Who Is THE BEST GOLFER on YOUTUBE? (NEW SERIES) Match 1: Andy Carter

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It's a question people ask all the time Who is the best golfer on YouTube well In this new series we hope to find out I Will travel across countries and Continents playing your favorite Creators in one-to-one match play you'll See familiar favorites new friends and Golfers you may not have heard of before First up we have a PGA professional all Friend and all-round lovely chat and the Car tech strap yourselves in this is Going to be epic And here is the man the myth the legend Mr Carter It's been A whole day since we filmed together Not even a whole day With that it was literally 10 hours Playing night golf you can check the Video out on Carl's Channel yes here are His handles as well as soon as you've Watched this video make sure you head Over there subscribe and be a friend to Andy God knows he needs them be my Friend simple simple format of these Matches nine hole match play if actually No we'll give away what happened to the Video last night but Carter played Better than me much better standard give It a watch it was a good one so I'm not Hopeful but the front line here at Alhambra beautiful morning not a breath Of wind we play match play yeah let's See if we can get through the nine holes

This time let's see let's see if we can Fit it that's all that's all I'm mostly Talking about to see if we can finish Shall I go first yeah good luck Pete Okay good luck Good Luck play well enjoy Yourself [Music] How far we got into this hole 308 308 Okay driving yeah going at the TV tower After degree so they're prepping for the DP World Tour event which is happening Here in a few weeks we're out here is Official testers Laughs Which had a massive error on their part If that land's soft do you think I was Fine yeah it's fine Definitely the safe bailout it is a safe Bailout if I've seen you shoot worse Shots in that on this hole if you have Seen the video on Carl's channel oh my God I actually ended up in Iran I think On my way my t-shirt yesterday it is Probably one of the worst t-shirts I've Ever seen me play it sounds like it came Off the shaft it was it was horrendous But you know what it was an easy win for A hull right at your ball with a draw is The play Beautiful That is perfect Go on get over get over it get over get Over it is that a green side bunker yeah I think if he's if he's cleared that

Bunker it's awesome if it's in that Bunker that might be an issue No issue for me well we'll throw up uh We'll throw up a picture of a lie that I Had in one of those front bunkers Yesterday Saucy so on pin High Carter is just in Front of the green I've got a slightly Awkward put your corner of the shoulder Of a bunker but if I land it on the Front of the grid it should roll out A fancy car again up and down here so I Need to I need to eat a good one just so Much pressure this early in the morning My eggs and tomato are still settling I'm not That's why I got my shirt on top by the Way I'm just feeling a bit A bit Buffet out [Music] Not not great it only is okay but That landed quite a bit away from where I wanted it to right definitely the Driving seat on this hole But a lot could change very quickly got A little 50 degree chip and run up the Green back foot Joby let it release It's called a semi-thin that'd be a Blade either little bit blady It's all right though all right Two pass Aim point Right to left with me you know what Hold a few parts of this length

Yesterday I don't want to say I fancy it but I Kind of fancy it Always take you serious I'm gonna have Two practice strokes All right It's up the lp You're getting closer mate because Everything looks like so fast they do Look rapid right if she's not ideal for Downhill left to right putt Oh wow Unlucky That's a pretty disappointing path I'll Be honest Let myself down let my family down If I'm watching down but maybe Finch you Could sleep on the right all right it's For the half All right just for the half Peter all Right all right I get it I get it I get It you got a part I'm happy for you Well done it's relatively solid though Actually I like how we're surprising ourselves Right hole is halved in force Now that might be the first Those might be the first two pars That we've had on the same hole in two Days though That's as good as it gets isn't it [Music] Second hole we played the first hole off

The whites because of all the work They're doing on the tee putting the Signage up so we're off The Blues from Now on Big Boy tease The level of difficulty slowly increases Every hole tremendous Um just Just What We Needed now I Personally think this is a driver I've Never been driver Carter has potentially Won the worst three was ever made so I'm Gonna go with the tallest floodlight That's free wood in the middle just a Little fade I think that works Sand Has to be in the sand on that line Settle Sand It's not a driver Probably just run through around that That's also a representation of how much Golf he actually plays when he talked Through one hole and then has to specify Which round in the day he's talking About I'm just excited like no oh I hit a Really good shot on this hole in the First time I played it yesterday England is literally closed right now Nothing is working because of a few Centimeters now I'm going to play as Much golf as I physically can while I'm Out here and be done with the Consequences okay

