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Hey everybody this is a clip from the Most recent rough Court golf podcast Episode discussing influences being Signed up by the media manufacturers if You haven't already checked out the Podcast go into the description below You will find the links there also head Over to the rough cutgolf podcast YouTube channel hit the Subscribe button After this video once we get to 10 000 Subscribers on that channel we're going To be doing a big giveaway other than That sit back relax and enjoy So to to kind of like move from John Rahm and victory to the world of Callaway to the world of Callaway Sponsoring good good to the world of EX Good good members Micah and Grant Signing with that was so seamless yeah Yeah that was very very nice I got it I Didn't see a segue in there but you made It you've made it that was fantastic You made a pathway that was like Watching an Explorer like a hack through A jungle to try and find the river that Was fantastic we're getting better at This aren't we we are getting better There well I love it we'll see we'll see Listen it's uh it's a really big story Um and I think it is something which is Very relevant to what is happening with The the major golf companies you know we Are seeing more and more influences Let's just group everyone under that

Term signing signing up with equipment Manufacturers and the equipment Manufacturers themselves moving away From actually sponsoring tour Pros yeah You know this is a this is a moment Where we're seeing really golf Influences start to overtake in the eyes Of major companies a level of Information to the best players in the World yeah when you put it like that It's actually quite significant isn't it It's huge I mean obviously we have we Have an invested interest in this and we Can't be We can't be too hesitant to say that at The end of the day the videos that we do The videos the grand do the grand does That Micah does the good good the Rick You know talk about everyone yeah as far As getting eyeballs on golf yeah yeah As a group as a collective YouTube Influencers have more viewership Globally than tour Pros yeah yeah and This is where these companies are Opening their eyes to they they're Probably now seeing that themselves Um and any anytime something like this Happens a needle shifts for us as well And you know it's there's it sets a a Level that we can work off essentially You know we're lucky enough to be to be Knowledgeable of the numbers and have The insights you have each year you've Got the majors and if you have a team

Event say the rider club like they're Always going to get more International Global views than kind of any idiot on YouTube because but from week to week Tour event to Tour event the amount of Content released on YouTube by these Influence will have more Impressions More views than any of the major tours Yeah now that's a massive change if you Think about what's happened in the last 15 years that's flipped everything on Its head so companies and broadcasters And everyone is just trying to get the Head around What this actually means and you're Seeing the major companies start to Really dissipate the lower ranking tour Pros contracts still supplying with Equipment yeah but actually saying you Know what we're not going to give you Any money unless you're much less money Yeah much less money but quite a few of Them are heavily waiting the Um kind of win bonuses right okay so We're not going to if you do really well We'll still give you lots of cash so if You if you win an event we'll give you Bonus money but actually we're just Going to give you the equipment and not Pay you a sponsorship right now 15 years Ago if a player managed to get on tour They were guaran they were pretty much Guaranteed at least at least 50 Grand Into one ship by Club equipment

Companies at least and that's on um the European tour as it was then because I Know a few people who'd kind of made it Now You you're gonna look again you're going To be very lucky if you get anything Yeah and you know we're seeing this not Only with the lower ranking players We're seeing this with really well Established Good Tour Pros on every tour Well off the back of the TaylorMade it's Uh Sergio DJ and Matt wolf they're not With him anymore you know that's really Yeah But I mean I didn't know that yeah so we We have this conversation by DJ hello Garrett and Micah yeah well it's right Like they have they will have more Influence over people being interested In a product than tour pro as well but I Mean they get more because more people Watch that I don't know what sports you Were big in on growing up and things Like that but as a cricketer I would Always want to get the bat of X batsman Yeah I bought football boots And it's it's the way that you know There's more people more eyes on good Goods channels on Rick's channels on our Channel on Micah and Grant that they're Going to be influenced there's the word You know it's an influence to to change And and pick a driver depending on who Their favorite YouTuber is and who

They're gonna they want to represent and With with this as well it's the it's a Conversation that we've had for quite Some time about who actually moves the Needle for you yeah because listen You've got players like we're we're Talking about the the fact that we get Some good numbers and you know it's all Great for us you have players like a Rory Um Ram to some extent now obviously Tiger guys at the top of the game Who if They make a statement if they do Something special That's going to get an absolute ton of Views of interaction it's like it's Newsworthy when they do something Exactly you know we're talking like that Victor press shot for example like the Bunker I imagine most people watching That would have seen it by now yeah it Would have been shown on social you Would have seen it it would have Made the headlines in Northeast and know That it happened So apart from that Week to week who are people more Bothered about what they play getting in You know getting involved with taking a Personal interest in is it going to be a Lower ranking tour pro or is it going to Be an influencer that you like to follow Yeah and I think a lot of people even if They even if they don't want to admit it

