This BEST PUTTING lesson I’ve ever had!

Ive had many putting lessons in my life but this one was very different. It was so accurate and was able to pinpoint my tendencies! Amazing!

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Good day guys welcome back to the Channel You know recently I’ve been struggling With my putting and I heard there is a Really cool potting technology at Hayden Castle Golf Club so here I am and there Is this new parting technology and it’s Called Tour Part I’ve got uh Mr Gilbert Kang from hidden Castle he’s the head Coach here and not just only that I Heard that you have like tons of Followers on your Instagram like 100 000. For now wow so guys I’m gonna put his Instagram right down here And then I hit a follow and follow his Journey so how can this two-part Technology kind of help me with my Parting the top of technology is uh the Projector and the sensor is working Together so uh The top part can trace the ball and Analyze your putting we can visualize Putting in here so we can train easily But it’s better than the normal green so That’ll be so helpful because the all of Most of the mistake Caused by the visual mistake many part Yeah I have that also yeah sometimes I Stand behind the ball and I thought that Okay I got the right line and then when I step over the ball I’m like that Doesn’t look right and then when I step Back again hey correct one so you mean

That this technology helps me understand What I see behind the ball as well as Over the ball okay so what what do I Need to do first so that you know maybe You have to do like a like uh what I Call an assessment does this program Gives me an assessment yes we have Pattern tests we put uh we got three Percent slope from up to down and we’re Gonna put uh 12 Direction and we’re Gonna put from one yard two yards three Yards so we will analyze together uh Which part you are good at and which Part you’re weak and so we can find out Your weak point and strong point first So maybe we did we do that now yeah That’s right okay So let’s let’s see the pattern test okay Pattern test so after we begin with this We finish there’ll be results right That’s right okay let’s hit the start Okay so So distance will be the point one meter To two meter okay and the this is only The red Random we’re gonna do a random distance And also because golf golf is random Right yeah so it’s good to do a distance Order rendered okay I understand and Direction of progress means it’s also Random okay that’s randomly yeah Beautiful and there’s only time limit 60 Seconds yeah that’s too long too short Yeah it’s okay because I take three

Minutes to park yeah we have no time Limit but uh this is only for because in The result you got to find out how how Long you take you took you took a time To cut it and there’s some tendency You’re gonna find out okay yes so in Total I will have 36 Parts yeah okay Let’s begin okay let’s try Ready yeah so I’m gonna start the Process right now and let’s see what Happens after 36 Parts okay I’m ready Yeah okay let’s go [Music] Sure [Music] Nice [Music] I thought I hit that yeah good I’ve Never seen I hit it good yeah [Music] Thank you [Music] Thank you [Music] Nice Wow that was good big one Okay so we are finally done with the Results seeing the result of the 36 Result you made it 27 part so you missed Nine part success rate is 75 this is Pretty high pretty high yeah pretty high Your protein is so good I think I’m bad Man because I thought I should make 100 Of all the parts no even the

Professional goal for taking the this Test only 65 percent is success rate oh Yes so you really yeah you’re so good Wow okay but you can make it better of Course oh yeah of course I want to make 100 possible Possible I never see the 100 before You’ve never seen before yeah yeah I’ll Be the first one The this is the tendency of your putting Okay you you succeed all the putting on The downstream stroke and also your Straight stock is good yeah okay great Okay I understand yeah but we can see That only the circle is sun inside from The right side right yeah so my right to Left pretty weak right yeah there’s even Some from very short range yeah okay That means you’re uh when the hook Fukulai I mean that Ball bend to the right to the left side Yes you you missed 60 percent almost Yes I missed most of it on a flat Hook Line yeah that’s right that’s right I Also tend to have that mix when I’m on The golf course so I’m really when it’s A straight bar I’m super confident yeah I’m okay with left to right downhills Yeah but when it’s like a like a very Sharp like a flat right to left I’m not So comfortable with that part yes yes And we can see the launch tendency yes We need to see the detail That

The corridor means if you put within Here yes you can make a pot and you you Can make it in understandable you have a Tendency to start more left yeah more to The left side ah yeah so my left right Parts I tend to start more left yeah That’s right the especially the hooks You can see the downhill flat hook up It’s all the outside one two three is Outside so all my right to left part I Actually start below my start line yeah That’s what you’re trying to say yeah Wow amazing so you need to put sign you Need to aim to the slightly bright side Understand yeah when you when you when You put on the hook line understand yeah So it could be My Line reading or it Could also be my start line correct yeah That’s right so we can use the system to Verify that later yeah that’s right okay So you can see it here 1.5 meter The unit you almost when you when you’re Downhill Even low yeah so you can see the system Everything is Right but my longer ones I tend to be Online more yeah that’s right oh wow That’s interesting here’s P tendency Uh not that this is ideal speed yes the Green color is ideal and red color is Fast okay yes you’re pretty uh you’re Putting my short parts are very quick You show up was pretty uh fast okay then Ideal speed okay of course yeah maybe

