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Let me ask you a question do you think Your driver suits your game in this Video we are going to be talking about What style of driver will suit your game And what type of Club is going to help You uncover your full potential off the Team I also have my own personal Recommendations 12 drivers in this bag That I've used in competitions before And I've done extensive testing on there Are some surprise inclusions so make Sure you stay tuned the rest of the Video [Music] Foreign Now the first thing that I can't Recommend enough is getting fitting in With your local PGA Pro if you don't Know your specs there's really not much Point in upgrading So for example I'm currently hitting Drives here and I'm getting away okay They're going fairly straight but Actually I'm leaving quite a bit of Performance on the table so you can see Here the total spin number there of 4450 now that means that that ball is Spinning up too much so it's getting Held it's not launching into the Distance and then rolling on so this Driver it has an X stiff shaft in here But the Loft on it is 12.5 degrees so The launch is about 14 degrees but then It's spinning up quite a lot and

Therefore losing distance if the Loft Was too low then the chances are the Launch would be really low it would have Very little backspin but it actually Wouldn't gain enough height the ideal is To try and get somewhere in the middle a Perfect goldilock Zone Foreign Yeah that is a slight difference there The separating Factor here was simply Loft so the first shot I hit with this Driver The Loft on the cuphead was 12.5 The second Drive I hit the Loft was at 8.5 so a four degree difference so both Drives launched it pretty much the same Angle so 13.9 and then 13.4 but the ball Flight was completely different that's Because the spin was reduced and rather Than the ball stalling up in the air it Had much more of a rainbow-like Trajectory I would prefer if I got it Launching even higher than that so Around kind of 15 16 degrees and if that Shot had the same amount of spin at 1900 It would be an absolute bomb [Music] So as mentioned that's the importance of Getting that fitting you need to Understand what is happening with your Club head and if you can get more out of It to begin with Now once you know your specs there are Four types of categories of drivers that You need to be looking out for so we

Have value we have forgiveness we have X Factor and then we have distance so we Have all these drivers to get through And they've all been supplied through Our good friends at golf theater golf Bitter they've been a partner of the Channel for many years now they are the Finest purveyors of second-hand golf Clubs on the internet and I really Wanted to do this video so golf better Just let me free in their warehouse to Pick these clubs so if you do want more Information on golf better head down Into the description and check them out There so when you're looking for a drive Which offers value for money what does That actually mean so for me that saves A goal for Who as a driver they don't Like at the moment they're looking for An upgrade but they just don't want to Spend that much cash so the drivers I've Chosen in this category are all premium They were very expensive when they came Out and have now had quite a big drop in Price and the first up is this the M2 Driver from TaylorMade now I went to the Original launch of these drivers over in The states and I have to say even now Popping this driver down behind the ball Even after so many years it still looks Like a really good premium driver And considering that's my first swing of The day it's also gone straight down the Middle and the beauty of this driver is

In its simplicity so they've removed Half the crown made it with carbon that Allows them to put more weight towards To the back of the club making it a Forgiving driver it feels great it looks Great so especially if you're a golfer Who's only starting their journey within This game and they're looking for a Really good premium forgiving Club I Think the M2 is a really good option Foreign I always leave these tests with about Six drivers in mind to go in my bag now If you're looking for a good value Driver from a very reputable brand you Can't really go much further than ping In fact this section I could have filled Up with ping drivers this is the g410 However and it's a very underrated Club This is the plus version and it gives Options so you can move this back weight To a draw or a fade bias the shaft Sleeve is also adaptable you can move it One and a half degrees in either Direction when it's behind the ball it's Got the turbulators in the aerodynamic Technology on the top and this as well Looks like a modern driver it's a few Years old now Foreign Which of course still classifies it as Being modern but if you gave me this Club and I had no idea about drivers you Could easily convince me that this was

Brand new that's the other big thing About ping drivers they are made to last One of the reasons why ping have got Such a good reputation is that they Don't release loads of drivers we'll be Getting into this a little bit later on Within this video But they don't like completely over Saturate the market Longest one so far today I know the new driver in the back so Within this value category my top Recommendation is the Cobra King F9 as You can see this is a very vibrant Golf Club it has shelf appeal but that is not What makes this driver special so a few Years ago when this came out Cobra were An okay driver company they were making Good products but this one was in the Bag of so many golfers around the world Because they just undercut their Competitors that year by about 100 quid It's got movable weights in the bottom Which can make it a little bit lower Spinning or more forgiving it's got an Adaptable shaft sleeve looking down on It it's got the carbon Crown some Nubbins on the top for aerodynamics and It just sits really nice Foreign Designed CNC milled face which makes Cobra drivers very distinctive and the Design has changed slightly over the Last few years but it is still something