As in bad back right right so he's at The vapor fly that three wood Yeah yeah the blue one It's a classic I think I think it's more Because the heads blew the chat blue and The grips blue yeah no I think it's just A bit Overkill you know as well yeah you Know Blue's not your color it's not Right you can tell by everything you're Wearing I just wanted to match my three with it Right I'm not seem too much On that line the driver would have been Drive would have been perfect for the Push though wouldn't it Yeah your eyes could be desert though I mean that's why I use this club to Avoid the desert so yes again kids if You're watching just hit driver Everywhere don't play safe I've said this car we're not looking for The best golfer we're looking for the Best YouTube golfer and that means no Lineup Good podcast [Laughter] I've had a bit of a shocker here to be Honest A bit of a shock 144 yards to the flag I was finchy in the Fairway there with Driver Baffled me this hole already Punchy little nine

Strike over the flag rip it back Hold the pot Oh 10 out of 10 for execution Just be the one I've just named come on Oh stop it Good very good shot be cool car be cool Carl I told you he's always three would Off this tee He's a good club in Three Wood Nine-Nine Better spin I just come out with probably the best Light ever he said he comes over so I Should have started birdie birdie he's Already mentally put him down for Missing that foot like there's anything To fill me with confidences though 113. It's a little half a gap wedge yours Didn't spin at all so I um hit like three-quarter Punchy style To take the spin off understandable get It although I explained I was going to Spit it back I don't know I didn't it just like Stopped Right Almost 30. Perfect Club off the tee with the driver Travel Oh I got a stoplight talking just before I Hit the shop good luck with that as soon As soon as I'm used to doing that by now As soon as I say something like perfect T-shirt also that's what the head goes

Best single second that's my backswing Begins up the hill and unfortunately far Away 30 25 30 feet 25 probably uh up the hill right to a Very similar speed to I think the first Green we've got to get it up to the Whole car's actually a bit further Customers thought It's aggressive The best thing about my putting at the Moment is the consistency of speed Control That's what I'm really proud of Really works hard on that I'm not quite As close I thought it was you look way Better from back there All right come on there's not much Movement in this No no Is this all right yeah Just makes it so much easier doesn't it Knowing it's already given Straight back up the hill really Maybe inside left if anything Nope Got the practice should expect This is a serious game Solid hey what takes something great at Those pop-ups yeah like 34 like Completely foreign You know if it's gonna go in or not yeah Like in Manchester a four foot put you

Don't know if it's going to go in Until it actually hits the bottom of the Hole and even then it could come out Have 508 Yards off here so you've got to hit cut A t-shirt over in this direction Probably edge of the water's perfect Line yeah yeah it's I'd agree with that Right between those two palm trees Oh ah oh Go go go go go go go go go I literally saw that pitch I literally Pitched on the Sandy bang didn't it oh What bad strike bad Striker bad time I Don't know where the actual markers are The markers are on like the top of the Sound aren't they Yeah I think we'll be dropping before it That's annoying Yeah and that's right Ah it's perfect perfect That was a good driver very that was Very straight I just hit the ball so Straight [Laughter] Um So I mean I suppose technically I could go For the Green from here I've just got like a Little uh little post here which makes It a little bit Twitchy that's actually Such a random yeah all these this must Be like so we're just holding the bank

In place of it so I'm just gonna yeah Just chip it out A little 50 degree Chop It Out close Your eyes Whoa That was Twitchy Well struck Lovely oh a little bit of zip on it as Well oh yeah I wanted to control the Distance on it you know what I mean just Get a little bit of spin lovely bit of Spin I think I actually close my eyes I'm not feeling it it's not trusting it I think that's the club five no I think Six is your Club I've got five it's a One one 194 is like the is the six iron Yeah but to be fair if I leave it 190 it Slopes back into the water slopes back So I've got a little five Left edge of the building yeah yeah Like it A little bit of a flyer yeah yeah set Absolute dead ball flight sit the hell Down Yeah it'd be all right yeah it's fine Just up on the left ah it's a lovely Strike it's gonna be a full ship from There it will be a nervy chip yes a Twitchy oh it's only going towards the Water downhill fine what professionals We don't think about that Oh professionals 101 yards my favorite Distance 54 degree wedge over the back Of the pin bit of spin

