The BEST GOLF CLUBS of 2022!

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Throughout this year I have built an Incredible set of golf clubs through Testing through playing and just general Vibes I think these are the best golf Clubs released this year but what's even Better is I'm going to be giving some of These clubs away to find out when why Make sure you stay tuned to the end of This video but also why get rid of them Why get rid of these amazing golf clubs So every year I do a build My Bag series Where I pick different clubs against Each other for a spot in my bag and I'm Really excited about doing this series Once More it allows me to tell you some Of the best clubs that are coming out to Give you all the information that you Need alongside my normal reviews January Next year is going to be no different There are so many Club drops happening It means by the end of the build My Bag Series every year I can turn around and Say things to you like the best Fairway Woods of 2022 are the Stealth Force 3 Wood from TaylorMade and the g425 Max From thing the stealth plus 3 wood for Me was actually in some ways more Impressive than the stealth Drive Release this thing goes like an absolute Rocket but it also launches really high So it's great off the Fairway and it's Great off the tee so we've got Titanium On the face we've got Steel on the Bottom and we've got carbon to save

Weight from the crown this is an Explosive combination and what surprised Me about the stealth is how much I Enjoyed the feel talking of which the Second Pharaoh would the Ping g425 Max Also is a fantastic feeling Golf Club so I've got g45 Max in a seven wood I've Been chopping and changing it a little Bit with the two iron depending on the Golf course but for me this is the one That spent the most time in the bag but On a serious Point obviously I am Recommending the Ping g425 however I Would highly advise anybody really to Start getting a seven wood and a five Wood in their bags if possible using a Higher lofted fairway wood can be Absolutely transformative to a lot of People's game the g45 it does a few Things really well so it pushes weight To the back of the club head it's quite A low and deep CG helping the ball Launch high in the air it feels very Solid and it's also got a very shallow Profile it means it looks easy to get Underneath the ball so that means our Tricky situations and dodgy lies it's Actually very confidence inspiring I've Hit this club on so many occasions this Year when I've been under pressure and It's never let me down Ah I'm so sorry to interrupt this video but I've just received

Shocking news it appears that over 50 Percent of you aren't actually Subscribed to the channel so make sure You do that now because I have some Fantastic videos coming up I do not want You to miss out on Tech month especially Now both these Fairway Woods I haven't Actually been fitted for I did however Get fitted for these incredible Adele Wedges and putter now I'm not gonna lie These wedgies feel nice they spin Inappropriate amount but I can kind of Say that for really most of the premium Wedges out there on the market today Bounce I could do it though what's impressive About these are Dell wedges was the Fitting process that we went through so We had a couple of goes the first little Stockport that got aborted due to Absolutely torrential and horrendous Weather the second one down at pearly Downs golf club that was fantastic so The whole process of tuning the weights In the back of the club head to my swing Specifics to getting the grind on these Wedges absolutely perfect for Turf Interaction all these things really made The fit in there an amazing experience And it was the same for the putter as Well I don't think I've ever quite been For a Potter fitting like this normally What you would do with a putter is buy a Putter and then try and build a really

Good stroke around it well the Adele Fitting showed was that my stroke I aim A little bit right and I kind of pull The put back to the Target so what we Went through in the fitting was actually Building a putter around that stroke Characteristic like the actual look of The putter the feel of of the Potter I Like it but I don't love it however it Really is one of the most consistent Putters I've used and that is all down To the amazing fitting process so that Is my real recommendation from this Section of the video if you do have the Possibility get yourself fit for every Club including Potter and wedges talking About an amazing fitting process the Titleist performance center at Woburn is Just absolutely spectacular and I was Pretty determined this year to get Really honed and fitted for a set of Irons which were perfect for me I was Fitted into the t100s so a fully forged Iron they're a little bit stronger in Lofts but they feel great they launch Higher and they actually power through The air talking about beautiful What an amazing little spot this is a Reddish yeah Like a little Winter Wonderland I have lost my ball however and I have No intention of going in the river to Find it this is another serious Point Here my grips for this year so these are

Jumbo Max grips now I started using These after we did a video on why Bryson Was using them he's using the absolute Massive Cricket Pat sized ones these are More of a badminton racket and I started To use them I like the feeling of a Thicker grip anyway but if you've been Following my channel for any number of Years you'll know that I should have go Massively with my wrists you know last Year really I hit more than two dozen Balls and I couldn't practice for days Since I stuck these grips on I have not Had any issues and really any pain Within my wrists or my hands it might Just be a coincidence but it's a good Thing which has happened so I am Definitely 100 going to be carrying on Using these next year no matter what so They still feel a little bit strange Around the greens but off the T Foreign Ly that perfect Segway was ruined by the Fact that I've not put those grips on my New shafts yet so I've got a load of These Juventus chefs through and these Are going to be the core of driver Testing next year so we've got this Shaft in every single type of head Combination so I can use exactly the Same shaft for all the reviews Throughout 2023 it should really level The playing field allow me to deliver Really good information to you guys so

The driver in my bag and probably the Biggest surprise of the Year for me in Many respects is the Callaway Rogue St LS Triple Diamond still I think the Worst name of a driver throughout the Year but the performance is unreal so When the Rogue St driver series came out The start of the year I was very Underwhelmed like there was nothing new In this driver really it all been done Before and Callaway pretty much said as Much and they were really thinking along The lines if they're going to take all The technology that they've done so far Refine it hone it stick it into driver And see what happens now the SD Max Version of this driver unbelievably Forgiving even more forgiving than the G425 max for me it's probably the most Forgiving driver in golf right now and The triple diamond is the low spinning Version but even this has a lot more Forgiveness than I would expect out of a Club that just absolutely annihilates The golf ball now we all know the driver Tech really over the last few years has Just been inching along incremental Improvements I am excited about some of The clubs which are coming next year is There going to be anything really Transformative is there going to be Anything really new yes there is so stay Tuned talking about new Look at this bag and they feel like

We're in outer space so this is from Ozio I'm testing out a few bags at the Moment I think this is going to be my Bag going into 2023 or some kind of Similar design there are some really Funky ones we've got FootJoy gloves got Shot scope for my Rangefinder GPS Technology ball wise I've been shifting In and out of a few different ones this Year I've not really done the build my Bag video on it in 2022 so that will Happen in 2023 at the moment I'm using These Vice balls with the Seahawk logo One so which of these clubs should we Give away how about we go ions and Wedges irons and wedges so if you want To be part of this giveaway make sure You wall up that like button let's get This to 8 000 likes that will activate The giveaway and also be a subscriber to The channel as mentioned over half of You watching this are currently not so Stay tuned to my socials because that's Where I'll do an announcement of when And where this giveaway is going to be Taking place also for the bill Maybach Series of 2022 here's a playlist a full Rundown of the fittings all the reviews That I've done for you to peruse at your Leisure

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