufacturers are really looking to Get their products featured I am easily Swayed by if you stick my logo on the Golf clubs Like I can't be bought but I can be Chefs so one issue that we were finding With like Club reviews is that obviously With all the clubs that came through we

Had loads of chefs so we end up like at The end of the year with so many Different shaft options for the drivers It's fine but it also made testing them A little bit unpredictable so what we've Done this year is that we've got Juventus chefs all in the same spec Everything about these chefs is the same Except the shaft sleeve so these fit all The main manufacturers of drivers that You guys like to watch the videos on so It's going to just enable us to have a Little bit more of a Level Playing Field It's actually really interested to see What these show um I'm excited talking About drivers how do you like the look Of this beautiful cabinet this took two Days and every single member of Staff Here at Finish golf media to make and What a wonderful erection it is Oh I didn't uh not even kind of looked At these um Every year in homage to Tiger we Basically make his bag so the clubs that He will be using in the 2023 season We're gonna fill this bag for them this Is my set of clubs here new bag so Whenever we're gonna have to film or Play Just Gonna grab that in this However in this shall we have a What we're going to do is because we've Got the shafts and the shaft connections To the heads they've not actually Changed for a number of years now we can

Start to store all the old drivers and Then we can use them for comparison Which I am very very excited about you Might have to be ready with the blur on This one are we ready What does that mean this is probably the Only unusual draw in here is that this Is like the Japanese draw so any drivers That we get through from Japan they're Going to be stored in here obviously at The moment trixon Honda but mostly Mizuno they've got a Callaway draw here Now Come a few weeks this is going to be a Very exciting draw to open and to show Everybody I would say that in that draw Is what do you reckon the most Anticipated release I would say of Drivers in the last few years yeah Um yeah definitely the most weighted on And I would actually say probably the Most interesting ping with their new Driver they're actually doing something Which they've never done before and I Had a feeling that they wouldn't do at All so I'm very excited to do that review And then a little tightness draw here we Also need to leave a bit more room here What's that doing in the fairy wood Who's put a fairy wood in the driver Draws I think we might have to have an Inquest about that that's unforgivable Talking about favorite clubs so can I

Have two can I have two I have two okay This one And that one now these are two of my Favorite clubs because they're actually Many respects failures so first of all This is one of the last Nike drivers to Come out before they actually stopped Making golf clubs this is the vapor Pro And you can see it's it's green but it Was actually one of the first clubs I Really tested back in the day and it was Okay it was decent it was one of the First ones I thought you know what They're actually starting to compete With some of the major brands and then Literally a year later they stopped Making clubs so it shows that even a Massive company like Nike you know they Don't get it right all the time and Sometimes they miss kind of what a Golfer wants talking about missing what A goal for once versus what they Actually need this is the Callaway Big Bertha Fusion driver so when this driver Came out even at the time I remember Hitting it and thinking that is the best Feeling most forgiving driver I've ever Tested ever anywhere Ever and I've done quite a few videos on This it's got carbon Crown like before Carbon was cool it's got carbon Everywhere on the bottom massive back Way slightly triangular shape at the Back which looks a little bit weird but

It just pulls and pushes the weight Further back in the head massive Moi Super super forgiving driver and no one Bought it Because this was at the point where Companies were really starting to push The idea that their drivers were going Further they were going faster nobody Really wanted a driver that was super Forgiving even though as we all know That is exactly what most golfers need Even Straight They can't Keep dreaming it's not it ain't that Good uh yeah I mean listen in this line Of work uh you pick up some funky stuff The Slap Shop clutter Happy Gilmore's Club it's awful I tell You all fight we'll find a video of me Hitting this just listen to the sound of It Go hobo are you too good for your whole Answer me that's horrendous however I've Got a few videos out of it so that's Worthwhile spin dot this is a changeable Insert wedge illegal and we tested this Out in Abu Dhabi wasn't it yeah yeah and Honestly like the the spins you the spin I was getting from this was absolutely Ridiculous oh is this Power Pod This powerful so this is this David Baller so this is a Power Pod driver the Unsliceable 360 yard driving monstrosity

Over Telly sales Golf Club I have very Rarely hit a golf club that feels worse Truly truly horrendous but they sold so Many of these I mean anything that you Say is uncyclable you're probably going To sell quite a few talking about Wedgies though look at that so this is a Smith Works wedge so everything about This face is illegal and it was almost a Bit of a bit of a novelty Club a little Bit of a you know illegal wedge that Spins so much I should remember quite Liking using them and if you're not Playing in competitions and you just Want to have a good time something like That it can be really fun why not get Illegal clubs get a 600 CC driver yes Good time one of the ideas that we had And get down to the comments if you Think this is a good idea is for the Lads to basically go around build me a Bag up and then I play someone or I play In a competition like looking at all These 14 clubs what would you put in so If you're such a nice like progression Of like Tech in here as well so cool I'm Just so lucky to be able to kind of test All these get down into those comments Below and let us know how many clubs do You think are in the studio for a chance To win something from this room I will Pick I will select it will be a really Cool Club so you don't want to miss out On this giveaway quick note on this I

Will pick the winner out of the comments But only only from this account so if You see anybody else message you apart From this account apart from this handle At Peter Finch golf they are a scammer So please report that account I still Want to keep doing giveaways on YouTube But YouTube need to do more to block out These scammers and you guys need to be Aware of what's Happening as well and we Will do the draw for that giveaway one Month from today so the entry closes at Good luck it's been an incredible year I Just want to say thank you to everybody For watching the videos if you haven't Already please do become a subscriber Hit that Bell icon hopefully you enjoyed This tour stay tuned we've also got an Office tour that's coming we've redone Next door to the studio going to be Doing a podcast in there next couple of Days or something so that'll be coming Out very soon I'll see you next time

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