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Hey everybody welcome now to this clip From the rough cut golf podcast Answering probably one of the most asked Questions on my social media and on YouTube if you want the full episode of This podcast that is available on your Favorite podcast provider all Linked In The description below also if you've not Subscribed to the rough cut podcast YouTube Channel please do that now when We get to 10 000 subscribers we're going To be doing a massive giveaway but sit Back and enjoy this clip from the Episode And this this one came up I'd say one in Five maybe even two in five Um and it's a big one what's happened With uh with you and Rick and is there a Match in 2023 yes confirmed uh Um There's actually not so don't don't Celebrate too hard well I'm I'm 90 sure That we're going to be getting a uh golf Bitter challenge back on Oh great news so I mean them they are Very popular videos we'll we'll link We'll link some here Um for simple premise we have a budget We go to golf bitter Source second hand Clubs Um and then we pick them and we go play Match and the the last few years we're Not done one but previously that it was Like one of our most popular videos and

Like people literally asked for them all The time and you just split you split The nines On either Channel or do you do like a You both do uh these This Is Us picking On clubs no we the last one it was Pete Had the picking and then Rick had the First nine we had the back nine yeah Yeah so yeah two videos right I don't Know I don't really know how it's what The format's gonna be no I don't really Know how it's going to work this time Um because it's but it's looking like It's gonna happen yeah yeah I mean we've Got like we've got different different Ways of filming things now as well like We we mostly just do 18 holes when we Play so yeah I don't know we'll have to Have a sit down and chat through that's Hopefully going to be around the Masters Oh traditionally it's all Masters Tradition okay Um now the question actually that's a Great answer and it's wonderful that That that that that is on the horizon Um I think what what even more than are you Playing with Rick again like what what's Happened in the middle most men you've Not filmed and you've not like you still What's the situation how did you guys Meet and then like tell us the story up To here Um we so me Rick

Um Andy Carter Um also the YouTube channel like and a Few other guys we all went to college Together uh might as well in Preston We left there and literally everyone Went the separate ways like spread out Across the UK and Ireland And then a job came up at Trafford Golf Center and quite a few of those guys Andy Rick were there yeah so got the job It's definitely not what you know so you Know uh started working there saw Rick Was the busiest coach by far Um and the other thing he was doing Massively different was that no one else Was doing yeah he was doing YouTube so I Didn't know anything about it started The YouTube channel And just to try and get my diary busy it Worked started doing different videos Starting to collaborate a lot more and Then After I think it was like two three Years where you left Trafford me and Rick opened the quest Golf Academy and We did that for about I think three Years in lythm and then got some got Some quiff Quest Golf Academy wedges in My bag right now very nice and then yeah Left that and when we weren't really Gonna coach anymore right and then just Kind of I don't know it's one of those Things where like we've not filmed with Each other for a year yeah why

Um I I mean I I don't know the the Difference the difference is and Something that we've got to be Got to be realistic about in in many Ways is that Whilst we're all doing our separate Things and you know our channels are Growing they're ticking along we're Doing lots of different things in that Same time period you know Rick had a lot More subscribers to begin with and he Just progressed progress progressed and Now he's got the biggest golf YouTube Channel in the world you know he's got Like about two million more subscribers I think yeah on the main Channel So from his point of view And the way he's probably looking at Obviously I don't know but the people He's been filming with recently as far As like good good and tour Pros he's Only going to be filming with people That he thinks are going to give him the Most amount of views and open him up to New audiences as well which essentially Is what this business is about like you Are in a you are in a business of trying To get people to watch your content yeah Which makes sense and things have Changed you know it's not how we used to Film as far as you know we'd look at the Diary sale we've got Thursday free Let's go play somewhere Alpha from nine

You fill in the back nine yeah it will Do much looser much more organic just The two of you as well yeah yeah yeah Like if we if we fire and if we meet how To do some filming now you're gonna have Both of you will have five people Minimum yeah yeah it's just it's changed Like things things progress things Change and it's very unlikely that it's Gonna it's gonna go back to that when Was the last time you spoke Okay Uh I'm not sure actually Um I mean we've got me me fry Carter him Got a WhatsApp group no happy New Year No Merry Christmas oh yeah yeah hold on Yeah happy New Year Christmas we message Into that there we go that's right well Done for hitting 515 000 subscribers Yeah I can't clap Um but actually physically spoken not in Nine ages actually interesting but There's a group chat there's a group Chat yeah yeah who's the most active in The group chat I I imagine that I've Only spoken to Matt Frye on the phone I Imagine Matt fryers I I my only experience of Andy Carter is Editing the Turnberry course Vlog he's So funny so good oh yeah I'll definitely Filming a lot more with fire and car This year good yeah looking forward to That what's your I mean people want to

