The ONLY Putting Lesson You Will EVER NEED

The only putting lesson you will ever need is a bold statement, but in this video I cover the 3 skills that you need to become a great putter, master these 3 and the putts will start to drop!

So what are the 3 skills?

-Pace Cotrol
-Start Line
-Green Reading

Thats it, there really is no more to putting and to develop these skills you do not even need to alter your technique, just learn how to practice, how to get feedback and get to the putting green

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00:00 Pace Control
07:54 Green Reading
14:00 Start Line

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So for every single putt that you hit You have to get three things right you Have to get the pace you have to get the Line and you have to be able to hit it On that intended start line so that’s What we’re going to cover in this video We’re going to break into three sections And get you to work on each and that is How you become the best putter that you Can be so let’s talk about pace so Important that we work on Pace and we Improve the pace of our putting most of Your three puts will often come because The first spot you hit isn’t close Enough that’s down to pace so one of the Best drills that I found to really try And develop that is a ladder drill I’m Going to explain how this works the way This works why this works really well is Because each time you hit a putt you’re Heading over a different distance and That’s really important if we start Hitting the same put over and over and Over we’re not really developing our Pace so the larger drill really simple You get Some golf balls you can see I’ve got Fires here and then all I’m going to do Is I’m going to just pick a section of The green as I’ve done here and I’m just Basically going to hit a putt we’ll call It six or seven feet so not a long put Just a sort of six and seven foot putt Pretty simple that part’s easy but

Here’s where it gets a little bit more Difficult I now have to try and roll This next ball just past that one that I’ve hit and let’s go for you know maybe Sort of three Three to four feet past And it did go past but clearly that was Probably more than three or four feet so Now I’ve got to be trying to roll this Ball again about three feet past the one That I’ve just hit And that was probably a better putt you Can see that it has rolled you know some Three feet past and again as you can I’m Sure guess what’s gonna happen now I’ve Got to roll this one past the previous Put And again that’s probably a little bit Too strong So you can see here that I’m not having Great success at this my Pace certainly Isn’t darling today on these greens Let’s see if I can get one more ball In so this is going to go so past that Last one with only look And that might be just Okay so again probably not three feet Past but it did go past so what I might Do is might give myself a score out of 10. based on how well I did so I’ll Probably give myself maybe five or six Because each one went further but the Spacing wasn’t as good as it could be Now this was a slight downhill putt what

I’d have to do then is go down to where Those balls are and then do the same Exercise up the hill then I’d have to go Across the hill and across the hill so I’m making sure I’m not being influenced By any severe slopes on the green now What you’ll notice as I was doing that Is there was no practice wings I didn’t Stand inside the ball and have practice Rings because that’s not what I do on The course If that’s your process do that here but What I’d actually love you to do is try And be quite reactive you know lots of The goals that you see who struggle with Pace it’s because You know there’s almost too too much Tension over the ball or potentially There thinking too much they’re not just Looking and reacting and I find provided The setup is pretty sound and the stroke Is okay being a lot more reactive really Helps so let’s say I’m trying to go past This ball that’s closest to me I can see Where that is I’m going to take my setup Place the putter in have a look at it Back to the ball maybe take another look Again eyes go back to the ball and then Just react And I’m able to roll it kind of just Past so certainly in this exercise I’d Be encouraging you to be you know a Little bit less You know process orientated and a little

Bit more outcome orientated Now there is one little addition that we Can make to this and I would only really Do this if you’re really starting to Struggle With your distance control And that would be Just to break away from this little Exercise for a Time Take a couple of teas and just place Them Equidistant from your golf ball so you Can see here that I’ve got this tee you Know around about a foot in front of This one a foot behind when we’re Putting we don’t actually want that Putter accelerating through impact if we Do that we’re going to be inconsistent Because if the plug is accelerating it’s Going to have different amounts of speed At different points the great Putters Actually have the putter coasting Through impact it’s at a constant speed So if the ball gets hit a little bit Late or a little bit early it’s actually Going to have the same speed and we Generate the same distance so this is a Great exercise for that you would simply Set up here and you would practice Hitting putts where you go back to this T Through to this city back to this sea Through to this sea and just starting to Dial in

What that feels like as a stroke in Terms of a pace in terms of a rhythm in Terms of a timing in terms of a Tempo Now you can’t use this little exercise To do the ladder drill because each time You hit a putt you need a different Length of stroke but this is a great way To train a Tempo and a timing and a Rhythm so many golfers I see and you Could well be this golfer will have the Putter Accelerating too much look at the length Of that stroke on this side of the golf Ball very very difficult to control Distance that way so let’s get that Putter rocking and coasting through the Ball ladder drill do that I know I guarantee you your pace is Going to be a lot better but when we’re Talking about Pace there’s something That we have to cover Up by the hole Does that happen to you lip out Certainly happened to me that was Actually a decent putt so why did it lip Out wasn’t in the middle well I’d argue That the speed was the problem there The whole Clearly is that size Okay we’re not going to change that you Can’t change that so what we do in terms Of our Pace can actually influence the Size of the hole most people don’t know This let’s say I hit a putt and it rolls

