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1:12 High Spinning Pitch Shot
5:03 Drill (High Spinning Pitch Shot)
11:33 Short Floaty Chip
18:34 Drill (Short Floaty Chip)
20:19 Chip & Run
23:01 Drill (Chip & Run)
25:35 Perfect Bunker Shot
30:47 Drill (Perfect Bunker Shot)

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Hey everybody Welcome down to the Channel I've got hopefully a very Interesting video for you today I am Joined by an elite sure game coach Frederick Lindblom and he's going to be Taking me through a number of different Short game shots which I've been really Struggling with now if you've not seen Pro before make sure you check him out On his socials he has the best hands in Arizona It's not Spanish hands anymore we're Talking Swedish hands they've been Softened by years in the saunas and the Freezing Lakes of the north and we've Been playing together over the last few Days Fred and it's fair to say that my Short game at this moment in time is Pants you've been driving it beautifully And they're not really taking advantage Of it we can say that right how polite Was that so I'm thinking what we do Today is we take me through basically Pitching and array of short game shots Try and figure out because I bear in Mind I personally haven't had a actual Short game listed in years like years And years lots of full swing stuff but No short game stuff and we'll kind of Put the chapters in here so if there is Anything that you are struggling with Within your own game you can go to that Chapter you can check it out and Hopefully you guys will get something

From this as well so how about we start With these pictures Fred because this is Where A big crap yeah so we would call this Maybe like a distance wedge about 65 to 70 yards and from what I've seen when We've been playing you have a little Hard time controlling the launch angle Yeah I don't know where it's going to go Exactly it's a little bit too high on Average which yeah right so yeah so the Best place in the world are really good At controlling the launch okay so you're A good player so you're gonna the ball Is coming gonna come out with the same Speed every time so we got to be able to Control the launch I've seen a lot of Good coach explain it this way so if you Imagine that the shaft it's a cannon That shoots out a cannonball if the Cannonball comes out with the same speed Every time the launch angle would Dictate where that ball lands right Because the launch angle is too high the Ball is going to launch too high and Land short it's too low it's going to Land further up right so it's very very Crucial to be able to control exactly The angle that the ball launches out of Okay so the best place in the world We've been testing a bunch of them I was Lucky to spend a couple days with Luke Donald him and his coach has done a Fantastic job obviously Luke he's pretty

Good he's not bad with his watches yeah Most tour Pros launch a ball just under 30 degrees okay okay just by using my Eyes I've seen that you're a little bit Higher than that so why don't we hit a Couple and we see what the data says Right okay yeah so we go to the 65. yeah I think the first flag to do that there Will be perfect Because certainly what I what I really Struggle with is If I don't like taking a big divot yeah But for me that feels like the only way I can actually hit the ball a little bit Lower okay like that's I really struggle With that and like like you've seen the Actual launch Obviously chunking quite a few wedges Over the last few days as well so I'm going to be interested to see what You can help me That's a typical shot I've seen you hit Right yeah yeah so it's a little bit Sure but let's just look at the data Here right so the launch angle is all The way up to 40 degrees okay so we need To get about at least 10 degrees and you See that the spin is very very low yeah So for this type of shot the data you Want to see it's going to be a launch Angle maybe at 27 and a spin that's Actually all the way up to ten thousand Yeah right so you're less than half yeah So that was obvious that's been my

Driving one yeah you do probably that Was obviously not a great strike right But that's kind of what we're seeing That's the whole point yeah either the Strikings are so inconsistent and I say So frustrated actually hitting it well Off the tee you getting near the green And being like actually I'm not entirely Sure what I'm doing it and it makes all The sense I can explain why right so With the driver we want to get rid of Any type of Lane right we want to be Pretty neutral at impact so we can head Up and launch the ball right but with The driver we kind of lean back the low Point effectively it's behind the ball Yeah with a wedge if you hit it behind The ball you hit that shot kind of a Little bit chunky floaters right sure Everyone knows that feeling yeah exactly So uh What I see from a lot of wedges they Know that a lot of amateurs they want to Hit down on the ball to get it to go Lower right the issue is that you can Attend to get a little bit too Steep and And that's going to cause you to hit it Above the CG of the club kind of like You hit a high on the driver where the Ball is launched without spin right yeah So the best place in the world they're Able to control so that they hit a much Lower under the CG so lower maybe the Third groove of the club yeah and this