Thanks for coming best birdie you're Going to see on this channel this week Today maybe this morning this morning Spent It's spinning back down the slope Good shot I would probably say like Maybe once once a month you call the Shop correctly yeah I did it in the last It just feels good it does feel nice it Does feel good though there's a there's An air of satisfaction around yeah That's it for the rest of the month then Yeah we're done now thanks for watching Thanks for watching please subscribe Like and we'll see you next time Oh this is literally it was a six iron Distance I knew I was gonna get a bit of A flyer but I just didn't fancy it so a Little five and now I mean all sorts of Bother this is going high soft Landing Right On The Fringe blade open all I say Guys remember that shot you played Yesterday yeah yeah 100 no I'm I'm Actually feeling quite good about this Is just A little bit nervous as well I've hit too well They're too good I didn't hit it hard enough that was Unlucky that I actually played it Amazing just didn't hit it hard enough Because I was nervous Oh Christ at least you pull it's easier I executed that so good I just didn't

Bat myself to hit it hard enough it's a Little bit tricky though With a lagoon after the it was a little Bit tricky I don't know why I'm trying To like big accomplish yourself so much It's making me feel a bit uncomfortable All right good it's working right oh God Right fingers crossed people Simmer down simmer down and turn turn Turn turn S close Oh thank God it's in gimme range After that wedge shot I almost feel it's Written you know the destiny is in the Stars If I didn't hit it so far yeah Four take it away oh yeah they just Don't bubble back to Target as much as I'm used to all right Inside Edge nice And firm confident stroke You are a good putter Because he told you I told you when you Get to a PGA Pro level you're still Talking to yourself like that over Report you you are a good person you are A good Booker You could be the better version of Yourself [Music] Good Battle of the past you know that's A battle of the past people really want To see 150 artists part three beautiful Settings lovely pins bang in the middle I'm gonna go in 99

Straight at it Feels so warm today Toasty Oh Wow wow that's left miles left Which is almost sit down the water and It disappeared I just got this weird That doesn't to me that 150 looks like a Long way yeah it's definitely 150. Awkward yard is this awkward 150 for me is another it's an eight and A half iron all right inside the bunker On the right with a little drawer I'll tell you what it is Pretty good Cracker Very nice take that You know every now and again I watch Your car I think you are a good golfer Best golfer on YouTube I tell you what so this is this is back In Disney this will be pulled [Laughter] It's like did you go here Already clutching at straws We're all square and he's still already Clutching is it basically a bunker shot You play bunker this is like a bunker Shot yeah you've basically got a facet To The Fringe and let it release you Should be all right I've fatten it I got That shot All right yeah I literally annoyed it Right okay A bit left to right it's just

Slamming it there No way I have no idea I'll play that Shot you're not meant to like I'm just literally doing something in Slow motion I didn't think your Club is Going to make it to the ball Literally Oh she just can't take something what do I do some people are Beyond it oh God That was set up for moving everyone Right it's for par it's really off He's getting closer folks stay tuned [Laughter] So much positive reinforcement on the Lifestyle You know what Sometimes you just gotta laugh aren't You all right let me give you let me Give your viewers a birdie yeah of Course I'm a birdie it's bird your bust Yeah I don't make the rules Yeah that's a good effort Honestly no what that was more that was Almost as left as your T-shirt off the Face you just slanged a 10 foot push I Didn't have pulled it I pulled it he Paul lagged it he deselled and the face Flips over I pulled it it was perfect Weight And you know what's more important [Music] How many hours but it's big bunkers Across it just four iron Bonkers palm

Trees gets tighter as you get closer It's a little foreign four iron gut Which Keep it let's keep it simple Pete so That's all we can manage Apple yeah left Edge very good nice shot Thank you all right I'm gonna try and Put it as close to yours as I can okay Maybe filming easy [Laughter] That's fine there yeah I'm just giving Myself a full bin I literally almost Missed that you keep that you can keep That club out oh I said I've managed to bring every Single Cove I don't want to hit but the One call I want to hit I don't have it Right one four seven Ball by my feet so I'm gonna hit like a little nine Land it around the front I think you Might jump gotta get it on there though I gotta start putting some pressure on Car he's playing all right rather Annoyingly Oh Will be good Ciao That was a better go Kind of popped up and out quite high but It wasn't the shot at all that I Pictured but that doesn't matter does it 110. right that's a good yardage I like 110. I hit this 114 so this is go past The flag spin back come on up and down

