Why are these FORGED irons SO CHEAP?

I test out potentially the best budget forged irons on the market to see if their performance really adds up and to ask if their low price is too good to be true…

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I reviewed Haywood golf irons for the First time a few years ago and was Impressed they didn't blow my mind but For the cost versus the performance they Were fantastic and now Haywood have Released the MB and the CB irons which They say are a hundred percent Mill now This would normally Skyrocket the price But both sets of designs from four iron Two pitching wedge cost 650 pounds and that is almost a third of The price of some of their competitors So are these irons too good to be true Or are they an absolute bargain now I do Have some issues with these irons which We will get into But I have to say they look and sound Just Superb so the CB irons are designed for Players who need a little bit more Forgiveness while these MB irons these Are for better ball Strikers even just Putting it behind the ball now it just Looks Very very small The sound on that Beth Oh get it So these irons are forged but according To Haywood they're also 100 CNC milled Now forging is a process of pressing the Head into shape while CNC milling it Uses a computer and a milling machine to Get very precise tolerances when Designing a golf club now we'll get back

Into the milling and the forging process Shortly but I have to say the results so far just Feels fantastic Super impressed kick off that bank that Flew a long way that a little bit Downwind but we are 240 yards away So I like the look of a blade so the MBs Are really catching my attention we've Got a very thin Top Line you can also See the actual Milling effect on these Clubs which looks really cool they just Look quite subtle quite simple but very Elegant you can see like other bladed Irons the MB and the CB have this Central cut design so this takes weight Away from the top of the club head which Can then be repositioned behind the Impact area but bear in mind what I've Done on that graphic there is I've Compared the haywoods to irons which Just So much more expensive now Give you an indication of how highly I Rank these irons if I'm comparing them To clubs which are that much more Expensive but guys if you are enjoying This video and you do like the reviews That we do on the Channel please hit That subscribe button below also like This video I'm just hitting some little Glidey seven irons here under the wind They just feel so nice Yeah I'm I'm impressed I'm impressed so

Far but there are a few things that I Don't like about these irons with the MBS the soul is very very thin and there Doesn't actually seem to be a massive Amount of Bounce angle there so they Might have the tendency to dig now I'm Only saying this and this is in the back Of my mind because the Haywood wedges That I tested had a similar issue they Just wasn't quite enough give in that Soul to make Turf interaction a little Bit more pleasant I'm not saying that so So far today but it is in the back of my Mind also hey would say these clubs are A hundred percent Mills but they're also Forged now forging and Milling they're Two separate processes so I think what Hayward would have to have done with These irons is Forge the club head into A rough shape and then Mill it into the Precise specs that they actually wanted Now you could say that that's probably The best of both worlds this angle by The way on the fourth era reddish well That not one to be hooking this t-shirt When I put those MBS down behind the Ball the toe seems to be quite long as Well it seems like an elongated Club Head if I compared those to say the Tiger Woods blades which have already Kind of shown in this video they're a Lot more compact I'm going to try and Hit a draw okay Foreign

I think I like the Seabees even more Than the mvs the design on the CBS They're just a little bit bigger so you Can see how the back just extends out a Touch more they've still got that center Cut the sole is a little bit wider and The top line is a little bit thicker but The feel on them is is fantastic it's Just as good And I'm just getting these little Drawers back into this wind that needs To sit though sit Oh what a kick They even get lucky bounce now for me The sign of an elite iron and this is Something that you get from say Mizuno So it's really good forged blades is That they managed to shape the club head So there's a concentration of mass right Behind impact so it feels both powerful And soft at the same time and this is Exactly how these irons feel Very consistent though if I'm being Honest there's similarities between the Feel of the MBS and the Seabees is so Close I don't really know if there's Much point if I was to get the MBS over The Seabees the Seabees offer a little Bit more forgiveness yes they look a Little bit chunky behind the ball but There's nothing I wouldn't be able to Get over right just a little less draw That's all we want Foreign