Is this is why you see a lot of the best Players when they launch a wedge very Low with lots of spin is because they're Launching it from around here yeah so Imagine you hit a driver low on the hill It comes up low with spin that's Effectively what we're trying to do so a Really good way of being able to do so Is that we can't get too steep right Because that's going to cause us to hit It higher on the face so we want to feel A more Into out path and also lean the hands a Little bit forward to deloft the shot Okay okay that's going to cause us to Hit a lower on the face lower the launch Angle to be more consistent and a good Drill to do so Is to actually tee up the ball kind of Similar height to a three wood And this is brilliant because if you get Too steep here you're not going to be Able to you're almost going to hit only The T right you're almost going to miss The ball chop it out yeah so the only Way to hit a low on the face there and Actually try to almost hit a low draw it Should be more uh shallow in the Approach and lean the hands a little bit Forward which is what we see from the Best players yeah so this is a it sounds Like it's like contradiction because I Think a lot of people if you feel like You're sticking your hands mouth head

That automatically means you strike down But if you get your path moving a little Bit out to the right that's actually More of a shallow motion through the Ball so those things combined should Give you the idea 100 exactly it's Easier I mean I'm one of those I kind of I'm getting into one of those type of Players who kind of know what they're Talking about so But this drill will help you to actually Do it so I want to see the lowest Low draw shot you can hit from here okay Center yes fairly Center yeah you don't Have to move it too far back so in here The hands Miles Ahead yeah trying to hit That low low draw low on the face Foreign A touch but that's going to have a lot Of spin look at the spin on that one 9474. launch angle 30 actually no two But that's perfect yeah it can be around 30. that's fantastic it just feels very Strange like going that uh that shower Yeah or an actual wet shop and that's The the crazy thing about short game Right is that you wouldn't want to do This when you chip no because then the Leading Edge would kind of dig so the Way you hit full shots is the shot you Want to hit around the green so go high Kind of flow these soft shots so in Short game you have to be able to adapt So this type of technique is not going

To work over there definitely not going To work in the bunker right so you're Going to be able to have a big kind of Tool case so what whatever you like Pulling out for different types of shots So you do one more and then we try to Hit one without a t okay okay Massive lead with those heads there There you go nice okay It was almost a little bit thin but it's The right idea I was definitely trying To get a little bit lower on the face With that one okay still decent spin There yeah launch 23 was a little thin But 7700 in Spain so let's see if we can Have a similar feel Off the ground here okay Yes he's got it let's see yeah Okay around on that absolutely right yep Okay Alignment staying relatively neutral yes Very neutral okay Much better Much better Look at that bangle line there as well Okay so we're up to 30 launch 8 000 spin So that drill is going to do wonders for You and for any golfer right because he Almost forced you to get into the right Kind of sequence and the right swing Plane and what you want to do crazy Thing for me is our angle of attack There so angle of attack is the Measurement of how much that club is

Moving down through impact it was only Was five which is good and considering It feels like my hands are yeah yeah That's pretty wild so it's a common Misconception too some people might Think that like oh I need to get to like Zero right no he don't know you're still Gonna hit down on the ball but the path Of the club is going to allow you to Still head down and not get the Leading Edge to dig too much into the ground Yeah yeah so it's still a down angle but A little bit more of a shallow kind of Plane to it I was gonna say I suppose With those those hands in the Shallowness those hands are going to be Pulling that club up up and away from Impact as well aren't they so you look At really good wedge braces it's funny That you say that if you look at their Head if you look at a bad witch player Their head kind of moves down right into The ground like this if you look a Really good player they have a level of Kind of extension through the shot and That comes from kind of pulling the Shaft up right and getting the when you Rise up the club head is kind of going Down still yeah so that helps so if You're a player that kind of does this There's no way you can be shallow so It's a level of kind of standing up you Can imagine if you try to kind of do Like a box jump to the left kind of

