THE FUNNIEST EVER MAJOR CHALLENGE | Trying to win the 2009 Open!

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Back in 2009 fan favorite Tom Watson Stood here just about to begin the back Nine at Turnberry with a real chance of Becoming the oldest open champion in History at 59 years old now it didn't Work out for Tom Stuart Singh ended up Winning that open which is obviously Great for Stuart but today myself and Fellow professional Andy Carter I'm going to be teaming up to try and Help Tom over the line we're going to be Playing a scramble Over The Back Nine Here at this amazing golf course and all We have to do is break path yeah I'm Fancy enough however the weather today Is a little bit tougher I reckon it's a Little bit tricky we'll throw the final Leaderboard going into the back nine now Tom shot level par heading in we need to Shoot one under to avoid going into the Playoff and win the Open Championship However and this is the real kicker Today if you look down here at this Incredible tenth hole this par five it Is beautiful after this hole we head Back towards the clubhouse and play into A 40 mile an hour wind so if you think This is going to be easy it's not buckle Up kids it's gonna get wild A wiggle Over there [Music] I've got nothing left [Music]

Right come on Andy let's do it for Tom Right right bunker little draw one let The wind hit it more than anything 380 to the far bunkers Beauty I know So we're playing very tactically here Already well I'm gonna I thought I'm just going to get it down there and Then you just got Just unleash one the rest of it to go Let's be aggressive that's what Tom Would want he would oh do you remember This open by the way get down to the Comments I'm gonna bomb this right at That middle bunker it should move off to The left come on bird is the start Because we're going to need it go on my Word Foreign The middle one Oh the middle one yeah I'm not flowing The back ones I flew that with three Wood not today I'm swinging it slow come On guys one five three flag on five Three one five three it's one six one Back One five three flag okay I'm gonna go Watch the yeah I think Reggie's right Yeah I need to birdie this hole really At the very least yeah we're gonna have To we have to make some score early Doors yeah so just a wedge Landed around the front of the green is Going to hop on

Come on let's do this Is that big it's flown over the back That moved also like a tiny bit left as Well I think he's slightly off our right Shoulder come on Carter I got it I got It you got this Oh B the number A bit short good shot though oh So Embry you do it to me every time Fantastic Best golf course ever right uphill Downwind Will play a factor on every single put Today honestly when we turn around into This win there's going to be so brutal We need to hold this really I'm looking Forward to the challenge bit of a head Start Oh my God I pulled it Swimmer that's all right bird is in Straight I just pulled it so actually It's pretty straight though yeah Slightly up the hill Yeah you've got this I can see it yeah Me too Wow's a great effort Right well it's the barely secure that's All we needed now um we have eight holes Of sheer Terror car in Oh one eight seven One eight seven straight down yeah it's Kind of down off the right isn't it You think nine I'm thinking nine yeah a

Little bit something Because well no I'm thinking eight Actually because it's a little bit more Off the right Oh actually it's 187 from there it's one Night from there yeah eight eight one Advantages we have today we're playing Off basically a one forward of a t But honestly they had such better Conditions they didn't play in October For a start we got a lot more pressure As well by the way what's up oh by the Way how good is that it's unbelievable Look at this Best golf course ever Italian straight At it that's an indication of how strong The wind is 190. Nice strike Uh middle of the gray Wind um took that quite a bit I think I Think a little seven you know just Because you're on I think if you go Seven like try and just cut it into it a Bit Yeah okay if you don't uh We've not Seen Andy play before he's famous for His control over a cut shot laughs He's maybe the best cutter of a golf Ball I've ever seen My cuts are five yard draw Love it so I got this I'll hold this on Watch this this is not going to leave The flag it's going to fight the wind The whole way if it's the Holy One

That's an automatic win in the open so We can just Sprint back to the clubhouse Okay Hold off it win hold off it hold off it Hold on hold off it hold off it hold off It hold off it Nice shot That's pretty much exactly the same time Okay Well I'm glad we figured that one out Interesting The price taking my Approach again used To it folks all right Pete uphill love It right to the left and possibly maybe Even that's all right To left Straight Outta hell of a pin Position not today by the way it's on a Bit of a plateau up there isn't it Got I should have hit it really oh it's Not a bad line So that line but harder what was it like Just outside left yeah Oh yeah No it was just outside left and go left To right of this hill Oh You love to see it oh oh I was excited Stuart we are coming for you mother or If you're all right we're coming for you Your absolute Chopper through this storm That's about to hit us yeah that doesn't Look tasty that's not looking great Foreign I'm going to punch it off that left

