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Every now and again I search the Internet for some strange and unusual Golf clubs you know everybody needs a Hobby and this came up as Amazon's Number one selling driver and therefore One of the best selling drivers in the World but the more I looked at this Particular driver the more murky the Story became so stay tuned for why this Is a very controversial driver first of All the box it came in was ridiculous it Came to my house and even Murph was Confused about the actual size of this Thing surely they can find a club box Surely you can't be serious I am serious And don't call me Shirley anyway it's Called the mizelle titanium driver which Was mine for 110 pounds now for a new Driver at that price if it performs That's good value however at this price Point there are a lot of amazing Second-hand drivers that you can get From really established brands in top of The video for the most important part of Getting a new club In all fairness I made a bit of a mess Of that but still satisfying so we'll Get the data from the mizelle drive and Now just to warn you I've already taken This out on the course and it sounded Interesting so what it's going to be Like in an enclosed room do you think I Think I need to get you to sign a waiver Jacob yeah I reckon they'll come in from

Next door so this driver is a 10.5 Degree 460 CC head it's got a regular Graphite shaft of Mizell own brand one And a normal grip and I'm going to test It up against a premium driver with Exactly those specs so we'll see how Close it comes to a really top driver Foreign So for looks I'm not actually a massive Fan of an all-white Club head I really Like the split let's say in an M1 driver Of all that black and white contrast is Really nice but an all-white driver I Don't know it just looks a bit cheap Even when tail May brought out their RBZ Stuff I was never massively Keen Okay A little bit straighter there are some Features so it's got this back way it's Got this little bit of milled steel I Imagine in the middle but I don't really Know how much effect they're going to be Having on performance I don't know if They're just cosmetic and the whole look Of this is it's just a bit now obviously We're only paying 100 pounds for this so You know I'm not expecting this to be a Piece of art but yeah it's just a bit But maybe because it is all white it Does look gigantic Behind the ball now if you're not Confident with a driver this could be a Good thing because it doesn't look like A 460 CC driver it I don't know it looks

Like a beluga whale that's the white Whale isn't it a beluga this is a big Beluga on the end of a stick Slice geez now sound didn't feel wise on This sound let's be honest it's Horrendous but feel wise actually not Bad it does feel springy it doesn't feel Dead it doesn't feel awful now I'm Swinging at 115 miles an hour on that Last swing we'll talk a little bit more About the swing speeds and what we're Going to test but that's 165 ball speed Foreign Straight one bit spinny but so 115 Club Head speed and 168 ball speed Actually pretty good so as I test this Driver out against an elite competitor There's no point swinging this at my Full speed this isn't designed for my Kind of Swing you know you're looking at A beginner high handicapper that's who's Going to be buying this drive so I'm Going to try and keep my swing speed Around 100 miles an hour I'll be taking Note of the good strikes and the bad Strikes compiling that data and then Seeing which driver comes out on top Which driver do you think I should put This up against Jacob Callaway Rogue Yeah yeah let's go best okay let's go Elite yeah let's go Elite okay [Music] So let's have a look at the data from These shots and I'm not gonna lie I was

Actually hitting the Moselle driver Better than the Callaway the difference Between them in looks and in feel and in Everything was ridiculous and you won't Be surprised to hear that the Callaway One however the difference between them Wasn't as Extreme as you might imagine So I managed to keep my swing speeds Relatively similar just over 100 miles An hour the ball speeds off the Callaway Was 145 miles an hour whilst in Brazil Was 144.9 so basically the same launch Angles very similar the Mazel was Spinning a little bit more but the carry Here 242 for the Rogue two four one for The Moselle with totals of 268 for the Rogue and two six three for them as well So we're talking five yards of total Distance difference but I was striking The big white whale a little bit better But that's not the whole story because Even though I was striking the white Whale a little bit better the dispersion That I was Finding on some of the drives Was was interesting let's put it that Way especially out to the right hand Side which I didn't expect and let's be Honest could you get over that sound I'm Really not sure however the price Difference between these two drivers is Obviously quite extreme and the data is Showing only a five yard difference I Was expecting the missile to be a lot

Worse than it actually was but that is Not what is controversial about this Driver so when I was looking for this Driver all I did I typed in golf driver Into the Amazon Surge and top of the List this Moselle driver came up with The best seller icon in the picture so I Clicked in and here it is number one Bestseller in driver clubs but then when I clicked in to the best sellers list This driver was nowhere to be seen the Driver on top is the Mazel Titanium golf Driver for men but it's a completely Different model and it's a completely Different color the only thing I can Think of here is when you go into a Moselle driver listing it literally has All the other drivers which are Available so was this like a group Best-selling driver it's not very clear But what is also not clear is that today Only a few days after I bought this Driver there is now no longer a Best Sellers List what are you trying to So here's something which is on the Recording and here's something which Might make it a little bit clearer you Can see here that this is a sponsored Post now I think this is a bit sneaky if You can promote your driver all the way Up to being number one one on the best Sellers list that carries some weight on The biggest shopping site in the world It's Sneaky and disingenuous but despite

That the way that it looks the way that It sounds the fact that it developed a Rattle on the golf course yeah that was That five shots Five shots and we've got a rattle Great the data was okay for that amount Of money would I recommend it no there's Too many weird things going on but as Always with these reviews I would Absolutely love to know your opinion so Get down into those comments let us know What you think and for more driver Videos check these out here

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