We do an incredible review of three super game improvement golf irons: the Wilson Launch Pad, Sub 70 699, and Eleven Golf. You will be amazed at how easy these clubs are to hit, even for players of all skill levels. We’ll give you an in-depth look at each club and its features, including their design and performance on the course. Whether you’re a beginner looking to improve your game or a seasoned pro looking for a new set of clubs, you won’t want to miss our review of these incredible irons. Watch now to see why the Wilson Launch Pad, Sub 70 699, and Eleven Golf are some of the best game improvement irons on the market today.

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In this video we are going to be Exploring that super game forgiving Market seeing which of the best irons Out there and which ones might help you Get better at golf so if you're watching This video and you are struggling with Your irons or you have a slower swing Speed you are a high handicap golfer you Struggle to get your iron shots into the Air this video is very much for you now If you were to list a problem with your Iron shots a lot of people would say Those things and the big manufacturers That's what they're making strides Towards it's like they're saying here You go have an iron that will give you All these things so first up we have a Set which has briefly appeared on the Channel before the Wilson launch pad the Newest iteration oven this is part of Wilson's super game improvement series You'll see the link here so these irons Are a perfect example of the forgiving Clubs that you can buy in this category And Wilson still make I think some of The most underrated blades on the market They are still yes historically I know The most major winning brand with their Irons and they're springing a bit of That technology into play here I am not Joking when I say these are the most Normal looking irons in this test so This is a hollow headed design Sounds like you

Hitting the ball with a kettle as well But feel wise actually pretty good it's Also got a massive Soul so it helps the Club Glide along the surface of the Ground Foreign To get these clubs digging into the turf That's a nice shot And as I've been hitting these irons Over the last few weeks I have just been Super super impressed with them they Sound a bit weird they feel very Powerful and the actual fly is Consistent it's not like crazy Ballooning like you might think it would Be We'll sort of also talked about a pain And a finish on this that makes it Resistance to scratching and that would Be very welcome because it is an Absolutely massive Club head but it's Also a claim I think we should test out We'll do a very simple test I've got a New gap wedge here I'm going to hit 10 Shots now the bug is over here at the Thinker calledson are just lovely They're nice they're actually fantastic To play out of but this is a real test To see how resistant clubs are they Could throw a ping in here and it'll Come out untouched [Music] Okay we have debris on the bottom I was Actually surprised how good this club

Was out of that bunker launch pads with This massive Soul yeah not too bad right Let's give this a clean let's give this A scrub well [Music] I mean it's pretty scratched up it might Be tricky to see because it's Chrome and It's shiny but I mean that's scratched Up exactly the amount that I would Expect a chromed iron to scratch up After hitting 10 shots out of a bunker What about the club face [Music] So yeah cool face very very scratch I'm Especially around the toe where I was Making most of the impact so yeah I Don't really know about that claim to be Honest with you but apart from that I Think these irons are absolutely Fantastic next we have a super popular Gorilla brand that not many people have Heard of we've reviewed sub 70 on the Channel before but the 799 lines are Something really really special to look At so these ions are part of sub-70s Game improvement family again the link Continues and I've got to be honest when You put these down because behind the Ball wow wow wow wow wow wow now Subservancy Claim about these irons that They hit the ball higher and they hit The ball straighter now we're gonna have A look at the data we are going to try And figure out if that's the case but

First of all let's have a little bit of A test and have a chat about the tech Which is in this Golf Club I'm not gonna lie that was a much better Feeling sounding shot than what I was Looking down on so the 799s they're a Hollow headed construction and then sub 70 have injected it with a resin so you Think about p790s from TaylorMade that Kind of vibe it's also got a very thin Club face at 1.7 millimeters so what's Up 70 saying this is something which is Common with a lot of hollow headed irons Is it the power in the energy transfer Is higher which will then allow you to Hit those higher and straighter ball Flights but let's see if that is the Case and let's be honest when these go Down behind the ball you know I'm old Enough to know the beauty comes in many Many forms that no no no no no no so We'll have a look at this height claim First of all I've got my normal gamer Eye in here so the t100s from Titleist Also in a seven iron And that's just a lovely strike a lovely Shot just left of the PIN Lovely So according to sub 70 when I start to Bash these away it's gonna be very high Very noticeable when I put it down the Offset is huge it's absolutely massive This weird Ass that it's got is so ugly it's maybe

The ugliest thing I've ever seen on a Golf club but remember the super game Improvement category guys it's It's not all about looks as we'll see From the last set of clubs that we've Got Now I think you can probably tell that That went a little bit lower Than my item however I thinned the Absolute pants off it Still got a degree Which I think is a pretty good sign I Think we could probably scratch that one From the shot tracers though I don't Think that's a true reflection Foreign On it It's pretty much finished in the same Position it's a nice strike I've got to be honest I very rarely seen the golf club That feels and sounds as nice as this Whilst looking like this Is the best way I can describe it it Feels really solid it feels really nice The sound Isn't like the launch pad or anything Like that either which I thought it Would be Wow That had an extra shooter distance that One as well These feel great I can't believe I'm saying it

