Trying to beat this legend’s INCREDIBLE 150-YEAR-OLD RECORD!

In an epic clash between new and old, Peter Finch takes to the original 12-hole layout at Prestwick Golf Club, to break records set by legendary golfer Young Tom Morris, and previous head professional of Prestwick GC, Frank Rennie!

Massive thank you to Prestwick GC, and head professional, David Fleming, for inviting us down to experience the course in its original setting from the first ever Open!

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Twisted by winds whipping off the ocean Prestwick golf club sits on the west Coast of Scotland where it has been Buffeted by nature and time and it is Against those ticking hands of History's Clock that we will be testing ourselves Today on a truly special occasion so This golf course was originally laid out In 1851 by the OG of golf old Tom Morris He moved over from Saint Andrews with His wife Agnes and legendary son young Tom Morris who will be featuring more in This video after 57 members gathered at The Red Lion Pub just down the road and Decided to create this golf course Myself and fellow PGA professional Andy Carter we've already taken on this Course using hickory clubs you can check Out the video here but in today's video I'm going to be taking on the legends of The past with my modern clubs let me Explain exactly what is going to be Happening so young Tom won the open four Times his first one when he was only 17 Years old he remains the youngest player Ever to win the open the oldest player Ever to win the open was his dad old Tom Morris and his two of young Tom scoring Records that we're going after so in his First open victory at Prestwick he shot A low round of 49. his lowest round at Prestwick is a 47 so those are two of The scores that were chasing but he's Not the only person who I'm trying to be

So this is Frank Rennie and I actually Met him in the clubhouse already he Holds the 12-hole course record with a 44. so he is the ultimate go around this Golf course he's the guy to really try And be and he was Club professional from 1962 to 2004. that's a massive amount of Time for a club professional so let's Get out onto the golf course get down Into those comments let me know what you Think I'm going to shoot I'm playing With Andrew Cotter he's a TV presenter Journalist for the BBC does all kind of Stuff and I'm also playing with Peter The captain here at Prestwick so oh my Behavior played properly today iron off The Thirsty 584 yard bogey six Are they oh score hunting today proper Proper golf I don't well it's a bogey Six so I've got an eye in here I think I'm gonna hit another iron up there Probably another four it is a little bit Wide up there though I reckon I could Get away with uh All right That'll do yeah so 40 49 is young Tom Morris's best score and then Frank revey Is 44 course record rounder like 49 with Those clubs back then around this like Unreal Unreal 189 we are Well I didn't go right Also also left myself with a an

Impossible pitch Back here this is not a good news so all Throughout today you're going to see Loads of Marshalls with kind of yellow And orange hats on they are absolutely Essential to make this course tick Because there's about five or six holes That directly cross over each other some Share the same Fairway some are hitting Over a green to get to the next Green It's incredible like when old Tom Morris Laid this course out he was a maniac Pure Madness brilliant Madness That's very that's very nice of you two Three four five bogey six so a par to Begin with just what cards yeah Yeah absolutely I'm doing it the old way I'm doing it I mean I know that's what They did love it right yeah I think I Understand I had a six on there as well I think what do you call it like a tally So I'll be marking Peter's card so Basically a tally that way and then The Strokes recorded here but just have a Look at this so this this is the the Chaos and the beauty of this course Though this is the fourth hole as we're Playing so they're coming down here and Here we're on the second hole which is Still the 17th so this is an unchanged Hole from back there and then this group Down here where Andy's playing this on The fifth which is teeing over here this Is the first green that we've played and

That down there is the 12th green which We had to go around To get to Obviously makes sense on it perfect Sense Foreign There's like three posts on top of the Hill so just gotta keep it on the right One wins off the right should go a Little bit left off this lie It's too far left Get a good bounce it's got a signal from The Marshall on the Green So they've rediscovered the names of Certain parts of the course I'm going to Say this is where you don't want to be Never a great place to find yourself as Far as I'm aware never actually been so Let's keep it that way oh gosh like an Adventure this isn't it I mean 58 degree Ball is All right Just gonna have to hit it and see Come back come on come on come on Go on come on Cheers meant it Thank you thank you It's not biggie honestly Please just stop hitting that like Button there's too many likes coming in Thank you So Just up that path To where you see pyramid of Asia pretty

Sure that's what it is Keep off it wind Uh Just I almost missed that Name of this hole is tunnel red because We're going for the red pin Go I don't leave it on top of the oh no Peter Peter Finch That was an absolute disgrace If Um I can't go throwing shots away like that Ah Get left of it yeah Towed it good angle in just like another 50 yards added to the hole Super the pin is not this white one here It's to the left it's basically just to The right of where that path is use a Bit of a cutie it's not a bank That's gonna work out That might work out amazingly well Actually I've lost counting out of times This trip I've tried to hit it low Ramped it up a bit of Fairway or a bit Of grass I've taken all the backspin off There and then they're really close Oh that is a Stone Cold push Oh I'll pushed that Mr Captain I'm Afraid Thank you for your sympathy Thank you All right

We'll be down there He's out there never going to catch my Opponents like this I'm like come on Dude Thank you Wow I've just topped the ass off that Get down the path go on down the path I'm just making it a little bit easy for Us I think I've just followed up my Workshop with my best Pokemon Oh Foreign Championship history here young Thomas Just did everything That's basically a completed goal don't Feel but I'm quite at that level right Now Times change golf has changed the clock Of time continues to tick Oh dude that's a bit more like it the Second Holy One in open history I do I do need to reduce the spin it's Just short we're building momentum I can Feel it now food's settling down those Two glasses of Vena slowly settling as Well Oh Dove to the left Thanks Dove to the left at the end it's a good Put though that's a actually my first Decent oh I think to be honest with you

All right Well no I just I remember from this T-shirt the further you with it the the More it stretches out so Just whack it my kind of hole Need this Oh I think I need to go Two two three Equally It's an eagle birdie eagle Oh Carrie then That looks alright isn't it Made it so I'm currently four behind Young Tom Morris now I need Realistically to hold this The bird is next and bearded last and Then We'll level I need all this Or do something Exceptional on the remaining too Oh Ah Oh Never leave it Eagle Port short how many Times have we done this that trip leave It sure I've never said anything like it Mr captain Almost for the size of a bucket to you It's one three two so sorry Too Easy

Slightly past it but We'll take it Turned oh You did the triple breaker oh well that Goes through a divot Huge bonus of the round today not lost The ball I reckon this is the first time I think the birdie Bird it was Big Bird need to break 50. we're gonna have to wait and see to Mark all the scores up this is confused Me for some reason over 12 holes not Really having to pass you're just Tighten up the numbers Unusual experience Oh That's all right safe in it It was safe That wasn't going out of bounds Almost there Almost all right Oh oh for that one I wish it was a three I'll take you three I'll take you three So we're gonna get uh suited and booted Again after that round have a nice glass Of water in the clubhouse I mean what a Special occasion that is incredible just To be a part of History more than Anything I mean yeah I'd love to have Got a better score yes I would have Loved to have beaten Frank and old Tom But it's not really about that like Today is just one of those days where

Just to soak in to experience something Which might never happen again like this Might be the only time that I get to do This might be the only time that anybody Gets to do this and that's an incredible Privilege to have so just want to say a Massive thank you to press with handles Down huge thank you to everybody for Watching make sure you like this video Subscribe to the channel if you haven't Already I'll see you next time

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