They're going further though They're going further so I can see how These irons would suit different players So I would say that the CB that's going To be a handicap range of about eight to Sixteen whereas the MB is that is very Much eight and below Now one reason for this is on off center Strikes the MBS really do offer very Little forgiveness the tow strikes in Particular really do fall out of the air So I've got 169 here the first shot I Hit was within a time so this is the MB I'll strike this one out the toe Foreign Exactly the same swing And what we're looking at there like a 15 yards difference as far as Carrie is Concerned but both these irons have Pretty much exactly the same specs as You can see here from Loft to light the Only difference is there is a little bit More offset in the CB irons offset in The most general terms is the Leading Edge of the club is set back a little Bit more from the hustle it allows the Club face a little bit more time to Close but behind the ball as I'm looking At this it looks good I mean the top Edge again looks a little bit thick but That offset isn't aggressive I don't Feel like I'm gonna hook this miles to The left now the way these clubs sit in The back they do look really premium you

Could definitely turn up to a club like Royal Rhythm here with them in the bag And say that you splashed a lot of cash On now I've only had these irons for a Week so I don't really know how durable They're going to be in the long term but I've never met a forged lion that Doesn't attract Nicks and bumps like Like honey attracts the bear are they Good enough to Warren getting iron Covers that is of course one of the Greatest questions in golf well I'll Tell you what this goes in I'm gonna get Iron covers whatever irons I use in the Future I'm getting angles Say what's going to be good Oh Never wanted a shot to miss quite so Much in my life one the reason that These irons are so cheap in comparison To some of their competitors is that They are direct to Consumers so they cut Out the need for a middleman they cut Out the need to go to a shop this is Good because it keeps the cost down but It also has a negative effect because You can't have that same level of Expertise and you can't get custom fit For these items so let's say that I Don't know my club specifications but I Want the set of designs the first thing I'm going to have to do to be absolutely Sure that they're right is go to a club Fitting and that's going to set me back

50 to 100 pounds depending on where you Go so that's an added extra on the Haywood website there are actually some Decent options as far as changing specs But again this starts to up the cost so What I'm going to do is I've got a set Of the Haywood CBS here and I'm going to Go through the process of just making Them more personalized to me so can Figure my irons so it starts out at 650 Pounds here so full to picture my That's great right-handed yet so fog Silver finish so Loft adjustment I'm not Going to touch because I'm just going to Play the loss as they are but I do need My clothes to be two degrees flat so That's an extra 15. now shaft wise I use The dynamic Gold Tour issue that's Another 150 quid in X stiff iron length That's going to be the actual same I'll Keep the Hayward grip but if I got these Iron through I'd actually be changing Them to my big fat grips as well so That'll be enough cost I absolutely love The look of those white and silver Ferrules we've all got our fetishes so The end of this process from these Adaptions the price has gone from 650 Pounds to 830. now of course you wouldn't need to Change anything you could just keep them As standard but just be aware that even Though the cost is cheap paid to Competitors if you want them fully spec

For you it is going to cost you more Money something which is cool here you Can actually combine sets so you get a Combo set so let's say you have the MBS From wedge until eight iron then from Seven iron up to four iron you have the Seabees this is a good option because With those longer irons you can have a Little bit more forgiveness and because The specs are so similar you shouldn't Actually see too much of a difference in Performance as you change from the Bladed Club into the more cavity back Version so in conclusion these irons are Fantastic for the cost yes there might Be a few hidden extras in there if you Really wanted to but for the standard Set they're both fantastic also that you Can combine them into a combo might be The Best of Both Worlds to be honest I Actually think that the CB is more Interesting than the MB performance wise And feel wise it's more forgiving feels The same trajectory is fantastic I'm Actually going to be starting a new Build my bag series I think these irons Actually might be in contention they're Different they're unique in many ways And I just keep coming back to that cost Difference very very impressive but of Course I want to know what you think so Get down into those comments Below have You used Haywood clubs before have you Seen them and what do you think after

Seeing this review and guys if you want To see some more reviews on irons if you Are making a selection may I recommend These here

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