Would probably say you know I'm not Influenced by anything the tour pro does And I'm not influenced about anything That anyone on YouTube does But you have to know and learn about Clubs for example in this example Somehow um yeah and where like where do You get your and what are you where are You more likely to see them do you more Like to see that one of the top creators On YouTube you know and Micah playing in His tournament golf now he's obviously Filming all that kind of stuff If you see that And you're like oh what's he playing He's playing this all right what what What's that driver all about yeah and That's how it works that's what these Companies are trying to do it'd be great To have a little side to side of uh um TaylorMade released a video of tiger Reviewing the new stealth 2. I don't Know if you've seen it it's like if You've seen it off the top 15 seconds And it's the most ambiguous like not Really telling you anything but oh yeah They've improved this and improved that And then obviously you compare that to The reviews that you get on YouTube You're going to get so much more Information yeah 100 yeah yeah he's like I tried hitting some out of the toe and I tried hitting some out of the heel and You're like oh wow like yeah obviously

They have ridiculous control so they can Do this kind of thing right and we've Tested it you've tested it quite quite Extensively and you you had the same Kind of out like outcome was that when You don't hit it in the middle is kind Of hard to control which makes complete Sense but then he shows an example that They do the spray the spray yeah and They show an example of his out of the Toe and we'll put it up the center right Yeah it literally it's like half a Minute it's like half a centimeter out And he's like oh yeah the thing I'm more Looking forward to out of these deals And it's one it's gonna be interesting To see how TaylorMade play it and how Much access they give because that's the The first thing that my mind went to was Wow if Grant and Mike get the Opportunity to film with the guys that TaylorMade have got on their books That's some serious content that they Can get out yeah if they're allowed that Time or how easy that time is going to Be able to get that's going to be Interesting and it's where Taylor Made Set up and sales so you know how how Easier they're gonna make it we've Already seen with good good with Callaway they've done some stuff with Ram already done some stuff with Annika Got Xander so yeah you know it's it'll Be interesting to see how it goes do you

Think like I think that good Goods kind Of recent content has been extremely Callaway heavy Um which makes sense like just sound Like a huge deal do you think that they Maybe don't lose like credibility Because obviously they're they're don't Do Club reviews Um but do you think that kind of that Heavy advertising or product placement Continues or do you think that it kind Of just eventually slows down and every Once in a while they do a video series Where they're going to play with tour Pros what do you think it looks like for Them I mean yeah we have this initial Burst of activity because I was like Good lord it's the same videos Let's play this same hole Yeah so which Was great like it was good yeah it was Just you know it's the same with any any Kind of deal with any kind of partner if You start off really strong in this way Where there's this huge announcement Which is Then followed by video straight Away it's kind of a bit of a punch in The face yeah like a not a negative one It's just like oh hello Everyone's talking about yeah we know What is happening though we're crikey Um and yeah then eventually we'll be you Know there'll be videos featuring Callaway But for good good I would have thought

It's very much an access thing you know Callaway can give them access to oh yeah 18-hole Vlog with John Ram boom that is So good for both both parts yeah yeah It's the same way it's not so good Micah You know we've got you an opportunity 18 Holes with Scotty Chef left yeah boom Yeah fantastic you know Grant you're off We call it more account you know it's Just Stuff like that is brilliant but it's Stuff like that that people actually Want to watch yeah there's so many People and get that into those comments You know let us know on social what Would you rather watch would you rather Watch as Friday tournament round Of those players so Colin morikower's Got a sheffler John Rahm Would you sit down and watch 18 holes of Them or would you sit down and watch an Hour video Of 18 holes with one of these influences Now would you actually rather consume Yeah as a viewer because I think it'd be Good for good for everyone to know Really good for us to know good for no Way you guys see it because like I said The whole landscape has just shifted so Quickly yeah it's been quick yeah I mean There's always going to be a there's Always going to be a demand for live Sport because it's like that Victor Perez shot

You can't you can't make that out Anywhere else yeah the whole point of Live sport is that you get those moments Yeah but apart from those final round Moments in the crunch like what are you Actually drawn to like what do you want To watch as far as golf content goes [Music] Foreign

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