The MOST POPULAR driver in the world VS its replacement | PING G430 Full Review

I test the new PING G430 driver against the iconic club it replaces: the legendary PING G425!

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Ping haven't brought out a driver for Two years and that means the release of The g430 is the most anticipated of 2023 Without a doubt there are some things Which are genuinely new with this driver However Are they any better than their Blockbuster predecessor So the headlines of what is new with the Ping g430 so ping say the max version of This driver is the most forgiving one They have ever made and they've added Their spin systemcy technology to the Face and yes I know that is an awful Name this means that Miss hits Especially from the bottom of the club Face won't spin up quite as much and Travel further they've re-jigged the Internal structure of this driver to Make it sound a little bit different and For the sft and the max That's it now we will get onto the LST Driver shortly but the max version of The g430 that is the driver that most of You guys watching are going to want to Use So despite incorporating some similar Technology actually behind the ball the G430 does look very different than the G425 so it's got some extra nubbins on Top of the club head on the toe and the Heel here and some extra Graphics around The skirt I don't mind a lot going on Sometimes on the top of a driver but for

Me this just doesn't look right But as always it kind of more matters What you guys think get downstairs Comments below and let me know and on The current to this test and something Which I think ping are actually going to Have quite a big problem with is the G425 max is absolutely loved by so many Golfers who have it in their bag let's See how they compare so I've been Testing out the g430s for a few weeks Now and I think there are a lot of Positives For a start they go very straight but Also they feel and they sound just a lot Better than g425s I'm going to be Testing out the sft version of the g430 Later on this month or maybe next month And I'm going to compare that to the Other draw bias drivers which other Manufacturers have brought out at this Time of year so if you're someone who Struggles with this slice make sure you Subscribe to the channel you like this Video but also you hit that Bell icon You will get notified of the videos that We release but there's more positives to Talk about with the g430 especially the Max because it's just so easy to hit It is ludicrously easy to hear it Honestly is and Jacob's on the camera Here and those balls have finished what About literally two yards away from each Other but we can't forget throughout all

This the g425 The max version was also very very easy To hit but I mean just look at those Three it's really good it's really Really good so here is the data for the Two Max drivers and wow I actually found Frightening levels of consistency with The g430 at one point I was literally Getting balls Landing as far as carry Distance is concerned within a yard of Each other there's also no doubt that From across the face this driver is Extremely forgiving spin rates and Accuracy were also much better with the G430 actually much better than I usually Hit it however I swung both of the max Drivers g45 and the g430 that the same Swing speed almost identical strikes and Identical launch angles and there can be No doubt that within this test and Others that I've conducted the g425 even Though only slightly was still longer Than the g430 now this may have been Simply down to the slightly higher spin Rate that I encountered with the g430 Versus the g425 but the data was pretty Clear the g425 max is still an absolute Wonder and you know what would also be a Wonder is taking that finger or taking That cursor and just hitting the Subscribe button so now it's time for Something new What's up Oh that's on the road stay stay

Oh you can always trust the Ping to Bring it back in bounds can't you ping Have been seemingly resisting their Competition by not adding carbon to Their driver until now so ping have Added this carbon fiber wrap to the back Of their LST driver there's not loads When you compare it to say the Paradigm From Callaway or the new Taylor Made Driver however however there is enough Here for Ping Engineers to reposition a Little bit of weight in the clubhouse The LST is a smaller head than the Standard g430 driver so it will put a Little bit more of a premium on Central Ball striking Oh that was good Oh it's really good so has Ping's Venture into Carver actually paid off Yes yes it really has behind the ball This driver still looks very busy and The added carbon I don't actually think It makes it better it still looks all a Bit kind of jumbled a bit confused it Sits open uh very much like his Predecessor however I think this driver The g430 LST is better than the g425 LST Foreign It just feels better it sounds better it Sounds powerful as well so the data here With the two LST drivers is decently Matched the g425 having a slightly Faster ball speed but the consistency of The g430 was awesome and it also had a

Better carry and total distance this is Simply easy to hit control and enjoy Using now throughout Tech month I've Been reviewing all the big releases from The major driver Brands and here is the Data now all these drivers were swung at 120 miles an hour give or take half a Mile an hour on average and all the Headlofts are in eight degrees and you Can see the g430 it does stack up really Well what this table doesn't show is the Amount of forgiveness and how easy that The New Ping was to hit but other than That the data is very solid top of the Pile as far as distance is concerned we Are talking Callaway Paradigm but very Soon I'm going to be doing a build my Bag video where I put all these drivers Head to head against each other in their Optimal settings for my game so we Should be seeing some huge drives we Should be seeing some interesting Comparisons stay tuned that's coming Very very soon so in conclusion there Doesn't seem to be a massive amount of Difference between the g430 Max and the G425 max if you were going to get that New driver then great but you're going To see much difference between those two I'm not really sure the g425 LST Compared to the g430 LST however I Really do like the new model for me this Is a better driver I'm going to get more From this out on the golf course as well

As what I found within the data sets the Most important thing though is what do You think get downstairs comments below Are you excited about these drivers also If you haven't already make sure you Subscribe to the channel and like this Video jewelry Tech month we've got so Many videos make sure that you check out The playlist here and how about the Paradigm driver as well I I think that's Probably one of the most exciting Releases this year alongside the g430 Range guys just to let you know that the Rough cut golf podcast is back head down Into the description below and check out The links for our weekly takes on Everything to do with golf

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