The DREAM Golf Setup And Office Tour

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Foreign We've done this intro about six times Now get in here right you know what no No you chill out I'm gonna take over Guys what I'm gonna do is an office talk Because we've got this amazing space Next door we're gonna start in here Which is our studio all right yeah yeah Awesome that is that is absolutely Perfect so um This space we have had for oh that's a Good question so I think we got this Second lockdown so probably about two Years now and to be honest it was a bit It was a bit weird one because there's Quite a lot to rent but also at that Time literally couldn't get out on any Golf course so to actually get this was A it was absolutely essential probably More essential than I realized so we did All the club filming in here we still do All the data driven testing in this room As well and then that allows us to then Go out to the courses and get the On-course reviews and it's changed a Little bit over the last two years but Now we've got next door which we'll show You in a sec that is helping us to Redefine this space as well so it's yeah It's been really really good actually so I'll say one thing it's looking very Clean here as well it is looking I would Say unusually clean if you've noticed in The club collection video that we've

Done by the way we'll kind of link it Here we've got all the clubs out and we We showed them all just give you an idea Of what we're packing All the clubs are in Um what I would call what would you call This the room of death maybe so this is An Old Mill in Manchester an old Cotton Mill it's a little bit higgledy-piggledy Like the offices have been like chucked Into really random spaces like this Archway that David is sitting in I Presume this was a window like who knows It could have been everything and it's Through here there's like a space I Suppose it's gonna have a look I'll tell You why it passes passes that I'll kind Of show you so in here we've got the Clubs I've got a Wilson bag thrown on There but you can see like the pie pin No idea where that goes up to like what Is that like why is there a Gap there in The roof that's okay Um Well we I think in the club collection Video kind of estimated about kind of 50k as in retail it's obviously the Stuff that we go through you know it's It's cost so it's nothing like that and Obviously depreciation in clubs but yeah Probably something like that but that's Not the kind of the point we're not a Shop it's for the club testing so values Are relevant as far as that's concerned

Uh you know all these jobs we have uh Very proud of these drawers Exceptionally proud in fact we have all The drive ahead so this year we use Inventors chefs now really simply when We've done Club testing in the past it's Been fine using loads of different types Of shafts it makes the the data Sometimes kind of a little bit Inconsistent and you've got to figure Out different weights and flexes these Are exactly the same shafts in identical Specs apart from the shaft sleeves so They fit into all the different driver Heads and all the different driver heads Are in these drawers so it's still a bit Of stuff under embargo so we'll throw Out the Japanese draw here most of the Mizzou no shirts a bit of Homer as well So as the clubs come through we fill up These drawers and as the years tick by We'll be able to pull them out stick Them on same shaft and do the Comparisons as well so it's I think Gonna really kind of completely change How we do things also we've got GC quad In here for the testing gc3 that we can Take out to the course a little bit Lighter a little bit more portable so It's yeah I mean setup wise for Club Testing is amazing I've got to show you The thing I'm most proud of Look at this so there's just a little Bit of polystyrene but look all the

Different wrenches from all different Manufacturers but what I do want to know Is what that is What's that I don't know What is it okay fair enough there's Gonna be a cool bed flying off somewhere Pretty soon and uh we've got the Stanley Fat Max what do you call it what'd you Call it Vice there were going to be Support here so we can support the club Stick on a green screen do loads of Different cool angles with it um just so We don't we're not kind of bound to the Golf course also don't need to be bound To the golf course with this as well Just look at it and it magnificent this Is Schaumburg uh it's in a lovely little Town called Schaumburg which is in the Heart of Europe slash America or maybe Maybe southern hemisphere you know I'm Sure there's lots of schaumburg's around Uh it's very tree-lined though that's For sure I I don't know but it looks Scary yeah what are we on so Par Four What drives we've got out I'll use this Bad boy so this is David's driver by the Way David is our brand manager we'll Introduce you properly in a moment he Just hates being on camera so we'll make You feel awkward in a second let's go Yellow ball we've got on pvx okay this Is a draw driver the Power Pod Unslicable worst driver I've ever tested In my life

It doesn't slice though I will give it That that is an absolute pigeon killer My word that was my first swing in like Two weeks so wow one week a bit of Exaggeration and David is actually Currently doing the thumbnail which will Accompany this video putting some kind Of laser Network in place to deter God What was it what was that film gosh it's Going to be showing my age with Catherine Zeta Jones who's talking under All them lasers I'd Sean Connery in it Oh it was awful but it had a scene where It's all the lasers anyway it's very Classic like spy kind of thing oh yeah Yeah but that was like one of the first Ones yeah that was I won the first one Okay anyway David's brand manager but He's currently plowing his way through The thumbnails for the rest of videos For this year so he's caught up in that I don't want to disturb him any longer Actually he doesn't want to be disturbed Service into next door yes come on let's Have a wander through so next door is Amazing actually it is really really Cool come on let's have a look here we Go new space so when we got this it was A bit ago now wasn't it so this is just A complete shell we've read on Everything in here as a space to kind of Work from but also as an extra filming Space so that was the whole point to Make it look nice enough that we could