Which is in the most modern Cobra drives As well Just love the look of this one Absolute rocket as well to finish See ya [Music] So forgiveness and I can't really pick Any other club to begin with then the Ping g425 this is still currently a new Driver but the New Ping driver the brand New ping driver that is on the way now That will lead to a reduction in cost For this club new and also second hand Now this is the max version of the g425 So this is the most forgiving club and This is all geared towards off-center Strikes foreign Now the reason behind this club is Pretty simple if you strike it out the Middle you're going to get a nice drive But if you strike it out of the heel and The toe that's where you're going to see A huge difference because it's gonna try And get the ball as hard as it can onto The Fairway for you some drivers you can Really tune in for distance as we will See in this video stay tuned for that But these three drives are all about if You sit out of the heel out the toe You're just going to get the most Forgiveness which if you actually look At most amateur golfers that's what they Need they need to find the Fairway more Often so this is one of the drivers that

Follow the Ping g410 which you've Already seen on the golf course when you Look down you can actually see the Similarities this drive has a big Footprint behind the ball it inspires Confidence and that's what this is all About Foreign Is having a club that you can stick down Behind the ball and feel confident that Even on a dodgy strike you can send it Down the Fairway next up we have the Mizuno stz and this really exemplifies What you should be looking for if you Want a forgiving driver it's a 460 CC Head that is the maximum allow that Really set down by governing bodies if You went bigger than that you could Actually get an even more forgiving Drivers so 460 is the maximum I've got This set at 10.5 degrees but the higher The Loft generally the more forgiving That driver is also going to be also you Can see with the design of this driver We have a back weight and what Mizuno Tried to do with this driver is pull Weight to the back of the club head this Lowers the CG so the center of gravity Pushes it further back in the head which Allows for a bit more forgiveness and Also helps with a higher launch I have To say as well I absolutely love the Look of Mizuno drives I think they're Vastly underrated

Foreign Everyone knows how good they feel but The drivers feel fantastic as well Love it absolutely love it now my Favorite in this category is the Callaway Fusion still one of the most Forgiving drivers ever made and it Really brings together a lot of what We've spoken about so you see the head Shave how it's a little bit more of a Triangle compared to some of the other Drivers and there's a big back wake so Again what color we've done here is to Pulled a lot of the club head weight Into the back of the club to help Forgiveness and help launch Callaway you Also use a lot of carbon in this club Head to try and strip weight away and Again put it in the back of the club Head it's a recurring theme Here Everything here is just geared towards Forgiveness one of the key things you Want to be looking for is if it strikes The toe and if it strikes to heal the Club face is going to twist now the most Forgiving drivers they have a resistance To this twisting it's called moment of Inertia and this driver has an Exceptionally High moi Oh The memories man every time I've been Out on the course with this thing it is Just an absolute Fairway finding machine Now with me and how I swing the club

That's a little bit too much backspin so 4 300. I'll tell you what if I managed To find one of these drivers in a low Loft and get the right shaft in it Still there just love it cowards bring Back the fusion [Music] So drivers with an X Factor what type of Golfers are looking for these clubs well If you want something which starts a Conversation something with a little bit Extra that also doesn't lay down on Performance because remember we still Have to get this thing off the tee and First up I've chosen one of these this Is a tailor-made mini driver Brands have started to release these They're effectively a one and a half Foot eleven and a half degrees Club head Smaller than usual again halfway between The three wood and a driver but the look In the feel Is of a much earlier club and I've got To be honest I forgot how much I love This club the sound on this is unlike Any of the other drivers within this Video it feels a lot more old school and Yeah actually looking at the driver it's Got the carbon Crown it's got away in The back it's got this speed pocket it's A driver which will actually perform on The course generally I saw a lot of Golfers start to put this club into play Who aren't confident with a full size

Driver who want a little bit more Forgiveness it sounds quite strange but This sitting behind the ball it looks Pleasant it looks easy to hit Boy But I have to say I think tail made have Made a fantastic little bit oh every Time actually leave a review that we did Of this kind of in the corner here it Was definitely the most accurate driver That I've ever tested when you're Looking for a driver with that X Factor Something unusual often helps something Which other players don't have in their Bags and a great place to look is Japan Now this is a Honda tr20 driver this is The 440 version it has three weights in The bottom which can mean to change the Ultra Ball flight it's a very simple Looking driver behind the ball there's No graphics on there there's no crazy Carbon popping out even though that is a Feature of this driver What But it just feels it just looks Spectacular you may know Homer from its Beres range where it has gold drivers You're talking with a five grand for a Single club with the tr20 this was one Of Homer's first Ventures into a cheaper Driver and I think they made absolutely Crack it just looks so simple So I'm just hitting these Lovely little bottle cuts into the

