This 5 Second Putting Tip will Lower your Score – Guaranteed!

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve heard amateur golfers say

”my putting isn’t great but don’t worry Danny I will sort it, let’s concentrate on driver today”

But do you know what…they never do. Months and years pass by and they are still missing short putts and struggling to control their distance.

Does this sound familiar?

Don’t worry I’m not judging you. I’ve spent a whole year doing the exact same thing ignoring my 5 second putting system and as result putted like a complete beginner.

What’s crazy is I used to have a reputation of being one of the best putters on the planet.

But that was before I got lazy.

Years ago my childhood coach gave me a simple 5 step system to follow and I did it religiously. It almost guaranteed a perfect putting stroke every time. I wouldn’t hole every putt of course, but it was super rare to see me miss a short putt and I’d almost never 3 putt.

Fast forward to today and the wand is back in the good books. I’m being disciplined and following my childhood system every time.

There are no short cuts in life, if you want to get good at anything you have to put in the work but If you want the results to come to you a little quicker it does help to follow a proven system.

This is mine. I hope it helps you too ūüĎČ

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Thanks for stopping by. I created this website as a resource just for you to support you on your golfing journey as I know how tricky learning this game can be…to say the least!

I personally found learning the game too long and difficult in the early days. I read all the books, watched all the videos but my game was not improving. Then after studying various forms of neuro science, motor learning, psychology and personal development in less than two years I went from struggling golfer to the final stage of the Open Championship.

On YouTube and my personal website ( I will bring you the most up to date training, training that is getting tangible results for my clients right now. I don’t know where you are in your golfing journey, you could be just starting out or maybe your body isn’t as flexible as it once was or you’ve got ambitions to slash your handicap. Wherever you are I’ve created a place here you can learn, share your ideas, ask questions and get all the support you need to enjoy this great game.

Be prepared though. If its a quick fix you are after Im not your man. Here I will give you step-by-step advice that you can take straight to the practice ground and apply to the course but it will require you to get stuck in, screw up…a lot, practice some more and then watch those scores tumble

I’ve had the pleasure of coaching thousands of students all around the world and if you are up for the challenge and are ready to get in the game…LETS GO TO WORK!


This golf lesson provides a couple of wonderful drills to help you hit your driver straight.If you are a beginner golfer and are looking for some golf driver tips that are simple and easy to do then you are going to love this.

I will show you the golf swing slow motion so that you can see what you need to do to improve.

We look at 3 things:

1. How to stop slicing your driver
2. How to swing more in to out or how to swing more inside out
3, How to get the correct impact position with driver

and I hope to do all this with simple golf tips so you can create an effortless golf swing

The fastest way to lower your golf scores is 
simply to hold more putts now I want to let   You into a little secret my pattern used to be 
the best part of my golf game but for one whole¬†¬† Year it’s been shocking and part of the reason¬†
for that was I thought I could just sort it out   By you know going out to the golf course and it 
would sort itself out but it didn’t all right um¬†¬† But I went back to something that a system that¬†
an Old golf Coach gave me and for the last three¬†¬† Months it’s been unbelievable I finally got my¬†
distance control back I’m holing my short putts¬†¬† All the time and I’m starting now to hole these¬†
type of putts on a more consistent basis I want   To today share with you that system because you 
know what I got lazy I don’t want you to get lazy¬†¬† If you’re going out there expecting it to improve¬†
without putting in systems I promise you it’s not¬†¬† Gonna happen so let me share with you the system¬†
now because I think it’s going to help any golfer¬†¬† Really really improve and it’s really it wants¬†
it long just a few seconds of your time so as I   Said I got really lazy and it cost me big time so 
what I want to show you now is exactly what I look   For in a great putting stroke that is repeatable 
every single time so a pudding stroke naturally   Is a very mini Arc like this it works on a mini 
Arc around the body and I want you to get that   Club returning back to square every single time 
the first thing I look from from a face on view¬†¬† And I get someone to film this is this when I’m¬†
set up to the golf ball I want my head to run   Straight down my spine and literally right just 
behind this golf ball here too often what I was¬†¬† Finding and not just for myself but I’m into¬†
golfers they’re over here somewhere now if you¬†¬† Imagine if you put your body over here your Arc¬†
now is in the wrong place get it more centered   Now the arc is going to square up exactly where 
the body is so the first thing to check is super¬†¬† Super simple it’s literally film get yourself¬†
filmed on face on head spine completely in line   The second thing I look for huge this I want the 
shoulders fairly level from this angle too often   I personally again I was a little bit behind 
the shoulders were tilting up and I was almost   Thinning the golf balls hitting it on the way up 
way too much that was customer distance I couldn’t¬†¬† Get the ball up to the hull on a regular basis¬†
so simply leveling the shoulders off again got   Me now striking it absolutely what I should do 
not too on the way up but absolutely flat helps¬†¬† Amazingly with distance control so that’s from the¬†
face on so from down the line as I said we’ve now¬†¬† Got strike we want to create a consistent Arc and¬†
the and basically posture is going to hugely help   That my posture was too much like a normal golf 
swing that got my head going too up up in the air¬†¬† Like this and I’m looking down at the golf ball¬†
almost down at the on we call a secondary gauge¬†¬† Down I’m almost looking down like this and I want¬†
a primary gaze where basically my head is straight¬†¬† Down I’m looking straight down on the golf ball¬†
this does a couple of things it naturally rounds   Off the top of my shoulders allows my arms 
to hang down beautifully which then allows   Naturally the club to swing on a beautiful Arc 
and it gives me Freedom it also hugely helps with  