Hear about Rick so we're going to get Back to Rick So if your favorite video I've ever Filmed together Um your favorite one to film It's hard to look past the golf bitter Ones because it was like uh it's our Thing yeah yeah really but is that just Because they were very successful I mean Obviously that helps you know it's like When you go to a golf course and you Play really well automatically you're Gonna like that Golf Course a lot more Than if you went somewhere and played Badly but I think that one really they Really stand out I think the other one That stands out ages and ages I tell you What golf bitter really does stand out For as well is they are a partner of the Channel They are a sponsor of those videos But if we say we're going to release a Golf bit of video People actually get excited about it Yeah yeah you know it's a like it's a Big thing yeah yeah it's a thing which Is just it's so hard to do and it's so Great that that's managed to become Something which people actually Understand what it is as well Um I do remember filming one Oh it's a long time ago now and went to Wales and we played nothing Which is we'll throw up a picture now

For the For the YouTube watches but it's got This hole which is out on like a Peninsula it's very famous kind of hole You'll you'll recognize it when you see It and we played there uh with James who Used to be an assistant Pro Um swing Quest And It was Quest Golf Academy Um yeah sorry it was a great Um it was a great match we had a great Time but then like the sunset there was Unreal oh yeah and I almost lost a drone In the sea But rescuing the Drone flying it Literally underneath a cliff to get out The wind flew it into a Cove and found I Think yes yes it's officially Um one of the best pubs in the world It's the best beach bar in the world It's it's a hidden so hold on you played Around so they found a hidden beach park That's incredible played around the golf And we doing all the Drone stuff doing All the the extra shots uh flew the Drone out to sea to get this the shots The shot that you have to get when You're there but it the wind was blowing Out to sea so trying to be fighting it On the way right well it wasn't fighting Tried to be in the Drone in and it just Wasn't moving yeah and like the battery Was starting to go with all the effort

And I was like have you seen that video Of the guy who's drawing the battery is Dying and you see him swim towards it And grab it yeah that is filmed right Near my my parents house in London yeah It's that oldenham Country Park I Literally I recognized the bridge when I Watched the videos oh my gosh that's Like that's right near us that could Have been you diving off yeah Well that was the things like to get it Back I thought well I'm gonna have to Lower it down so load it right down to The level of the city so it was out the Window a little bit like literally the Spray of the Waves was a smart move was Coming on like I was like oh God like a Dolphin's gonna come up and knock it out So took it really low managed to move it Got to default The Cliffs and I thought Well what I'm going to do now as soon as I got it up it's just gonna get blown Out so I moved it around to the side and As we went around to the side it was Like I was like just like a Cove here Yeah I was like this is nice It was like bringing the Drone back in To the side and there's a house At this far end of this Cove good and I Was like I recognize this no so you knew that it Existed before you no no I did all right All right I know I knew it existed That's in an article no I didn't know

Where it was there so I brought it Around I was like I recognize that where Is it from where is it from and one of Those serial killer documentaries Managed to bring it all the way in and When it got to the the basically the Name of it the T Hawking it's like the Red the red house or something sorry I Didn't know you were bilingual And it's yes it's a red house I think it Is something like that Um and as soon as I saw that I was like This is the place yeah this is the place I've been like banging on about to People for so long and did you and Rick Go in for a pint well I wasn't driving I Think was driving so yeah me and James Were in there like a great time I think Rick had a like a black currant or Something Um I drove back but that night after we Went there was like this amazing Sunset As well and it was just like it was just Like a really really good trip it's one Of the best things about like doing These videos it's you know you manage to Get to these places and have these Experiences that you wouldn't normally Have yeah and yeah it's on and you catch On video yeah like you will have had That kind of I had literally that round The other day like Twilight like golf Missed coming over the course as you're Coming in like it's unreal but I'm not