Up the hole and it is dead weight so the Ball is almost stopping by the hole if Half of the ball Hangs over the edge of the hole It’s going to fall in But as the ball has got more pace The hole effectively Becomes smaller as the ball goes let’s Say a foot past if that ball was to hit The edge To try and get it to just roll off the Edge You see how it’s slightly veered left it Lifts out If that was dead wait that would have Gone in so as we start to hit putts that Roll let’s say two and a half feet past Three four five feet past the hole Becomes effectively small and you can See the graphic on the screen there you Can see the distance that a ball would Roll past and the effective hole size so When we look at this ball that’s over Here With that ball rolling that far past it That putt was never going to go in even If that had been dead center of the hole It would not have gone in this one Anything just off center would have lips Out so I’m looking really to hit my Putts around about a foot past the ball The reason I want that is because as the Ball starts to slow down as it gets Towards its end of its Journey it will

Start to just oscillate and move offline So if we use completely dead weight it’s Easy for that ball just to drift off at The end a foot past means it’s going to Hold its line but it means that Effectively your hole size is as big as It could be And even if you’re not quite dead center The board will still drop So let’s talk green reading So important we have to read the greens Two really important elements that we Have to look at here we’re going to Cover them both that put there I Underread it you can see that it Finished low of the hole Or did I underread it The reality is I don’t actually know Whether I read that book correctly or Not yes it finished on the low side but Maybe I read it perfectly And actually just left the putter face Open it impact pushed it and it missed On the low side so if I’m trying to Develop my green reading just hitting Putts like that I don’t actually learn Anything it’s easy to assume you Underread it But we don’t actually know so there’s Two things we’re going to do number one We have to assess our read and then Number two we’re going to go through Exactly how you would read a green so

How do you assess your read well I love the putout products I’ve used These for putting for myself for Coaching for practice at home on the Course they’re brilliant these are the Gates so this is the medium gate what I’m going to do is going to take that Gate and I’m just going to place it very Simply on the Green And it actually doesn’t really matter Too much where it is then I’m going to Take a golf ball and for the purpose of This I’m going to use this Um core response Stripes it’s got that Very visible line down it And then what I want to do Is place this golf ball behind the gate In a place where I think it would go Through the gate and go through the hole So if I thought this was right to left It isn’t I’d have to place my ball sort Of more over here but I believe this is A left to right putt so what I’m going To do is I’m going to take my ball and I’m going to place it on the Green So that it would be going through the Gate and what I’m starting to do is I Sort of step back is I’m starting to Visualize the Journey of this put so I Think if I set my ball there it would go Through that gate Let’s just move that a little bit and I Think That is pretty good

So now I’m going to get some information if I Hit this put and I hit the gate I didn’t Hit my start line my stroke was poor I Need to do some work on that if it does Go through the gate that tells me I hit My start line then wherever it finishes Relative to the hole tells me a little Bit more about my read so I just feel Like I’ve got to move that gate tired a Bit more okay so I’ve got my gate I’ve Got my reed we can now hit a put and get Some really valuable information so Let’s see How we get on Okay starting through my gate And Pace was short I don’t think that Was coming back enough so you can see There that my readers out let me do that Again because I didn’t quite hit that Hard enough Let’s go again this isn’t the stripe but I can still use the logo on my ball So kind of hit my start line Yes What is my reed like I over read it So now I’m learning that was a good putt Great Pace I started online so I got two Elements correct my read was poor I over Read it great I’m learning so each time I hit a put I’m getting feedback without The gate I don’t really know did I pull That did I overread it I don’t have that

Feedback so I would absolutely advise You to use a gate find a putt read it Place the gate hit you put Assess find another putt read it place The gate hit your putt assess what You’ve done that’s how you understand All your reads but actually how do you Read degree well there’s three things I Want you to use number one playing Partners you know if I’m playing in a Three four ball I can use other players And their golf balls help me let’s say Someone has missed the green over here They chip on I can watch what their ball Does and I can use it to get an Understanding of the speed and also the Break maybe there’s somebody putting From over here and I can again use that I’ve also got experience you know if I’ve played these chords a number of Times what did I what did I see last Time I was on this screen that’s the First thing we can do the second thing We can do is the old traditional use Your eyes so as I get down here I’m Looking for what I can see as the slopes So I see this a little bit off the left It’s clearly a little bit less than I Thought but I can see that so I might See my playing partner’s ball move left To right I crouched down I see left to Right that’s really confirming what I See and the final thing which you can do Then you’re going to see a lot more

Players doing this now is using your Feet to feel it now I’ve got my phone Here in my phone I’ve got a free spirit Level What I can actually do is I can stand in The middle of this putt and start to Think about do I actually feel like I’m Tilted to one side or the other I do Feel like I’m a little bit tilted but Not a huge amount what I can do then is I can make a guess does it feel like I’m A little tilted if it does I can place That phone on the floor And I can see that it was actually one Degree so therefore what I felt through My feet was actually what was happening And so Imagine that I’ve got this putt here I see my playing partner’s board move a Little left to right I crouched down I See that it’s a little left to right I Stand across it and I feel it’s a little Left to right that’s going to give me so Much confidence that I’ve got the read But using that spirit level up you can Just go onto a green find different Areas stand Feel what you think big slope small Slope place that down was I correct You’re starting to dial in your own Personal feels and that’s how we develop Our green reading that’s how we learn How to read the greens and ultimately That’s how we start to assess what our