Also film in here very important to Understand your films will last forever On YouTube this is Mick he's the newest Member of Staff here at Finch golf media Hello hello how's it going you enjoying Your tour well we're asking them the Question or maybe because they can't Answer back right now guys get out get Out of this course let us know how You're getting on are you okay say hello To Mick as well he's uh only how long You been here three months four months No I don't think it's that long no less He's on probation still anyway so this Might be the first time last time you See me but he's been he's been doing Very very well so far well thank you sir Nice to say that he's currently working On something which we will get into Pretty soon so we're restarting the Rough cut podcast so we're going to be Filming that in this room as well so We're going to be restarting that I Think it's gonna be called the rough cut Anyway I actually chat about that yet we Were going to change the name or not so This is workstation number one these are Both kind of standing desks obviously Not at the moment but they can be we've Got these two stations are kind of like High powered Mac Studio just so we can Get in here grind away the edits and Then we've got laptops that we can take Away for everyone's in on the go little

Camera station here this thing in here This is still under embargo so I can't Really show you what's in it but this is Game changing this is actually really Really cool looking for to do in the Video in January Tech months as we're Going to be doing I'm gonna do a logo For that as well it's a lot of things we Need to do uh so there's so many reviews There's so many golf clubs coming out in January so we're going to do a full Month of like Tech orientated videos Because it's just it's ridiculous I Think we've got 12 videos noted down to Make and I think we could literally make About 20 with all the different clubs Coming out it's kind of obscene to be Honest these are camera equipment a few Bits and Bobs some GoPros charging Station down there camera filming at the Moment that's the main one we use so That's a Sony this is mostly used for The course because it's got a nice big Suit and this camera doesn't so I don't Know I'm not I'm not a camera expert so I'm not very um okay with all the you Know correct terminology you guys are Yeah those are those clubs So these oh these are the team these are The squads so my clubs are next door uh Up next to tigers where they belong I can slowly see like a migration of uh Drivers from next door appearing in here And Putters will have a word about uh

Where these belong very soon logo by the Way yeah How much do we make on YouTube Um well that is a million dollar Question unfortunately it's not a Million dollar question I wish it was a Million dollar question well this is one One way we can make more we just have we Just have the videos playing in the Background that's math yeah so it's a New brainwashing measure I put in place Every hour of every day just those Videos are being over not really been Playing the World Cup for the last few Years a few years a few weeks Um how much do we make well I have been Doing say what I'll show you it's Probably the best way of doing it I'm Going to put this out anyway so I've Been doing the analytics for the swing Quest channel so this is our coaching Channel so this is kind of what we've Done uh year to date on swing Quest so This will give you a decent idea so I've Had 1.8 million views estimated revenue For that is almost like four and a half Grand so the way the YouTube works is it Pays per thousand views now there's a Lot of different things that kind of go Into that so like the types of AD Weather Those ads are being played the Length of the video so the swing Quest Channel actually receives less income Per view than other channels because the

Footage is really kind of compress the Video length is really short whole body Swing Quest channel was do like a very Snappy all the information you need in a Short space of time which is good for People watching not so good on the back End as far as the kind of amount of Revenue and all the rest of it that it Generates but I think it's it's one of Those difficult ones because I know a Lot of people watch the swing Quest Channel if you've not subscribed please Do by the way what we want to do with That channel is kind of continue this Theme potentially add more videos maybe Add some longer form content on there But it's all an experiment yeah it's Only been going for a year Um so obviously 50 000 Subs that might Have used that amount of review you know This ain't going to change the world We're not going to be buying a yacht Anytime soon it's just a it's a work in Progress like the main Channel earns Kind of more than that just because of The the viewer lengths we get more views And obviously more time on the on that Channel as well that you know we talk About this stuff a little bit more if You're not following us on social I tend To put this stuff out on there get a bit More in depth into it So this box this is a very special box So when we get to a million subscribers

On the main Channel this is the box that We're going to be opening and we're Going to stay in here all day and just Have literally the best Tuesday ever so What's gonna happen on Tuesday it's Gonna happen that is my prediction it's Going to happen on Tuesday so in this Box I am partial to a uh bottle of Whiskey and in here careful what we have 15 year old Sherry Cask Balvenie so this Is kind of like a limited room I have Absolutely no idea the the cost of this Whiskey all I know is they're just Looking at it I'm like I just yeah I just can't wait I can't Wait to get stuck in Um so if you haven't subscribed already Saw this stuff with those we did a video On this didn't we well we we said it in A video over half the people who watch This channel aren't subscribed so if you Could subscribe it's totally free you Get incredible golf content above Average golf content hit the notify Button as well that would help a lot but This is going back on the shelf and this Will not be taken down again until the Big day what we're going to do is kind Of fill this with Um flags and pictures and then start to Spread those out throughout the office Because like the the walls behind your Guys desks at the moment there's nothing There so every course we go to we're