Your green reading because now when I’m looking¬†
down here and I look I can read the entire green   From a primary gears so if you struggle with green 
reading this is going to be hugely hugely helpful   The final bit I look for down the line really 
simply here is is when I’m holding the club I¬†¬† Want the club shaft to go straight up this um¬†
forearm here this really helps again create a   Consistent Arc and a consistent strike they are 
simple things to look for face angle down the   Line these are just simple checkpoints okay now 
once I’ve done that this is pre-round okay so¬†¬† This is stuff that I might do in practice once¬†
I’ve got those things in place I’ve practiced¬†¬† Them I then to tournaments I’ll take a mirror like¬†
this now what I love about the mirror is it does¬†¬† A couple of things I’ve now got my body Place set¬†
up absolutely spot on to create a consistent Arc   What I then do is I get myself set and as 
I’m in this position here I’m now going to¬†¬† Check exactly where my eye line is my tendency¬†
was hugely to get my eyes way too far outside   The golf ball all I do now is I get my club face 
squared up I tuck my chin in I’m looking down and¬†¬† I’m literally looking straight down look over the¬†
top of that golf ball every single time the other¬†¬† Advantage with the mirror like this we’ve got a¬†
line here this is my shoulder line this is also   Checking the line of my shoulder so you know 
by getting onto a green for like just a minute   Or two checking these basic things you are setting 
yourself up to win every single time I was jumping   Onto the green my eyes for habit was two out 
here without the mirror I wouldn’t have noticed¬†¬† And I would have put it terrible that day so I¬†
get myself balanced in my feet not too much on   My toes not too much on my heels took my chin in 
allowed my arms just to hang here and then we’re¬†¬† Ready to go and I’ll go into a second exactly¬†
what I focus on when I’m over that golf ball And look at that pretty pretty solid okay¬†
pretty much online okay and this is this¬†¬† Is like every single time so when I’m over the¬†
ball I just keep things really simple you’ve¬†¬† Done the hard work you’ve now set yourself up¬†
into the perfect place you don’t now just let¬†¬† It go the only thing I would say is make sure¬†
you hit the center of the club face a lot of¬†¬† People don’t concentrate on that and they hit¬†
the heel and the toe and they wonder why they¬†¬† Don’t get distance control so that’s really really¬†
important but once you’ve recognized that you get¬†¬† Myself set up here and then I go through what I¬†
call one two three four routine I get myself set¬†¬† Over the ball and look at the hole that’s my one¬†
I go back to boss two I then three and then a four¬†¬† Okay so I’ll show you what that looks like so get¬†
myself set here one two three four okay nice and   Simple there you go look oh almost and I simply do 
this every single time now if there was something¬†¬† In my stroke is there something I’m concentrating¬†
on rhythm-wise yes I want the the club simply to¬†¬† Collide with the golf ball what I’m not going¬†
to do is try and hit the ball in any shape or¬†¬† Form so there’s definitely a rhythm here how do¬†
I just distance control that just comes when you   Start getting consistent strike with this great 
setup it automatically comes my mindset over  

These by the way there’s no anxiety I’m thinking¬†
look all I can do is do my best mate the best   Effort at this and then see oops I almost went 
missed my routine there right one two three four   Come on come on almost okay well without my 
routine a little bit there chatting to you¬†¬† Guys so I do this every single time it’s helped¬†
my shortcuts my medium pots and my long putts¬†¬† Do me a favor don’t be lazy like I was start to¬†
sort your putting out now with a simple process   Check heat from face on check it from down the 
light takes no time at all to put these things   In place and I promise you you will have as 
much fun as I’m doing right now starting to¬†¬† Show lower scores so if you enjoyed this video¬†
make sure you give it a thumbs up and of course¬†¬† Look if you’re new to the channel come and join¬†
the community by pressing that subscribe button¬†¬† The Bell it’s completely free to do so I’ll put a¬†
free practice guide in the description box below   And plus if you want to have a free session 
or a pecute every free session with me check   Out the link in the comment top comment below 
but until next week have a great golfing week

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