The INSANE Change You Should Try With Your Putter #shorts #golfshort #youtubegolf #golf

Here’s a simple and easy tip to help you Improve your putting has to do with the Position of your Trail arm for a Right-handed golfer that’s your right Arm now a lot of golfers do this they Take their Trail arm and they Point Their elbow out this way so when they’re Set up their right arm kind of works This way if they’re right-handed golfer Now what that does is when the elbow is Pointed this way kind of at you at the Camera the putter wants to work out or Straight back and almost across the line If you take that lead Harmony point it a Little bit underneath like this notice How my elbow is working forward okay Almost like my elbows in front of my Lead wrist from that position right There what you can do is it allow you to Get your right arm a little bit Underneath I.E your Trail arm underneath Which will help you swing the putter a Little more straight back and in Okay so if you want to improve your Putting check on the position of your Trailer and make sure that the trail Elbows a little bit tucked under versus Out and that will help you make a better Stroke

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