Emotional kind of extending without Jumping is kind of what you want in a Wedge shot that's something to do in the Gym yeah a box jump I've heard stories Yeah I've heard stories of them doing That there you go but that's brilliant Let's see if you can do even better okay What's the what would you say distance Wise or what's the maximum you would Kind of do this too so it's a great Question Um you can have a similar technique Depending on the shot shape too so maybe It's only like a 40 yarder but you can Hit that low draw chasing to a back pain Potentially if it's a yardage maybe like 50 yards 60 yards okay but also you Might have a 50 odd shot that you need To launch high and stop quickly then This technique is not really going to Work no and it comes back to being able To have A lot of different techniques in the Short game right yeah but let's say for A baseline 50 60 yards is where you want To hit more of like a low draw because Of the fact that that ball spins at ten Thousand it doesn't really matter that It comes out low right now this is going To stop yeah yeah yeah but if it's only 40 30 yards you're not gonna have enough Speed to generate enough spin for the Low flight to actually stop straight Away cool so then you might need a

Little bit higher launch cool love it Right go for one more I'm gonna get it I'm gonna get this behind the PIN This is going to spin if you hit it all The way there obviously a little longer It's going to spend more come on commit To it hands ahead Oh on that face you know Not bad a little bit higher a little bit Higher yeah a little bit high but it's All the way there So uh 33 launch that wasn't your best so You're not fixed yet you need to go back To do your drill sorry my apologies that Was good though there you go yeah good That's good start yeah it's a good start So we've come closer to the green here For a short floaty spinning chip slash Pitch shot which is something which I Can do but I'm just very inconsistent With it again it's just like flying not Entire Shore where it's going to come Out and if you are watching this at home You do struggle around the green this is A type of area where a lot of amateurs Are going to be tempted back for stab Get it running so this is this could add You know something pretty important to Your Arsenal it's such an important shot Especially somewhere like this cranky Talk to me what are we gonna do so the Complete opposite of what we do love it Absolutely love it so over there we Wanted to deal off the club here we need

To add as much loft as possible yeah so Uh forget what I told you earlier with Shaft lean and kind of into out too much We can still swing a little bit out but Effectively here we're gonna go from Having the shaft leaning to being very Very very neutral and more of an open Club face to get that ball to kind of Pop up and add as much loft as possible Okay so here obviously loft is our Friend we want the ball to launch up and Because we don't have enough speed on The shot we need the launch angle to be Higher so we can stop it with height Okay all right so uh so a little bit Different the ball position I like to See kind of up to left heel and I want The hands to be not too much push Forward so right above the golf ball and Then we want to get the club to get back To impact at the same location so a Really good drill I like to do I'm going to snitch two of your clubs Here so if we take a couple of practice Swings set up to if the ball would be Right here I want you to kind of feel at impact That the shaft Uh touch the grip at the same time so if You lean the shaft too much and get one Where you lean the shaft forward too Much at impact you're going to hit the Top grip before the bottom one right Sure yeah so we want to hit the grips at

The same time with the shaft so do just A short little move try to hit him Square let's think I'm perfect so we Need more of that feel Without feeling like we're leaning back Too much right I was going to say do you Have a little bit of weight still on That left side absolutely as you go yeah Yep so do that again so we need more of That feel love it very very beautiful And another thing that a lot of amateurs Kind of get wrong is that they set up to A normal pitch shot especially the high Ones like they do almost with the driver Or the irons where they have too much Tilt in the shoulders okay you see what I mean so yeah the angle is too much This way which is effectively going to Cost us to bottom out a little bit too Far behind the golf ball which is death When you hit this shot so we want the Shoulder alignment to be a little bit More neutral okay so you have a bunch of Lines on your shirt here right Yeah there you go love it so let's have A go with that yeah so let's feel like We're returning this shaft without any Lean at impact the club is a little bit Open and the lines on your shirt are More Square okay and then the swing pad Can be fairly neutral here okay Nice that was really good there Pete It's an interesting feeling I think Something that a lot of people will