Filming mine and sticking on the Internet yeah you get to relive yours if You really wanted to yeah and it is one Of the good things that's probably the Thing I miss the most really about kind Of not doing videos really with Rick Anymore is the fact that you got to Experience this stuff like with a mate As well yeah yeah that's really really Good how how good of a of a mate do you Think that he is at this current Juncture oh bloody hell yeah If you if you if you had an emergency Would he answer the phone if you if you Rang him and you're like mate I need you To come pick me up would you come get You I mean With Warrington I'd like I'd like to Think so but I'd like I'd like to think If I've phoned anybody yeah yeah I think This is probably where the the interest Is peak for people of what's happened Between the pair of views yeah because You've obviously been on a journey Together through YouTube that you were With each other on each other's channels For a long period of time and then all Of a sudden that stopped whereas I Assume what you're saying now is that It's not necessarily a case of a Fallout It's just more of a case of times are Changing and what we yeah in a is it a Bit like is it a bit like you know when

You grad you graduate out of like middle School or whatever and you go to a Different High School than you're like Your friends from that school and you're Like you might see them like every once In a while and you'll still have a Conversation but because you're not Hanging out every day and you're not Doing those things every day you don't Have that kind of same connection still Going on yeah and it's also different Um you know like If you think about what Ricky's doing Now as well with how much stuff that He's got on Um must be very busy super busy got a Family and he's also got like a team as Well and he's got like 64 people working From whatever it is yeah so you know He's got stuff that he needs to do so You know there's not difficult to Squeeze him out for four hours to come And shoot yeah and it's the thing is as Soon as as soon as you reach a certain Mass as soon as you reach a certain size The There's a little bit of a lack of There's going to be a lack of sentiment There it's like why why would Rick film With us If he's got an option to film with Someone else who he thinks is going to Bring more to his channel yeah Um which you know it it's fair enough

It's not it's not a case of being like Bitter about it I think there's maybe a Bit of a sense of loss like I said about Like getting out and filming with the Mates but yeah you know that's what We were going to be doing anyway with With everyone else as well yeah the Thing is the golf YouTube Community it's Not like it's only a couple of people You know we're not we're not isolated Yeah so I'm not too worried about that Well that's it's good news and we have Got Carter and Friar stuff coming up This year which is going to be really Fun Um and make Shield stuff as well yeah Yeah yeah and yeah it's gonna be really Really good that's the thing yeah gonna Be doing some stuff and yeah who um who Else in the YouTube world would you I Mean we were in talks with a couple of Different people about doing some videos With other people who else would you be Interested in filming with I Anyone everyone Hold a cloud to maybe contradict my own Opinion on this um yeah probably most People yeah yeah I mean um I'm very much Open to kind of filming with with pretty Much anyone really To back up what I have just said though I think it has to be there's got to be There's got to be like a point to it

Yeah it's got to be right yeah there's Got to be a story or there's got to be a Reason that's you know there has to be Something that's gonna purpose to it Yeah 100 yeah absolutely and that works From from both sides as well like Whoever we're going to be filming with You know I want them to have a channel Which we can film and put stuff on their Stuff their channels as well right okay Yeah I don't want this just to be like a Transaction where we go we film we put Everything on our channels there's no There's no point in that you know if We're gonna have this YouTube golf Community and we're gonna try and make It a success more of a success than it Already is then everybody has to kind of Work together yeah which is which is Hard to do because golf golfers as a Rule are more individualistic than yeah You've spent your entire life relying Just on yourself yeah and maybe at a Certain level a caddy and a coach Potentially but like you're you're in a World where if there's a problem to be Solved you solve it yourself on the Range or on the course yeah well I mean Like you guys Not not so much you mix I've definitely Improved but certainly Jacob and and David know from when they started I I couldn't I I it was exceptionally difficult to