Bunker oh this is going to be Interesting yeah that's right not your Shot this is my shot Oh God Pete's on you oh so that's down The tent AC that was a very tough lot to know I've got that in me you know right right Pete no pressure mate well I'm a little Bit worried because you see them Hills In the background to the left No you can't that's what's coming our Way From all of our ways right that left Bunker a tiny cut Same kind of fly though Oh yeah just hang on to see it hang on Turnberry It's okay Just into the roof but Not back at the Lighthouse 152 yards Left in I'm going to go like a like a Chippy six basically Be good I love the connection please be Good please be right go on go go Oh my days that is one of the best shots I've ever seen you play you know what I'm not going to argue with that Oh that was that was pure that was Pretty good that I don't dish out Compliments too easily I'll be honest I don't think you need to get a shot but I'll go To lose another ball that's a different

Ball oh I lost my other one One ball down Foreign Nice shot I mean that's a very good shot I'd have Taken that anyway what can I do I'll let Him have this approach You can come along for the ride Andy Thank you people on the Tom Watson Roller coaster Good job Peter thank you it's a lovely Shot A little bigger so they didn't go in Greens are literally unbelievable here Sensational I was trying to finish off a uh go up Here this is all you One bull birdie eh Straight up the hill Well dog pee thank you very much well Dog Pete You know When I was watching that open I was I was wondering and I was concerned Why Tom was able to burn any more holes and Now I'm well okay A bit of an underachieved really Tom Actually yeah what's he actually done in The game think about it How many opens does you want Including here jewel in the sun maybe Nicholas here wasn't it one of the most Famous opens no idea Carl doesn't know He's not a story I am literally the

Worst when it comes to any sort of golf History not a clue Tiger Woods It was good it was a good play it's the One advantage of uh play the scramble You just get your driver out literally Everywhere oh It's gotta be driving into This wind yeah I think I'm gonna try my Sting you again but I'm going to close The face this time Just basically going at that last bunker I think all right oh this is a nicely Shaped hole isn't it this is basically My hole like if you think about it Little phase off that bunker on your Little fader Foreign ER Pete Stay there don't move don't move Pete No shot for me like if this hole went The other direction I would not feel Anywhere near as comfortable Yeah oh there's the rain hello Andy's Just come back from Dubai no chance to Extinguish around there too many Stingers were needed A little bit low on the face but nearly There I've got about 187. that's gone Nowhere what's that gone so sure it just Hit the bottom Groove is there a crack In that tp5 ah Hey Karen look what's behind you there's A lighthouse in Rob with the Bruce's Castle

All right one three five straight into The teeth of the wind could be a little Punchy sevenness you know a great minds Thinker like little flicky seven well I'm gonna go straight at it little fade Are you fading one in yeah just hold it Up into the wind just a just a smidge Like okay Oh get off it win Get off it Oh my God What's up [Music] It's literally open over there is it a Little bit less Bro I'm gonna go middle of the green and Let the wind touch it yeah I think That's probably the right place a little Seven as well yeah yeah I think clubwise But I got like more just behind the Center just back of Center Go and win come on wind Oh come on come on come on come on come On come on Let's go buying it it's a good shot nice Shot yeah I love golf I secretly thought You hated goals I love golf me check out Carter's golf it's Mega Veggie yeah this is the point where we Go make another birdie this for four in A row yeah absolutely unreal scene oh I've got no peripheral vision right now Actually do you know where you're going Over there

Oh Set surfage what the hell was that right Right is was it it moved it was right to Left but I did pull it it's like an Excited pull guy had a few of them our Next hole's downwind Okay good God Well sit sit sit what are you doing what Are you doing Take your car That's where's the marking oh my God I Can see what you mean now Tom Left Edge Oh It wasn't left edging straight at six Right yeah all right I hit up I hear That good to be honest okay I think I hit it good anyway maybe I Pulled it a bit no I had it good so That's it [Laughter] You can tell from both sides [Laughter] We're gonna go nine under what a waste Of two fantastic shots into the green Yeah I played the old quite well apart From that you know but absolutely ripped It oh wow that was fascinating We are on hold 14 that way 500 yards it looks like I Think 498 downwind downhill uphill I Mean long list to be fair Oh you stopped in it so bad it's gone in The goals

You know what's putting me off when I Took it away the rain was hitting the Clubhead it's making a pinging noise it Made me worried that there's something Wrong with the driver the top of the Back swing I realized there wasn't Anything wrong with the driver and Before I know it was the impacts and the Club face was pointing younger I have Heard some excuses but this is Incredible did you enjoy that story Fantastic Oh Foreign Obviously wind assisted you've Absolutely pummeled it Yeah 180. 182 uphill Now we've got to slice it around the Gauss Bush so it's not all good news I'm Gonna just like slices it Not fully Just a Little Italy this could Be fun That's a layup I'll sit down Sit oh for God's sake good God it's from the bunker feel under a Bit of pressure I need a good lie Good luck oh How's your teeth all right punches Puncher probably get a four end of this Um Such as the normal shot yeah actually Isn't it Oh my God slicer nice turning it's nice