Middle of the Fairway my top Recommendation in The X Factor category Is the Nike Vapor Pro or the Nike Vapor Pro now if you talk about a driver with X Factor this has it in abundance you of Course have the Striking nuclear vomit Green or as Nike called it Vault pretty Sure it was called Vault anyway it's Striking I actually don't mind it I Think it looks quite cool but this Driver was when Nike really started to Hit their stride with golf clubs I Thought that this was the first driver That they produced which really competed With what other clubs had out on the Market the driver before the covert did That as well but this was really the Best one for me What Right get right it's pretty good [Music] So we started to mix materials within The crown it scooped a lot That was a cow oh God we've got a Screaming cow on the golf course ladies And gentlemen yeah they've got a Construction here where they've scooped Weight out the back they've positioned It a little bit further forward and Lower align that with the classic shape I know the graphics on top aren't Classic but this is actually a good Better players driver Foreign

This driver also represents quite a sad Story because Nike won release after This one stops making clubs all together They canned it which was a shame because They were really starting to get Somewhere but for a little piece of golf In history of a manufacturer that Doesn't make clubs anymore This is a great option One Oh Rock it down the left side that's in the Air forever I reckon this could still Compete by the way the person who last Known this driver absolute ball striking Supreme Adjustable Center a little higher Launching low spinner from that part of The cool face So the best clubs for distance and you Really want to be understanding what You're laying yourself in for with these Golf clubs and a perfect example of this Is the SLDR from TaylorMade this was a Driver that ushered in a new wave of Design Technology because what TaylorMade did is they actually pushed The center of gravity that we spoke About in the forgiving drivers further Forward now with a very forward CG that Allows you to really lower the spin on a Drive but it also takes away a lot of Forgiveness so if you're looking for a Driver that gives you a lot of distance

Then clubs which go back to the SLDR are A fantastic option but But you need to remember that there are Going to be drawbacks the spin on that Last ride was 1475 Solo Carry 283 and it just ran on For absolutely ever If I can just hit up on this a little Bit more get it launching That's just gone to Absolute Boom Town straight as an arrow carry 303 Oh But that was a center strike when I Started to go towards the heel and toe Of this club the Forgiveness really Really drops off so if you want a Massive hitting drive and you can strike Near the center of the golf club Here we go now the second driver I have Picked is also a tail made the M1 and This is for a few reasons so this was a Follow-up to the SLDR and just notice What they've done on the bottom of this Club we have two different weight tracks We have a weight track along the front Helter phase or a draw bias but also There's a weight track in the back Because what we spoke about before about Having a driver with the weight push Forward it's less forgiving what TaylorMade tries to do with this driver Is give golfers the option of Shifting It further back if they weren't quite Hitting it as well

But you'll also see with this driver There are some different design Variations they've got a carbon crown on Top which meshes really well into a Titanium front it's actually a really Modern looking driver despite it being a Fair few years old now You'll feel so good now for distance my Top recommendation is the TS3 from Titleist so this is two driver series Ago full Titleist and yet in a recent Test that I did it's still kept up it Was still one of the best performance Driver-wise this is really simple it's Got an interchangeable weight port at The back but it's just really thin as Far as the titanium Crown is concerned The weight is positioned for optimal Launch behind the ball it has a very Classic design the design which better Players generally will be drawn to and One great thing about the TS3 is yes it Goes far yes the ball speed is very high It also feels Just great Just great there's something with Drivers that you need to bear in mind The legal limit to how fast the ball can Come off the club face manufacturers Have been pushing up against that limit For quite a few years now the TS3 went Right up against that limit straight Away so if you get something like this You're not going to be missing out on

Distance and ball speed 315 yards carry ball speed at one seven Five Not bad so guys hit that like button if You've enjoyed this video and also get Down to those comments below let us know What driver you are currently using and If you think you need an upgrade huge Thank you to channel Partners golf Bidder for getting behind this video and Allowing me to translate all this Information if you have enjoyed this Video and you want to see more Golfbidder content may I suggest these Couple of 500 pound golf Builder Challenges I did with Rick Shields

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