Training Aid Review Series – The Dave Pelz Golf Putting Tutor Review

Drive for show and putt for dough as the old saying goes! This training aid is intended to help with the dough part! In this video I’ll review the Pelz Golf Putting Tutor and give you my thoughts on whether or not it is worth the cost. This is the first video in a comprehensive series of reviews on training aids, so please consider subscribing so you don’t miss any of the reviews!

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The Pelz Golf Putting Tutor

Hello YouTubers and welcome to another Episode of the golf nerd I’m pleased to Announce that I’m doing an In-Depth Series of reviews on training AIDS this Seems like a great time to review such Products as the season is rapidly Winding down and many of us are looking At ways to get better for next season Like many of you I’ve tried many Different training AIDS during my Golfing career and there’s nothing more Disappointing than finding out that a Slick looking well-marketed product is Not worth the money so in this series of Videos I’m hoping to provide you some Honest feedback about these products and Let you know whether you should consider Partying with your hard-earned money for One of these offerings The first product I’ll be reviewing is The pelz Putting Tutor which I will link To in the description below If you aren’t familiar Dave pells is Widely considered to be a short game Expert he’s been studying and analyzing Golf for decades and has furthered the Game of golf through his impressive Career in fact you may not know this but Mr pells was the original designer of The two ball putter this is arguably one Of the most successful and iconic putter Designs in the game of golf Suffice it to say I was eager to try out The Putting Tutor and started using it

As soon as it arrived the device is very Simple to use on the underneath side There is a small pin that allows you to Place the device securely on a practice Screen or home practice turf once Secured it has a very visible Line Running down the center line that allows You to precisely aim the device on the Intended line There is a small cradle that holds the Ball in place on one end of the product So it is very simple to prepare for use On the ball end it also provides a Straight edge that allows you to square Your putter face to the intended line This physical heart stop is a great way Of feeling what a square putter feels Like and was an unexpected but pleasant Surprise in my testing The clearly marked Center Line has a Small Groove that helps to keep the ball Online but it is not overdone and can be Easily knocked offline by a pushed or Pulled putt finally there are a series Of gates at the end of the device that Allow you to judge your effectiveness at Starting the ball on your intended line There are three gate settings and these Are set up by placing a ball bearing on Either side of the line given the three Different widths you can increase the Challenge of maintaining the line to the Final most challenging position let me Tell you this last gate is really tight

So now we’ve described the product let’s Review the build quality the product Comes with carrying case and is Definitely compact enough that you can Throw it into your bag for practice the Case is effective and has a separate Pocket to keep your ball bearings from Getting lost which is a good idea Additionally there are three elastic Bands which hold the tutor in place in The case The tutor itself seems solid is well Marked and I really like the detents and Grooves to make setup easier I find it To be very well thought out and Effective finally the product is plastic But it doesn’t come off as cheap but Rather a cost-conscious effort at Providing a valuable tool that doesn’t Have to be overly expensive In order to test this product I set it Up with my birdieball putting mat and Used a laser to align it directly at one Of the cut out holes Because the device has the one pin Securing it to the turf I did find that The device could rotate slightly so I Like to keep the laser on to ensure that The device was aligned to my intended Target I started with the ball bearing at the Widest gate setting and found this to be Too forgiving for my stroke so I quickly Went to the middle setting what I found

Was I could start the putt online about 75 percent of the time but my typical Push would rear its ugly head the rest Of the time The feedback was immediate and really Allowed me to focus on getting the ball Started more online Next I noticed that since I knew this Product was aligned to my intended Target if I did pass through the Starting Gate I could really discern Whether I was putting draw or cut spin On the ball based on the way it finished Out towards the hole This is where I believe training AIDS in General can either be really helpful or Hurtful What I mean by this is a training aid Will prompt you through a period of Self-discovery where you will go through A process of problem solving the result That you’re unhappy with in my case I Had to continue to work through slight Changes in my setup feels and stroke to Find a result that was most able to not Only start the ball online but rolled On Target or at the very least minimized How off-target the result was And this way I found the Putting Tutor Ruby immensely helpful I played around In some frigid conditions several hours After working with the Putting Tutor and I saw what I would classify as an Improved result on the course

I certainly didn’t make every putt I was Looking at but my misses were much Closer to the hole and I believe just One session of working with the tutor Helped me to accomplish this So after having reviewed the design the Build quality the testing and the Results I have to say I’m a fan of this Device if I had one complaint it would Be I wish they would add another pin on The bottom so it wouldn’t spin when you Place your putter Leading Edge up Against The Putting Tutor but this is a Fairly minor gripe on an effective and Very intuitive tool So if you’re wanting to work on putter Alignment starting the ball online and Improving your ability to see and test That line with confidence I would Recommend this product as helping in all Of these areas As always if you have any questions Regarding this product please comment Below as I respond to every comment if You enjoyed this video and want to Follow the training aid series please Hit that like button and subscribe to The channel Well that’s it from the golf nerd hit Them long and straight and I’ll see you Next time Foreign [Music] [Applause]


Whether you’re looking for a putter that improves your ball-striking, improves your alignment, or just wants to hit the ball longer and straighter, golf putter reviews are an excellent way to find the right product for you. They offer a wealth of information that will help you improve your game, and they’ll keep you up to date with the latest technologies. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best putters on the market.

The length of a putter is the most important factor to consider when choosing a putter. You can determine the length of a putter by examining how you grip it in the putting position. If you’re gripping the shaft too low or leaning over the tip of the putter, you probably need a shorter putter.

Another important factor to consider when choosing a putter is its weight. A putter that weighs more than five pounds may cause you to have a weaker swing. If you’re a beginner, a cheaper putter may be a better option. If you want to improve your golf game, choose a putter that is light but still has a firm grip. Those with shorter arms can opt for shorter putters, while golfers with long arms may want something more substantial.

A putter with a face-balanced face can help you improve your swing and make longer putts. While a toe-balanced putter can assist you in aiming the ball towards the ground, face-balanced putters help beginners achieve a more consistent putting stroke.

A putter with a length of 35 inches or shorter is the perfect choice for taller players. The 35″ putter length can be used by players six feet and taller. The AT-92 putster features a red striking plate that provides extra feedback to the hands for added feel and distance control. It’s center-shafted and comes in both right-handed and left-handed styles.

A mallet putter is a good option if you want a more forgiving putter. The weight is more evenly distributed on the club head, which makes it easier to hit your target from an arched putter stroke. The mallet has a low center of gravity that makes it a great option for golfers who want to make accurate putts.

The Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 putter is an excellent putter with a blade design that is both attractive and responsive. It also features a White Hot insert that provides high-quality sound and feel at impact. It’s also laser milled and weighted for optimal performance. The putter is available in both left-hand and right-handed orientations and comes in both 33-inch and 35-inch shafts.

Spider putters are among the best putters on the market. They have changed the way that golfers thought about mallet putters. A new design and new steel frame add stability and improved alignment. This putter also has a 45 degree groove for improved accuracy. In addition, the Pure Roll technology allows a perfect sound at impact. The added weight also promotes a steady stroke and allows the ball to stay on line.

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