Hard actually no stop yeah sit no I Didn't it could be in that left bunker Which is a great miss because it's 14 Foot deep Oh Tom Fair Play To You Paul right A reasonable second shot Pinay this is Makeable Downhill down The hill downwind Oh feeling confident about this one Pete Little love words just Just a little chunk in charge Come on go on just needs a bit more than That it's the right idea go and get that Slow I'll keep going there Nearly that's not too bad That's good Look at that sky behind you it's Literally dark out let's see the Apocalypse coming in right So this needs to be pitching after that Don't it really just a little bit yeah That's a bit more fiery I like that turn Turn turn turn Stop stop stop not bad well I've got not Bad still might be yours I think is it Oh Guys if you're enjoying this make sure You Wallop that like button just look Look at this look how dramatic this is This is Absolutely crazy it's wild absolutely Wild out here All right let's try let's try not to

Three put this birdie Right to left yeah all right here we go Go Pete It's a lovely little figure of eight Just this is so hard Hello I feel like we're going back to like 1642 or something I don't know why Come on birdie birdie birdie birdie Guessing there's never any doubt really When I've got boobs in my hand where you Go where you go But we are now literally back into the Wind all the way to the club we need to Go that way that way the wind's coming From that way and so is the rain Yeah oh Yeah one eight nine oh God insert draft Three Wood yeah 189 bang into the wind 192. it's playing like 2 30. 2 30. I'm Gonna go three It's playing like 230 I'm gonna get a Three one just like literally chip a Fade back into it It's reached that time of night Should have said the flag turn turn a Bit turn a bit Uh sure it's not reaching are you I Don't know I thought it's a decent shot But probably just took a little bit too Much off of it come on and you got this Yeah yeah I got this yeah right I was a bit Nicky damn it it's not

Coming back no oh my word Right Pete Oh you're chipping it I think so yeah I'm thinking like a 54 one little check In the release out 54. Seeing that shot You're right come on I'm tripping this In Please do Great for distance yeah not bad it's Gonna ball above my feet a bit maybe Right Go on up the hill Bit Nicky that strike I'll be honest [Laughter] I only put it through my legs Wow oh it's too cold it's too wet that Was an extraordinary extraordinary but Look at that over there Sensational Having it dramatic though the thing with The West Coast you get the bad weather At times but you just get seen like that Unbelievable Stress I thought you were a bit closer I'd have tried harder Cool You got this Oh good luck good lad good three good Part when you pile this hole it's always A good score like Legend says if you Pile this hole in the last round of it Open you go on to win you pretty much You've won it yeah [Music]

[Music] Oh we're at the business end now this is Where the cash is made stroke index one Got a couple of shots where are we going We're going straight at middle of the Clubhouse middle of the hotel yeah why Not yeah I've got to be honestly it Looks pretty confusing We used to Fairway today that's all Right You know what No not for a while from nine Carter's got off YouTube channel I was Ripping it Oh fantastic You're welcome good shot Your concept of a fairway is absolutely Baffling to me Jeez right where are we going what we do With who are we right 180. Into wind A little bit chilly I don't like doing This because It took my outfit now it doesn't match But I'm at the point of no return you Want me to go you go all right My biggest car is dry because it was Better uh because he was further on and Actually got a better angle Somehow but this is the State of Affairs I'm going to hit my Infamous little Three wood hold it so we can get on to The next hole Foreign

Guys it's an amazing course having such A wonderful time But this feels now like a battle not Only against Stuart sink at the open Field but against nature itself I don't know yeah why not so shank it There's water there 180 180 bullet Ball Please Foreign Guys Oh come on we'll let him come down here There's my tea shot I did my bit I thought it was going but Come here for us yeah of course of Course and for Tom Where are you going I might be in the Water sit down sit down oh my God Foreign Right right no matter what happens you Can never say anything about Michael oh You know what yeah fair enough that was Tragic oh no all the ball Pickers are on The other side as well Sake Nice shot Brilliant you're welcome well great I've actually lost it now We lost it yeah Trying to tuck that in for some sort of Oh well thanks for contributing car Bloody hell I'm here when it counts what a beautiful Little Bridge This hole I remember being