That came out from your confidence yeah Maybe I feel like I’m confident to sink It and I just step up and just finish The part yes understand wow this is Excellent statistics yes So right now I’m actually looking at the Parts that I have missed yeah and the System is able to to redo the part that I actually did and how I missed them yes As you can see my ball is a bit on the High side yeah that’s right and yeah Right you aim to the right side maybe But I think there’s a problem of the Speed Pace I understand yeah so you your Pace was pretty fast on your right side I guess that’s a problem but I think the Line was okay okay but the speed was the Matter in this sign okay yeah so can you Show my other parts that yeah I did on Your right side so this is the flat Hook Line right yeah flat foot right yeah This is maybe yeah of course This one was okay but of course the pace I understand yeah because the peso is so Fast it went to the outside of the right Side okay hole And the other one Maybe this one this one is maybe too Slow But yeah that I think that speed was Okay But the aim not high enough pretty Pretty left side or you pulled your putt Okay yeah yeah we saw your tendency was

Made do you launch the ball to the left Side maybe that’s just the reason Made it okay so um what can we do with The system to sort out my issues So we’re going to practice we’re going To practice from the right side Especially 1.5 meter and 2 meter and we Can practice from here So you can see so I need to work more on The right to left Parts yeah right to Left foot especially there are so many Functions to practice From now we’re gonna practice We can see can you see this side so We’re going to work with a start line Yeah So we we need to aim You need to aim to the this side Especially right 10 centimeter Okay I understand so you need to aim Here and Practice the speed and also we can Visualize how the ball will go in WoW Right and also We can see the corridor Yeah if your pace was fast enough you Can you can put inside of the hole Straight but if you’re if you’re gonna Putt slow like a dying part that’s the Right side slightly so this is the Corridor And You can make a stance here What else can we do besides that how

About Also we can practice wow yeah putting Arc so there’s a Parting Up to match my Line that’s nice and also we can we can Practice the checkpoint of the putting So the face angle should be like this The pudding Apex will be here This side Yeah we can check the checkpoint and Also We can practice the potting paste Potting rhythm oh I love this one two Three four one two three four And also we can make a little bit faster Speed like this This is so we can change the tempo 95 BPM and if you make faster 120 PPM Little faster I think this is too much faster And also we can make a little longer Straw here oh wow Nice Nice How about we try other side from the Three o’clock okay yeah I remember that this site was the only The launch Direction was a problem yes Yeah okay so Nice yeah so good So I’m I’m intentionally trying to slow Down my my speed yeah and not so like Like the quick and rush you need to be Hurry yeah I think I tend to do that

When I’m unsure the line and I just want To hit the line as quick as possible I’m gonna aim straight Perfect that was perfect right perfect Yeah Okay So I guess my tendency is With my right to left Parts I tend to be Very quick yeah like a pop-up yeah okay And then that’s why I sometimes uh hit Start the ball a bit lower yes okay So right to left Parts I’ve started the Line straight See my part Temple and rhythm Okay that was pretty fast so I think I Started the ball online just this yeah Only the speed the strength right was a Bit too much okay I understand So nothing wrong with that just that I Hit it a bit too hard [Music] You want to try tempo Um yeah sure okay Nice Last step can I bring this to the golf Course Okay so I’ve got to practice this enough So that I can bring it on the golf Course sure so I think the two main Things for myself is I need to actually not rush the part So I got to work on I think the tempo And the Rhythm was beautiful yes and Slow it down not so quick on the part

Not so rushing with my stroke Okay So I think I’ve got the tempo down in my Head yes Okay I hope that you have enjoyed this entire Parting session that I had with gilbaum At Hidden Castle it was really Eye-opening I mean when I started doing The 36 Parts in the beginning I was sort Of rushing And what was really good is that the Entire system can track the time you Took how you started the ball where You’re aiming and the final result was Really detailed and I think The system was pretty much spot on I Missed most of my parts from my right to Left and I’m pretty quick when I hit the Parts only because I guess I’m not so Confident of starting Nobel online thank You gilbaum ah it’s my pleasure thanks Thanks a lot I learned a lot and to tell The truth I’m actually a big fan of Gil Bomb and I’m so happy that I met him This time if you guys want to learn from Gilbaum you know where to find him it’s At I leave all the Details down below and thank you for Watching I’ll see you guys next time yes See you next time

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