I'm looking at him One thing which is so much more Noticeable with these clubs compared to The other ones on the test is they are So heavy they feel like I'm swinging Something with a very big lead weight on The bottom of a shaft and it is not Unpleasant I feel like these irons I Could just throw them down at the ball And it's going to pop up so a distant Time which is very forgiving feels very Heavy and flight wise doesn't feel like A super game improvement Club it feels a Little bit more penetrating a little bit More powerful rather than just going Straight up in the air so just showing You the bullfight of some of these clubs On the golf course but I thought it's Best to also get the data give you the Numbers to go alongside what you've seen And I was quite surprised especially by The sub 70 Iron so here is the data from The launch pads the sub 70s and my Normal gamer iron the t100s from Titleist now the t100s is spinning the Most the launch pad is spinning the less Now what a lot of these irons are are Meant to do is just launch the ball Really high be super forgiving and just Carry as far as possible even on Off-center strikes however the launch Pad was launching the highest but the Sub 70s were actually launching at the Same degree as my Titleist now what that

Shows is that off the club face and Trajectory wise the Titleist and the sub 70 are actually quite similar now that Was a surprise yeah I expected the Launch pad and the sub 70s just to be Launched into space and the launch pads Were launching to space a lot of Launches there but the t100s in the sub 70s surprisingly similar worryingly Similar in some respects now I've been Teasing you all video but I must warn All you golfing purists out there these Irons or should I say hybrids are Definitely something different to have In the bag if you are really struggling Hearing it fat hitting it in from the Top the bottom the heel the toe or Anything then these 11 hybrids a full Set of them might be the clubs for you I Didn't actually realize before I got These clubs through that there's part of The same family as sub 70 so I'm pretty Sure they're manufactured in around the Same place and they are exactly what I've said they are full set hybrids They go all the way down to a pitching Wedge yep that's right a picture I Suppose you'd call it like a pitch in Hybrid wouldn't you Now these aren't the only full hybrid Set out there but they may be one of the Best I've tested one but maybe the best I've seen because it's got a hybrid Shape you can push the perimeter

Weighting around the outside and that Offers a lot of forgiveness these have Graphite shafts so it's going to help You swing quicker as well Foreign And to be honest that for me is the Beauty of these clubs so that was very Low very Healy and it still got down Towards my Target and it might have gone In no almost looks wise I mean they're Nothing crazy they got a decent amount Of offset they feel quite nice once it Gets down to the picture I ain't gonna Lie That ain't the look that I want to be Seeing from a pitching wedge but if you Are struggling with your confidence then It might be the perfect match and 11 say They've got a New Soul design on this Which allows it to be played From almost any luck off the team the Fairway the bunker the first cut thick One Whatever lie that is out of a bush Off the path from a golf club out of the Air off the goat's head out of kieran's Mouth how just a quick note here I know Obviously that got a little bit wild so With this club's durability of the Paintwork does seem to be a bit of an Issue the good news or bad news depend On your feelings of this these clubs all Do come with head covers it's not Technically a bag of iron head covers Because they're not irons however you

Would have a bag full of head covers Foreign Also with the 11 Club Studio the Ryan's Featured in this test including my own Now you'll notice here that ball flight Isn't much higher now that is to be Expected with a hybrid design Club all The way to put much further back you get The ball launching much higher but what Was quite surprising is it was spinning More and it was also carrying less Distance with slightly less ball speed Now I would have expected these clubs to Actually be the longest when in fact They were the shortest and the slowest Now that doesn't detract from how good They are off dodgy lies it doesn't Detract away from how easy they are to Hit but if you are looking for a purely Distance Club then maybe maybe it might Not be for you so out of these three Sets what would I recommend so easiest To hit are definitely the 11s although They do mark up the most I would say That the launch pads are the best All-round package while the sub 70s Probably feel the best and perform more Like a standard set of clubs whilst Incorporating the forgiveness if I was To pick one right now to go in my bag I Would probably pick the launch pads Which would be closely followed by the Sub 70s and the 11s one of the best Things about these irons as well is that

Compared to some of the better player Irons on the market they're also a Little bit cheaper as well as being more Forgiving and having that ability to be That super game improvement club and Let's face it I think a lot of golfers Could benefit from using these types of Clubs compared to the ones that maybe Currently are in their bag so like this Video Everybody subscribe to the channel If you haven't already and if you want To see more Club reviews check out these Here

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