Fearsome 440 yards into wind and that is the Tightest most ridiculous Fair I've ever Seen in my life listen Tom's a ball Tom Is a baller oh look at that Isaac that's An unreal haul oh my God that's right How did he build this so he should Record the X5 Just what we need In the dark Oh that was so good let's go You might as well You don't need to lose another bar that Was so pure I was literally the best Shot of it since the front nine hey Great Drive partner thank you oh I can't Even see where we're going on SEC 204 Middle of the green into wind uphill I'm Actually gonna go three with as well Three with me yeah I don't think three Iron's gonna get there this is a Ridiculous Foreign I think it's short That must be good it's a lovely shot It's good To it not a problem yeah I'm sure driver three would eight iron Part four let's go How fast it is Laughs Sorry when the pneumonia said what is That you've just pulled out of your bag It's dark in it

Instead of it oh sometimes I've only Opened the yellow ball oh cool I want a Three shot cushion going into the last Door God knows what's gonna happen if They're locked on this one I'm gonna Chipping Hooked it We see the amount of Jewel get your shot Tracer on that I was like oh whoosh They say one of those things but it's True it's a lot darker out here than it Appears on there look at the lights in The hotel that Piper is literally Signaling our way home in case we get Lost they're probably going through the Tea sheet well we've got two missing Did not come back in yet right come on Let's have a par I might that ball is Bright by the way I think it might be egged to be honest With you it's a bit more left to right Than I gave it credit for her all right Come on it's all the pot it's in their Murmuration of Starlings over there just Above the Treetops see even when it's Dark The rain's coming in and night is Drawing around us like a heavy curtain On Christmas Eve There's still Beauty to be seen What Oh Pizza Good save we boss that all darker this Is my friend

Foreign [Music] All we need to do is avoid the triple Bogey right wind hard off the right into Faded back into the middle of the Fairway probably won't be able to see it But It's got to trust my swing feels Come on sir It's kind of headed down the middle yeah It was all right I think probably the Right side of the Fairway I think that Clipped the uh needing to make it off a T near those bunkers All right here we go all Tom Watson had To do on the last thing was power it Wasn't it yeah to win all we have to do Is power it but it's a comfortable we Could have a procession up here Bagpipes playing crowd going wild The bar or weights Not a clue straight Pretty much where I've been all day It's not like Karen zooming it's not oh Where are you going Are you going Straight ah are you talking about Where's that gone right right We're gonna get an apology for Kerry You're absolutely yeah you've got Something you like to say to Andy I'm Sorry Andy just didn't send me rough not Accepted where's that Piper is that the Piper walking from the uh hotel where is

He he's turning around walking back huh What a boy one eight five one eight five 105 I'm not gonna hit a three wood All right four iron Let's Get It On The Green come on let's Give Tom a lovely walk in here It's gonna be a comfortable walk There's a plaque here just in front of Us oh seven iron from 178 yards to two Feet in the 1977 open Mr Tom Watson the Jewel in the sun oh wow Here we are hitting the four riding in As you can see this isn't the jewel in The sun oh this is fast this is the war In the wet Choppers in the cold Mike Sounded nice No clay Divots pointing at the bar he's very Telly that was it yeah that was a how Far was that again the trip strike that Was it 180 no 185 177 from the black you Hit four right did you yeah I was trying To hit like a low little fader back into It like it's probably what six iron Right the green yeah I've got I've got Six yeah six with a bit of shape that's Been out for the rest of the year I hope your attic's on all right come on Mate Foreign I actually thought I'd hook that to be Fair I think we could enjoy this war Down the last a little bit oh yeah it's

Bask in the glory [Applause] Oh wow closer to the back pipes that's a Good sign yeah it's getting louder we Are closer to the bagpipes it's a good Sign that's the wind off the right by The way my last one yeah That's a decent effort I thought about That's probably the restaurant I could Do with the chip I've got nothing left oh I'll show this a luminous flying across The ground I'm out sorry folks like And Subscribe Come on let's finish this let's finish With the parts pitch black anybody Playing terribly there's a yellow There's a yellow ball in the long stuff Over there Say welcome I'm not finished your video Like this in ages like running home in The dark this is great Rising the old days All right a little bit right to left I Think if you keep an eye on this gotcha Well done Pete Oh we've won the open oh we've won it Guys Crowd Goes absolutely berserk Well played mate just bring it Can I just say in this week in this week Of content we've only open twice have we Won in 2009 and one in 1860 so we're Multiple major we've got multiple major Winners I did not see that coming

Guys thanks for watching massive thank You photography for having us down Amazing course and wow what a absolute Battle Um against the elements of that one Massive thank you everyone for watching Subscribe to me subscribe to cart if you Haven't already Kieran What a man [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music]

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