Struggle to get is that if you think of Like most pitching most coaching really For the last 10 years yeah it impacts This is something we don't want to say Yeah we don't want to see that club at Overtaking hands we don't want to see Flipping you want to hear that the Famous One maintain the wire right Maintain The Wire yeah I love a chip and run why yeah love that Action so for a stock one that you can Launch lower that's totally fine yeah But for the high soft one that most Players struggle with when you Potentially have a bunker or a high Rough in front of you or if you go to The US and you play in Bermuda you can't Really hit that low shot into the Bermuda because it will stop straight Away this is a shot that you need to Have uh hit one more here and I'm gonna Explain kind of if you feel like you're Too handsy it's really important to kind Of use your pivot but hit one more and Uh yeah I'll explain more about that so I love that the visualization of just Hitting those two shafts at the same Time yeah that's really cool Good so that's a good example there Where you potentially bottom out a Little bit too far behind the golf ball Yeah so um if we go back to Luke Donald He talks all the time about uh Maintaining the pivot and the rotation

Through the shot so if you feel a little Bit too handsy that you you're going to See that from a lot of amateurs when They try to start releasing the handle They stop the pivot and you just kind of Throw the club at the ball okay this is Gonna make it very easy for you to kind Of bottom up behind the golf ball and be Inconsistent to where that club lands so It's important to realize we are Releasing the hands but we still want The hands to kind of be right in the Middle of the body throughout the whole Shots we have to maintain the pivot so Even on a short shot like this If I hit one good luck with them grips File thank you yeah they're slightly Bigger than normal uh you will see me Fully rotate through the shot so even at The finish I'm fully rotated and even up On my heel yeah because I'm not trying To only hit it with hands I'm letting The club fall and then I maintain the Pivot and Main by maintaining that pivot You can control the low Point more it's Going to move more forward because the Body is moving forward absolutely and That's that's the inconsistency I find Yeah I'm my I've got relatively good control Um with my hands and I can I can trust Them but it's the inconsistency of that Except and that one that you saw that Kind of it bottom down obviously the

Bounce kind of helped me out as it came Through the ball but you only threw the Hands there you didn't exactly I think a Nice a nice feeling at this point it's Like to get the belt buckle kind of line Up with it cool face pointing back at You lovely okay give me that rotation on This one okay yeah this is something Which I do I do struggle with a bit yeah So just focus on the pivot being the Engine not the hands Much better wow look at that how much That popped up there yeah it's unreal And you fully rotate it yeah so it's a Great checkpoint for you guys so like a Couple of checkpoints that are really Good if you want to be better with Pitching it's obviously set up the shaft Is not too much forward or back Then in the backswing we haven't covered That yet but I will we want the club bed To kind of before pointing straight up Towards the sky yeah yeah so we don't Want the Loft to be delofted where it's Pointing down okay so we want that toe To move up and then we want to make sure That we rotate through and like Pete Said the toe is still pointing up and The hands are kind of in the middle of Your body and you're fully rotate it Yeah yeah so a really good one because a Lot of amateurs struggle if you grip the Club there And you grip this kind of in this way

Just to explain what the club face need To do to be adding Loft if my grip Wasn't picking up yes All right Lovely so in the backswing if we imagine That this paddle it has the same angle As a club face we want to open that club Face so opening up the paddle almost Like you're trying to shake someone's Hands behind you yeah this adds Loft and Allows us to use the bounce a lot of People struggle with chipping because They suck the club in with a shut face And if you imagine this paddle being the Face when you swing down now that's just Going to dig into the ground yeah but if You have Loft that's coming back Beautifully with bounce and Loft and You're going to be able to not dig the Club into the ground and you're going to Be able to get the launch up so that's a Good drill yeah yeah I like that even if You just use like your flat hand you Want to open it up And then maintain it open through the Shot what's this what's this for this This is called this is big in the US now Pickleball pickleball I think it's Similar to paddle back home right all Right yeah but pickleball is like you Don't even you can move even less It's like tennis is too difficult Because you have to move too much right Yeah paddle you still have to move a

