The Driver To Beat In 2023..but there’s a HUGE problem | Callaway Paradym Driver | Full Review

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These are the new paradigm drivers from Callaway and they might just be the best That I've ever tested but for some of The claims that Callaway are making About them well they're gonna have to be Amazing [Music] God [Music] Foreign [Music] Not only that these drivers are Expensive coming in at 599 pounds now for that kind of money You should be expecting something very Very special we have three different Models we've got the standard Paradigm The X which is the most forgiving with a Slight draw bias and the low spinning Better player Focus Triple Diamond I've Rigorously tested all three and as Mentioned there's some pretty Interesting results so behind the ball These drivers look okay you could quite Clearly see they are split into three Separate parts so you've got the front Section which is titanium you've got the Middle section which is all carbon and Then the bum on the end that is titanium As well in the literature we got Beforehand they actually popped a little Bit more the bluey purple color was a Lot more vibrant it's a little bit more Subdued in normal conditions in the

Bright Sunshine it comes out a little Bit more I think I'd preferred if it was Just a little bit more poppy they Weren't even braver with it shape wise When these are on the ground you can Really tell the difference so the triple Diamond the toe looks like it's flaring A long way open which will definitely Favor most better players and the X Looks absolutely massive and I think Pretty confidence inspiring if you do Struggle to get the ball into the air The standard Paradigm is probably going To be the favorite choice of most Golfers the standard Paradigm and the X These both have bigger bums they're at 460 CC while the Triple Diamond is at 450cc the Paradigm also has an Adjustable weight in the back now Cowboys say this is an alter ball flight By six yards in either direction Depending on where you put that weight Now the most exciting part about this Driver can be seen when we flip it over The weird pattern on the sole of this Driver is forged carbon now forged Carbon I literally didn't know anything About before starting to review these Drivers you take lots of individual Specs and pieces of carbon and rather Than layering them over each other They're pressed together and forged and What Callaway say is this allows more Complex shapes the triaxial carbon

Construction which is on the top of this Driver and what you see on most drivers That utilize carbon technology that is Where the sheets are just layered on top Of each other and the whole middle Section of this driver is completely Unsupported carbon so you've got Titanium at the front titanium at the Back but this whole middle section here This is all carbon now that is genuinely Genuinely new the jailbreak technology Which fuses the sole to the crown on Callaway drivers for more stability that Has been altered it's now just a single Bar with a couple of prongs rather than Two prongs coming up from the top and The bottom apparently is better I'm not Sure you know we'll have to wait and see The club face as well that's been Engineered even more by artificial Intelligence to correct offline shots So in conclusion Callaway claimed that These drivers have 30 tighter down range Dispersion that they are more forgiving Than last year's Road drivers which I Thought were already the most forgiving In golf they have 15 yards of shot Correction thanks to their AI face but That is not the only claim Callaway also Say the Paradigm drivers have the Highest core in golf which translates to They say that this club is the fastest Driver in the game today the quickest Ball speeds that you can get Callaway

Say come from this driver that is quite The list of claims so the bottom of the Driver what you would call the Shelf Appeal actually looks really cool I'm Just not a hundred percent sure on how It looks behind the ball So firstly the ball speeds on both the Normal Paradigm and the triple diamond They're actually really impressive when Tested at full speed once you look from The center most of those top brand Drivers they are going to be flying Pretty fast But with these drivers what actually Surprised me the most is that on off Center strikes the ball is still flying Very very fast this is something you're Going to see most manufacturers pushing Towards getting more ball speed on Off-center hit so not just out of the Center this allows a manufacturer to say They've got a faster Club face because Technically it's faster from all over so Let's have a test and see if the triple Diamond so this is the better player Model the lower spinning model is Actually better than the triple diamond From last year which is currently in my Bag with all our driver reviews this Year we all mixed it up a little bit so Unless stated every driver head is Tested in eight degrees and we're using The fujikora Ventus shaft exactly the Same specs exactly the same loss what it

Should do throughout Tech month but also Throughout the rest of the year is give Us a really good consistent base of data Foreign Data comparison the triple diamond Paradigm versus the Rogue St Triple Diamond the Paradigm was quicker by half A mile an hour however the Paradigm Triple Diamond did actually go further Than last year's model because of their Spin control and to be honest it just Felt a lot better as well I'm sorry to Interrupt this video but as I look over This winter wonderland of Manchester Gripped in Winter's icy Embrace I can't Help noticing that over 50 of you Watching this video aren't actually Subscribed so if you could hit the Subscribe button wall up the like button And why don't you give that little bell Icon a tickle as well so if you upload a Video you'll be notified for most Golfers they're going to be going for The Paradigm or the Paradigm X I was Actually really surprised when I tested The Paradigm and the Paradigm Triple Diamond together the data was actually Really close there wasn't that much to Actually split them the Paradigm Triple Diamond was coming out slightly faster But I was swinging also a tiny bit Quicker with that club what really Surprised me was last year the feeling Of difference between the triple diamond

Rogue St and now the triple diamond Paradigm the Paradigm did feel a lot Better and that surprised me because I Really like the Rogue St LS Triple Diamond even though it has a stupid name So I'm not sure how many golfers are Actually going to need the triple Diamond Paradigm or the standard Paradigm for me the differences were That great the X however that is Interesting now I tested it in a couple Of different ways first of all at just Under 100 miles an hour of swing speed And I just put the worst most horrific Slice action on the ball Struck it from Across the face to really test out just How forgiving it was and whilst this Testing isn't conclusive I have to say I Was reasonably impressed by the results Certainly on the off Center strikes it Felt really good and then I set up the Foresight software to Schoenberg golf Club which looks to be I think probably The tightest golf course on planet Earth I put the Ventus shaft back in and I Just consistently consistently hit the Ball left of Target so for me I think The draw bias on this driver is Something that does work especially when I started to test it at full speed so 120 miles an hour that I was testing the Paradigm and the triple diamond that Honestly I was just hitting it so far Left now out of the three drivers I

Think it probably felt the easiest to Hit certainly on The Off Center strikes It was really nice this is something Which I think if you are really Struggling to strike the ball or you do Slice quite heavily this is one to keep An eye out for so see something really Cool in these drivers something which is Actually genuinely new Thank you Performance wise we've seen slight Changes in ball speed nothing massive But they are there also for me the Forgiveness of these drivers and the way They feel of off-center hits is actually Really nice but we can't forget the Price of these drivers you know this is Very very Punchy so chat to people Within the industry they are saying There are reasons for price increases And I don't think it's only Callaway That are going to bump up costs this Year there are supply chain issues There's inflation obviously there's the Stuff that's going on in Ukraine all of This stuff is driving or prices now how That translates to the everyday golfer And if they're going to care and if They're going to dip into their pocket For that extra cash for a small Improvement in performance that remains To be seen of course that is up to you Guys get down to those comments and let Us know in conclusion I really like

These drivers I like anything which adds Something new to the conversation are They a step up from last year's Rogue St Models yes I think so slightly so they Offer a little bit more ball speed from Across the face not really from the Center too much they feel better in my Opinion and they add a little bit more Forgiveness but is that going to be Enough for you guys to dig into your Pockets and pay 599 pounds for them of course everything In here is my opinion but what do you Think get down into those comments and Let us know what you think all the Paradigm drivers going to be something That you would want to try out of course We have so many more Club reviews here On this channel especially on drivers so You can check them out here if you Haven't already become a subscriber to The channel wall up that like button and Hit that little bell icon as well so you Get notified of all the videos that we Release

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