Be on it Oh yes stay stay stay no Is it staying staying just needed a Little bit more on it didn't it I took off I took off six instead of Four take it though who might be upset With that PIN I sign equality ball Strike where his Carters ripped back all That way because he can't control his Distance see the greens are very firm You see so I wasn't expecting spin back It's an outside chance of Birdie Up the hill left to right not massive Breaks are they on these greens so They're kind of long and subtle it's my Nickname Hold that line hold Oh come on Oh absolute burning the edge Good pop oh Pausing It's a left yeah they're just quite long Sweeping breaks aren't they yeah you've Got the brunt of it that's a big one Oh Just held accelerated through the lip There yeah [Music] Yeah it's okay away mate God basically can you go Fanta Right the line's over the bunkers in it Yeah Yeah so off this tee you got like 300 to Clear those bunkers so

Probably just about do it right straight Over the steering wheel make your target Nice and small Right you're absolutely pounding that Guy is it really good I've been actually see a lot of cool Music I think we'll call that uh pretty Good pretty good just got the turn to The body through the ball yeah feeling Good oh that's yeah sometimes neglect my Follow-through in regards to core Rotation you've got to turn the body Right gotta turn it It's got to elongate the hitting area That's what I've been trying to do That's the one Oh Yeah it's got it it's got to be in the Bunkers maybe about short of it How do you turn Oh Put that out some as I said before some People you just just can't save them Okay Like that Oh lucky Pete Oh no I just got sand in my shoe on 175 yards 17579 just kind of center of the green Back in the stand to touch come on say Shot Yeah you go deal with car I'm just gonna Rake this biggest bunker This is a this is a brutal life it's 147

Flag 99 Club perfect Club but if it Flies it could literally go 160. I am Tempted to hit a wedge but then because It's so thick I'm worried it won't get There it's like what can you do you Can't win middle of the green I'm going To take a bit off a nine iron that's my Final decision That's perfect that hits the Fairway it Should just shoot it was a flyer look at It go come on then there you go That's two shots today I've played and Called what a day oh yes that is that is Gonna spin that is going to spin though That's gonna get so much rip I gotta get Through a tree no but you can like You're gonna hit down on it and you'll Get a good connection that will rip it's Teed up yes it is teed up I can't deny That just don't go under it Um right so I'm just gonna have to try And focus on getting the cleanest Contact so I can land it around the Front of the green roll it out there we Go it won't roll out that you don't Think it's gonna spin back Oh Good job spun back you know what not Much I could do really that's just Problem with that shot of the day it was A great shot if you'd have aimed at the Flag it would have been even better yeah I know but what's the name of the flag Was that

Right left to right or across the green I might keep missing low So I'm under reading Ah better line Yeah it's a good pop Has a better line little takeaway thanks It's time to hold another good put for a Pass Oh I thought you had it I literally Thought you had that all the way That was never anywhere else honestly I Was hurting me all the way to lift out One lucky Pete wow yeah see what three To play see what free to play that's Things a bit though You sure no one's got any painkillers It's for the put all your arm [Music] Repeat from 163 yards part three we're Gonna aim at the middle of the green We're gonna hit a nice little buttery Cut into a back right pin position and Fall out for birdie I love it and if you Don't follow my lead we'll call it the End of the round okay this is now I've Got this this nice little Pottery pot Won't work your chest left Nice thin yeah a nice thin draw nice Thing It means you know it's been there's been Two shots today where I've called it and Played it so I can't have them all Well out very sociable That was a that was a whole lot of divot

It's a whole lot of turf folks Oh this is not the Miss there's no way I Can play like a conventional little chip Because it's not going to stop fast Enough so I'm going in aerial the aerial Route all right commit to this one there So yeah yeah a bit too much ball Well do you want me to go yeah go for it I need a break there's nothing but built Myself up for an amazing shot that I Could see it Oh stop turning again did I give you a Lining yeah it's fine Go just past that tee In the right speed classic zero ball Markers aren't you I got some in my throat Poof This would be the greatest four ever That's a church just toe Shanty on Camera Everyone will remember the moment where Carter's round just capitulated I've got I've always got this in me now What I really like about car here though Is going through his pre-shot routine He's clearing the bad shots from his Mind this is a makeable pork so I'm not Too close It was tactical feel a lot more Confident I can't get angry if I miss From this distance Absolute Joker That was a fun four I'd be good you know