Little bit so the Americans invented Pickleball Beautifully it's almost like Ping Pong Absolutely really fun setup looks great We open up the club face and we let the Club release and we rotate through Beautiful Pete Easy game just pops up so easy that yeah It's crazy all right that's the high Shot guys if you're enjoying this Masterclass style of video wall up that Like button let us know through that Metric that these are the type of Coaching videos that you want to see Okay so moving close to the green here We're going to just have a standard Little chip and run uh again it's going To be a slight variation on the Technique I think this is one one thing We should really come across in this is That this is not a case of just having a Full swing and then you short on it Generally as you get towards the green You know adapting setup and swings we'll Give you all this variety of shots chip And runs for Mema again it's just Inconsistent yeah like just the flights And the spins and everything that I get I just need a simple constructive Method That I can repeat over and over again no Pressure perfect so uh lucky for you This is where I see the biggest Improvements with the place I work with

Look at all the amateurs because uh it There is a way you can make the general Like the simple chip a lot easier if the Club is swinging just the same distance From the body it's quite easy to just Pick the ball off the ground without Hitting it thin Or fat okay so if the club moves too Much uh towards you in the downswing You're going to thin it if it moves too Much away from you in the downswing You're gonna hit the fat behind it right Yep okay so the easiest way to control The arc is to set up with uh less set in The wrist and with straighter arms okay Okay so a lot of amateurs set up with Maybe a little bent in the arms or too Much wrist set and then they straighten It out in the downswing when you follow Countryman James rinard he had a great Illustration he was imagining like Imagine like your chest is the turf Right so you have to be able to control So that the club is not hitting Pete There right if you set up with bent arms And bend wrist and then you extend them Bam Pete's got no chest no more okay so I Want you to set up area straighter arms Durator Um wrist and if you do that You're going to notice that the club's Too far away from me right yeah so then You have to move closer to the golf ball

And grip further down on the grip okay From here if you just maintain the kind Of height of the chest and the head and Then just rotate from there it's very Easy to control how far that club swing From the body right yeah we hit more of The famous toe down absolutely yeah Hopefully you guys have heard about it Because it's the new best thing right Everyone does it anyway if you hit it Off more of the toe you take away a lot Of the Leading Edge and especially the Heel that digs the most so the Interaction with the ground is a lot Less which makes it easier even if you Get a little bit steep for the club not To kind of dig too much yeah yeah okay So give me one of those I want you to You can use first off start out by Having the arms completely straight like This is this the club you want to use so I got 54 is that okay yeah that's fine Yeah yeah completely straight arms both Arms grip kind of coming up a little bit More on the same line as the armor yeah Imagine like it's almost like a straight Line yeah yeah okay and the rest too Both of them and then you just take it Down and then you move a little closer To the golf ball it's our synchronized Yeah we did that pretty well right yeah Yeah and then from there take a couple Of swings where you feel like you just Kind of maintain the height rotate

Around the head And you can literally feel that toe just Brushing the ground yeah yeah so it's Great I recommend everyone to not feel Like the whole uh the whole club is Interaction with the ground only the toe Then you know you're doing it right yeah And this is just using the different Um kind of features of your wedges in it Yeah using that toe because it is that It's that heel dig which kind of yeah The worst cheapest on the golf ball they Look like this far away from the golf Ball a lot of rest and they hit that Shot right you've seen that before no Rotation yeah Practice ground is perfect you can't Can't do that okay all right so give me What we're trying to do here toe down Close to the golf ball so straight up Yeah come down Shuffle in lovely and Then you kind of maintain the weight Left and just feel like you maintain the Height and rotate from there Kind of pops up oh 54 it kind of popped Up a touch but okay let's do it again so Here you can be a little bit more Aggressive into the ground because that Toe is not going to dig got you lovely Just like that Yep that's perfect Beautiful Pete that's exactly how you do It yeah No I like that okay here you go I'm just