Let them just do stuff um Yeah because you've been because for the First x amount of years yeah yeah you Were the only one making your videos Yeah yeah I mean I'd give I'd give Jacob A video to edit and then go and read it Let's go edit this and then I'd edit it With him yeah and then I go what do you Think something right yeah It's good yeah so but more memes Yeah yeah so yeah it's It's tricky to to Give all that control and actually get Other people involved yeah and as I've Already mentioned but there is going to Be lots of stuff coming up this year Which is great yeah um We hope I mean that definitely is I'm just going For above average yeah You're shooting with Matt fryer what are You trying to say I'm trying to say he's Above average right it's really good as In a golfer yeah right okay That was one of the questions that he Asked as well as he said don't get the Wrong side of map That's what one of the questions he said Sorry um in the Q a was uh if you had to Play with one person like whoever it be Uh Rick Matt or Carter oh just for the Frame and you could only play one of Them the rest of your life who would it Be oh I know Mike and this is Matt I Know which videos I'd like Matt asked

His question yeah with the fluttering Eye emoji He asked this question like in this and Above average Crescent question that Yeah None of them no Um that's no that's that's impossible Possible yeah who's your favorite to Edit what of those three yeah Um I've only ever edited one video with Ricky no two videos with rickian that Being the last or the Most last recent installation of golf Bidder yeah Um so I can't really say here so Andy Andy and Matt are actually both Very funny people yeah they are it might Not come across um The only thing I will say is I would Probably prefer to edit Andy because Matt takes more time to cut out the Amount of swearing oh yeah oh and the Amount of tripe that he got yeah yeah It's not a party mouth it's a latrine Um yeah he is his editing team must have A lot of fun yeah I mean it's it's great Fun to edit because it's I and it's it's One of those things it's like from IOS IOS only so it's like I get to enjoy it Yeah and cut it all out yeah I would say Fry it fryer is fluent in foul language Is the best way of describing it it's Incredible you've said things I've never Heard yeah

That you think of days later I don't Even know what that means yeah yeah yeah But yeah you say it back as well like Some of this stuff he's saying I always Think about and I'm always saying it as A I love it yeah that actually Message fire at Christmas to say happy Christmas and I hate you for the fact That some of the stuff you said Kieran Just won't show yeah I literally quote him is there anything Quotable on the podcast no no no that's Why I haven't that's why I haven't said It but um um well with those with those Two in mind we'd love to we spoke about This the other day doing a podcast with You and both of them that would be mad Which would be which would be great Um The Turnberry course Vlog that I edited of Carter yeah you know we're talking about Cutting out yeah swear words I probably Of Carter I probably cut out Six different times he tripped over yeah And I want it dude Just tripped while he was walking huh Yeah whatever his own feet yeah there's One where he falls over the flagpole Which I left in because it was hilarious He's still getting used to not hard Desert ground blessings Yeah that's why I'd say McCarty you've Obviously with Matt you've got like the

Foul language but I say with Carter You've got the slices so you've got like All that you always have to edit a Single farewell literally not a single Fairway um and the other thing is he I Think because of the weather on that That course Vlog yeah and how horrible It was he hates rain as well his excuse Count was high yeah yeah his excuse Count was high I almost did a Carter Excuse count counter at the bottom he Does yeah he hates it he's moving back He's moved back to UK now I know he's in The Bible he's gonna be moving back That's good he's got a young family yeah So that's that's literally all this Group's gonna be first it's going to be Sick It's horrible it'd be hot in Dubai He's not wrong yeah we should go to Dubai yeah I mean we should probably go Now actually yeah thinking about it now Right now Um yeah why not I'll thanks thank you Thanks everyone we're going to Dubai Yeah Kettle flights kinda Flight scanner yeah flight scanners like A Skyscanner Sky no no the cheap flights Yeah I would like to thank the sponsor Today They don't exist guys isn't Sky's going The one where it's like you see all of The airplanes like in the world could Very well yeah I think and then flight

Scanner is yeah Thank you very much for listening that's A nice high to end on yeah good job the Swing is weird you do look like you're Killing a horse yeah you've got that Right yeah so for more information on uh Kieran's massacring tactics of medieval Warfare uh please give the podcast a Follow on your favorite platform Subscribe to this channel subscribe to The rough cut golf podcast Channel as Well follow us on all our social media Platforms I'll tell you what speaking into a Headphones my voice gets so much more Radio yes yeah We spoke on this before headphones go on Radio voice comes out always comes out Yeah yeah thank you for listening Everybody well yes thank you and very Much and we will see you next week for Another installment of the rough golf Podcast that was fantastic thank you man

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