Tour Edge Wingman Putter Review Randy Tantlinger is host and producer of the award winning Golfin’ Around Show entering it’s 27th year in 2023!

Foreign [Music] Hey welcome to this golfing around Equipment review you know one of the Very best Boutique Club manufacturers Out there you know when you start Quietly And all of a sudden years later you’ve Got 10 to 12 tour Pros playing Tour Edge Golf Equipment that tells you the Quality I cannot say enough about Tour Edge I’ve got a 5 wood in my bag that is Close to 15 years old now that I call Old Reliable Exotics hybrids are in my bag I love Tour Edge clubs I always have look like All of you I experiment with my clubs Whether it be my irons my hybrids my Drivers But every single time I go back to Tour Edge after I play them well guess what Now Tour Edge has captured my excitement With a new putter the wingman why is he Called the wingman well think about a Goose and Maverick you need your wingman And that’s what the Tour Edge putter Wingman is it is the very best in Craftsmanship Physics and Technology combined with the Tour Edge wingman I simply cannot say Enough about this putter when you strike The ball and it goes exactly where you Want it you’ll understand why wingman by Tour Edge is Simply the Best putter out

There on tour right now and you’re going To want to have one in your bag so go to Your local golf retailer ask for any of The tour edge products but ask them About the wingman Putter and you two are Going to understand why all of a sudden You drive for show and you putt for Dough with your wingman putter by Tor Edge introducing Tour Edge Exotics Wingman Putters from Master Club Designer David glaude The Ultra Premium multi-material wingman Series Putters have an extremely high Resistance to twisting with one of the Highest Moi ratings of any putter Available on the market the carbon fiber Sole plate redistributes weight to the Sides and back of the head to increase The putter stability the use of carbon Fiber also acts as an internal structure To improve sound and feel it impact Lock-on contrast alignment technology Allows the lie angle to be set perfectly Square at address further aiding an Overall accuracy interchangeable weights On the sole of the wingman putter come In three eight and 15 grams with the Three gram weight being the standard Option a separate weight kit including Two 8 gram weights and two 15 gram Weights gives golfers the options of Adding or subtracting weight to the heel And toe of the putter to obtain their Preferred feel the wingman putter face

Features micro Groove technology that Provides a soft pure feel upon contact The horizontal micro grooves improve Forward roll earlier in the Putt and Reduce skidding off the face to create a Better roll There are three Hazel options in the Wingman putter series The wingman 01 Mid-toehang model features a tow hang of 30 degrees the 01 model is ideal for a Putting stroke with a slight Arc the Face balanced O2 model is designed for a Straight pendulum putting stroke the O3 Center shafted model provides an Alignment-oriented face balance putter That provides a more stable stroke Find the model that fits your game Because every player needs a wingman

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