If he holds us now definitely against a Run of play Stiff Ah good part I was good you know every Now and again you're like you feel Yourself gritting your teeth I was like I am not missing this I'm not I just Absolutely refuse to miss that oh I'd Have been amazing if you'd have missed That well One up two to play one two 500 and like I think 70 I think 590 or 192. Proper alt proper roll Oh my God why are you being such an Absolute So far one where are you going Steve I'm Steve roggling with the big Stuff now the fortunate thing is just Waste the unfortunate thing it does seem To be packed with those little bushes I Don't like Oh that's a hundred yards away right I Had to block that out of my mind I told All I wanted was pull it now I'm just Playing the game I'm giving you know I Mean I just called for my ball see what Happens oh crashed Oh Foreign Soft bounce And answer to your question car yeah It's a three shot

There's nothing worse than watching the High cut and then standing there we're Going don't do that Oh despite the controversial drop but I can live with it fair in it well You're just making up the rules as you Go you do whatever you want you two or One give yourself two you're inside the Second one there you're fine Oh where do I want to be all right take A third Flyer how far we got left uh you got 219 To the top edge of it so you're looking At 200 yeah I'm gonna go for the green Side right edge of the green side bunker Yeah and the seven iron three three four To the pin if you were thinking of going For it okay Well depends out much of a flyer I get You know Hold it That ball fight wow Bounce Stay there stay there stay there stay There stay there stay there sorry we're Back in play folks I wanna know how far Offline we are That's over here It's pretty human to me yeah Oh wow okay he's brought a hybrid with Him that was a three one actually all Right I reckon I get an A-10 on that Yeah deadly in here in it well there's a Dead bird though

Oh what's a strike that has gone so into The other waist area Let's just hold on to the Fairway lovely Strike Pete well my best two strikes of The days when the ball's been off with a Bush Right got 150 odd yards on a bit of an Upslide though so I'm going to take an a Iron and just try and knock it down a Little bit because I don't want it Ballooning Be the number Pay the number Pressure is now on Andrew Carter Cali Deliver that's why they call him Mr UPS I was happy with that I'd say you've got About 40 feet but you're a lot closer Than me right now so Oh excellent golf shot Really like that thank you I really like It this is a perfect number with a bit Of wind like despite everything hold it Up I really like that that was a great Ride thanks that was good that was nice It was enjoyable I'll be honest yeah Just had a car too he needed to either Put that another 12 foot away Or be like another two foot closer this Is not his range it's literally the Easiest part I could have possibly left Myself uh downhill dead straight down The hill I've got to do is start it Rolling that's that that's straight yeah That's straight down the hill three foot

Close your eyes Bosh look at a different Putt but respecter is this a classic Match play moment [Music] A little bit less pose that was in I Think I was literally thrown up in my Mouth then I think I've hit so many puts Today where it's like really good line Just Pace it's just on me yeah It'd be a massive help if you missed This Come on You know what I gave myself a 20 chance Of hole with that Mate this is for it this is first this Is for the match Inside right down the hill all right so It's not that's right no just inside [Music] Right easy well I'll put just playing up Joe's only joking never any doubt Thanks mate excellent enjoyable round Well played guys That's it first match of the series done One nil today visitors and well it's Just a lovely day to be out here with You it was fantastic very enjoyable back To your company thanks for turning up Half turned it up massive thank you to a Hammer for having us down beautiful golf Course you ever get a chance to come Here make sure you do make sure you Check out Carter on all his channels Make sure you go subscribe subscribe

Here as well I will see you next time For the next video in the best player on YouTube series Good luck to the next player All you've got to do is just keep just Keep making pass and he'll grind him Down [Music] And I'm joined by my second opponent in This series The Wonderful The Marvelous Live club that is set up like an Absolute Oh I've hit a palm tree [Music] Where the hell is that gone [Music] Mate mate

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