Going to try and get a flag if they sell It and start putting them up my these Are literally from this year the Critical last 2019 that's when I did it With um me and my golf said Chris Ryan It was a really good day actually that Down I went with when I got the uh Replace the BMW Pro on this year my dad Caddy got the bib possibly forged at Swiss Forge and the seven iron but I got My hole in one in but this is the 100 000 subscriber plaque that we got for The Pete Finch Golf Channel if you've Not subscribed to swing Quest Channel Please do as well Um because I want to try and get that by The end of 2023 it's got a nice little Nice little space there nice little Space what would you say your um your Favorite videos I'm going to do Tech ones I do love Doing Club reviews I just like getting Shiny things I'm not sure how much I'm Going to leave a bit of space just in Case you need to blur most of this out But kind of this side of the office We've got a couple of whiteboard rolls I Suppose I was gonna get whiteboard paint But then had a bit of a northern moment I would describe it because it's quite Expensive so I was like I'll just get Whiteboard rolls instead but they do the Job so we've been kind of scripts now Things that we want to try and Achieve

Next year and bigger projects are gonna Be kind of at the Forefront of that so Like the head pro matches that was like A little toe in the puddle toe in the Water turn the water turning the water In 2022 just to see what that was like So making that bigger and better we've Obviously got the open a couple of Things going around around that we've Got a pretty big project in May which is Going to be like a challenge that's Going to be over a couple of weeks those Are the ones which I'm kind of quite Excited about next year those bigger Ideas which can engage more people raise Quite a bit of money for charity as well That's probably what I'm most excited About next year which one a golf playing Series that we need to do and the Podcast there's got a few things going On here what's this station here well This is actually I would say I would Actually put this as potentially the Greatest thing that Kieran has ever made So this is a food and drink station Under here we have LED lights which are All the rage apparently and look it's Just it's lighting everything up and Other fizzy drinks are available this is Probably the most important piece of Equipment we have here at Fringe golf Media so this is Clarissa the coffee Machine with her helping guiding hand She had Shepherd shepherded me through

Some pretty tough times I'm not gonna Lie basically runs the office fuels the Office we've got some is that the listed Last tea bag Absolute disgrace here by the way got Two I got these two Five days ago nobody likes double Deckers or crunchy bits what favorite You know what I'm I'm exceptionally Boring I literally just a plain dairy Milk or dairy milk caramel just like Just pure simple unadulterated don't Need no double deckers don't need it Just give me that chocolate give me that Chocolatey goodness that's all I'm Bothered about got cereals we've got Some food which The Lads can just tuck Into whenever they want Um well I say that this was full again About five days ago and here it happened I moved through here like an absolute uh Swarm yeah there you go eat what you Want Kiss Pop and Kieran Yeah yeah I think we'll show well I Think we're gonna have to blur out like Pretty much like two thirds two-thirds a Bit so this is all these are all the Tech releases in in January so like I Said we've got about 12 videos planned For this but we've got so six nine ten Eleven twelve fifteen sixteen different Drivers that we're reviewing Um we could actually review more than That pretty much the same number of I

Know half the number of ions pretty much Same number of Fairway Woods half that Again as far as Putters half again as Far as wedges basically the list all the Clubs that are coming out break that Down to videos that we think you were Going to enjoy the most and the most Relevant for kind of people's games then Decide uh kind of video titles kind of What the the basis of those videos are Going to be obviously that's subject to Change because as we testicles we could Find out different things about them but Well we're doing a lot more planning and We're going to kind of keep this going Month for month so we're trying to film Everything get everything sorted then we Can start moving on to February on to March and then on to bigger projects Into the middle of next year so there's Just so much more planning going on the Only problem with this room and next Door because it's like big and tall and It's it's getting better you can just Still hear that slight Echo we're just Trying to soften this place up this this Stuff on the wall helps but there's no Way near enough so I brought in a bit of My wardrobe from home from FootJoy got The shoes down there and we've got Jacob's Grandma's what'd you call this Hat stand isn't Now this is not from Ikea this is uh From dunelm I don't know I don't know

Where it's from another place that sells Home things I think that's about it to Be honest with you I don't think there's Much there's much more to show amazing It's very very good very very exciting You should be you're working guys thanks For watching subscribe if you haven't Already become a part of this community And help us get the office next door to This again what I want to do is by the End of the next few years have a run of About five offices all the way we can Like install their like driving range or Like an indoor range honestly subscribe If this video gets us to a million Subscribers we'll get an indoor range We'll invite everyone down how's that Sound love that one absolutely Bruce Lee Bonus that would be right

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