Green reading is like by using the gate So no gate on this one now but I know It’s not as much off the left as I Thought So I’ve got absolutely no excuses to get This one online it’s got to get the pace Right And that was Absolutely terrible So I definitely need to do some work on My green reading So that was start line Start line is so important we’ve just Gone through green reading so let’s say You’re on the course you read the putt You read it perfectly you know exactly Where you need to hit it you need to Have the ability to hit it there so you Have to be able to start the ball online That little exercise that I did with the Gate is my little practice now the put Out Gates can be different sizes that Was the medium I wasn’t going to use the Small during the YouTube video I might Be here all day trying to get it so you Can tailor it to your ability level the Large obviously easier and as you get More proficient of that skill you can Get it down to the small one but I can Just try and start in the ball online And if I was to do this let’s say at Home on a flat surface it’s amazing how Much better I can become at start of the Ball online without really any technical

Changes just by standing there and Hitting putts because you’re going to Start to see patterns so maybe you’re The goal for who Tends to clip the right hand side of the Gate well each time I hit a put guess What I get instant feedback that I’ve Hit the right hand side of the gate if I Continue to do that I’m going to start To make some what we call Micro moves Which is where you’re starting to you Know tweak the club face or maybe Release the punch a little differently Or change the face angler address tiny Little movements that enable you to get The ball through the gate the dream Scenario is that you practice this at Home you are able to roll the ball Through the gate where maybe you Previously weren’t able to and if I was To say great now you can do it what did You change you’d say I’ve got no idea I Just kept doing this drill at home five Minutes a day and I started to develop That perfect stroke that’s what we’re Looking for being able to start at a Line is key there’s a couple of things That can help I always always carry a putty mirror in My golf bag I actually carry the smaller The compact one this is the slightly Larger one which I use for kind of Coaching but this can really help Because it helps with my face aim and

Obviously when we’re looking at the Start of the ball through a gate aiming The face is key so what I would do is I Place the mirror on the ground place the Ball into the slot make sure the gate Is lined up exactly with that mirror Which I think it is there And now I’ve got some visual references On the mirror so I can take my setup Making sure that my face aim is perfect Which I can see it is build my stance And I’m now confident That I can roll it through the gate the Mirror being down makes it utterly Pretty easy to start online this is a Great practice Depending on where you’re on the world It might be coming into your winter Months home practice mirror gate I can’t Stress enough how important that is and How much good you can do on your putting With just that little exercise but when We come to thinking about start line There’s different levels this will be Level one where the goal was to start it Through the gate and that was it you’ll Notice that wasn’t a hole I’m simply Trailing the skill but there are some Other levels Let’s run through what they are so this Is level two you can now stop the board Online great What about when there’s an outcome There’s now a hole so there’s something

Actually riding on this putt and this Obviously is a little bit more like golf There’s a ball and a hole you’re going To roll into So I’ve still got the same setup I’ve Got my board I’ve got the gate I don’t Have the mirror now but As I roll it through the gate I’m aware Of what should happen But then you look it goes in the hole But because there’s an outcome it can Often change things you know we’re not Simply looking at the skill We’re looking at actually creating an Outcome and this is where it becomes a Little bit more difficult for some when We start introducing the whole we start To see different things happening in the Stroke and very often it’s not the Technical Stroke itself But we can start to see things like you Know when we say to a golfer okay we Actually need to roll this in the hole We start to see potentially More movement in the body which then Influences where they started and Suddenly they go why can’t I perform That skill now when I could at home on My carpet but it’s because there’s an Outcome so number one level one start at Home get it through the gate level two Come On Top Hunting green use a hole Through the gate in the hole that’s

Level two so you’ve passed level two You’re going to level three level three Is introducing brakes so I’ve got myself A put here which I’ve read and I see it Off the left hand side so what I’ve done Is I’ve put the gate down I’ve got my Ball I’ve got the line of the ball I’m Good to go break And when we’re talking you know Certainly lots of break again can Influence your stroke if I set up to a Property is left to right it’s really Easy to leave the face open because I Know the hole is kind of out to the Right of me so when we start to hit Putts you know with curve to the left Curve to the right it can be really Difficult to start out online so this Level is very simply Same Hopefully result of the ball goes Through the gate but can we do that When there was some break on the putts That’s level three So one two three done what is level four Well level four is basically just doing Everything we’ve done On the golf course Under Pressure maybe You’re on for your personal best score Maybe one up in the match playing the Last pressure again changes our ability To perform the skill the skill is Starting online but other factors other Variables pressure

People watching change that make it more Difficult to achieve that skill so work Through that process Make sure you can do it with breaking Putts make sure you can do it on the Cause under pressure and then you are a Master at starting your board online

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