Gonna test you Okay do it now This is perfect because even if the Lights are a little bit iffy you can use That toe and dig it out of these Difficult lines look how good that is Yeah I must be honest like that toe-down Shop when I've used it before it's been Primarily out of those bad lies yeah I Never really thought about using it off A good light why not it's the easiest Way to do it yeah so you literally I Stomped on that golf ball it came out Perfect that was a half buried yeah we Don't want any of like coming up here And then like oh I need to hit down on The golf ball and bang you swing the Club further away from the body and you Hit a fat you get your arm straight and You just kind of feel okay I'm swinging The same distance from this wall the Whole time and then you used to lower The plane until you get kind of down to The ball you try to have the same feel Where the club is swinging the same Distance from the body Amazing love that this is easy now this I think is something that a lot of People are they'll be very interested in Because this is I would say probably From my point of view the biggest Gap Between a really good golfer and an Amateur but also probably the biggest Misunderstanding was actually bunker

Shots they're not that difficult as long As you get the technique right I'm Saying that with such confidence and I Feel I'm quite confident bunker player Yeah but I'm also very aware that I'm Probably just going to get absolutely Ripped to partner I don't think so I Think uh it's kind of like cycling a Little bit when you kind of get a hold Of it yeah you're never going to Struggle to get it out yeah and it's Just about like perfecting it right hit It really close yeah really good players From bunkers with good lies hit it Really close yeah they're just really Good and that's because The difficult thing is that this is the Only shot in golf where we're not trying To hit the ball yeah exactly and the Like the mindset of I'm actually not Trying to hit the ball this will mess a Lot of people up okay so the the biggest Key in Bunker similar to other shots is Still being able to control kind of Where that clubbeds enters the sand and How deep you swing underneath the golf Ball absolutely okay so the issue you See from a lot of amateurs is that the 60 there yeah 58 if you say yeah is that They know they need to like swing Underneath the golf ball but they get Way too Steep and then you swing right Underneath it luckily that kind of Popped up still but they leave a lot of

Shots short effectively because the club Is moving too much underneath the golf Ball absolutely yeah so what can we do To avoid the club to go too deep right One big thing is to use the bounce right If we use the Leading Edge it's like a Shovel that thing is just going to dig Straight underneath the golf ball right But if you're able to expose and use the Bounce that cover can't really go deep Underneath the ball right so we gotta Make sure we use the bounce so in the Setup we have to really make adjustments To allow ourselves to use the bounce so What do we do first of all we move the Ball way up in the stands and we open up The club face a lot of setup okay the More you open up the club face the more You expose the back part the bounce of The club then in the backswing we Actually try to open it up even more if You look at really good wedge plays at The top or bunk place at the top that Club face is facing them right so a Really good drill you can do you put a Little sand on that club head and you Try to throw that sand over the shoulder Love that right that's a great deal You've seen that before but if you don't Open up the club face you see that sand Is going to fall off from the front part Of the club every time So we want to really open up the club Face and then from here it's similar to

The high shot that we hit we have to Make sure we don't have any shaft lean If we have shaft link once again we're Not going to be able to use the bounce Right you can see that Leading Edge is Going to dig so we got to make sure that The hands are effectively almost behind The ball at impact to once again being Able to use the bounce love that open up The club face release the club a lot to Avoid the club to dig too much Underneath the golf ball right then That's the first thing now the second Thing is to make sure that the club Enters the sand at the same spot every Time so the good thing about The bunker shot is that we don't really Need to generate too much speed If we have enough bounce exposed right Okay some people think I have to hit it So freaking part of the bunker right Yeah but it's because the club goes too Far underneath the golf ball so that There's no energy in the ball right so If we're not too steep underneath we Don't have to swing too hard which makes It easier to kind of control the body And making sure that we don't move too Much right or left because that will Make it difficult to control where that Club head enters the sand okay so we Want the head to be kind of steady over Where we want to kind of enter the club And we want to keep the head there

Throughout the whole motion to be able To control where the club enters sent Fantastic okay let's give it a go Absolutely brilliant I love I love that Drill of throwing over your shoulder Yeah that that's how I think one of the Most difficult things actually feeling Like it's more open going through Absolutely and if you do that drill you Will get the feel uh ball position like Front of Center yeah absolutely almost Definitely further forward because Effectively we're not trying to bottom Out the club there right Button it up behind it yeah absolutely So we'll make to imagine if this is Where we want to enter we want the head Kind of to be above that spot right so For you you have to lean a little bit More left there you go love that open up The club face Exposed to bounce and keep the head in The same spot and release it World class Sorry that is so good though how good is That I love that yeah that is such a nice Feeling Oh feeling of whipping that through so Again you're very good at this but in The beginning what I do with most of my Amateurs is that I put a Line in the Sand yeah I'll tell him to put a little sand on

The club face And I say throw it over the shoulder and Then bottom out Just past that line that was too much That was not very good so do you have to Do it again right that's why it's a good Drill put a sand on it throw it over the Shoulder and bottom out just left of it Still a little bit too far forward but If you literally without hitting a golf Ball do this drill a couple of times You're Gonna Groove the exact technique That will help you become a better Bunker player okay give me a good one Here Pete throw this hand over your Shoulder Hit that line Yeah Okay Good Beautiful so it's a little bit forward Too how about a lot of spin if I'd have Caught that yeah It's just that that feeling of I think The feeling of that is the strangeness Is how open yeah just how open like that Actually makes the club and people are Going to be scared because it's so Extreme but literally you can feel like So it's it's some set of the rest this Way and then it's a lot of roll okay so If you see in my forearm how it rolls Almost like as much as you can possibly Do

That's kind of the feel you need you Need to roll and set Amazing yeah some great feelings yeah They're really cool Right roll and set roll and set And then keep the head nice and still Cover past the hands yep Nip that Oh that's a lot of spin that's actually Pretty good so that's basically just a Little bit too close to the ball a Little bit one thing that I also noticed A lot of players do especially the ones That struggle with kind of getting too Much underneath the golf ball they tend To you know the old saying feet should Be pointing left yeah face right if you Look at really good wedge play nowadays They set up a lot more Square to almost Shut okay because if you oh have a pad That swings too much Alpha in you're Gonna tend to get too steep you're not Going to be able to release the handle As much and the club is going to dig too Much underneath the ball so focus on Where you're actually sending that sand If you have those tendencies You see the sand is going left of the Pin right yeah so try to shoot that sand Straight towards the pin that's going to Automatically shallow out the motion Okay so do the same thing now but try to Really shoot that sand with those other Fields straight towards the pin okay

Nice if you honestly ask yourself how Many hours last year did you spend Practicing bunker shot oh what zero no One does right everyone hits balls hits Other parts and then they're all bunkers Why would I even practice that like if You spend 20 minutes in the bunkers just Kind of doing what we talked about the Line in the Sand feeling that you're Throwing that sand over you're gonna Become so so good when I was younger a Friend of mine told me that Katie Choi Used to spend a full day in the bunker Just to get good at it so literally once A month he would you spend a whole day In the bunker I don't know if that's True or not maybe kg you can comment to See what he says but but literally when I was in Spain before I came to UNI over Here We would be like okay one day a month we Just hit Punk shots all day and it was Incredible how good we got So like if you're a really serious Golfer give that a go like you spend a Full day in the bunker and I promise you For weeks after that you're gonna be so Confident but the issue is that no one Practice it no no and it doesn't matter How good your fundamentals are if you Still need to freshen up on it now and Then absolutely cool shows show us how It's done mate ball up open up the club Face release it and almost feel like I'm

Shooting that sand straight towards the PIN Beautiful stripe Okay my lower ripe a good distance and You see it's not too deep there I don't Get any too hard am I just letting that Club kind of fall and if you expose the Bounce the right way it's not too Difficult Beauty Spawn too much otherwise you're going in Ah there it is So nice let's say you hit bunk shots Yeah that's what you did easier one easy Go make sure you go check Fred out on His social media and short game gains Which is your training company some Really really cool stuff and if you Haven't already head over to the swing Quest Channel because we might break These coaching videos down into their Individual segments as well cool right Practice now yeah let's get after it Especially at the bunker shots yeah Laughs

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